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November 1, 2013 - New Message from Matthew

[ Matthew is being more positive than he has in the past - Raven ]

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You would feel greatly uplifted about the state of your world if you could see Earth as we do, sparkling and glowing ever more brightly as her balance improves with each release of negativity. Although the extremes of duality still are in play on the planet, many positive scenarios are unfolding.

Mainstream media still sensationalizes disasters, dissensions and scandals; however, you also have seen their reporting of constructive happenings. As discussions about defusing Syria’s civil war continue, inspections of that country’s stockpiles of chemical weaponry are ongoing, and so are talks about Iran’s nuclear development program. Pope Francis is cleaning house at the Vatican and investigations are widening into corporate corruption and criminal activities in the financial world. We see the young British royals— William, Catherine and their infant son George—infusing light into that monarchy, and pollution is being seriously addressed by some governments and corporations.   

The thread that unites those seemingly unrelated areas and innumerable others, including myriad promising developments at grassroots levels, is the increasingly powerful energy movement within and around the planet. Everything in your world that is flowing in consonance with that movement is gaining momentum and everything that is resisting the flow is coming apart at the seams. The longstanding propensity for war and oppressive policies and practices keeps weakening as the collective thoughts, feelings and actions on behalf of peace, freedom and truth keep intensifying. 

It is a joy for us to observe these wondrous effects of love-light energy! There will be a series of fits and starts in the most expansive areas of change, but there is no indication that any detours will be significant, and nothing can derail your society’s progress.

One aspect of this monumental, unique ascension journey is the varying degrees of physical, mental or emotional discomfort many are feeling as carbon-based cells absorb light and are transformed into crystalline structures. In previous messages we have offered guidance to relieve ascension-related conditions, and we ask readers who are expressing concerns about various health anomalies to please read those messages. [July 4, 2013 message has the most comprehensive coverage.]

An email recently sent to my mother shows that the health issue in connection with ascension is begging for clarification. Mother, please copy that email here.
Can you tell me what Matthew says about people's health improving before ascension?  What I mean is, there are so many (mostly older) people in various stages of ill health situations - some very serious - it doesn't seem possible that they will be able to ascend or advance spiritually without being able to become relatively healthy - or will they just die and only healthy people will inherit the physical 5D earth?
Thank you. First, planetary ascension and personal ascension are not the same, and it may be helpful to explain again that density has two definitions in a universal context: mass and/or the location of a mass and soul evolvement status, or station, in spiritual and conscious awareness, and the two densities can differ considerably.  

The planet has been on an ascension course for about 75 years, longer than most of her residents have lived there this time around, but throughout those years of traveling through third density location-wise, Gaia, the soul who embodied as the planet now called Earth, was at fifth density evolvement. Gaia and her planetary body originated in that density, and during the millennia that her residents’ brutality to each other caused the planet to spiral downward, Gaia remained at her original evolvement status. 

Now then, physical health doesn’t affect one iota a person’s ascension spiritually and consciously, and that ascension isn’t confined to lives on Earth. Many persons who had just reached fourth density evolvement status had soul contract longevity clauses that “expired,” so to say—they died and are living in their advanced status in Nirvana or, if they so chose, some other equivalent spirit world. As the planet travels through fourth density, her residents who have evolved to that density spiritually and consciously will keep on ascending with Earth if that is in accordance with their contract lifetime span. If not, their bodies will die and they will continue their ascension journey in a spirit world until they decide where they want to reincarnate.   

Some of you have heard that when Earth left third density, she entered fifth, as if Number Four has no part at all in the process. We use your numbers only to indicate advancement, whether in location or soul evolvement, and there is no skipping any progressive stage in either. Just as it isn’t reasonable to expect a child who has learned ABCs to read a dictionary, it’s not reasonable to expect to leap from your current abilities directly into mastery of communicating telepathically, manifesting and dematerializing objects, traveling astrally and achieving perfect health in body, mind and spirit. Indeed, everyone has the innate capacity to perform all of those marvels, but it’s necessary to develop the ability to do so, and each soul will do that in the comfort of its own timing. 
Other health-related questions are about the “radioactive water” flowing from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility and the safety of food grown in the vicinity. Our space family’s few teams of four or five members each who are near the facility are working in tandem with crews in ships hovering overhead to reduce the water’s toxicity to the greatest extent possible. Their technologies are far advanced from your own, but they aren’t designed to eliminate every bit of toxicity in fruits and vegetables from areas of radioactivity, so it is sensible not to eat produce grown near the nuclear plant.             

Now we shall address readers’ interests in a number of matters that pertain to the United States. Not only are happenings there a reflection of what is going on to some degree all around your world, but everything that happens anywhere on Earth affects everything everywhere in this universe.       

The citizenry’s anger about the hardships many incurred due to the government “shutdown” shows growing intolerance of elected officials’ inaction due to stubborn divisiveness. Individuals within that government and all other democratically-elected bodies will be changing from self-service to working in unison for the wellbeing of their country’s peoples. This won’t happen in one fell swoop, but officials who stubbornly resist the love-light energy will lose out by one means or another and eventually all elected public servants will be acting within that energy. Ending the reign of tyrants will come more slowly, but that also is predestined.

No serious repercussions in foreign relations will result from the National Security Agency’s intelligence gathering—any indignant, surprised reaction is simply a public performance. Not only is it well known that spying is ubiquitous, but nations that are allies share the intelligence they’ve gleaned, and no national leaders are naïve enough to think that they personally are exempt from surveillance. The energy around this brouhaha is strengthening the energy set in motion by all the whistleblowing everywhere and ultimately will lead to multinational trust in harmonious cooperation.  

For two reasons high-ranking military officers were relieved of duty. The down-to-Earth reason is, they had been acting under Illuminati orders, which included massive-scale terrorism using missiles with nuclear warheads. Thanks to our universal family’s technology, all of those attempts were futile; in keeping with Creator’s stipulation that there will be no more nuclear detonations in space, God authorized that intervention. Energetically speaking, the officers’ removal was a natural step toward demilitarizing your world—this immense undertaking cannot be accomplished quickly, but that step is a welcome beginning. 

As for the Illuminati-controlled CIA faction, it will be on the way out. Those individuals have been responsible for “black ops,” the most destructive terrorist activities. You know about the few that have been successful, most notably “9/11,” but not publicized are the many attempts in hot spots around the world that have been thwarted by ET brothers and sisters living among you. They are permitted to do that in response to Gaia’s request, but they cannot interfere with individuals’ free will to avenge atrocities committed to their ancestors or to defend their radical beliefs.

We have been asked our opinion about legalizing marijuana.  We feel that this should have been done long ago worldwide for medical purposes because of this plant’s many known benefits—that is why pharmaceutical companies’ top management have suppressed its legal availability. As for “giving our young people authorization to use drugs,” we see this as we do your social issues such as excessive drinking, gambling, overeating, sexual promiscuity, gang warfare and bullying: matters calling for strong parental guidance and individuals’ self-discipline.  And, as light within the populace increases, problematic behavior will diminish, then cease.  

To the numerous readers who cite specific actions by President Obama and ask if he still is a light being: Yes, he is. We stand by everything we have told you about him because it is the truth. We say as well that third density consciousness can’t discern light in a person or a situation. Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise. And to answer one reader’s question: No, an Illuminati-programmed clone of the president has not replaced the person.  

Absolutely there has been “sabotage,” as one reader expressed it, and another questioned: Is the frantic energy and discord around the Affordable Healthcare Act Illuminati energy?  Sabotaging the Act more commonly known as Obamacare started immediately after President Obama announced his intention to make healthcare insurance available to people who were not receiving necessary treatment because they didn’t have insurance or their policies didn’t cover it. Illuminati members of Congress in collusion with their counterparts in the medical establishment and pharmaceutical and insurance industries started overt and covert campaigns to doom the president’s efforts—the result is legislation that is bare bones of his original plan. The Act’s Web site is not free of sabotage, to be sure, but “too many cooks in the kitchen” working hastily with complex technological features contributed to the site’s malfunctions. 

Individuals in Congress who are determined uproot the Act will either fall by the wayside or join with their colleagues who see the soundness in preserving its positive aspects and changing the pesky parts. Eventually the energy flow will bring healthcare equality and availability to everyone in your world. Inclusive measures will be full recognition of what you term “alternative” treatments; Nature’s healing ingredients replacing chemical prescription drugs, which cause more harm than good; reasonable costs for hospitalization, outpatient care and helpful medications.  In time, as your society keeps advancing, neither money nor insurance will be in your healthcare picture. 

As for the many questions about the national economy, I have asked my mother to copy a particular email to show how far afield of actuality some information being disseminated is.  Only the name will be omitted to preserve that individual’s privacy.  

     ******'s source at the Dept of Defense says that "They've" put something in the water and our food and that when they trigger the cell towers or fly drones they can detonate what we've ingested and it will give us flu like symptoms within 2 days and then death in 10 days after.  This is to control the riots of people when the economy completely crashes anytime from now thru 2014.  Is there truth to this?

Thank you, Mother. There is no truth whatsoever to that outrageous claim, and any grave concerns about the collapse of the US economy are needless. When the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service are exposed as wholly-owned Illuminati agencies that have been manipulating economies worldwide, their operations will cease. Then you shall see that the United States’ debt is as fictitious as is your global economy.

Long ago the entire economic system became only a whir of wire or computer transactions—trading in stock markets, buying and selling currencies, mortgages from lending institutions, credit card accounts with usurious interest rates. All of that financial activity was designed to keep enriching the wealthy and none of it has had a solid foundation. Ending the Illuminati-devised and controlled network and returning to a monetary basis of precious metals will be handled as smoothly as possible to prevent confusion. 

Now then, it does appear that we have been pointing fingers at the “bad guys” around your world who persistently have resisted changes that would be in the best interests of the peoples, and we repeat our urgings in previous messages: Forgive them!  This does not mean condoning their actions. It means refraining from judgment and condemnation by understanding that those individuals are the weakest links in the unbreakable universal chain of souls, and the love-light in your forgiveness uplifts them at the same time it advances your soul growth.     

The vital importance of forgiveness extends far beyond those individuals into the pre-birth agreements every one of you made. Because agreements are made by souls with conditional love and are designed to further the evolvement of all participants, each soul plays a role that offers others advancement opportunities. Persons whom you may resent deeply for what you perceive as cruel, unfair treatment may be fulfilling perfectly their agreement to provide you with that experience. Please do not forfeit your growth opportunity by holding onto resentment or bitterness—understand, forgive and feel grateful that you have completed the karmic lessons you chose and they provided. 

If by words, actions or inaction you have done an injustice to any persons, tell them I’m sorry, please forgive me. Then forgive yourself!Letting go of guilt and remorse as well as bitterness and resentment will let peacefulness, joy and excitement flow into your heart—that is what ascension feels like!    

Light beings throughout this universe are embracing you with unconditional love as we cheer you ever onward. 


Suzanne Ward

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SaLuSa: Earth Is A Ship That You Are Interned On

SaLuSa: Earth Is A Ship That You Are Interned On
Channeled by Wally 10/21/13
October 23, 2013

The Great Faiths of the world are now undergoing widespread picking up of grace and forgiveness bringing balance and harmony, and will leave many baffled and confused. This enfolds in rapid fire sequence, and leaves the furthest out as last to know, this may seem odd, with many reacting by becoming overly obsessed and fixated on this. Religious conflict has caused great pain all over the world, and has called for a healing that is being applied to your Government leaders, in the past all that was given was small crumbs that would slip through your fingers, but now the musicians play a song for brotherly love, as you are one multi-colored coat of humanity which has been hitherto forgotten to your detriment, like children that play with fire.

Many feel we are a fiction, like some stage managed production, and we respect and honor your right to disbelieve in us if you are unsure, but we continue to raise your vibration to advance your spiritual evolution, and when our allies fairly distribute the wealth of the world, it will leave many in astonishment and amazement, as you will see what we say is true. Others will find this disconcerting that people in their close circles who are subordinate to them, will become financially equal to them, but this thinking is out of date and obsolete, and was never meant to be permanent.

You are undergoing a spiritual cleansing in microcosm, that will remove the heartless grind of life, and is being burnt and purified, including that which was comfortable but not your true home. The existing paradigm is washing away incrementally, but ironically there are those that still look back on it with a sad nostalgia, but you have been given the magic seeds of light and love to start the new way of life in the mist of the worn out world.

Your high self-esteem is now a practice in this new time, and a defiance is budding in younger people to the old systems, the older generation are intimidated with loss of their retirement benefits and health care, as the dark seek to wash-out the free thinkers, but the divine feminine is taking the reigns and instituting new systems where quality is valued above quantity.

Earth is a ship that you are interned on, but all around you is an illusion and you are never in any real danger, and realising that becomes a gift, but you will not be left “to stew in your own juice” of that you can be certain, we must add that many don’t want anything spiritual in their lives, and this has been prepared by the Cabal, to spoil your hopes and then incorporate and integrate you into their systems.

The repaying of Karma for past wrongs is something many have an aversion to viewing and looking at, but you can navigate the karmic minefield safely if you realise that everything is interrelated and interconnected at a deep level, and antagonistic attitudes can be on the road to departure, as you are more often led by your head with it’s incessant focus on the self, and creates a temperament which puts you at odds with the people around you.

You are loved immensely and your future is bright and free of quarrel and disturbance, and we have seen your future and know it well and are giving you the support needed to buttress you though the time ahead, we are closely watching the latest leak at Japan’s Fukushima Plant as this raises concerns for fish and wildlife, and we are taking care to transmute and suspend the effects of radioactive contamination. Your News people will be retrained to Look past just emphasizing observable facts and look to a more metaphysical explanation of the ultimate causes for things.

You are not out of the dark forest, which is trying to distract you from your path. You need to be a bit obstinate irrespective of what is on offer as it is the complete opposite way round to the actual reality. We have helped humanity in the past and the great pyramids and other impossibly large structures are a memorial to this, many are disrespectful of this, and focus only on what they can see and count, but minds once warped now soften.

As the changes come in, no one will suffer early death from being forgotten or left out ever again, we are making our voyage to you, but are hampered by hair-splitting red tape, as the divine will and also your freewill must be honored at all times, but till we can be with you, we can lightly suggest you look to Germany for the first mark of the new global currency reset, and as the changes are implemented the dull and oppressive atmosphere will be blown away in the wind. You can then put an end to soul killing capitalism, with a wave of selfless and big-hearted humanitarian projects to feed the poor, give medical treatment to those in need and shelter, paid for with a New Gold Backed Currency.

This time has been instructional on how to overcome the basic instincts, and now school is ending as you are realising you are God everywhere, your concept of “self alone” is diminishing as the opaque veil is thinning.

The aggressive rhetoric is being drowned out as the legal actions riffle through rapidly, in light of the inappropriate awarding of position and influence.

You are more than capable of surmounting past failings that still stubbornly hold on, and we are now applying pressure to right these issues, including water supplies that are plummeting. Also vilifying aspersions about the Galactic Federation that are thunderous and cloud the issue will be put to bed and find a frigid reception.

Those that yearn for their soul mate will find that special person by becoming broad-minded and flexible in their choice of a partner.

Restitution will be made for spilling noxious wastes which has been carried out with all enthusiasm by the dark ones, and we can instantly protect you from the negative effects, if you say the words, asking for our help and you will be wrapped in many layers of protection by us. The human race has been at a very low vibration, and as you raise higher in frequency your existence will start resembling the rich, abundant and lush lives you have always envisioned for yourselves.

Many seek Compatible people to interact with and throwaway the rest. This is now happening in Europe as Governments are throwing out certain people, and this effects some very distinctive immigrants which are caught up in it, but this is a miscalculation and is not efficient.

In the next three months check for big changes, the dark in their attempt to stop the changes have stolen a single small nuclear device, but our allies are now on the hunt to recover it. Their game is up but they are not inclined to surrender. All events are interrelated and the ball is in your court as the changes can not manifest without you okaying it. No matter what happens your immortality is assured, and we will provide new bodies for you should the worst happen. Make a study of our words and let them dissolve inside of you. Also we will also close down unlawful and false courts that do not follow the legal standards agreed to by the community, and give access to fair and just legal system.

You are being augmented and protected, and in a methodical manner you are transversing a time of troubles caused by recalcitrant dark ones, and when fully complete you will have monumentally generous gifts and favors bestowed to you, and you will be forgiven for all wrong doings and welcomed back to God. You will emit light and will work together with many uncountable souls in the Galactic Federation Of Light. When Home in the higher dimensions it will be an awkward interaction at first, then you will strengthen as we have interceded on your behalf to allow you a grace period. You are being given the codes to unlock your Kundalini or coiled serpent, which will keep you calm and composed for the time ahead.

We have taken Full Account for the actions of the Dark ones and they will undergo a transformation and lose their current nature, for them it will be like waking from a dream.

It is Possible to foreshorten your path to the adept and expert stage of awareness by keeping from the downward path of losing hope and faith when you hear bad News. Those things are being fazed out as they only cause hardship and affliction. You are being sailed through stormy seas with our help, as your elevation to fully conscious beings from your long sleep in the lower dimensions is our foremost objective.For too long your Governments have deceived you about our presence but many now see the truth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I have been presiding over communication on your earth, and you will not be unaccompanied for too long, aswe will arrive in great numbers, and we will bring you the sweetest benefits and clear the way for the winds of change that have been held back by the covetous Dark Ones.

Thank You SaLuSa.


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Message from Montague Keen – October 20, 2013

Message from Montague Keen – October 20, 2013

montague_keen_veronica12As I read through this Montague, I found much that aligns with the work we’ve been doing here in the Northeast US. And it also highlights the constructive things that are occurring as the old systems fall.
Ponder on these wise words. It is important that you fully understand them. You are creating your future. Do not be alarmed at the bodily changes you are experiencing. They are preparing you to become the Beings of Light that you are. Like the butterfly, you are emerging from the chrysalis, awakening to who and what you are. Do not be alarmed when you experience EXTREME HEAT or COLD, DIZZINESS, alterations in your way of dealing with life, sleep, eating habits, etc. See each change as a stepping stone to fulfillment. There is no need to feel alarmed or seek medical help. It is a natural process. Welcome it.
Everything is happening at a pace that is acceptable to each of you. All will become clear in the fullness of time. The chains that bind you are falling away. You are becoming free of all restrictions. Go forward with confidence, as this is your true path.
The exposure is expanding at a rate of knots. Those at the top of the pyramid, know that they cannot hold on much longer. We promised that the corrupt structures would crumble and fall. Good people are coming to the fore and they are preparing the way for the 99% to take control. Such people are in place all over your world, ready and able to take the reins and so keep humanity functioning on an even keel. You have become so accustomed to taking orders and obeying laws, but this is your opportunity to make a more just world for all humanity. Do not be tempted to make hasty decisions. Keep calm and consider carefully the plans you are hoping to put into operation: they must benefit all of humanity. You must ensure that never again will it be possible for a minority to plunder and control your world. You have waited a long time for this moment, for mankind to be free and for the killing to stop forever.

It is important to educate the young, and to remove all the dumbing down practices that are in force. Open the minds of the young to all possibilities. Ensure that your TRUE HISTORY is taught by freeing their minds to explore without restriction. Every kind of prejudice must be removed and left in the past. It may take time, but I assure you, the people of the world will learn to celebrate their differences and share their knowledge. When ancient knowledge from all over your world is shared, the greater understanding of your world will benefit everyone.
You have so much to look forward to. Think how exciting it will be, to be able to freely explore the far reaches of the Earth without hindrance of any sort. All the laws that serve to make life on Earth a real struggle will be removed.
FREE ENERGY is a Number 1 priority. We have guided many to research and explore this, so that they are ready to take the necessary action when the timing is right. ORGANIC FARMING plus HYDROPONICS must be researched and readied for action. The land that was used for genetically modified crops is contaminated. It will need about 100 years to recover before it is safe to cultivate once more. We will guide you at every stage along the way. Everything that is done must be for the benefit of all mankind.
The laboratories that we are planning will be a major part of the Centers that will be in every country of the world. These will help to eliminate most of the illnesses that are causing concern, which are mostly man-made so as to keep you in fear and under control. All the ancient remedies are now being researched. They are safe and are producing amazing results. What is important here is that they are all NATURAL, so they cannot harm. They can only benefit. Veronica, herself, has benefited greatly from one such remedy that was kindly given to her by a fellow researcher, D.M., to whom I am extremely grateful. His work is just beginning.
When people come together everything is possible, People power can achieve so much. Take courage from what the people of Ireland are doing *). They are showing the way forward. The corruption that was used to imprison the people must be challenged. You are only now realizing that it can be challenged through the Law Courts. Banking is a corrupt institution. It was designed as such. It has been extremely successful in controlling your world. Their control must cease, and with your help, it will. You will be shown how to proceed. It can be done legally and openly. This is the way ahead. This is how you take control of your lives. Remove all the control from the Vatican and the banks. The people have found their voice, and now they are being listened to.
I would like to extend my thanks to all who sent their good wishes and advice to my wife during this stressful time.
Thank you all for your good wishes and advice regarding the accident that resulted in my car being written off. It meant a lot to me. I was so very stressed. It was a shock. I would like to thank AVIVA INSURANCE LTD. Everyone there was so helpful. They were kindness itself. They made the whole ordeal of losing my car as stress-free as possible. I am very grateful to them. Unfortunately, finding a replacement car has proved a problem. So many blocks have been placed in my way, so at the moment I am still without a car. A dear friend is trying to help me. Your good wishes are really appreciated.
My dear, we in spirit are watching things unfold. It is an exciting time. We walk alongside you.
Your adoring, Monty.
*) Here’s an example of the action that the Irish people are taking:
The Irish Banking Revolution – October 2013 – GC″>iQFFK20wOD0
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

"the consequences will lead to their ruin and desolation..."

SaLuSa 19 September 2013.
A stirring and inspiring event is to occur that will uplift many a heart, and convert and convince many who doubt what we are saying is true, including many of those who are hardened skeptic materialists.
Dear Ones Gaia holds you in her embrace and is Birthing and nurturing a new awareness of light, so from our ships we now see many new bright points of light, as you evolve and expand your consciousness, and the Icelandic story is one of these points of light and is a thorn in the side of the last Cabal.
The Arrogance of endless wars, and economic suppression propagated by western nations of the United States and Western Europe are building up negative karma, and the consequences will lead to their ruin and desolation, and then have to face a hard existence, with an inability to receive or make use of money, and be put under an ultra-restricted regime that impairs growth, to stop them from having the ability of attacking or harming the larger collective of humanity in future. We can not intervene were the outworking of karma is concerned.
A loss of power and control in respect to the last Cabal is ongoing and will not stop till they are made destitute and bankrupt, then we can bring all the many new technologies, and this will progress and proceed at a rapid rate, they include technologies in transport, in which you will be gifted with supersonic vehicle to travel in, and in the household with new technologies that will make life easier, with the introduction of food replicators for the home, which can create your meals and basic necessities on demand and work on the power of thought.
The mystifying jargon used on legal registration forms is written with the intention to deceive and obfuscate the true owner and holder of your private property and assets, which is the state, with the result being that you are disaffected and disinherited of your rightful recompense and reward, and has led to a very dark time, but our allies will carry this back and remove this racket, setting you on a new beginning to give you the space to grow and expand.
A word of caution is given in regard to a tendency by many who are becoming fixated on highly idealized and contrived visions of what others should be like, and this is being imposed and implicated of others, and the result is people are becoming highly polarized and split into separate groupings at every level of your society. this is not the way of things As unconditional love knows no barriers and is unbounded. So treat each other as sacred and sovereign so all can thrive and flourish without resorting to antagonistic and hostile attitudes.
You are very powerful creator beings with an innate sense of love for others and the earth and we welcome you into the galactic federation, which is a vast organization throughout the galaxy and we have new bodies prepared for you that will bring you all closer together, in that you will have telepathy, And with our many large motherships, it will be as you say a “home from home” in which your soul can take a well earned rest after your exhausting sojourn into the lower densities, before continuing on.
The barriers and railings put in place by the dark ones will not stop us, as we have many solid backup plans for your planet's successful joining and integrating into the Galactic Federation, with your life then becoming idyllic and fulfilling, and the dark Ones will be swatted out of the way and put where they can not have any power over you. We know by now our messages are oftentimes repeated and seem cliché, but that is necessary to make certain it is retained and remembered.
In a matter of fact way and without any negative feelings justice and punishment will be carried out with those who have committed crimes against you, But it is not done with the intention to hurt these souls – but rather to show them the flip side of their actions so all can again return to the light and love of creator.
This is a time for a cool head and steady nerves as you prepare to cut the cord that connects you to your lower dimensional life, but you need to as they say, "bite the bullet" and accept the task before you, in that as your vibration grows in frequency you can become a full member of the Galactic Federation, giving you the freedom of sailing and exploring throughout the cosmos, and interacting with the rich palette of different peoples and lifeforms on the many millions of planets, and inhabiting the higher dimensions which is your true home.
Put your mind to rest and feel secure within yourself, in the knowledge that all will work out as it is supposed to in accordance to the divine plan. The old reality is breaking up and collapsing, because of this we know that many are annoyed and upset and feel a sense of loss of control in every aspect of their lives, and feel they have had to sacrifice their very best to the changes which are burning through, but you can choose to stay calm and collected regardless of what is happening.
Things are drawing to conclusion, in our plans for disclosure and they are progressing well, and in that vein the dark ones have shown signs of being willing to make concessions and compromises, but deplorably this is a deceitful ruse, as they are showing a snow of signs this is so, as we can read their minds and see clearly their true intentions. If necessary we can alter the progression of time to our advantage as to allow us to get our many craft which are positioned at strategic places to shrivel and shrink any crazy actions by them.
The Galactic Federation of Light are acting to buffer you from the worst of the changes, and to that aim our allies continue to take various legal measures to ensure that the many monies and wealth of NESARA and the Saint Germain world trust get into your hands as the holders, and to wash clean the corruption that is hidden and concealed from view, then the dark will as you might say, “catch a cold” .
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have a gentle respect for you and watch to see what progress you are making towards moving into the light and your path of ascension, and tell you that your growth is unsurpassed and unequalled. Immediately after we land our craft upon the Earth you will catch up with your old star friends and family in festivity, and ever be with us together. So many star nations have come to see this momentous moment that the skies around your planet are jammed.
Thank you SaLuSa.
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This is yet another TED talk, like 
those of Rupert Sheldrake and Graham
Hancock, which have ben taken down
from their site, after they were deemed 
too controversial).

Here, Randy Powell claims that a 9 
digit pattern called Vortex Based 
Mathematics (VBM), interconnects all 
of science, all of technology and all 
of nature - around a donut.

Randy Powell is a student of 
mathematician, Marko Rodin who 
claims to have discovered the source 
of the non-decaying spin of the electron. 
Although scientists know that all 
electrons in the universe spin, they have 
never discovered the source of this spin. 
Rodin says he has. 
Rodin claims to have discovered the 
underpinning geometry of the universe, 
the fabric of time itself, by reducing all 
higher mathematics; calculus, geometry, 
scalar math - to discrete-number 
mathematics. His unique mathematical 
perspective has had him hailed him as the 
official discoverer of the 9-digit pattern 
that is the foundation for what is known 
as Vortex Based Mathematics.

Randy Powell was a student of Marko's 
work, who took the fundamental sequence 
and by implementing the formula into a 3D 
model, the shape of a donut revealed itself. 
Randy learned very soon that the shape of 
the donut was the universal geometric design 
for maximum efficiency in energy 
transformation, occurring ecologically as a 
method by which the universe reprocesses 

VBM gave Randy additional insight into 
explaining how everything in the Universe, 
from the elements of the periodic table, to 
why every pattern in nature- from the spiral 
in our galaxy, to our own DNA, are all 
toroidal-based (donut-shaped).
Video (about 10 mins):

- Alexandra
P.S. Randy Powell and his work will be the subject 
of an upcoming film by Amardeep Kaleka ('Sirius') and
Jose Escamilla ('The Battle of Los Angeles'), and others.
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Mother/Father God's Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)

Part 189, Mother/Father God's Predictions for 2014 (for the Sedona Journal)

We foresee a dramatic and revolutionary shift for Planet Earth in 2014, the likes of which have never been seen before on the planet.  Humankind will rise to new heights because of the new freedom from poverty and want which the Prosperity Funds will make possible.  Funds will be released over a period of time to avoid chaos in the world markets, but the effect will begin to be felt before Christmas of 2013 and will continue to lift the hearts and minds of the entire planet. 
There are three events which will change your world completely.  The first was the August 22, 2013 departure of the Darkest Ones who were the instigators of all the wars, the massive abuses of power, and the deliberately engineered poverty across the globe.  The second is the release of the Prosperity Funds, which will culminate with the transfer of wealth to all humankind, rather than the few wealthiest ones.  The third and most exciting event will be The Landings - the arrival of the Star Brothers and Sisters who are now, as of October 14, waiting in their ships by the millions.  They are in orbit around the Earth, awaiting the Announcements, which will be given out all at once, via media outlets in every corner of the planet.
It will take a number of months before the entire world population is able to absorb the true meaning of the changes.  The eons of economic slavery which was engineered by the Dark Hats has lingered in the form of a psychological mindset which revolves around feelings of lack, competition and fear.  Those Dark Ones of the Reptilian race have been removed from the planet as of August 22, 2013, but their lingering attitudes and psychological conditioning will take months, or possibly years to completely eradicate.  Some have called them Illuminati, or the Thirteen Families.  We prefer to call them the Naughties because we do not wish to aggrandize their power.  We assure you that they are gone.  You may listen to the ceremony in which they departed to be taken to the Light.  It was broadcast on on the night the New Age began. 
Many of you are familiar with the good work by our dear St. Germain over the past several hundred years, which has made it possible for the entire global economy to be reset, while removing the power from the hands of the elite.  The shift of economic power will bring unimaginable political changes, including the entire reorganization of the United States government.  You will begin to feel the true meaning of the old saying, "On Earth as it is in Heaven," when a new sense of freedom, transparency and cooperation spreads throughout the land, and the drudgery of long hours at a boring job turns to dancing in the streets in celebration of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Some have believed that spirituality is separate from politics.  We wish to tell you that We, Mother and Father God, have always been very much involved in the evolution of governments on your planet, because the governance of a nation is the most influential element in the health, safety and well-being of an individual, next to the role of the parents and family.  All are connected; all is relevant.
The arrival of the Galactics will bring a completely new atmosphere of Love, Trust and Cooperation across the globe.  Every town, every hamlet will be visited by the highly evolved, dedicated Brothers and Sisters of the Stars who will come by the millions to be of service to you in your Ascension.  They are teachers and friends who will bring new concepts and new technologies which are far beyond anything you have available now.  Free energy, communications, and aeroship transportation will bring convenience without pollution or destruction of Mother Earth's delicate ecosystems.  Of course, these changes cannot be brought about without the elimination of the oil and gas industries, and the eradication of all toxic chemical usage in agriculture and manufacturing. Some of these shifts are already beginning and will come into full force in 2014.
The Galactics, acting on the fervent prayers of humankind, and with the approval of the Company of Heaven, have already begun to assist in the clean-up of the planet.  Your nuclear weapons were of utmost concern to the rest of the cosmos, and were the first priority.  All weapons of mass destruction of the nuclear type have been completely disabled.  It is a small matter for the Galactics to locate and disarm them, and all weapons which could have been used to wage World War Three have been neutralized.  Smaller weapons like nuclear warheads on missiles have also been neutralized, although conventional weaponry is still operative.  This too will eventually be disabled; 2014 will find an outbreak of peace of major proportions.           
Along with the end of all warfare, including the last few civil wars which are still in their final stages, 2014 will bring an entirely new kind of freedom to refugees across the planet who have been held hostage to fear, poverty and conflict.  A brand new form of prosperity will take hold in the atmosphere of freedom to trade openly, and to return to ravaged homelands to rebuild and replant in peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. All this will be aided by ample assistance in the development of new agricultural methods, new sources of clean water, and free energy from the Galactics who will be a source of constant service and endless Love. 
Yes, indeed, Beloved Ones, you are present now for the dawning of the New Golden Age, and it will be delightful beyond your wildest imaginings.  You have made this possible by raising your individual vibrations in preparation for the first wave of Ascension.  All of you, all humankind will begin the glorious Ascension in which you will raise your bodies to higher vibration in order to adapt to Mother Earth's Ascension to the Fifth Dimension.  A glorious time it will be.
We will leave to our Beloved Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus, the delightful descriptions of what you are to experience personally in your coming Ascension.
We are Mother and Father God, bringing you this message in cooperation with Sananda and Prime Creator, through our Kathryn/Lady Portia, the one we call "The Voice of Mother/Father God."  We wish you Peace, Harmony, Forgiveness, Joy and Endless Love.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 14, 2013 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hemp - The most useful crop in the world is illegal. That is a crime against humanity.

Dear Gerhardt,  
Hemp is such a versatile material 
that it literally threatened a handful 
of businesses, which colluded to make 
it illegal in the US during the late 
1930s but up until then, it was 
cultivated freely for its many uses. 

It produces a superior diesel to that 
drilled from the ground. One acre of 
hemp produces the same amount of 
a superior paper to that produced by 
4 acres of trees. 

Prior to its being made illegal, it was 
used in the production of paint, which 
was non-toxic, unlike the petroleum-
based paints with which it was replaced. 
Hemp can be used to make a resilient 
plastic: The list of uses derived from 
the hemp plant is virtually infinite.

In 1938, Popular Mechanics magazine 
ran an article called "New Billion-Dollar 
Crop." This was the first time that the 
words "billion-dollar" had been used to 
describe a US agricultural product.

Popular Mechanics said, "A machine has 
been invented that solves a problem 
over 6,000 years old. The machine is 
designed to remove the fiber-bearing 
cortex from the rest of the stalk, making 
hemp fiber available for us use without a 
prohibitive amount of human labor. 

Hemp is the standard fiber of the world. 
It has great tensile strength and durability. 
It is used to produce over 5,000 textile 
products, ranging from rope to fine laces - 
and the woody [materials] remaining after 
the fiber has been removed contain 77% 
cellulose and ca be used to produce more 
than 25,000 products, ranging from 
dynamite to cellophane."
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Alexandra Bruce
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