Friday, July 31, 2009

I have a dream

I Have A Dream

I have a dream that I will live to see a world filled with truth, justice, peace, kindness, compassion, and most importantly of all, love - real, genuine, universal love for all of mankind. A world in which wisdom, intuition and inspiration are valued, above and beyond, the man-made ideals of information, knowledge and education.

I have a dream that I will live in a world where everyone, no matter their race, creed, sex, social status, physical condition, or country of origin, has all of their basic necessities of life - food, shelter, clothing and health, easily provided for them and their families. No longer will anyone, anywhere in the world, ever have to struggle to put food on the table, to put a decent roof over their heads, to wonder how they can afford the costs of the finest medical care, or to suffer with some so-called "incurable" disease.

I have a dream that I will live to see a world-wide economic system that is fair, equitable and prosperous for everyone on the planet, and works for the benefit of the whole, and not just for the sake of a few rich, powerful elitists. An economic system in which the funny financial instruments of credit and debt have outlived their usefulness and everyone starts over again with a clean slate. Where each and everyone has more than money for their needs and does work that they love, that benefits their country, community and family, in a positive manner.

I have a dream that I will live in a world where children grow up safe and protected, where they are loved, cared and provided for, not only by their parents, but by their entire community. Where they are given ample opportunity to live as children, without any external pressures to grow up "too fast," and they spend their lives in an environment of complete joy, security, and love.

I have a dream that I will live in a world where love and compassion are the first rule, the first recourse, the first option, wherever and whenever it is necessary to correct a mistake that someone has made, without putting them through a corrupt legal and penal process. Where one is truly perceived to be innocent, first and foremost, and, if found to have committed a wrong, is given numerous opportunities to make amends, while being treated with love, empathy and tolerance.

I have a dream that I will live to see governments, world-wide, that are no longer predatory and draconian, but instead, are highly benevolent, supportive and non-interfering in the lives of its citizens. The kind of governments that only seek to serve its fellow countrymen with a deep sense of trust, compassion and solace.

I have a dream that I will live in a world where war, oppression and greed become as outmoded as the horse and buggy. Where the Department of Defense evolves into the Department of Peace, and where the military becomes dedicated to assisting those in need, and resigns permanently from the business of licensed killing.

I have a dream that I will live to see the mainstream media finally admit that there has been a coordinated cover-up for decades to suppress the truth from the world. And they will go to great lengths to set the record straight and begin to dispense only honesty and forthrightness.

I have a dream that I will live in a world where murder, crime and violence and are no longer considered to be of entertainment value in movies, television and books, but rather, entertainment is created to be uplifting, enlightening and truly inspiring for all.

I have a dream that I will live to see amazing technologies that are finally released ending forever our dependency on oil, coal and other antiquated, toxic and wasteful energy resources. Where our beloved Mother Earth is healed, and made whole again, and is lovingly nurtured by its humans inhabitants as the Emerald Jewel it truly is seen by the rest of the Universe.

I have a dream that I will live to see the discoveries of the amazing inventor and scientist, Nikola Tesla, who pioneered a way for every home to harness a wealth of free energy, which is made available for everyone on the planet.

I have a dream that I will live to see incredible medical technologies, which have long been suppressed that, once and for all, wipe out every known disease to ever afflict mankind and heal each and every human into optimal health.

I have a dream that I will live in a world where we all finally see an admission by our governments, and our scientists, that we are not alone in the Universe and, in point of fact, there is an open acknowledgement that our Universe is absolutely teeming with life, and we have had ongoing relationships with extra-terrestrials from numerous civilizations for decades.

I have a dream that I will live to see a time when we interact freely with our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters, who have come from far-away planets and that we discover are only here to offer their love and assistance to us.

I have a dream that I will live to see a realization by the human race that we are all One, and always have been, One. That we are not at all separate, despite our ethnicity, or religion, or place of birth. That we are all connected by a singular strand of commonality known as our Divine Creator, or God, Heavenly Father, or Allah, or Buddha, or whichever name you should so choose.

I have a dream that I will live to experience the awakening of the human race to its unlimited spiritual heritage with fully activated Divine powers of healing, telepathy, telekinesis, time travel, transformation and much, much more. And, during that transmutation process, we are given the ultimate gift of the truth of who we are, where we come from, and our true purpose in life.

Yes, I have a dream. OK, I have a lot of dreams then. And yes, I believe, or rather, I know that all of these crazy dreams are coming true now, and, in the not-too-distant future, all of this will become readily apparent for you and for everyone else on this planet.

Trust me, I am keenly aware that to some, these dreams sound like the fantasies of some pie-in-the-sky, Pollyanna fool. Or the wishful thinking of a Utopian idealist. Or maybe, the ravings of a desperate mad man.

Yet, I can honestly say to you, my dreams feel more and more and more real to me every day, despite the fact, that the world appears to be heading towards a complete and total nervous meltdown.

But somehow, I know I am not alone. I steadfastly hold in my heart the pearls of wisdom that have appeared in all the ancient religious and spiritual teachings that have foretold many, many times over, of a major shift in consciousness unfolding on Planet Earth at this auspicious time.

From the the Bible, to the Koran, to the I-Ching, to the Mayan calendar. From the Hopis, to the Sumerians, to the Lakotas, to the Druids, to the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and beyond.

They have basically all said the same thing. Humanity is undergoing, at this very moment in our history, a radical transformation of consciousness that will forever change the destiny of mankind into that of a Golden Age. To a 1000 years of Peace. To Heaven on Earth.

I have to admit, these prophesies seem more real to me than anything I ever heard on the news, learned in school or was preached to in a church. I can feel how strongly they resonate within my heart and I know that now, more than ever, there is nothing that can stop this eventual shift of consciousness from transpiring.

It is as inevitable as the sun coming up tomorrow morning. And these dreams are possible, right here, right now! I ask you to join me in my dreams.

In that spirit, I leave you with the immortal words of John Lennon, from his absolutely timeless song, "Imagine":

"You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as one".