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St.Germain 23-May-2008

St.Germain 23-May-2008

By and large, Man works from the conscious mind, which has been programmed through eons of time to perceive life in a certain way. A matrix is created that forms the reality in which he lives, and the manner as to how he reacts to it. Now with the upliftment of mankind and a heightening of your consciousness, it is necessary to be more open and ready to move into a new perspective. This will enable you to appreciate a more expanded view of life, and lift your mind onto a new level of understanding. This will see you being able to centre yourself, and become less reliant on the interpretation of others. Even now, many people are in denial of what they see happening before their very eyes, because they are unable to think for themselves.

In the midst of the far-reaching changes is the first real sign of what is to come. It is a withdrawal from the old paradigm that set you in ways that no longer serve your purpose. You are linking with the new levels of consciousness that bring knowledge and understanding of the true purpose of life. Duality is the experience of many lifetimes, that makes you face the darkness that Man has brought to this Earth, and it is Man who must now participate in its cleansing. As you know, you are not in fact alone in this venture and are fully supported by the Galactic Federation and The White Brotherhood. Each has specific responsibilities towards you all, and the successful completion of the Ascension of both Man and the Earth.

You have come a very long way since the time this cycle commenced. When it started you were aware that it was your last opportunity to overcome the dark forces, and knew that your task would be very difficult. To your credit you have risen above the negative energies, and have brought much Light to Earth that has assisted its upliftment. Changes have therefore become inevitable, and either you move into the Light or remain in the darkness of yesteryear. Everything has to do with attraction, and your thoughts and desires create your pathway ahead. If you wish to break out of the old reality, it is necessary to create the new one around you. Your thoughts are powerful tools, and used in the correct manner will elevate you to a higher level.

If you link in with us and our thought streams, we can in turn help you on the way. We will surround you with our love and protection. We will guide you to higher levels of understanding, and place the truth before you. From there, it is up to you to grasp the opportunity to open up to the Light. It will bring much peace and contentment into your life, and no longer will you be pulled this way and that. You set your path and progress at a speed that suits you. There is no pressure on you to do other than what is acceptable to you. You can place around yourself a protective energy that allows you to walk unscathed through the negativity that abounds on Earth. As you detach from the old energies, they lose their ability to hold you back. The fight has been well fought, and the dark are in retreat and their future is sealed.

Heaven such as you refer to is a real place, generally any level that is above Earth and in the Light. There is no specific dimension but stories of life after death are centered around what many of you call Nirvana, the land of beauty, harmony and love. A level that replicates everything on Earth, but in a way that does not carry the ugliness or decay you see around you. Lands that shine out and are in continual Light where the darkness is shut out. You can in effect travel back in time, to see those souls who continue their experiences in the familiar surroundings that they left behind. For you personally there is the creation by thought of your idea of beauty, and a homestead that awaits your arrival. However, even these levels of Light will pale into insignificance compared with the Golden Age that you are about to enter.

How can your mind grasp levels of perfection and beauty that have no words to really describe them, or convey to you the power of the energy that surrounds you to give a feeling of Oneness? To be free of all worries and earthly concerns and find all of your needs at your fingertips. Levels where Unconditional Love abounds, and every soul is linked into this energy with each other. It is exactly what awaits those who have aspired to ascend, and perhaps more than any other dream you have, this is your Heaven.

I St. Germain, and the Masters together with other great Beings of Light are able to move into higher levels where energies become even more refined and are of astounding beauty. These levels move into Infinity, and even to our understanding have no conceivable end, except that there is the Source of All That Is. You were never meant to stay in the lower dimensions forever as they are not your true home, and simply serve your need for experience of the dark as part of your spiritual evolution. Service to others is a most natural desire that comes with growth and understanding of your true selves as Beings of Light. On Earth much of what you do is for gain, and of course some of it is necessary for your survival. You do however have a culture that invites you to make as much wealth as you can, and many consider that to be their goal.

Very soon there will no rich or poor in that context, as the wealth of the world is to be shared in a fair and equitable way. It will help remove that element of competition that unfairly denies another of their entitlement. Sharing will become commonplace, and quickly bring people together in a common purpose for the good of all. Materialism has run its course, and with its end will disappear all the inequality that has caused so many divisions upon Earth. These are steps that will prepare the way for your Ascension, and you shall soon see Love on Earth bring about a great revolution, where Man takes on his true responsibility for each other.

The separateness that has divided Man will cease, and he will realize that he is his Brothers keeper. You only have to look around the world to see what occurs when there is a lack of caring, and much of it is perpetrated by your leaders who should be setting a better example. Conditions on Earth are deteriorating fast, but waiting in the wings are the remedies and means to reverse the trend. Have faith; it is all about to permanently change, and love will descend upon Earth and bring about a great upliftment. You will be freed forever from the shackles of darkness that have kept you down for so long.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rumsfeld: "Why Not another 911"

Rumsfeld: "Why Not another 911"

By Larry Chin

Global Research, May 16, 2008

In a newly-released tape of a 2006 neocon luncheon meeting featuring former War Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, attended by ex-military "message force multiplier" propaganda shills Lt. General Michael DeLong, David L. Grange, Donald W. Sheppard, James Marks, Rick Francona, Wayne Downing, Robert H. Scales and others, Rumsfeld declared that the American people lack "the maturity to recognize the seriousness of the ‘threats’" -- and need another 9/11.

When DeLong complained about a "lack of sympathetic ears" in Congress, and a lack of interest among the general American public, Rumsfeld responded, "What's to be done? The correction for that, I suppose, is another attack."

This videotape clip is part of a one-hour tape declassified by the Department of Defense in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The entire clip, and analysis of this damning new revelation, can be found here: "The Correction for that . . . is another attack" (Jason Linkins, Huffington Post, 5/13/08)

For an independent op-ed about the same information, see Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 worked, why not try it again? (Op-Ed News. It was also the topic of discussion on the May 14 broadcast of Nova M Radio’s Mike Malloy Program.

In the seven years since the day, exhaustive and still growing evidence proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the US government, spearheaded by the Bush administration, planned, orchestrated and executed the 9/11 false flag operation. As openly advocated by wide swaths of elites, from the People for the New American Century (PNAC), of which Rumsfeld has been a member, to the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski (in his The Grand Chessboard), only an attack “on the order of Pearl Harbor” would, in Brzezinski’s words, cause the American people to support an “imperial mobilization,” and a world war.

Sept. 11, and its resulting “war on terrorism” (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, etc.), remains the Bush administration’s endless gift from hell, in large part courtesy of Rumsfeld.

Placing the new evidence against previously revealed 9/11-related acts on the part of Rumsfeld, his guilt is overt and obvious. Recall that it was Rumsfeld who enthusiastically penned the "Go Massive" memo, gleefully declaring the Bush administration finally had the green light to kill: “Not only UBL (Usama bin Laden). Go massive. Sweep it all up. Things related and not.”

As the Bush administration’s war ensued in earnest, Rumsfeld gloated to the New York Times that 9/11 provided “the kind of opportunities that World War II offered, to refashion the world.”

It is not for nothing that Donald Rumsfeld was described by legendary war criminal Henry Kissinger as “the most ruthless man I’ve ever known.”

SaLuSa 19-May-2008

SaLuSa 19-May-2008

In a period of time when so much is happening upon Earth, we emphasize the need to be vigilant and see beyond the immediate effects. As we have informed you for so long, changes on the Earth are both inevitable and necessary to once again restore it to a pristine condition. Over the last century the land and seas have been badly polluted, and without being reversed it would lead to a complete breakdown of the food chain, and the continuity of life. Already some species of animals have disappeared, and many more are under threat. In recent times it has become more serious, with the dangerous fall out from nuclear weapons.

The deteriorating conditions on Earth are such, that without our coming and use of advanced technology to reduce its effect, your planet would not be in readiness for Ascension. Also left to her own devices, Mother Earth would need to be far more volatile to reverse them. We as always keep an eye on what is happening, but can only get to full grips with the problems by openly coming to you. For many years we have warned successive Governments of the dangers of nuclear fall out and radiation, but little notice has been taken. As a source of energy it is unnecessary with so many other means now at your disposal. Free energy that is clean and in unlimited supply can at a stroke solve your problems, but is withheld to allow the oil companies to continue profiting at your expense.

Our advice is intended to be helpful and we do not condemn your way of progress. That has been your choice in accordance with your freedom to experience whatever you desire. The problem is that you have not been allowed to move on, and benefit from the many new technologies given to you over quite a number of years. Now it must change so that you can quickly halt the slide into chaos, which the dark use as an opportunity to further their own agenda. The negative energies that abound upon Earth are creating problems all around, and in these conditions Man will be unable to restore law and order, and find the world peace that has been absent for hundreds of years.

With our coming and plan for the restoration of Earth, the changes will quickly alleviate the present conditions. The first series of actions will address the needs of the poorest countries, and in general terms we look to ensure that the homeless and hungry and lifted out of their misery. In the long term we shall set up institutions that will handle political and financial concerns in a correct manner. The result will be Governments that truly and honestly represent their people, and banking systems that operate a fair policy. We have informed you for some time that the benefits of NESARA have incorporated into our plans, and they will ensure that poverty and debt become a thing of the past.

You can take full credit for the turnaround in your fortunes, as it was not so long ago that you looked unlikely to pass beyond the Millennium. The mass consciousness upon Earth has grown remarkably fast, by absorbing the Light that streams to you from many sources beyond it. It has been responsible for bringing hope and a new dawn where the dark forces no longer have any influence. Their power is already diminishing and their cherished dream of world control is fading away. They refuse to acknowledgement defeat, and still try to stay in power by any means whatsoever. That you have had two consecutive false presidential elections is in itself proof of their instability. The truth of all their actions and crimes against Humanity will ultimately be revealed, and those responsible will not escape justice. There are far greater powers than those on Earth, and they will have to make their way back to the Light from a very lowly position.

The Laws of Karma are exact and applicable to everyone, and your deeds cannot be hidden away. It is you who answer for them and in the Light only the truth can be given, there is no place for lies or placing blame elsewhere. God’s love exceeds all bounds and is given to all equally, and no soul is denied the opportunity to return to the Light. There is no such thing as eternal damnation, and that is the belief of Man who lacks the truth and spiritual understanding. Love pervades everything, and is the force that brings you infinite life and you are immortal. Your time on Earth that now draws to a close has been your freewill choice, and what you have learnt from the experiences will carry you further along the road to a Higher Consciousness.

Those of you who volunteered to come to Earth, came from the higher dimensions and desired the experience of separation from God. Your challenge was to rise up again and find your true Godself, whilst gaining experience of duality. It will add another facet to your understanding that will serve you well in the future. You have made many attempts to rise up out of the dark, and for periods of time have had some success. However, this cycle will be the first one that will see its completion with a victory over the dark forces. Hitherto, they have pulled Man down, and destruction and chaos has destroyed earlier civilizations.

This time you are assured that the cycle of duality is ending with your success, and never again will you have to endure the challenges that have assailed you. You may return to the lower dimensions by choice as they exist elsewhere, but not for Karmic reasons. Pat yourself on the back, because you have risen up in spite of the most severe testing and found your Light within. The truth of your journey will be part of ours and the Masters enlightenment of the masses, as your history can in no way reveal it all to you. Much of it has been concealed and deliberately hidden from you to keep you in the dark. All credit to you for overcoming the odds and now emerging as true Lighted Beings, you are truly the Christed Ones.

I am SaluSa from Sirius and pleased to have these opportunities to enlighten you. We salute your patience and understanding of these last days on Earth, and we are so near to you and will soon be standing alongside you.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart

The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart
by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.
December 6, 2000

In 1977, a secret federal virus program produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS. The record reveals the United States was represented by Dr. Robert Gallo and the USSR was represented by Dr. Novakhatsky of the diabolical Ivanosky Institute. On August 21, 1999, the world first saw the flowchart of the plot to thin the Black Population.

The 1971 AIDS flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers and fifteen years of progress reports of a secret federal virus development program. The epidemiology of AIDS is an identical match to the "research logic" identified in the five section foldout. The flowchart is page 61 of Progress Report #8 (1971) of the Special Virus program of the United States of America. We today, challenge world scientists to discussion of this document find.

We believe there is a daily, growing number of world experts who are all coming to the same conclusion regarding the significance of the flowchart. Dr. Garth Nicolson has examined the flowchart as well as other top experts from around the world. It is time for Dr. Michael Morrissey of Germany to examine the flowchart and report to the world. In addition, we have now examined the 1978 report. It is heresy to continue to further argue the program ended in 1977.

The 1978 report of the development of AIDS leaves no doubt as to the ("narrow result") candidate virus sought by the United States. The flowchart conclusively proves a secret federal plot to develop a "contagious cancer" that "selectively kills."

Following the presentation of the flowchart in Canada, the same information was presented to the United States in the rotunda of the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. Shortly thereafter a major African newspaper called and for four days in a row, this issue was the feature story in an uncensored press. The people of Africa already know about the U.S. virus development program. It is time for the rest of us to know.

In January, the U.S. had no response to my two page abstract submitted to the African American AIDS 2000 conference. In February, the U.S. Congress had no response to the 3000 Americans who signed signature petitions calling for immediate review of the flowchart and progress reports of the secret virus development program. We firmly believe once the dust settles from the current election marathon, reviewing the special virus program will be the single most important pursuit of the 21st Century.

More scientists and doctors must join with Dr. Nicolson, Dr. Strecker, Dr. Cantwell, Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Lee, Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Halstead and Professor Boyle. In any public debate on this issue, we will continue to present the flowchart of the secret virus development program, as the "irrefutable missing link" in the true laboratory origin of AIDS.

We have successfully navigated a federal maze and matrix and found a curtain surrounding the issue of AIDS. The 1999 discovery and presentation of the AIDS flowchart is a "smoke detector" wake up call. Society has an obligation to do more than don masks.

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Moving toward first contact

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic

9 Cauac, 12 Moan, 3 Manik

Special thanks to those of you who were able to help Sheldan and the
PAO last week.
If you missed it, I am re-posting my letter with this update.
Dear Friends of PAO:

My friend, Sheldan Nidle, is one of those rare individuals blessed
with the ability to activate people. He is an unassuming man who is
possessed of a unique and ennobling mission - to inform those able to hear
about changes in our world and our universe. He is a man whom the Galactic
Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen to act as their spokesman
on Earth and, in so doing, to tell us that we are on the brink of first

Every week for the past eleven years, over the Internet, Sheldan has
been transmitting messages from the Galactic Federation. These updates give
us knowledge and encouragement: they energize us and reinforce the
connection between our lives now and the glory that we know is about to
come. Conveying this information through updates, books, DVDs and e-mails,
and anchoring in the energy for the Earth's heart chakra are all facets of
Sheldan's job. It is his total focus. He has devoted his life to this
mission, to passing on the communiqu├ęs of the Galactic Federation and to
working toward the ascension of Mother Earth and her peoples.

In a recent conversation with Sheldan, I asked him why the updates
repeatedly mention that contact is imminent, yet nothing obvious seems to
have happened. He told me that the Galactic Federation is now fully ready
for first contact.

Miles: But why are they taking so long to appear?

Sheldan: Many layers are in now place, but Heaven is still waiting for
the right divine moment.

As I understand it, first contact is not simply a physical arrival. It
also includes our shift to full consciousness and is connected to Earth's
changes and a shift in Creation. The process is extremely complicated. Added
to the mix are the stubborn cabals, who are determined not to give up their

Which brings me to my purpose in writing this letter to you.

Since my last message to you, Sheldan and Colleen have moved to yet
another house, even less expensive than their previous one. Despite revenues
from books, occasional lectures and their educational DVD series, their
financial situation has not improved. Their standard of living is
subsistence, at best. The extras most of us take for granted are beyond
them. Although positive for the galactic future, in the earthly present,
they are just 'getting by'.

Contrary to what you may think, Sheldan does not have hidden sources
of income. Revenue from his activation materials are not great enough to
cover much more than basic living expenses. Since the founding of PAO in
1997, Sheldan has been surrounded by a close circle of friends who have
freely volunteered their time and efforts to help him spread his message.
Now, we are turning to you.

How Can You Help?

Several years ago, PAO introduced a voluntary subscription program to
support Sheldan's FREE weekly updates. It works like this: If you enjoy
reading them, we ask that you send PAO a contribution, perhaps the price of
a good book or your favorite magazine subscription. Renew your subscription
now! Your contribution will enable PAO to continue providing our free

The other way you can help PAO is by ordering our books, videos, DVDs,
etc. These activation materials are based upon subjects you have requested,
or are important communications given Sheldan by the Galactic Federation and
the Spiritual Hierarchy. They are powerful consciousness-raising tools that
help to explain what is actually going on, here on planet Earth, and the
current status of first contact.

We at PAO are deeply grateful to you for giving immediate attention to
our request for financial help.

Webmaster for the PAO
Miles Simons

To contribute to the PAO: Click here

To Contribute by Mail:
Send a self-addressed envelope to:
Sheldan Nidle, c/o Planetary Activation Organization
P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA

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Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our conversations with you. As
we noted in our last message, much progress is being made since we took on
our expanded responsibilities. Everywhere, we see our Earth allies moving
forward with added vigor and renewed passion for the tasks at hand, the most
pressing being the legal due process removal of the illegal US regime. Those
who run this travesty are using every means possible to remain financially
afloat. This includes unilaterally seizing any sizeable financial
transaction that they can lay their hands on. This scurrilous behavior has
heightened the resolve of our allies to be rid of them. The cabal's answer
has been to further squeeze the monetary stability of the dollar and this is
having a big effect. The dollar and its creator, the US Federal Reserve, are
near bankruptcy, and the old monetary system set in place by the Bretton
Woods Agreements is rapidly crumbling. This disintegration fuels the global
mortgage crisis and indirectly feeds the massive speculator's market in all
commodities, but chiefly oil.
This mess is leading to stressed economies and food shortages
all over the world. The resolution to all this begins with ridding the world
of the US regime; its supercilious and unreal positions on many matters are
quickly pushing your world toward ruin. To accomplish this removal we have
cleared the way for a number of long-delayed, legal preliminaries to be
achieved. With this done many groups within the government and their
civilian friends can create the means for the necessary forced resignations
from high office. In the same vein action is being taken which prepares the
way to replace this government with a true de jure one. This caretaker
regime will be in power for no more than nine months, during which time the
true constitution will be revealed and the judicial system changed from
Admiralty to Common Law. Many beneficial programs agreed to among the Earth
allies will then be put into effect. These include global debt forgiveness,
the resolution of the energy crisis, and the means to cleanse Mother Earth
of the massive pollution dumped upon her by humanity.

These programs revolve around the delivery of what you know as
the prosperity programs. Difficulties in this regard are still extant.
Peeling away the onion-layers of dark conspirators continues, and we are
determined to finish up this job quickly and assist our Earth allies in
dismantling this dark infestation within the current US regime. It has
literally spread itself throughout the government like scummy,
disease-ridden floodwater. Our job is to mop up and disinfect the mess. Then
we can rebuild, and do away with all that is beyond redemption. The
resulting infrastructure can then be turned over to a fairly elected, new
administration. Our role is to use our abilities to assist, advise, and
nurture the policies of the temporary caretaker regime and, thereafter, the
newly elected administration. We shall do this in a way that empowers our
Earth allies while still reserving the right to be more assertive when
necessary. In this we are presented with a very short window of time. This
window is stipulated by Heaven and decreed by the divine plan.

This time crunch requires an agenda of determined action and
this we have put into play. Each one of these thrusts is to propel you out
of the many dilemmas you now face. We fully understand the nature of the
endgame now playing out across the world: Two major groups are striving to
see where the new reality puts them. Our role is to sort this out according
to the decrees of Heaven; in other words, to ensure that the Light and her
allies on your world triumph. This duty gives us a special license, which we
fully intend to honor. What we have described is only the barest outline of
what is really going on. This is unavoidable at this time. As you know this
operation exists on many levels. First contact, as it pertains to the Earth
plane, involves a spiritual as well as a physical cleansing. This means that
a lot of what is going on is largely invisible to you. Nevertheless, the
transformation of your reality requires that a wholly new foundation be set
up to support what will rapidly become the new norm.

Creating the proper environment for massive change within the
given timeframe is our priority, which is why we have refocused our energies
into a more direct degree of involvement, as mentioned in our last message.
Several liaison groups with vast experience in the diplomatic, cultural, and
social nuances of your planet are now in place on the surface and embedded
in many critical locations. Their function is to move your world in the
direction it badly needs to go. Our responsibility is to get results, which
solve the disagreements presently slowing up progress. This new policy is
intended to give you the edge needed to break through the logjams thrown up
by the dark cabal. These developments and their positive knock-on effects in
other areas can only hasten the advent of first contact. Completing this
mission successfully is why we are here in the first place. Remember that
Together, We are indeed Victorious!

While we move toward first contact Heaven is continuing to
prepare you for being fully conscious. The major activity during the
immediate period is the activation process along your spine and back. This
can make your upper-back muscles and shoulders feel a bit sore. This
reaction might linger for days or, in rare cases, up to a month. The changes
in your chakra system include the relocation of many of the older, more
complex functions to different chakras. When the new ones begin to manifest,
this soreness can occur near the location of the new chakras. A good way to
quicken this process is to see a healer and/or body worker. Their expertise
can help to ease your discomfort and allow you to go through this
transformation with a minimum of pain.

Mother Earth is going through much the same changes as you.
The difference is that she is reorganizing the majority of the major nodes
that exist on her surface. Currently these are largely inactive and are
re-energizing now for the first time in many millennia. As you are aware,
this process of reactivation has led to a rash of volcanism and quakes on
land and seabed. These formerly inactive nodes are beginning to recharge the
interconnected regions around them, and this surge of energy destabilizes
the neighboring fault lines and the normal magma circuits just below the
Earth's surface. This new electromagnetic flow can increase the pressure in
old magma pathways and begin to forge new ones. It can also cause more
movement in the fault zones nearest to the newly activated node.

In the solar system the electrogravitic field of the Sun,
which holds the solar system together, is also changing and is a portent of
the vast transformation that your new reality is to undergo. It is the
reason why all sorts of oddities are increasingly to be seen throughout the
solar system: The strange behavior of the great colored spots on Jupiter and
the puzzling data collected by your scientists concerning Saturn's rings
point to the fact that the solar system is preparing for something. This
"something" is the addition to the system of former planets long destroyed
and the relocation of various moons to their original sister worlds. Our
scientists are quite involved in these preparations. We are watching your
new reality being birthed and are seeing how it is affected by what is
happening within you. Something wonderful and divine is getting ready to be

Today, we talked about our desire to make full use of the
permission granted to us by Heaven to move you to the next stage on your
path to full consciousness. This also moves us closer to the event of first
contact and all that that implies! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart
of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are
indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be
Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update by Sheldon Nidle - 2008April29

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Chicchan, 18 Kank'in, 3 Manik

Selamat Balik! We come again to discuss first contact and the recent developments that require ongoing adjustments to our plans. First contact is a massive undertaking that expands in directions that we usually do not concern ourselves with. Right now, a significant portion of our personnel is engaged in areas which, until now, lay outside of our purview. These teams are addressing those conditions, which lay the foundation for our current pre-first-contact scenario. We are involved not only in carrying out these projects but also in the long and detailed planning stages as well. This has necessitated the reconfiguration of many liaison teams that consult on a daily basis with our Earth allies. As the complexity of our mission increases we draw more upon the expertise of our new allies, the formerly dark Anunnaki. These allies know a lot about how the last dark cabal thinks and operates. Because of this advice we have been able to anticipate many sudden changes in tactics made by this cabal. But our primary focus remains the speeding-up of those strategies that can overcome any roadblocks set up by this cabal.

We give the operation to expedite the first contact scenario top priority. The present difficulties are the result of our willingness to let the cooperation between our liaison teams and our Earth allies set the stage for first contact. Working within this framework has produced the delays just mentioned. Our intent is to remove these logjams and move the whole operation to the next level. Once more, this procedure is taking more time than originally allotted to it. Heaven has said that our Earth allies need a period for their various new political alliances to mature and strengthen. Our perception is that these new alliances are merely the result of circumstances that evolved in certain directions as a result of the vast coalition that is the dark cabal deteriorating under the constant pounding from our Earth allies. Such marriages of convenience tend to be fragile and are unlikely to become more stable than they are at present. We feel that it is important to get on with it and leave any possible benefits, or otherwise, to fall where they may.

Information flowing in from our medical teams, and from our close observation of your world in general, strongly indicates the need to move forward. A great disaster is being orchestrated by the dark. This villainous activity must be derailed, and quickly; and time lapses mean that we must then rework many of the elements of this hugely complex undertaking. The main thrust of this task is to ensure that the entirety of the cabal is captured and firmly dealt with. Important as this is, it is even more pressing that those holding the reins of power be toppled, and that safeguards be put in place to prevent any backsliding on the part of the new groups replacing them. Clearly our role here is as divine overseers, who have the technical and intuitive capabilities to sort out the "wheat" from the "chaff." This responsibility is one that we intend to take on. The minor episodes that have at times endangered previous stages of this mission must not be allowed to happen again. To this end we put into motion, with the aid of our Earth allies, a number of new policies geared to manifesting the latter stages of our scenario.

Transforming your global chaos into divine order is essential to moving to the next step. Accordingly, our governing council, the First Contact Governing Board, has issued new commands to our fleet. This has resulted in numerous "incidents" in which we have boldly and defiantly occupied your night skies across the length and breadth of this globe. It is time to make a stronger impression and to serve notice that we deeply desire to complete these preliminary stages. These acts proclaim to your dark cabalists that a new, more intense stage in our interactions with them has begun. In short, this first contact mission needs to reach out and assert itself more. We are here not merely to observe this planet but to carry out a first contact that transforms her realities forever! In this new reality we have responsibilities that include moving you into full consciousness and honoring our special relationship with Mother Earth. There is also your reunion with your Inner Earth families and your membership in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Your reunion with Inner Earth (Agartha) forms a significant component of the overall plan. In fact, the majority of our on-planet researchers are from Agartha. They work in tandem with our personnel and have helped them adapt more quickly to what are to us some very strange social customs. This time amongst you has yielded constant data and some deep friendships, and we look forward to "revealing" ourselves when first contact happens. We have learnt so much about you and about how our Inner Earth allies Love you and look forward to their long-awaited reunion with you. We have watched closely as our Earth allies and special liaison personnel from Agartha work together. Each group is joyously anticipating the coming grand reunion. The activities currently underway promise that this time is not very far away.

Making all of this happen is the major focus of each day. Myriad interactions are dedicated to ensuring that what we talk about does indeed transpire. Our governing board has had a number of long sessions with our heavenly supervisors, and one of the items on the agenda was to get a list of criteria from them regarding the new first contact policies that we outlined briefly to you. It is essential to our cause that the present difficulties be shifted to our advantage. Further, we need to implement policies that move us closer to first contact. In accordance with this we have made it clear to your dark cabalists that their continued impudence is no longer to be so easily tolerated. And so we intend to demonstrate to them that their time as the prime movers on your world is coming to an end.

The time that lies ahead will see the many dark-created calamities alleviated. New rulers are to be put in place whose main objectives are to spread democracy and abolish political practices that lead to corruption and the growing supremacy of special corporate interests. Governance is to come into being that is legally obligated to its varied electorate and able to listen carefully to your needs and opinions. These governments are to release long-sequestered technology and use it to solve your growing energy and pollution crises. These temporary regimes will demonstrate that laws can be established which are indeed logical and fair in the judging of its citizens. The use of fear mongering on the part of government will cease, as will the misapplication of outright ignorance on the part of a nation's rulers. Opportunities to learn about all aspects of a government's responsibilities will become available to all.

Our unwavering objective is to bring first contact into physical reality. Although this mission has taken many twists and turns to date, we wish to assure you that progress is being made on very many fronts. These actions will enable a mass first contact that can permit us to go on to our prime objective: our role of mentoring you through the final stages prior to your becoming fully conscious Beings of Light. The focus now is to get you there as swiftly as possible. Hence we have undertaken what we firmly believe to be the most effective actions in the given circumstances. A new thrust, marked by a firmer stance, is now taking aim at your prosperity deliveries and the legal removal of the dark cabal. The time has come to move and move swiftly toward first contact.

Today we supplied you with updated information about our efforts to finish off the preliminaries to first contact. The time has come to begin ending the global turmoil and transform the conditions of your lives into something more tolerable for you. We are very aware that this relief cannot come a moment too soon! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Pleiadian Message

Pleiadian Message,

Tue May 6, 2008 1:24 am (EST)

*Pleiadian Message*

/ /

Hello, I am Alaje.

I come from the Star system of the Pleiades. I am a member of The
Galactic Federation in which thousands of benevolent races of this
Universe are working together. This is not Science Fiction. If you are
intelligent, you will investigate this information before you criticise it.

I give many seminars about developing the consciousness, in Germany,
Switzerland and Austria. Many of us live here as volunteers in order to
eliminate the negativity of Earth. Each one has his own abilities and

Universes are naturally full of living beings on different dimensions,
but this is kept as a secret on your planet. Your dark governments
ridicule topics about ExtraTerrestrials and developing consciousness in
order that you have no interest in this and laugh about it. The people
in power have been lying to you for thousands of years about
ExtraTerrestrials and Cosmic Laws. They don't want you to know because
they are afraid of losing their power over you. If you don't believe that,
try to find out the truth in order to know. The proof exists but you
have to find it by yourself. Only then will you believe and know.

They want you to create negative energies and work for them as slaves by
financing their wars with your taxes and deriding everything that has to
do with spirituality and Extra Terrestrials. They are showing you fake
pictures from space, so you will think there is nothing out there. Find
it out yourself. You will be very angry that they always have been lying
to you. The highly evolved people from other planets want you to (be)
free from this system.

The truth is that all the Universes are inhabited. It is a natural thing
and has nothing to do with Science Fiction. Many Extra Terrestrials who
visited Earth in the past were worshiped by the primitive Earth people
as angels or gods. This is the reason why you still have religions and
belief systems on Earth. You are praying to Extra Terrestrials who lived
here thousands of years ago. Positive and Negative Extra Terrestrials.
It makes no difference for the truth, if you believe it or not, it has
always been our reality. Try to find out.

Thousands of Earth people know this already. But in a few years
everybody will see that you were never alone in the Universe. Don't be
shocked when you see thousands of ships in the sky. Find out which ones
are sending Love. These are the Spiritual ones. Some negative Extra
Terrestrials pretend to be us - the Pleiadians. And some people have
contacted them (the Negative ETs) and spread disinformation. Don't be
blinded with "real" UFO pictures. More important is who is inside the

There is a war between the Light and the darkness going on behind your
backs, to free you from the mind slavery that you have been living for
12,000 years. You are not "Free" on Earth. You have forgotten what
"Freedom" is. The only things you know are hate, violence, terror,
cigarettes, drugs, taxes, fake governments, or to be in fear belief
systems and superstition.

The secret government is creating these things in order to control you.
They are creating the terror themselves, so they can legally give more
power to the military and control technologies. Their goal is to amplify
the negative energy. Do you want to live in such a world? We know that
many of you do not believe that so again, find out yourself. The
evidence is there but you have to make the effort to find it.

Try to erase negativity in your minds. Concentrate on positive energy.
That is you power against the evil. They are powerless against this
energy. That is why they want to distract (you) from this power.
Don't let the dark government manipulate you. They're using television,
radio, newspapers, cigarettes, drugs, religions, TV -politicians,
military, electro-magnetic waves and self made wars in order to keep you
in a negative mode. Everybody who is laughing about this information is
already manipulated and has to learn more than others. An intelligent
human first investigates a topic before he has an opinion about it.

The Universe is inhabited by many beings, humanoid and not humanoid.
Your governments had already contacts and are keeping it a secret. That
is why your technology has been developed so fast in the last 50 years.
You are living on this planet in order to learn how to stay positive
even in such unhappy worlds. The meaning of life is the development of
the consciousness, the development of the heart, of the mind, of the
character, in a more noble level, being spiritual even with negative
energies around you. That is happening over many lives and on many
planets, because the soul wants to learn everything. Every planet is a
school in which you can go a step higher.

Every soul has to go, to evolve higher, back to "The Source", to the
"Cosmic Centre of consciousness". You call it "God" but it is not a
person, it is the "Energy" from which everything exists. You have no
knowledge about the Universe because you have been given misinformation
from your governments and priests. Even your Earth history books, they
have rewritten or deleted in the Middle Ages, discoveries about Extra
Terrestrial colonies (which) were either kept in secret or have been
erased. Instead they are showing you the discovery of some animal bones
and selling it to you as a sensation. They want to keep you dumb and
ignorant so that only they have the knowledge and the power. Is this
fair to you? Evidence is still there but you have to find it yourself.
They will not tell you this on public TV.

If you really want to get knowledge, the "Existence" will show you the
ways to find it. Most people on Earth have forgotten how to listen to
the soul. They are distracted on purpose in the negative society around
them. Friends, it's time to change this. You are living in a nightmare.
Erase every negative emotion. Compared to other civilisations in the
Universe, you are young and in the Kindergarten. Concentrate on positive
emotions. Try it at least. Create the inner wish to get knowledge about
the Universe. Don't let the negative people disturb you. They are
stealing your energy and want to keep you primitive as they are.

Be careful with smokers and alcohol drinkers. They are influenced by
negative S O beings (earthbound souls?) who are living in your auric
field and eating your life energy. Everybody with spiritual power can
see this. If something is vibrating higher than you, it is invisible for
you. This is nothing mystical. There is no mystical thing. It is simply
higher spiritual science that most people don't know. Negative people
are trying to argue with you and make you angry and powerless. Positive
people are giving you love, power and knowledge. You have always a
choice, whom you want to have on your side, the Light or the Darkness,
Love or Hate.

Don't let them deceive you when they say that they are spiritual and at
the same time they are smoking or are following a religion. A spiritual
human is taking care of his health because he knows self-love and he is
worshipping nobody because he is taking responsibility for his life.
Only if you love yourself, you are able to love others. A smoker who is
destroying himself does not love himself and has to learn it first.
Everybody has to make his choice now, if he wants to live for the
positive or the negative.

Don't waste your life with stupid TV shows, with junk food, with drugs,
or religions which killed millions of people in the past. When you came
to Earth, your plan was to evolve to something higher not to something
lower. Think about it!

The negative thoughts from millions of people for thousands of years,
are forcing the Earth to get rid of them. That is why you have chaotic
weather, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions. Earth is not only
suffering from "gas" pollution but also from "thought' pollution.
Thoughts are "energy" and energy has always an effect on the Universe
because everything in the "Existence" is connected. This is higher science.

Try to "charge" your thoughts with positive energy whenever you can.
Concentrate on friendliness not on hate. Are you able to do this? There
are thousands of people like me on Earth who can help you to achieve
this. We are the Lightworkers who are using the Light of the higher
realms to eliminate the negative. In your history you have been calling
us angels. Everybody who is working for the Light is attacked extremely
from the dark side. Therefore it is important that Lightworkers increase
their Light even more. Don't let yourself be discouraged by negative
people or problems that you are facing. Keep your focus on the goal: to
help this Planet thrive from spiritual Light, where nothing negative can

"The Experiment Earth" where we wanted to see if we can hold our Light
in a negative environment, is coming slowly to an end. The dark side
wants to prevent this. Don't let skeptics, arrogant people or fake, paid
psychologists, discourage you, they are afraid of love and of people
with more knowledge than they have. They need many lives before they are
ready for higher wisdom. It is their freewill. Every flower has its own
time to blossom.

The more Light you are sending out of your heart, the weaker the dark
side is becoming. The more the dark side is attacking you for this, the
more it is for you a compliment that you are doing it well. The fight
against the evil is taking place more inside than outside, in your
heart, in your thinking. The energy you are sending is important. If you
are thinking negative inside you will increase the chaos around you
because you are feeding it. If you want to eliminate the chaos on your
Planet, send thoughts of love out. These thoughts will be carried
through the morphogenetic field to the whole Planet. That is how you can
destroy the plan of the dark side. They are planning chaos, not only on
this Planet, but on the whole Galaxy. Are we going to allow this?

The dark side is using the television to lie to you. 90% of TV shows
have the mission to make you dumb. They don't want you to think about
the meaning of life. They want you to believe that everything is OK. The
biggest lie shows are those that have to do with politics. They are
showing you TV-politicians and fake elections to make you think that you
have the right to vote. The real people in power are never on TV and
they are elected from their own family members. As long as you allow
such people to rule you, you will stay their slave, to finance their
wars, with your taxes.

Imagine inside in what kind of world you want to live. Imagine a world
without violence, without military, without politicians, or
sanctimonious priests, without superstition, without belief systems and
without lies. Imagine a world where only Love rules, where everybody has
everything he needs, where knowledge is available for everybody and that
contact with a higher evolved Planet is a natural thing. You have to build
this strong inner wish to live in such a world. The more people can
imagine and send these thoughts, the easier you can steer the evolution
of the Planet in a positive direction.

Begin to listen to the words of your soul, not to the words they are
sending you through television or radio. You can only listen to the
words of your soul when you are in silence without stress and noise.
Most people are concentrating daily on hate, anger, arguments and
arrogance. They are living unconscious not conscious and wasting their
life. Make your decision now. In what kind of world do you want to live?
Send thoughts of love to the whole Planet. This is disturbing the dark
side more than anything else. Imagine how the whole Planet is filled
with the Light of love and this Light is burning all the evil away. Now
is the time to prove yourself, if you are really an adult in your mind,
or not. Somebody who likes hate and violence is less evolved than an
animal or a plant.

The meaning of life is the evolution of your consciousness and your love
in your heart. It is not your car, your mobile phone, your bank account,
your religion, sports, horror movies or violence over others. It is
simply your love in your heart. Only if you think with your heart you
are on the winners' side. This is the key to a high existence. Are you
going to use this key or throw it away? The decision is yours.
I AM Alaje