Saturday, October 18, 2008


Oliver Stone's movie about George Bush
"W" hits the movie theaters today.

I hear its a humorous and sympathetic
portrayal of Bush.

Fine. Whatever.

After it's over, I hope it focuses everyone's
minds on one essential point:

After he leaves the White House, Bush's next
stop should be a prison cell.

This is NOT a pipe dream.

The minute he leaves office, his executive
immunity evaporates.

The legal grounds have already been established
for his indictment and arrest, AND there is
someone in the State of Vermont ready, willing
and legally able to do it.

There is nothing more important to the
future of the US (and maybe even the
world) than for this man to be indicted, tried,
convicted and jailed for murder.


- Brasscheck

P.S. I can't imagine anything more important
for the country's future than for Bush & Co.
to be brought up on criminal charges for

It's doable, it can be done, and it must
be done.

Please share this e-mail and the page on
it with friends and colleagues.

If we're going to undo eight years of a national
nightmare...reestablish the rule of law and the
Constitution...and stop the endless hemorrhaging of
our nation's reputation and wealth, this is the
place to start.

Take a minute to inform yourself, and if you agree,
support the effort.

Bush belongs in jail and you can help put him

- Brasscheck

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That's how we grow. Thanks.

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