Thursday, October 23, 2008

"You can say we have landed." St Germaine

St.Germain addressing the October 21, 2008
Ashtar teleconference:

"Greetings to all! It is I, St.Germain come again with thanks and gratitude and I have a report for you and it is most joyful! And the report is this. The entire planet at this moment is now bathed in light - and yes, it is the violet ray. The transmutation of planet Earth is happening everywhere. And what this means, Beloveds, well return to the lovely visions that you engaged in at the beginning of our discussion this evening. What this means is that the world as you know it is in transmutational, transformational process, not just in the United States of America but worldwide.

"Mother Gaia herself is bathing in the rays of the light. And where has this light come from but from you, beloved ones, but from you and the wondrous, wondrous exercises and lovebeams that you have been putting forth! Love is the base for all, the foundation. Love is the energy upon which the foundation is built, and upon which all is built upon that foundation. What is that foundation? Love - it's all Love. And it's all the energy that is put forth that is Love that is creating this grand transformation and you have heard many descriptions and co-created descriptions in this very gathering. And so we have this to add, that which we have already stated, it's all Love, it's all-loving and it's all-powerful. And that is why the violet ray is able to envelop the entire planet at this time.

"That is why this transformational process is going on. And I and my brothers and sisters, who come for this occasion and at your invitation, are here. You can say we have landed. Some of us have even been visible. We mostly shine, but we are recognizable. There are some who greet us with delight-the children for one. And there are some who quite frankly say, 'oh no, not you again. I wish you would quit walking through my walls'. But we're here. We're not leaving, that is, the energy that we bring is permanently grounded now upon planet Earth, and that energy is here to stay.

"And yes, I will make more public appearances, and yes my beloved brother, the one you call Sananda will be very much visible. He will be speaking in holy places. And his appearances will even be announced in some form. So if you have the desire to be where he is, his messengers, he has a full staff you know, they fill an entire building. A lot of them don't even know yet that they are of Sananda's staff, but they will be putting out what you call advance publicity.

"And with the new methods of transportation and beyond that- your own teleportation capability activated, it will be very easy to join in if you choose to take yourselves physically there. And it will be most delightful to do so. De-light-ful! As my brother Ashtar has defined it 'full of light', 'of the light'-'full of it' indeed. And so we are giving you a bit of a glimpse of what your empowerment of the Love and your calling forward and permission for all of this change to take place - and it is momentous and monumental - and by calling it forth you have empowered the violet ray as never before, because now it envelops the entire Earth.

"There is nowhere that it is not. Even in the darkest of places, where those who wear the dark hats think or have thought they could hide. Now consider if you will, the implications of this. At the very least the violet ray will open their eyes a bit wider and they will see that which they have been denying as fact, truth. Oh yes, the blue ray is there too, but the predominant one is the violet ray, because there is so much that is to be transmuted or transformed.

"So consider this, or form a picture in your mind's eye if you wish, there is nowhere that the violet ray is not, nowhere under the ocean or under the ground, nowhere in the skies. There is no building, tunnel, cave or any other place, not even a closet, that is so dark that the violet ray has not penetrated. And so we are announcing to you that there is a what you might call a one hundred percent coverage of the violet ray. The violet ray is with everyone. There is no escaping it. This is phenomenal! This is monumental, because the truth that it's over cannot be denied any longer by any of the dark hats. Now they can come out of the dark place, having met the violet ray, and they can pretend if they want to, but they know within themselves that it's really over.

"Now some of them, meeting this ray and having it envelop them, have gone a step further and they have given permission to end their part of the drama. So there may be some what is classified as 'missing persons', beings who simply will drop out of sight. And oh yes, we can arrange holographic images if necessary so as not to panic anyone, but let's put it this way, their next of kin will be notified. Now this is not to sound ominous. This is to be an announcement of a celebratory nature. Celebrate for them their return to the light. Celebrate that they have finally had their programming transmuted, transformed to the point that they could at least acknowledge that their role in the play had ended - and this is huge!

"And so we thank all of you. However many times you have called in the violet ray, it has added. If you have called it in to perform or to facilitate the performance of a transmutation within you own self that you have desired and given permission for, it has added to the empowerment of the violet ray for planet Earth. And at the other end of things, if you have called in the violet ray to help transmute the energies of planet Earth into the energies of Love and higher dimensionality, it has contributed to the ability of the violet ray to cover and be in evidence everywhere.

"So yet again, another reason to be grateful to all of you beloved ones, family, and we thank you and our hearts join with yours in this grand endeavor. Be joyful, each of you within your own selves, be thrilled with what you have accomplished and be delighted, and as you measure time and since you have time, we will tell you to be in delighted anticipation of the next moments in this gigantic, never-before enacted drama on planet Earth.

"Beloveds, you are not the same as you were even a year ago and neither is planet Earth. Planet Earth is moving up and so are you. And so we offer you our hearts and our love and most of all, our gratitude and thanks, because you have been so faithful and so courageous in performing your missions. Your mission work has already had absolutely incomparable results. This has never happened before on planet Earth. It's been attempted, but never accomplished.

"Your mission work, well let's just say there is more to do, but you are energized by your own love, and by the love we share as One in family and as One created in Love. And so we do this journey together, and more and more explanations of what has gone before will come out, and that too is the result of the transformational energies of the energies of truth, and most of all, the energies of love and empowerment - the white light of the Christ, the gold and silver of the male and female and coming together in the platinum rays, and the green of Mother Gaia and the blue of her skies and waters, and the red and the orange and the yellow of creation and activation of all of this, and Beloved ones, the colors yet to come that you have never seen, at least not in this lifetime.

"And so it is, Beloved ones, One we are, now and forever. Love is what we are, who we are, and how we are, through eternity. And so it is! Namaste."

© Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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