Saturday, January 25, 2014

Report from the Galactic Council

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Artwork by Sila Velez

We are the Galactic Council.  We are overseeing the coordination of all the processes of Ascension in the Milky Way Galaxy.  It is our duty to observe the progress of each planet and to maintain communication throughout the Galaxy.  We have been carefully monitoring Earth as she moves toward the coming events of revaluation of currencies, Disclosure of our presence, and the landings.  We keep all parties, including the Intergalactic Council, informed of the events on the ground, and we are responsible for the final decisions that are made concerning the unfolding of important events.
We do not make the decisions alone; we consult with all the major parties.  For instance, we are now intensely involved in meetings between Prime Creator, Mother/Father God, St. Germain and many of the other Ascended Masters of Planet Earth.  We help them to coordinate their efforts with the Galactic teams who are helping at this time, and with those who are preparing to bring their expertise to Earth, at the request of  the overseers of the current projects.
We have also heard the prayers and pleas of those on the ground, on Mother Earth and throughout the Galaxy.  We defer always to the final decision of Prime Creator, but it is our role to insure that all parties involved in decision making are fully informed and are included in the flow of information and decision making.  You see, we are a completely democratic system.  No decision is ever taken without the Greater Good having been thoroughly considered and carefully weighed.
My name is Harolan.  I come to speak to you today as a representative of the Council, to inform you of our considerations and the issues we are currently debating on your behalf.  More and more of you are listening to the channelings, asking questions about why things are being done as they are, and begging for a voice in the decision making process.  We hear your pleas, and we send you our response now through your trusted channel, Kathryn.  There are also others who will be hearing from us; we encourage you to read the channelings with what we say here as your guide.
At the present moment, January 23, 2014 in Earthtime, we are closely following the unfolding of what you call the "sting operation" which will culminate in massive arrests, trials and the removal of the greedy financial operatives from your midst.  It has become an enormously successful endeavor, brilliantly timed and executed by all the parties involved.  You can possibly imagine how many are taking part, on the ground and in higher dimensions - our numbers are in the millions.
You have been told that Lightworkers on the ground are an integral part of this endeavor.  We would like to give you an overview of how your efforts have paid off.  The  announcement of the Prosperity program involving the purchase of currency was made first by Father God and St. Germain to the spiritual community.  It was expected that it would take time for the comprehension of how enormous this program is to take hold among those who have not made it their life's work to understand investments of this nature.  Of course, those who have lived that life would be completely unable to grasp the importance or the logic of it, since it has never happened before in the financial arena, and the promised payouts defy all logic, from their point of view.
You see how perfect this design is:  only those of genuine Faith would even give it a second thought, because the information came from Higher Sources.  For the same reason, the financial community would scoff and call it a scam.  And so the program began.  Lightworkers, now called the Dinarians of Dinarland, became the central energy  vortex which would fuel the entire plan, like the engine which drives the locomotive.  It was to be the driver which would lift the entire planet, by empowering and inspiring those who have been living under the pall of oppression and want.  It has had this effect, with mixed results.  Those who are able to tolerate the long wait with patience and growing Faith - their Light increases day by day, in spite of the delays, for they know in their hearts that all is in Divine order, and that the ending will be glorious, whenever it comes.
Those who have focused on the monetary gains which have been promised are having difficulty understanding the bigger picture, are becoming impatient, frustrated and angry.  They feel they have been "had" or "used" or mistreated in some way because they do not understand what an important role they are playing in the larger picture, and how integral each part of the plan is to the success of the greater project.
The revaluation of currency and the enormous benefits it will bring across the globe is but one cog in the wheel of change.  It is the spark that will ignite the great shift, but it is much more.  You have been told that the word is out, that the Powers That Be are trying to scoop up all the resources for themselves, to leave nothing for the patient and faithful Dinarians.  This of course is their intention, but it was also the important variable which would allow for their arrests.  You see, we must calibrate our movements carefully, taking into account the elements of human nature - yours and theirs.
We had hoped that the powerful energies from the Central Sun would lift the hearts of many in the financial community, making it possible to proceed with the arrests and the next element, the release of the RV.  Unfortunately, the higher energies did not "hold" - many of those in the financial community who were leaning toward greater Love and Compassion began succumbing to the temptation of massive wealth, which they have always seen as Power.  The seduction of being able to impress their friends, benefit those in positions of influence, and the idea of being known as the one "in the know" became too much for bank executives and wealth managers. 
A flood of currency orders from the wealthy created a situation which could not be allowed to go unaddressed, for they then helped themselves to the high rates which were supposed to have been released for all, while the head bankers blocked the door for the less powerful Dinarians.  They have trapped themselves in a bottomless pit of selfishness and greed, by convincing themselves they were "sharing the wealth" - a ridiculous concept, since those they shared with were already wealthy in the extreme.
It is unfortunate that enormous numbers of second tier financial people have involved themselves in the greed and selfishness.  It is testimony to the ability of great wealth and power to corrupt its custodians, especially in a civilization that values wealth above all.  The unfortunate attitude, that they are entitled to the wealth, while poorer folks cannot be trusted with it, is an example of the level of arrogance that has become commonplace in the upper echelons. Although this thinking has existed for thousands of years, the number of those who subscribe to this attitude has increased 10-fold to include even lower class folks who aspire to be equally powerful and equally selfish one day.
As you can see, the rift between Lightworkers and everyone else has widened day by day.  The outrage expressed by those of you on the ground who are responding from your hearts is a reasonable response to what you can see happening.  We want to assure you that not only will greed not win the day, but we are fully aware of what is happening, and it is just a natural unfolding of the plan which was designed to trap the worst offenders.  We are disappointed that the net is as full as it is, but we did make provisions for this possibility. 
We remind you - you all have had free will, and this travesty was the latest example of the misuse of that responsibility.  It created additional time and some rather elaborate technological interventions to identify and track the thousands of perpetrators, but we have captured the data very successfully.
This latest part of the sting operation has dovetailed with simultaneous programs which have identified generations of humanitarian abuses, war crimes, sexual abuses, child trafficking and sex trafficking and other organized crime activities.  You are now hearing cases of fraud, corruption and political scandal which are generally the first to hit the public airways in spite of the editorial tendency to downplay the worst of it (unless it can be slanted to reflect badly on your current U.S. President).  This theme will continue and increase by the day as investigative reporters overcome their fears and gather steam and inspiration to bring the Truth to the public.
You see, this is a global, all-encompassing, massive shift in consciousness.  Lift your hearts and your sights, Beloved Lightworkers.  You are an integral part of the whole process, not just the Prosperity packages.  See yourselves in the context of this WHOLE Earth Revolution, embedded in the WHOLE Universe of change. 
This is not a change which will involve only the economic state of the Earth, but it will encompass every element of life and the quality of human consciousness.  Social, political, psychological and emotional reality is changing.
Understand, Beloved Earth Ones, that even your Ascended Masters, who are brilliant strategists and experts in the human psyche, could not have predicted the extent of criminality which would be indulged in during the past weeks.  We of the Galactic Council make our predictions based on known parameters, the exercise of which will create varying timelines depending upon the free will actions of all the players - all 7 billion of them.
The wholesale participation in the old familiar Dark Hat behaviors has not been a surprise to us, although we had hoped for a more orderly release of the RV, for your sakes.  We do sympathize with the difficulties you are experiencing, and the frustration you feel at learning that your Faith led you to make decisions which now put your financial well-being in jeopardy.  The temporary pain of knowing this will be minute, we assure you, compared with the great joy and relief you will feel upon learning what an important role you have played in the complete reorganization of life on Planet Earth.
We are now managing the details of many programs at once, while we await the enormous Shift that is just around the corner.  All roads lead to Ascension, of course, so this is the major focus of our work - the great reward at the end of thousands of years of hard work.  We will all feel the enormous waves of joy and relief when the Darkness on Planet Earth becomes a thing of the past.  Do not fear, Beloved Humankind, we are with you in complete solidarity, and we are coordinating the efforts of the entire Galaxy in your behalf.
Soon a group of you will cross over the line to higher dimensions, and another phase of the great adventure of Planet Earth will begin.  Keep your vibrations high and your face to the wind.  You will be lifted out of the morass you have experienced for so many generations.  We look forward to your successes with great anticipation and joy.
Your Galactic Council, represented by Harolan.
Via Kathryn May, Jan. 25, 2014. New York, NY

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

I am Creator. I have asked Lady Portia to take this message to give to the world.

Creator Announces the Beginning of The New Golden Age

I am Creator.  I have asked Lady Portia to take this message to give to the world.

It is my great pleasure to make an important announcement.  All important changes in the Universe require a special event to anchor them, to serve as the official beginning or end of an era.  I wish to declare that today,Monday, January 20, 2014 of the current Gregorian Earth Calendar will henceforth be known as the First Day of The New Golden Age.   It will usher in the beginning of new prosperity, peace, mutual cooperation and joy throughout all the Kingdoms of the Earth and beyond.

It is a time of change, a time of awakenings.  You will be learning things you could not have even imagined a day or a week ago.  You are all being raised up into the Light, given glimpses, a bit here, a hint there, of what you will be learning when you walk across the imaginary boundary which has held you in your 3 dimensional world.  You will emerge at the culmination of your meditations into the higher dimensions.

These messages have brought you along, increasing the challenge you were given, to open your hearts and your minds to feel your way toward the Truth of One.

Often you were puzzled or frustrated or confused.  The information you have been given seemed contradictory, and therefore not true.  You were forced to either choose from amongst two or three "Truths" or open your minds to the possibility that there might be a whole other possibility - a greater Truth which might lead to further levels of unknown regions of the Heart.

It will come as a great surprise to you that We in the higher dimensions sometimes tell you half-truths.  We do not lie to you; there would be no point in that.  We are not untruthful in our dealings, ever.  However, there are frequent occasions in which we can see that you are not at all ready for the whole truth - it would make you angry and turn you away, or it might pass right on by your understanding because you didn't have the background to understand it.  This is why we have led you, day by day, month by month, toward greater knowledge and wisdom.

It is not a simple endeavor, to lead an entire civilization which has been immersed in a rigid, intellectualized society of argumentative, quarreling and combative individuals, to bring all of them together toward a true meeting of the minds - which can only be accomplished by opening their hearts.  Yes, you have all been affected by the thousands of years of mind-over-heart and mind-over-matter arguments.  The last 600 years or so have been the worst, especially since Descartes proclaimed the mind superior to human emotion.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using the scientific method to identify trends and small facts about the things you wish to study.  In some ways, it has moved you ahead, especially where some of your technologies are concerned, but it has done more to stifle originality than to expand it.  The most brilliant scientists do their best work during their sleep hours, when they collaborate with highly advanced galactic societies who share their findings with those who are open to it.  Of course, this has sometimes ended very badly, as in the premature development of nuclear fission, which was then immediately used to develop monstrously uncontrollable weapons and equally dangerous domestic technologies.

The use of nuclear power to generate electricity is a ridiculously reckless and inefficient method.  Were it not for the enormous profits it has generated for a few investors, at the cost of the health of your entire planet, it would not have even been given a second glance.  It is only thanks to the enormous subsidies of numerous governments that the plants have even been built.  We are preparing to see all these unnecessarily dangerous methods completely replaced with the simple, efficient and clean technologies which will be given to you by your galactic Brothers and Sisters.

The technologies you will be given are far superior to anything currently in development.  You will be amazed at the efficiency and ease with which all your homes, office buildings, civic buildings and even stadiums can be cooled, heated and softly lit, without a single drop of fossil fuels, and without producing a single carbon atom's worth of pollution.  This is just a small example of the momentous changes that will take place, to literally rescue and reward all the wonderful beings who reside on Gaia, your Mother Earth as you know her.

You, Beloved Earth Ones, have hewn to the path of Ascension, carrying the Light and the message of Love.  It is you who have created this glorious moment - you who have lifted your eyes to the Heavens in Faith.  You have envisioned the New World.  It is thus of your making.

We have taught you that your thoughts, combined with the energy of your hearts, create Reality.  You have learned to manifest those thoughts with great clarity.  When you focus on the vision of your hearts, powered by your great will, you are able to make wonderful things happen.

This is what you have done.  Together, you have focused on Abundance.  You have envisioned new housing for those who have lived in poverty, clean water for the people of the Earth who need it, food for the hungry, schools and loving teachers for the children who are starving for real knowledge, healing for the sick, and above all, peace on Earth.

So it shall be.  It is an auspicious time on Earth.  It is the first day of the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the United States, and as the Chinese New Year approaches, the Year of the Horse becomes the new symbol - that of strength, exuberance and compassion.  It will be a year of enormous spiritual growth, expansion and Ascension for the entire planet.

Everyone on the planet - absolutely everyone - will experience the good fortune which will now fill all cups to overflowing.  Joy will replace fear as the predominant emotion.  Random acts of kindness will become the norm rather than newsworthy exceptions.

Open your hearts, Beloved Ones.  There are no more questions that need to be answered about when and how these changes will take place.  They have already begun.  You have been blessed with a program of prosperity that will be completely inexplicable to the rational thinkers, the practical managers and the unbelievers.

We are here, your Guides and Ascended Masters, and we are bringing to Planet Earth the most powerful force in the Universe: Love.  Awaken to the Truth that you will never again be made to suffer by forces outside your control.  Now, as you read this, humane political and social systems are being instituted across the globe.

We now await the proper timing for the further announcements to be made, which you have called Disclosure - the revelation that you are not alone in the Universe, and that your neighbors are friendly - once all the cabal and its minions have been subdued and/or dispersed.  What follows will be spectacular, astonishing even for those of you who have followed these messages for years.  Your minds will experience such information overload that only those with open hearts will be able to grasp the Truth of what is happening, for so many of the things you thought you knew were deliberately distorted.  All the news that is coming is good news. The revelations will make your hearts sing.

I am overjoyed to be able to tell you this, at long last.

Look around you.  The colors are brighter, people's faces are younger, and all worry and care are evaporating like the morning dew.

Enjoy your blessings, My Beloved Children.  Your New Day is dawning today.

I love you without end.
I am your Creator.

Via Kathryn E. May, January 19, 2014, 11:30 PM GMT

Permission is given to share or copy this message in its entirety, without additions or deletions, provided credit is given to the author and website.