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The American People Must Grab their Freedom Now !

The American People Must Grab their Freedom Now !

Benjamin Fulford


The United States is about to go bankrupt. What happens next depends on the
American people. We could either have World War 3 accompanied by genocide or
World Peace followed by an era of unprecedented prosperity.

The situation in the US depends largely on whether the white hats in the
Pentagon and the alphabet soup of government agencies take down the
financial oligarchs. The important thing for them to realize is that the
financial system you have lived in was nothing but a giant mirage designed
to blind the American people from reality. Now that the financial system is
collapsing, you will realize that you still have your factories, your
military might, your land, your know-how and your people. All you need is to
put your best minds at work to come up with a new system controlled by the
people and not by a secret inter-married clan of Satan worshippers. You will
realize that you have been enslaved in your own land by a parasitical
financial class. These people got their hands on the dollar printing machine
back in 1913. They then used a combination of bribes, murder and propaganda
to slowly, slowly capture the once free people of America.

The people of the rest of the world will provide the people of America with
generous financing to rebuild their schools, their infrastructure, their
factories etc. as soon as you have freed yourself of the Satanists. The
Pentagon and the military industrial complex will also be generously funded
and offered a chance to become the core of a world army in charge of
defending the planet and exploring the universe.

If the American people do not act, the Satanists will use their army of
Blackwater mercenaries to put at least a million free-thinking Americans
into concentration death camps. They will then install a horrific
totalitarian slave state that will attempt to kill as many people as
possible throughout the planet. They have been preparing a secret army in
giant underground bases complete with suppressed technology capabilities
such as anti-gravity and the control of vast amounts of primeval energy.

A source in the British Royal Family tells me the fiscal year end of your
secret government is September 30th. He says a financial "black hole" will
be evident on October 5th. The reason, he says, is that the European branch
of the Western secret government, as well as governments throughout the
world, have been robbed by the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller clan of Satan
worshipping Nazis. They have told them to pay up or be cut off from the rest
of the world financial system. Of course, they cannot pay up because they
have been spending all that money on project blue-beam, a planned fake
Armageddon . The Rothschilds, whose real name is Bauer, are also a nasty
bunch and their system in Europe may also implode, and if so, good riddance.
However, it is important at this point to offer an amnesty to all members of
the secret government who pledge to work for world peace and against the
planned nightmare scenario. That might even mean plugging your noses and
agreeing to work with the nuclear loving, tree-hugging fake CO2 global
warming crowd. If we isolate the truly nasty Thule Society and Skull and
Bones Nazis from the rest of the secret government, then a war scenario
becomes increasingly unlikely.

The American people also need to install an interim government to replace
the Bush regime and dismantle the Zionist propaganda machine before holding
free and fair elections. That will mean replacing the puppet-actors McCain
and Obama with real candidates. The members of the Senate and House who
received Zionist bribes will also have to resign an appear before a truth

Once the American people are free, a cornucopia of SF-like wondrous
technology that has been kept in the hands of the secret government will be
made available to humanity as a whole. Multiple US government sources tell
me these technologies include free energy, warp-speed space travel,
star-gate portals and more. As long as humanity ends its war-like ways and
stops it ceaseless tribal warfare, it will enter an era so wonderful that
nothing before, except perhaps the Cambrian explosion, will compare.

Americans now hold the future of humanity in their hands. What will it be:
death and horror or freedom in a new golden age? What happens in the next
few weeks will determine what happens over the next several billion years.
We will either be allowed to expand exponentially out into the universe or
we will be once again reduced to a primitive miserable state locked on the
surface of a tiny vulnerable planet.

People of America, the eyes of the world are now on you.

Benjamin Fulford

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Illuminati will be totally dismantled.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT by the Galactic Federation of Light
Posted by: "Commander Adama" cmdradama@att.net commander_adama_ac
Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:13 am (PDT)
MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT by the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar

I recently attended a meeting with the First Contact Liaison Teams
aboard a Galactic Federation of Light Sirian mothership. It was a 10
hour (in Earth linear time) meeting with 100 people of all different
races within this Galaxy and Universe. There has been a major success
that is creating a shift in the way the Galactic Federation of Light,
Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy can work directly with Planet
Earth very soon. I will go over all of the key aspects that were
spoken about during this meeting.

The MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati
will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the Illuminati will
happen through financial problems. When this finally occurs, they
will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth will finally
be able to start going down the path that is meant to happen; the
path towards First Contact and Ascension.

The strongest Illuminati organizations that still exist are within
the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and of course the
Vatican which controls every major religion. The Illuminati
organization within the United States of America is the epicenter of
global control. This is where the main headquarters are located. As
they say, if you dismantle the source, the organization cannot work
and operate.

As you currently can see in your media, no matter where you are on
Planet Earth, there is an extreme financial crisis wreaking havoc
through the stock market. Where do these financial problems arise
from? Simply put, from the United States of America. Now, the USA is
currently trying to pass a $700 billion dollar plan within their
government that will bail out stock market companies that are
bankrupt or about to become bankrupt which they believe will boost
the economy. This is their last plan to try and recover some of their
money to gain the level of power they once had, but that will not
happen. The Illuminati dug themselves into an immensely massive hole.
The USA is currently about $450 billion dollars in debt. If this plan
is passed, they will be over a trillion dollars in debt. Financial
experts are predicting that the USA will be engulfed in a big
recession that could possibly evolve into a depression with or
without a plan. That is how deep this trench goes. Also, the CIA and
FBI are investigating some of these stock market companies for
embezzlement and fraud. What does this mean? It means that we are
seeing the downfall of the American Empire which will utterly destroy
the Illuminati's global control since this is where the source of
their organization is located. Money = Power. That simple equation is
how the Illuminati got to the point of controlling and manipulating
the entire planet without the public finding out; operating behind a
veil of deceit. But, if you don't have money, you won't have power.
The financial fortress that has been created is crumbling at a rapid
pace. Their greatest strength is what has become their greatest
weakness and this is something that was known would eventually happen
which is why the GFOL, AC, and SH have chosen to not directly
intervene in Planet Earths affairs. Letting this event play out is

It is important to understand what is meant when talking about a
financial collapse. People tend to get scared or fearful when you
mention a financial collapse. What is going and already starting to
happen is a financial collapse that needs a new definition. This is
what it shall be: a collapse of a world empire due to bankruptcy
which is maintaining the sustainability of a mediocre economy due to
a manipulation of the monetary system to become based upon fiat
currency. It is not expected for a major depression to overtake the
USA or other countries. A big recession will likely happen for the
USA. What citizens of America have been experiencing within the last
couple of months will continue and tend to get a little worse. The
rest of the world should also feel an aspect of this but not anywhere
as what the USA will and have been experiencing. But certain key
parts of the world that are directly associated with the USA will
feel some similar financial pressures. This is what to expect. What
will be felt is what has been felt for the last couple of months, but
amplified to a more profound experience. Do not fear this, as this is
a positive event that will bring a new change to the planet and is
necessary. And this is exactly what is happening.

I am sure there will be a lot of speculation that will result in a
rather typical question. Are the Illuminati creating this financial
problem in hopes to turn it into a depression so they can declare
martial law?

The answer to that is NO. Was it a plan in the past? Yes. Why isn't
it now? The best way to answer this is by saying; because the
Illuminati knows and understands the power the Spiritual Hierarchy
has gave the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command
regarding the authority to directly intervene into Planet Earths
affairs if necessary.

So, once again, the MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009
the Illuminati will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the
Illuminati will happen through financial problems. When this finally
occurs, they will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth
will finally be able to start going down the path that is meant to
happen; the path towards First Contact and Ascension.

This is what I was told to tell the world from this meeting!
Preparations are now seriously being planned by the GFOL, AC, and SH
to start with the beginning phases of initiating First Contact as
soon as this current event plays out.

Please take this information and spread it out as far as possible in
its entirety.

There will be a series of Phone Conference Calls that will start on
Saturday, October 4th 2008 that will be solely about this new
information. It does cost money which I have started to do which is
going to be used to cover website costs and future lecture tours I
will be doing. This is not a money making scheme in any way shape or
form for the people who may think that. Much more information will be
uncovered during these conference calls. For those who don't attend,
messages will be available with more information. If interested, more
information on how to attend can be found on my website:


There will be other messages I will be writing that will uncover more
information about this event in the coming days and weeks.

Love and Light,

Commander Adama

Commander Adama is a representative of the Galactic Federation of
Light. He is the creator of the Galactic Federation of Light Yahoo
Group. For those who wish to join, you may do so by going to this


He also writes weekly GFOL First Contact Updates and gives Spiritual
Readings, as well as hosts weekly Conference Calls over both the
phone and internet. For more information please go to:


All of Commander Adama's weekly messages are also being archived at:


Meltdown of the US Economy

Corruption, Whispers & Receivership by Jim Willie, CB. Editor, Hat Trick Letter
| September 24, 2008
The United States has transformed itself, the most radical degraded aspects having occurred in the last eight years. Many might object or cringe at repeated mention of the Fascist Business Model implemented by the Clinton Administration, and carried to extreme by the Bush II Administration. It is a harsh departure from Beacon of Freedom. Too bad, fact of life! This merger of state and big business in the midst of a climax, the biggest display of exported financial toxin in modern history, and the disintegration of the financial structure for the nation owning the world reserve currency. The Fascist Business Model has criminal fraud & corruption as its chief characteristic, alienation & resentment as its chief foreign effect, and systemic failure & collapse as its chief outcome. Broad war often follows. How anybody could think the sharing of bank and oil executives with federal government leadership as a move toward progress on the evolution chart, that is moronic. Surely, it is about political power and corruption. The military budget is sacred, and private contractor deals are made without bids. Now five to six energy giants will hog all Iraqi oil service contracts. The terrorism topic is untouchable for dispute. A Coup d’Etat is in progress as the Wall Street conmen and fraud kings have taken implicit control of the USGovt. This will be recognized in time, even while resistance is evident. To me the ongoing drama smacks of a comedy of corruption. US citizens are in shock & awe, while foreigners are aghast in disgust.

Hidden in the bowels of the Lehman Brothers failure cleanup process was a convenient provision. The JPMorgan firm was given $138 billion to settle ‘private accounts’ in what seems like a clear case of corruption, a handout of counterfeit money, enabling JPMorgan to reload for costly credit default swap losses or for costly gold suppression games, or both. Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch have succeeded in converting to private banks, just in time to benefit from the trough devised to benefit banks. Is there a secondary benefit of averting legal liability for bond fraud, since now a new financial firm? These are two more egregious examples of the deep collusion in the Fascist Business Model, a theme that has reached climax proportions. The Securities & Exchange Commission, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, the Debt Ratings Agencies, the military contractors, and professional lobbyist groups work toward rounding out the collusion pentagrams. See a list of dumbfounding factors, angles, stories, and developments at the end of this article, in outline form. The bust continues.

The final battle is underway, for USGovt bailout of practically the entire US banking and mortgage system. Its ancillary businesses like insurance are next. The Credit Default Swap segment represents nitroglycerine soon to be brought under the crippled USGovt aegis. The mega bailout plan puts Wall Street firms first in line to benefit. The plan in my view is the culmination of arrogant criminality, as its architects and promoters are the primary agents for the banking system collapse itself. Only one or two senators in Congress had the stones to confront Treasury Secy Paulson and USFed Chairman Bernanke, calling them on their extreme gall to dictate to Congress on bailout responsibility, when failures by the collection of banksters caused the problems even as their cohorts stand in line for deep financial assistance. The claims by Paulson that taxpayer protection is first and foremost is another total lie. His first priority is to funnel as much public money into Wall Street balance sheets before the grand game is shut down. Another phony call, deep lie, pure nonsense!

The desire for punishment, prosecution, and avoidance for benefits has come like a wave. We will see if its legislative delays result in months of grandstanding debate as Rome burns. In haste, the nationalization of the banking and mortgage industry might achieve legislative passage in the same manner as the Patriot Act, without reading its provisions. Pressure builds for passage without examination, with questions and objections regarded as unpatriotic. The next step is for big bold lies of assurances to be given, enough for satisfying sleepy Congressional senators and representatives, few of whom are aware of the deep fraud laced into the banking and asset base being rescued. The plan is being sold as a pre-emptive maneuver to ward off a disaster, providing necessary liquidity ahead of the likely unfolding events instead of providing funds after a bank failure. Fraud’s best friend is amplified liquidity doled out during times of emergency expedience.

One should have noticed on Tuesday that Paulson totally overshadowed a confused bewildered Bernanke, as the seasoned Wall Street conman even answered questions directed at the university rookie. Gentle Ben is totally out of his league when dealing in financial crime syndicate circles. No college courses on syndicates! Bernanke himself is shocked at how wide the ‘Too Big To Fail’ umbrella has become, this from a man who once claimed the subprime mortgage crisis would be contained and not result in any contagion. My retort was to expect total systemic bond contagion, a correct forecast. Bernanke actually is telling Congress today that he expects no inflationary impact from the banking and mortgage bailout program, a truly gigantic package with monstrous inflation implications! The estimated $700 billion bailout cost is laughable, when it will ultimately cost between $1500 and $2000 billion. The entire mega bailout package (let’s be clear) covers the entire US banking industry.

Congressman Ron Paul made a great quote after lecturing the inept misguided and na├»ve USFed Chairman Bernanke on the high risks of price fixing. The bailout constitutes the quintessential price fix. Ron Paul said, “Most illiquid bond assets are illiquid because they are not worth anything.” The Wall Street fraud kings want the USGovt to pay inflated values for their illiquid worthless assets that clog and obstruct the banking industry. Bernanke actually regards the payment for bank bailouts can come from other funds. He implies the Exchange Stabilization Fund can use its funds. If Plunge Protection Team funds are co-mingled, these funds might be closely connected to USGovt security agency fraud associated with gutting of Fannie Mae. That is a perverse irony! By the way, where is Greenspan, whose fingerprints are on every object being dusted by intrepid examiners. He handed over the reins to a bagholder named Ben, just another dumb university economics professor. To succeed in academic economics circles, one must embrace heresy and weave logic like pretzels.

Paulson is attempting to shove a package down Congressional throats. Bernanke looks in body language like a boy caught in a disaster as his entire neighborhood burned down despite his best (but late) efforts to call in a district full of fire trucks. He actually looks like a man who has slept little in two weeks. To be sure, the Congress has been slow to react to the mortgage and banking crisis, choosing to delay until the new presidential term in office. Congress has become a den of irrelevant men and women owing more to lobbyists than to the people. Their chief function is to apply rubber stamps to directives crafted by others, usually from an array of bankers themselves. Why even GeorgeW himself is aghast!

Events are moving toward climax. The next sequence of events can no longer be regarded as coming from traditional ‘Inside the Box’ solutions. We are way beyond that arena, now firmly in the Twilight Zone. My past forecasts have been verified for bank system collapse, housing market’s unending decline, nationalization of soon everything under the US tainted sun, and finally the New Resolution Trust Corp. The New RTC is being argued as it takes shape. It is called the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). That name conjures up images of the roof tarps that are dotted across the New Orleans landscape from federal programs to repair roofs after Hurricane Katrina. After numerous subcontractor steps, the $150 per square foot allotted by the USGovt resulted in cheap flimsy tarps instead of nice shingled roofs. A better title for the mortgage relief program would be the Securitized Housing Investment Trust (SHIT), offered by an emailer to CNBC. These bond assets are not troubled assets, but rather fraudulent assets. The new finance czar Paulson has asked for a blank check with trust given, laden with low-ball cost estimates, or else the system will surely fail. Why should representatives and elders of Congress trust Wall Street executives? They deserve prosecution, indictment, prison terms, and forced restitution instead. We are witnessing financial treason. Instead, some executives like at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac received huge severance packages, and Lehman Brothers executives were granted the same. The events are moving toward some upcoming surprises of historical magnitude. Think default and receivership, with foreign control. The massive rollover and refunding requirements from USTreasury Bonds will put monumental strain on the system, which the monetization US$ printing press cannot alone manage. Unless and until foreign creditors step in, the US financial sector will continue to operate like a crime syndicate, since regulatory bodies and law enforcement officials are all part of the coordinated congame.

PREFACE Many of the overwhelming impressions from the unfolding events are to appear in the October Hat Trick Letter report. First attention must go to paid subscribers. Events is in progress in an accelerated pace, enough to take my breath away on a given day. But rain and cheery faces in Costa Rica straighten me quickly. For more evidence in backing up my claim that private brokerage accounts being open for financial parent firm claim, see the October report also. Numerous (dozens) of emails came in request. The report will show the best information on this subject, with quotes freshly hidden within the US Federal Reserve website. No need to make such stuff up, since the US financial authorities are better than fiction! By the way, if my analysis and forecasts have any advantage over others, it is because my thought process comes from always thinking like a thief. Never think the best thoughts, hope for the best of human dignity, or expect fair play to emerge when forecasting the US financial markets. Their plan seems obviously to gut the system before it fails. Then they blame foreigners. False flag attacks then seal the deal, much like cauterizing a wound with a knife made hot in a bivouac fire.

Here is an outline of topics covered in the next report, due out in the next couple weeks. The date is not set, but the messages are becoming clear. Pardon the brevity of important points, but details are difficult to describe with brievity, and are saved for the next Hat Trick Letter. The ongoing format no longer will be continued as from past issues. Every report is a report of an emergency nature. We are observing the painful steps from failure of a system, with 330 million inhabitants, and commercial tentacles the world over. The four primary features that have pushed the United States into a certain position in Third World status are these:

globalization with deep Western investment in China insolvency of four pillars of federal, trade, housing, banking export of fraud with mortgage bonds, mainly to China, Europe, Russia, England military aggression and annexation with continuous deceit and propaganda. The many points describe a system broken without remedy, inviting default and receivership. Both are in progress behind the curtains, but on foreign soil. As Mohamed El-Erian of PIMCO (formerly Harvard Univ) said recently, “The unthinkable is thinkable.” Little known to the majority of Americans, foreign disgust grows. Their desire to isolate the United States is growing, in order to protect themselves from financial collapse and further spread of fraud. The German economics experts are saying “The World Shouldn't Have to Bear the Burden for America's Lapses” in Spiegel Online (click here) in a public article.

Listen to my interview this week handled by Contrary Investors Cafe Radio (click here), where we covered several of the topics mentioned throughout this article.

GOLD LAUNCH & USDOLLAR DEMISE Not exactly mirror images of each other, the gold price and US$ index are moving in typical opposite directions. A peak in the USDollar occurred in early September, at the same time a bottom occurred for gold. The forewarned timing of events turning sharply around in the week of September 15th happened on schedule. Once again, the short rule restriction against bank stocks helped to stem the flow that favored the euro currency rise by 330 basis points on Monday. The USDollar fundamentals have begun to resemble those of a Third World. The USGovt federal deficits are accelerating. The US trade gap has turned toward a rise again. The housing market continues to hurtle down in its price decline, that being the primary force behind the bank collapse. Now finally comes the climax. USEconomic recession is intensifying, notwithstanding absurd USGovt statistics to the contrary. The nationalization movement for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, not to mention the steady handouts to JPMorgan, have assured of continued heavy red ink in deficits to the USGovt federal budget. Monetization under the table to firms like JPMorgan are happening somewhat in the open, but not properly understood by the masses, trained and untrained. The endless war is a sacred cow of bottomless costs, largely to support the other syndicate, the US security agency clandestine trafficking out of Afghanistan. Foreigners watch the heightened risk having become acute. The USDollar will be sold, and gold will be bought. A COMEX delivery default in gold is in progress.

Few are thinking in nonlinear or discontinuous terms. When (not if) the USTreasurys suffer a default, totally assured in my mind, confirmed by my sources of information, the gold price will launch onward and upward in huge steps. Even without a default, the strains on the USGovt budget will result in extraordinary risk either on the USTreasury Bond yield from added supply, OR on the USDollar from cowardly requisite monetization of debt. My conjecture is the first couple fundings for USGovt bailout debt obligations will be done with normal USTreasury auctions, not to mention some off-budget games. The next fundings will be done via pure monetization. The entire nationalization will cost another $1500 to $2000 billion for banks assets and mortgages, on top of another $1000 billion for an array of US industrial and financial giants outside the banking world. The failed US firms like General Motors are already lining up. So foreigners will be expected to foot the bill??? No way! They will pull the plug, or at least diversify in a huge way out of the USDollar and US$-based bonds.

NOTES & WHISPERS IN ILL WIND The list of breakdown items, evidence, and criminal overtones is vast.

Money market funds almost caused a seizure earlier this week, which means the banking system almost went into a fatal cardiac arrest episode. The seizures spread across entire the financial system, even to brokerage funds, and extended to foreign banks. The commercial paper market was also affected. The Exchange Stabilization Fund was used, having possible currency implications. Foreign entities were blocked from participation in both the Lehman Brothers and American Intl Group (AIG) busts, partly to retain control, but also most likely to limit opportunity for foreigners to obtain data, documents, and records of extreme fraud. The Germans pursued the AIG insurance units in a natural acquisition, far more prudent than inefficient USGovt conservatorship. The USEconomy would move toward a centralized Soviet structure, not socialism, if liberties are curtailed further, especially if martial law is imposed. Rationing is a very real prospect. Watch freedom of speech, assembly, and more. The nationalization of Fannie Mae puts the $1500 billion documented fraud since 1988 on the national tab. The New Jersey burnout home selling for $230k in a Fannie loan, the micro example, has played out on a national aggregate scale. The subprime mortgage movement used to be the visible portion of the mortgage crisis. The Fannie Mae gigantic fraud has been covered by the greater mortgage crisis, perhaps in a wildly successful multi-year project. Thanks to the intrepid Aaron Krowne of www.ML-implode.com for his shared ideas. Final banking & mortgage system bailout by the USGovt might not occur until issues are addressed regarding prosecution, confessions, resignations, state’s evidence, and eventually restitution. The concept of RICO law enforcement against Wall Street would be both unprecedented and empty, since most assets have been gutted. No, on second thought, despite objections, the Congress will pass the bailout bill without reading it. The move to halt home foreclosures is a typical stupid Congressional idea, which might result in civil disobedience and scoffing at mortgage payment on a broad scale. Worse, almost all cost estimates are wrong by a factor of 10x from reasonable forecasts. The pattern is to establish the plan, and deal with cost overruns later. Foreigners are still expected to pay the bills for American deficits anyway. Watch the Lehman Brothers liquidation process, kept hidden. The dead are still trying to marry the dead in farcical ceremonies. The bond cemetery within the New RTC was crafted when it become clear the Lehman liquidation would kill all of Wall Street. Don’t expect any consummation of such necro-marriages to bear offspring. They will not make love with each, but rather EAT EACH OTHER. Wall Street firms are now almost all aligned in similar fashion. If one fails, they all suffer the same risk from similar balance sheet of assets. Marking down one firm’s asset in liquidation would result in the failure of all of them. Any USGovt bank bailout has an unintended consequence of instant markdowns in market value of assets held widely throughout Wall Street and bank industry balance sheets. These banks have resisted writedowns in honest accounting, as only a small handful of financial firms have taken losses in earnest. Any New Resolution Trust Corp for mortgage bailout rescues (a correct big forecast) would ostensibly be managed by the same Wall Street villains who are implicated in massive trillion$ fraud. Expect one in three dollars to be stolen by further fraud, just like the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. To question their fraud in unpatriotic. Private brokerage stock accounts can now be borrowed by financial firms, evidence produced in Federal Reserve documents. A gigantic final heist might be in the works, requiring a massive event that provides the cover of confusion like a World Trade Center attack. The Glass-Steagall Act was not repealed without a reason and plan! Its removal enables co-mingling of bank, brokerage, and insurance assets. A pattern seems evident among failing Wall Street firms. It seems Wall Street firms without extensive stock brokerage accounts are permitted to fail first, leaving private accounts vulnerable. It seems Wall Street firms with big foreign equity ownership are set to fail last, leaving foreigners outside the loop. The bank short rule restriction once more has been brought back. That emergency measure is as corrupt as possible, a horrible black eye to a nation that claims to be the home of free markets. The re-enacted rule has helped support the USDollar. Tremendous strong high pressure zones are building on monetary inflation, while tremendous strong low pressure zones are building on asset price decline. The combination will surely make for some of the greatest financial storms in modern history, some already witnessed, and more sure to come. Much talk has come of continuing independence of US financial firms, when they are beset by insolvency and worsening liquidity problems. The same applies to the USGovt, whose liquidity flow depends upon foreign credit supply. They have been defrauded, treated with hostility in trade and currency management issues, and in the case of Russia, subjected to military aggression and NATO treaty violation. The totality of events has placed enormous concentrated risk on the USDollar, and consequently on the USTreasury Bond. Expect sharp decline in the US$ and default of the USTBond. Both fraud and nationalization has amplified the pressures. The Global Energy War has opened a new front in the Global Capital War. Aggressive US actions to secure energy supply have endangered its capital supply. The backlash is not even on the American radar systems, as arrogance prevails. In high commerce and banking circles, the US is being isolated. Many European firms do not return phone calls to US bankers, on orders. An analogy of ‘glow candles for diesel engines’ has been stated for upcoming response to US bankers. Reports have come from a London source that gold futures contracts are being settled in cash only at the COMEX, rather than with physical gold metal. That leaves would-be buyers without the metal they wish to take on delivery under contract. IS THAT NOT A DEFAULT? The Hurricanes Gustav & Ike have hit the Southeast region hard, resulting in gasoline rationing. This trend might soon extend nationwide, and broaden to include more items. Hits to AIG and other insurance firms come at a bad time. A solution comes from foreign creditors that does not require Congressional approval or vote, constituting an event to pull the rug from under the Americans. The avenue will be via bank channels. A receivership committee is being formed. More details are a main feature of the October HTL report. The accumulative debt held by US and foreign entities is so grand, that every single day interest of almost $1 billion is owed to them on a daily basis for the USGovt Treasury and Agency mortgage bonds. If the USGovt were to shut down all operations and provision of services, including military, the USGovt might achieve a balanced budget. It could balance its budget from tax revenue against just the interest expense on debt, with no other official function whatsoever. An interesting concept. Maybe that is part of the next Receivership Committee plan.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


• UPDATE, 25the September 2008:

It is quite obvious from the justifiably angry responses of ordinary Americans interviewed for TV shows 'as we speak' that the wheels have come off the 'Paulson'-Bernanke Bravado Circus Wagon.
No-one is 'buying' the criminalist operatives' attempt to bamboozle the Congress into divvying up the on-the-books bribery and platform trading money they are seeking so that they can revert to corrupt hypothecation 'dirty financial business as usual' when this disastrous Administration leaves office (assuming it is not afforded the opportunity to implement its now floundering 'coup d'etat by installments' scenario both financially and physically).

Republican legislators are contemplating annihilation at the polls and personal political oblivion if they vote for whatever package emerges, which will most certainly NOT be what the two criminalist operatives thought they could extract from the Legislative Branch by bluster and stutter. Their plan is in tatters and their duplicity has impressed itself where it matters: on Main Street. This is the END of the road for these crooks, and they know it. 'Paulson's' blackmail ('back us or be wiped out at the election: be our guest') went down like a lead balloon, as these veteran Congressmen, whatever their faults, are both individually and collectively NOT STUPID.

They may be compromised, but none of them are sitting on their brains. Everyone knows that the highest-level criminalist operatives are on the wrack. There are even those who are now prepared to accept that this crisis, which has driven Americans from their jobs and homes, with their sons dying in wars launched for ruthless private gain, is about one thing only: OPEN-ENDED OFFICIAL FRAUDULENT FINANCE OPERATIONS.

As soon as this factor is understood by the general public, as seems likely, there will be hell to pay. Applications for a Permit-to-Carry arms have increased enormously in recent months and weeks, with correspondents emailing the Editor with observations such as:

'Everyone I've talked to affirms they will die with their guns at their hands. We'll fight! These people have overestimated themselves and underestimated us "useless eaters"'.

Our view remains that what is about to change is that THE RULE OF LAW will be re-established and that these criminal operatives will NOT get away with their crimes. Certain information, backed by extremely sensitive 'smoking gun' data has been in the hands of the appropriate authorities for about a week, that proves inter alia that these crooks have engaged in war profiteering on a scale with no historical precedent, which explains why Bush was never in the slightest interested in the dead bodies that were and are being buried in Arlington Cemetery, which ran out of space to take the daily new arrivals. These people are brought up to INFLICT PAIN WITHOUT FLINCHING.

The intelligence in question is embargoed but it is believed that if matters are not resolved, there will be an avalanche of revelations the like of which has never been seen, even in the geomasonic United States where, every year since the Editor started multiple visits in 1977, there is ALWAYS a huge scandal raging inside the Beltway. The clear intention is that with an imminent change of US Administration (just as happens whenever the European Commission changes) the dirty washing left by the outgoing Government will be incinerated. But we are not talking just about dirty linen. We are talking about enormous, multiple crimes, thefts, embezzlements and two million dead.

The Main and Woman on Main Street are saying: 'What do you mean, you want these dictatorial powers and you want us to pay you because 'Wall Street got drunk?'', as the drunkard Bush II told the American people on 24th September. 'YOU have been in power all these years, so you cannot blame others'. The people have finally seen through the criminal duplicity of these odious creeps, and the bipartisan accord sent to the White House at about 3.00pm on 25th, followed by the White House Meeting from which Shelby emerged saying 'There is no agreement', makes it clear that the Bunker mentality rules. When Pelosi and Reid took 'Paulson' aside (on camera) afterwards, what did they say to him? Something along the lines of 'which lamp post do you fancy? springs to mind.

The key to the new phase of this historically unprecedented crisis is that the American people have at last experienced the necessary 'Aha! moment. It's curtains for these crooks. The curtain at the end of Act One of Die Meisterschwindlern, starring the full cast of Weltkriminalgesellschaft, has collapsed on top of the cast. The lights have gone out and there is a danger of a serious fire.

The building may have to be evacuated, but the management is drunk in charge, so everyone is stampeding for the exit. The safety officers have been asleep for years and now there's no-one around to give any coherent orders. How are the mighty fallen!

And still no mention of the $14 trillion. Naturlich.