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you are soon to enter into a whole new reality upon your world

Wed Oct 8, 2008 12:01 am (PDT)
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Through Jim Langman October 7th 2008

Greetings and blessings dear ones, we are the Emissaries of the Light.
We come with a great deal of information that we wish to bring to you at
this time. Your world has been thrown into great turmoil with regards to
your global financial and banking system.

We must impress upon you all what is now taking place is something that
drastically needs to happen. For far to long now, the needs of a few
greedy minions have kept your world wanting. The time has now come that
we have been speaking of to you for many years. It is a time when your
present financial system must end and this is why you now see the entire
global banking system collapsing.

Your present global financial system is what can only be described as
evil, which has been continually fed by greed for way to long. Now the
time is upon you when you must stand in your own truth, a time when you
must let your elected governing bodies know that you have had enough.
You must let them know that the old ways of ruling has past, and the way
they continue to operate does not serve the greater good of all.

Dear Ones, in our many messages in the past, we have always stated that
we have come to assist you, by no means have we ever stated that we
would do it all for you. We have come to assist you through the last
part of your journey. This part of your journey that has now arrived,
we see our presence greatly needed like never before in any of
you're past history. The dark rulers on your world have created
this financial fiasco. What is happening now is only part of what they
intend to have in store for you.

They are becoming afraid because they know just how powerful you all
are. They know all to well the immense capabilities of your powers if
they where to lose their control over you that they have had for many a
millennia. They know that if they lose their control over you, that
they themselves would lose everything they have gained up till now. The
time has come when the wealth of your world must now return back to its

For now what is happening will soon escalate to mind boggling levels.
The financial collapse that is happening will get a lot worse than it is
at the moment. We do not come at this time to create fear within each
of you, but to provide you with the knowledge of what is happening and
the reasons why they are happening. It is said, it is the wiser one
that is prepared and forewarned than one that choses to have eyes

Dear ones, open your eyes and see that you are soon to enter into a
whole new reality upon your world, one that will be filled with
abundance, love and more importantly peace. With the worsening of your
financial system, you may be asking what can you be doing right now?
Simply prepare yourselves well, as you now have little time available.
With whatever means you have available to you, do what you can. Place
whatever money you have available in a safe place that will not be
affected by possible bank closures, any amount placed safely will be
better than nothing at all.

Food and water will need to be stored. The present crises will continue
to escalate, but at the same time will be relatively short lived. We
wish to give you confidence in the knowledge that a new financial system
has already been created and will be implemented once the old has been
completely removed. The new system will then come on line bringing with
it, abundance and prosperity once again to your world.

During the coming times, you will witness a great uplifting of joy as
the long awaited prosperity programs are finely released and given to
the many chosen ones that have been given the divine task of dispersing
the prosperity funds out into the areas where they are needed the most.
Much guidance will come forth to the ones that will be dispersing these
enormous amounts that they will be receiving.

We know what is happening right now will be causing great concern to
many. This is not a time to come from fear but a time to stand in your
truth and be the masters that we know you truly are. We ask you to
remain strong and to continue on your spiritual path, for we shall be
with you at all times. We are always with you to help you complete your
journey into becoming fully conscious beings.

We ask you to share this knowledge we have given on this day and assist
those by giving them reassurance that regardless of what is happening
right now, that all will be well. We now leave you with our love and we
grant you peace.

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