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Essay on 2012 by Matthew

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Essay on 2012

by Matthew

Those who have interpreted the year 2012 as the beginning of the end of
darkness-never mind the totel end of the world!-have misinterpreted its
significance. Most simply stated, 2012 heralds Earth's entry into the
Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as
you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature.

Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at one frequency or another,
and when Earth was in prime health, in times you know but don't remember,
all of her life forms were vibrating harmoniously. When she was near death
more than six decades back, there was no harmony whatsoever, no balance of
Nature-there was hardly sufficient light to sustain any kind of life,
including Earth's own. What is happening now, with the help of stabilizing
forces, is the transformation of your world-Earth's rejuvenation and return
to balance-reaching completion in 2012.

But that year no longer has the "time absoluteness" it once held in
prophecies, and your calendar cannot accurately convey when the major
transitional changes will be completed because linear time is disappearing.
What you perceive as time passing faster and faster is the effect of the
higher energy planes in which you are living now, where everything is
accelerating as Earth makes her way into the continuum-or, more accurately,
as your consciousness grasps the actuality of timelessness, the reality of
eternity and infinity. The faster, or more intensely, the light infuses
Earth, the more swiftly your "time" passes as she moves still higher into
fourth density vibrations. So, just as in this moment your calendar week is
passing in less than half the time of a calendar week a dozen or so years
ago, 2012 will be coming increasingly more rapidly than your current
calendar can indicate.

Now then, why does that year have historic significance universally? It
involves celestial orbiting cycles and their influences on your planet as
well as life designs made in total clarity by highly evolved beings who
planned Higher Universal-MAN with attributes of spirituality and
intelligence that far exceed that in today's Earth population.
Opportunities to return to higher densities have been offered in prior
cycles and missed, and this time when the energetic alignment is again
optimal, advanced civilizations are assisting so Earth's desire to rise to
her former vibratory level is assured. What happens on Earth affects the
universe, so it is of utmost significance to those advanced civilizations
that the dark ages on your home planet be reconciled within the light and
you knowledgeably take your rightful place among your universal family.

Along the way there will be many profound changes, changes you can't even
imagine, that will transform life as you have known it into life in total
harmony with all of Nature worldwide and thusly flow out into the universe.
Very little of the wondrous world on your horizon will be rooted in your
systems to date-that is precisely WHY you are creating your new world! The
goddess vibrations that already are showing effects will continue to bless
you as individuals and as a civilization. The negativity that is the root
of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone in the Golden Age, and
the vibrations of Earth's entirety will be LOVE. Love, which is the same
energy as LIGHT but simply expressed differently, is the pure essence of
Creator, the ultimate power in the cosmos. This energy is the composition
of souls and the key to opening hearts and illumining minds, and it is
flowing more abundantly on Earth than ever before. As the darkness
continues to fade, love will replace conflict and tyranny with peace and
cooperation; love will eliminate the superficial superiority of one group
over another; love will enlighten those who regard others as possessions or
dispensable and uplift those who have been subjected to living in those
conditions. In short, LOVE is the power that is transforming your world.

Although no major strongholds of the darkness will cease abruptly, the
transition will be like lightning in comparison to the long ages that
violence, inequities, abuses and deceit prevailed. If you could see in
parallel motion the pace of the past many centuries, when only intermittent
flickers of light broke through the dominant darkness, and the pace of the
past few decades of growing light intensity, you would marvel at the
swiftness of the changes.

The progressive changes have required and will continue to require the help
of extraterrestrials. Almost all of them are unknown to you except as we
speak of them and in some cases, their own messages sent forth, yet some of
the strongest, most experienced light warriors in this universe are right
there among you, working behind the scenes to guide the essential changes so
that as many as possible of Earth's residents will accompany her into the
higher planes. This is how beloved and significant universally your planet
is and how beloved and important YOU are! In keeping with universal law, it
is your heartfelt desire for Earth's well being that is your invitation,
your request to those civilizations for their help, but your bewilderment
about how to heal the pervasive damage humankind has wrought also is part of
their divine authorization to assist. You are in charge, however, because
it is your homeland and you chose to be there specifically to participate in
this process. That's why millions have been inspired to become actively
involved or to monetarily support efforts to end violence and environmental

The first reforms are in governments. Many of the populace who are unaware
of the ongoing transformation see governing policies leading to the brink of
planetary disaster, and even among lightworkers there are concerns about
what will happen in this critical world arena. Not only is it difficult for
you to imagine systems dramatically different from what you are accustomed
to, but in reforms of the magnitude required, it is realistic to anticipate
confusion and foment. Please know that trustworthy souls with spiritual
integrity and expertise in the various fields of governing. are ready to
take the helm and bring order as rapidly as possible as corrupt, tyrannical
government leaders are unseated. A great deal of "shuffling" in the United
States government will lead to ending its engagement in war and internal and
international strife, and the unseating of other self-serving heads of state
will end civil wars, genocide and longstanding conflict. Many wise and able
leaders in previous Earth lifetimes chose to return to the planet to
complete their groundwork for this unique time at hand, and others are
members of your "space family"-many are your ancestors-who volunteered to
assist during this transitional period. In no way are they there to "take
over," but rather they came in response to your thoughts, feelings and
actions for peace, fairness and stability in your world. The transformation
at hand is your desire and soul level vision-if this were not so, it could
not happen. Looking even farther ahead, during the past decade or two some
souls have come in with the advanced spiritual clarity and ancient wisdom
that will naturally put them in leadership roles.

Because money is the basis not only for commerce, but even more so for
concentrating power, the need for economic reforms worldwide is as crucial
as changes in national leadership. The economy as reported is more myth
than actuality. Only a comparative handful of people know how tenuous and
corrupt the global economy is or that international trade and the stock
markets are manipulated by the Illuminati, a group of darkly-inclined people
who have passed their tight global reins from generation to generation.
They have amassed vast fortunes through that control as well as by charging
usurious bank loan rates and accruing mammoth amounts from their illegal
drugs industry, and they use that money to buy governments; bankrupt
countries and exploit their natural resources; keep billions of souls at
barely subsistence level; and fund both sides in wars that they precipitate
and perpetuate because from wars they derive handsome profits. This cannot
continue and it won't. The unconscionably inequitable allocation of money
in your world will end. Although I cannot give you finite details of the
changeover process, I can give you an overview and assure you that the
honest, knowledgeable people who will manage the process will keep
disruption at a minimum as they fairly distribute the world's wealth.

The Illuminati's illegally and immorally garnered fortunes will be put into
circulation and their exploitation of natural resources worldwide will end.
Since that power base is what enabled them to set government and banking
policies and own multinational corporations, those corrupt controls also
will end. The huge debts of the poorest nations were incurred by their state
of desperation, often caused by Illuminati actions and influence; but the
loans went to the despots ruling the countries and did not benefit the
citizens, so those debts will be annulled and assistance given directly to
the people. Many national borders have been set by the victors in war who
wanted the natural resources, and that created "have-nots" who formerly were
"haves." When the LOVE in souls ends all conflicts, borders no longer will
be cause for dispute because all peoples will be "haves."

The coffers of the United States, which is erroneously considered the most
fiscally sound nation in the world, have been empty for some time. The
national debt, in large part due to the skullduggery of the Illuminati-owned
Federal Reserve System and its IRS collection agency, will become manageable
when that System is dissolved. The various currencies, especially dollars,
have no foundation-daily transactions involving billions of dollars and
other currencies are merely information passed from one computer to another
and they far exceed the money to back them. The "new" foundation for
currencies will be a return to an old one, where precious metals was a set
standard for exchange, and "old fashioned" bartering once again will be an
excellent way for nations and communities to conduct some business.

The basis for much of your current economy will change considerably and
employment will change accordingly, but your greater spiritual clarity and
usage of brain capacity in the higher frequencies will enable a joyful
transition into fields that support cooperation among nations and harmony
with Nature. The wanton destruction of your environment through oil and gas
extraction, mining, logging and their resultant pollution will cease and all
types of toxins in the atmosphere, soil and water will be eliminated.
Forests will be restored to the levels required for the balance of Nature,
and the need is great as well to preserve and expand habitats where animals
have been reduced to countable numbers, just as the oceans must be returned
to health so marine life can flourish instead of disappear. There are plans
to achieve those goals as well as keep pristine land areas free of concrete
incursions and implement alternative power sources. Technologies known but
suppressed and the more advanced technologies that will be introduced by
your universal brothers and sisters will clear the pollution and provide
renewable energy, new modes of transportation, new types of building
materials, and greatly enhanced food production methods. Your hearts will be
gladdened at the amazing speed with which these changes will happen!

Natural building products that will come into wide usage along with plants
that will be introduced include clay, strong reeds, straw, tropical canes
and surface stones, and all will be used in conscious agreement with
humankind. While there are countless levels between the lowest and the
highest universal intelligence, which you may think of as omniscience, no
thing is excluded from the mass consciousness. To be more personal-indeed,
to be more correct-substitute "soul" for "thing" and you can see the
interrelationship of the totality of this universe. The higher the
vibrations of any environment, the higher the levels of comprehension of all
life within it, thus just as you are expanding in consciousness, so are all
the elements of Nature in your world growing in their varying levels of

The fast-growing food crops, flowers, cotton and other fiber-producing
plants, plants with medicinal aspects, canes and grasses, and all kinds of
trees will agree to grow as long as needed to meet your requirements and
then transmute their energy into your usage of them. Although much less
lumber will be used than currently, the sacred relationship between trees
and humankind includes their willingness to be used for decorative parts of
building interiors and furniture in the short term, perhaps as long as the
next half century. Acknowledgement of all these natural sources' importance
and consciousness and gratitude for their willingness to give their lives
for your use will become inherent in all peoples. Too, you will come to
know and treasure the Devic kingdom that is so closely allied with the
beauty and thriving of all that you consider Nature.

The allocation of food and other basic life essentials available in the
richer countries will be shared on an equitable basis with the poorer
countries until a global production order is achieved. Diets will change
from meat and seafood to plants as people learn to respect and honor all
animal life. The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation
of breeding and natural transition, and as plants become diet staples, any
that were harmfully genetically engineered will shed those properties.

Animals in the wild will instinctively know not to overpopulate and those
that are carnivorous will turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance. The
albinos being born in several animal species have both spiritual and
transitional significance. You associate white with peace, and these
rarities that are appearing are symbolic of the coming changes in animal
nature that will end the predator-prey food chain and restore the peaceable
relationship that once existed among all species, including humankind. The
instances of unlikely cross-species friendships and even nurturing of the
young from one species by mothers of another are more indications of Earth's
return to her original paradise self. Still, an extremely important factor
in this is the inspiration in many souls to be advocates for the animal
kingdom and alleviate their manmade plight.

The cetaceans' spiritual mission, to embody in huge bulk and inhabit your
oceans where they absorb and anchor the light beamed to the planet from
distant civilizations, soon will have been fulfilled. These whale and
dolphin souls, which species-wide are the most highly evolved spiritually
and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light
stations when they leave physically, but they will continue to grace your
planet with their love energy.

What are commonly known as "global warming" and "El Nino" are part of
Earth's natural processes to return to her original moderate climate
everywhere. While she is achieving this, glaciers will melt, the vast
deserts will become arable, rain forests will flourish, and variations in
temperatures will markedly decrease-ultimately, everyplace in your world
will be comfortably habitable. Peoples now living in the coldest or the
hottest climes will adapt, but it is unavoidable that the few animal species
in the polar regions will disappear and some that live on the fringes will
survive by migrating; the affected species instinctively will know not to
reproduce or when to move.

Contrary to current count and certainly population projections, your numbers
are decreasing and the birth rate will continue to drop but not
precipitously. The balance of Nature no longer will require pestilence, so
no disease-causing or transmitting factors will be present, and the common
use of toxic chemicals and prescription drugs will cease. Medical
treatments will drastically change until there no longer is any need for
therapies because bodies, which will have a greatly longer lifetime, will
become free of all forms of dis-ease. New educational systems and resource
materials will reflect factual universal and planetary history, and true
spirituality will replace religions in accordance with the truths that will
be revealed.

Those are some of the most significant changes underway and ahead, and all
will have trickle-down effects that will permeate and uplift every facet of
life on Earth. The Golden Age-the "second edition" of the Garden of
Eden-will radiate the love, harmony, serenity and beauty of spirit that you,
in your remembered awareness of being god and goddess selves, ARE.

Now I shall tell you some of the more "down-to-Earth" features that you can
anticipate in that beauteous world. City life will be much more fulfilling
for the spirit than it is today due to the demolishing of substandard
buildings and restoration of once fine buildings that fell into decay; the
addition of many small parks and colorful playgrounds, vegetable and flower
gardens, and neighborhood libraries, concerts, museums, and galleries with
locally produced art forms; entertainment and recreational centers for all
ages and interests; and animals, even those you now consider wild, roaming
freely. Also, new transportation modes and a much fairer distribution of
wealth will enable city dwellers to frequent the countryside, where a
booming business will be "bed-and-breakfast" inns to accommodate the growing
desire for those oases of respite from routine activity, and to travel to
distant places as well. Still, millions now living in cities may prefer to
move to the solitude and restorative energy of familiar rural, forested
areas. And, like a new wave of pioneers, some of you will be motivated to
relocate to currently uninhabitable places when those start flourishing and
beckon the adventuresome, while other souls will choose to live in
houseboats on the calm, restful seas.

Architecture will be limited only by imagination and choices, but no
building will be ugly or inadequate for its purpose. Geodesic domes will be
popular as will fanciful building designs that reflect the light-heartedness
that so long has been denied the majority of Earth's peoples. Current and
new technologies will produce construction materials similar in strength and
appearance to today's concrete, steel, rigid and flexible plastics, and
those along with natural products and quality simulations of fine woods will
be widely used. So will glass, which will be altered from its present
composition, because you will desire to live closer with Nature even when
you are indoors.

By unified intent, no litter or eyesore of any kind will exist anywhere.
Wherever you live or travel, you will not want the vista marred by the
utility poles that now are necessary blights on landscapes. The poles will
be removed and where conduits are required, they will be underground; and
other energy sources will be direct, without any need for connecting wires.
Although telepathy will become a common form of communication,
voice-to-voice communion across the miles will be as important as now, but
the harmful aspects of the wireless methods you are using will be gone.
Expanses of concrete gradually will be removed too, as new transportation
modes will change the need for current fuels and highways.

All unjust laws and policies will be struck down and education worldwide
will accurately reflect the universal truths. The writing, printing and
distribution of textbooks will be done expeditiously in conjunction with
computerized lessons, and the souls who are innately prepared to teach will
step up to this mission they had chosen.

These and other marvelous lifestyle differences awaiting you are indeed
gargantuan changes from life in this moment, yet the greatest transformation
you will experience is in humankind, where love and higher consciousness are
REcreating "miracles." Like souls on Earth and in Nirvana once again going
back and forth between these physical and spirit worlds, travel that was
commonplace until third density limitations closed minds to this
possibility. Like your transcendence from believing you are lone
individuals to knowing your inseparability from all life in this universe,
and embracing each other as well as members of extraterrestrial
civilizations as the brothers and sisters you all are. Like life without
anxiety or conflict as people of all countries and cultures are harmonious,
cooperative, helpful, kind, high-spirited and delightfully good-natured.

Now I must tell you as well that the transition from this day to that world
will continue to present challenges. To say otherwise would be neither
truthful nor prudent as your expectations would not be met, and instead of
successfully dealing with challenges-which you are well prepared to do with
wisdom and strength of spirit and character or you wouldn't have chosen and
been selected to participate!-you could become discouraged as Earth
continues apace on her ascension journey.

Wars and other violence, injustices, deception and corruption will continue
until that energy set in motion is played out. Although the dark forces,
the vast force field of negative thought forms, has left this part of the
galaxy, tentacles of that energetic influence remain and are making last
ditch efforts to control the most vulnerable souls as well as attack those
with the brightest light. Further, the higher frequencies now on the planet
are magnifying all human characteristics, and those that are darkly-inclined
are showing that intensification through increasing hostility, greed,
violence and apathy toward those who are suffering and in desperate need.
So, while not all of the dark skirmishes are past, we urge you to be
encouraged by each that arises-it means that the vanquishing of the darkness
is that much nearer. Rejoice in knowing that its momentum is close to the
point of exhaustion because all of you who are living your light are helping
to speed it to conclusion.

Controlling the flow of money is the last mundane tool the dark ones have
and they will keep it within their grasp as long as they can. The "rotten
tap root," so to say, has been loosened and the tendrils are breaking, but
until all have been eliminated, economic difficulties will affect many
lives. Remember, you have the power to create your own abundance through
the law of attraction, and sharing your resources is the best way to bring
even more abundance into your life.

Prior to peace and harmony prevailing throughout Earth, many, many souls
will leave due to the same causes as now-disease, starvation, injuries in
wars and other types of violence, geophysical events-so the population will
continue to decrease from those means. As sorrowful as these deaths may
seem, the adversity that the souls experience beyond their pre-birth
agreements gives them leaps forward in soul growth. They will greet their
return to Nirvana knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime, it
will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world and the abiding
love among its inhabitants.

Geophysical events will continue as Earth's natural and necessary cleansing
process. The blatant disregard for human and animal life for millennia
past-and still happening on a lamentable scale-caused a massive amount of
negativity to accumulate. Although this has been greatly reduced via
geophysical events, its remnants, plus what is being generated anew, must be
released. It matters not whether this is by natural or manmade
occurrences-the ridding of that negativity is what is important. The effects
of these events, which will lessen in frequency and severity as Earth keeps
ascending, are being diminished to the greatest extent possible by members
of your universal family. Their technology cannot prevent all deaths and
damage, but it is limiting the death toll and property destruction by
leveling out over a wide area the energy releases via earthquakes and
volcanic eruptions and is steering the strongest storms to less populated

The record high and low temperatures, droughts and flooding that are part of
Earth's transition to her original moderate climate globally will present
hardships for a while longer. Gradually some sea level coastlines will
become submerged; this need not present anxiety as there will be protective
and compensatory measures for any inhabitants of those areas. We are aware
of the speculation that Atlantis and Lemuria may rise, but this will not
happen. Those large land masses served their civilizations during that era
on Earth, but their return is not needed; however, some souls living then
have come back to assist in the ongoing consciousness-raising and spiritual
renewal within today's populace.

That religions are teaching the "word of God" will be shown in the fullness
of the deception that spawned that falsehood, and among the challenges you
will encounter are the many individuals who will not believe the truths that
will be revealed. Some will do battle, convinced that it is their divine
right and duty to defeat the Anti-Christ or the infidels through bloodshed.
You will witness the shock, confusion, anger, disillusionment, and yes, very
likely fear-the deceivers who made a vengeful God have been masterful for
eons-of people whose minds are not totally closed to the revelations.
Provide a compassionate safe haven for their questioning and rely on your
intuition for the best responses-they will be there when you need them.
However, it is not your responsibility to convince them that the foundation
of their beliefs-maybe even their very life purpose-is a lie. Rejoice, just
as we shall, when your efforts succeed, but please do not feel despondent
when they don't. The resistant souls, like all others in the universe, will
continue their evolutionary pathways wherever their needs shall best be
served, and the eternal and infinite love of Source will under gird their

In summary we say to you, our beloved Earth family, know with your entire
being that the world of love, peace and harmony you have been co-creating is
close at hand. Remembering that you chose to be exactly where you are
right now so you could participate in this unprecedented time in the
universe will let your hearts be light-filled and your journey a triumphant
adventure. Myriad light beings are with you every instant, enfolding you
with the love and protection of the Christed light as you usher in Earth's
long awaited "2012" Golden Age.

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Covert Agent Speaks Out

November 27, 2007


Posted By David @ 10:50 am — Filed under: Excerpts, Features

Editor’s Note: This message comes from an anonymous source believed to be within the US intelligence community. Some of the statements cannot be verified for authenticity, but the general themes and references speak for themselves. I’ve researched everything that is possible to research and it all stands up. I have no reason to believe any of this is untrue. Read it and decide for yourself.

Confessions of a Covert Agent

Psychological Operations is my specialty. PsyOps.

Everything I’ve done has been highly classified, all black programs and black operations. Some people I know thought I worked for the CIA, but it’s much more complicated than that. I’ve worked with people in the CIA, DIA, NSC, NSA, SAIC, Army Intel and many more lesser known agencies within the intelligence apparatus.

Before focusing on PsyOps I started out running covert combat missions, special operations. I was good at what I did and rose through the ranks fast. When the “War on Terror” started I was paid a lot of money to consult with private military contractors. When private paramilitary units needed to get the jobs done that paid the most money they would come to me with checkbooks filled with US taxpayer dough.

I’ve seen the worst things imaginable, hell on earth. Had friends die in my arms. Seen piles of rotten corpses. Seen men, women and children tortured. I’ve seen the eyes of terrified and confused children being sold into a vicious life of slavery and an early death.

I could get a lot more graphic, but you get the idea.

That was my life, and all along I was told that I was fighting for freedom and working for the “good guys.” What a ridiculous comment that is! In the black world, that is, in the covert world, there aren’t any “good guys” — just varying degrees of evil.

As Brigadier General Butler famously stated, “War is a racket.” It doesn’t have anything to do with freedom and democracy. It is not good fighting evil. There’s just a bunch of old greedy gangsta motherfuckers making obscene amounts of cash and breeding hatred, violence, terrorists and sex slaves.

The truth is, there is no oversight! Meaning, you can get away with anything, nothing is illegal because no one knows about it, or the few who do are either in on it or have a vested interest in keeping quiet. Whether you’re runnin’ guns, weapons, drugs, gold, diamonds, women, children, it just doesn’t matter. As long as the old guard gets their resources, it’s all good. And in the end, it’s all about power. The people who really run this planet know that natural resources (oil, water, coltan, cobalt, etc.) are the key. The “War on Terror” is just a front for a geo-strategic resource grab on a massive scale. Even the wars in Northern Africa are all about exploitation of resources. Once the good ole CIA boys at Bechtel did their NASA satellite studies of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) mineral resources and discovered that it was the “richest patch of earth on the planet,” all hell broke loose! They figured out that the DRC has 80% of the world’s coltan, among many other vital resources. Without coltan, you can’t have any technology that requires a computer chip: computers, cell phones, satellites and weapon systems, of course. So Bechtel, the CitiBank boys, the World Bank, IMF and various covert elements have been supplying brutal regime after brutal regime in the region. Well over four million and counting have died there.

Same thing with oil in the Middle East. Do you think they really give a shit about Iraqi freedom? We worked hard to make you believe that, but c’mon, they don’t give a shit about the Iraqi people. They’ve killed about a MILLION of them! And that’s NOT an exaggeration! They sure as hell give a shit about Iraqi oil though. They also care about Saudi oil, and have a nice deal with a dictatorship that brutally oppresses their people. If freedom and democracy are the issue, how about freeing the Saudi people? Why do you think 15 of the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia? We support a regime that oppresses those people. We support them because they cooperate on the oil front. So, why strike back at them? Let’s hit Iraq. They don’t give us any oil - let’s get’em!

If you look at the history of covert special operations, it’s all about securing a piece of land that has some valuable resource. Once the resource is identified, special ops figures out the most efficient way to suppress or extinguish the population that is unfortunate enough to live near it. Then the big companies come in, from the United Fruit Company to the Bechtels and Halliburtons of the world. That is the way it has been and still is, from John D. Rockefeller and Allen Dulles right through Kissinger, Bush Sr. and Cheney. Millions of innocent civilians have been slaughtered. Let me repeat that: Millions of innocent civilians have been slaughtered. And I’m not kidding you. These are evil motherfuckers and they are no friends of ours. These things don’t have anything to do with protecting the US people or standing up for freedom and democracy. They don’t give a shit about the average American. In this age of the global economy, the concept of nation state is obsolete. If only proud Americans could understand that. Pride in the American way is just another propaganda device for PsyOps agents — people like me — to use to manipulate you and make you think that black is white and white is black.

If you were to ask me who is a bigger threat to the people of the US, Cheney or bin Laden, or who has done more damage to the US, I would say Cheney without hesitation. Cheney, along with Bush Sr. and Kissinger, has been running the covert world for about 40 years now.

A little side note for you: I firmly believe Robert Gates, the current Secretary of Defense and Bush Sr.’s right-hand man in the covert world, used computer cryptography and software security assets to get Bush Jr. elected both times. I do not have direct knowledge of the operation, but research “Robert Gates,” “Bill Owens,” “electronic voting security,” “HAVA,” “VoteHere” and “Scientific Applications International Corp.” [We will post more on this in the near future.] The operation went so well that Gates was going to be made the first ever Director of National Intelligence. He turned down the job, but then took the Secretary of Defense position when Rumsfeld was removed from his public position. I don’t think there will ever be solid evidence linking directly to members of the administration; it’s all a tangled web of plausible deniability. But I do think it will eventually be proven that the elections were manipulated to deliver Bush the victory. Many people in the covert world take this for granted, as common sense.

Please don’t confuse this as partisan propaganda. I don’t give a shit about the Democrat or Republican PsyOps mind-fuck dynamic. They’re just labels to divide a potentially powerful united US public.

It’s hard to get the average American to understand these things. Most everyone in this country has been mind-fucked since birth. For a very blatant example, you can look at the advertising industry and the way they have increased intensely their focus on the youth. It’s all about breeding impulsive emotionally driven consumers through repetition - over and over again - buy, buy, buy. You hear something enough and you internalize the message. It becomes something like the air you breathe, like gravity. It’s there, omnipresent, but you don’t realize it or consciously think about it. It becomes the spring from which your thoughts leap forth.

What it all boils down to is the exposure rate. You take a simple message and you repeat it over and over, such as mentioning Saddam and 9/11. You don’t have to say Saddam was involved in 9/11, because that is not true. You just have to mention Saddam and 9/11 in the same simple repetitive message thousands of times and people will support an attack on a country that didn’t have anything to do with 9/11 because they’ve been psychologically conditioned to link the two.

It’s psychological operations on a grand scale, mass psychology. The scientific art of manipulating public opinion is 100 years old now. PsyOps have evolved to the point, thanks to the all pervasive mass media, where we can make you believe, or at least passively accept, whatever we want you to. I secretly worked with the world’s most powerful media companies to get you to believe what “they” want you to believe. The media is the most efficient weapon of tyranny and oppression ever created. No need to physically control populations anymore when you can do it mentally - program it in, internalize the rules.

To give a little more background on publicly revealed psychological operations, in 1977, after the Congressional Church Committee investigated CIA manipulation of the news media, and right after George Bush Sr. left his post as the Director of the CIA, famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein searched a little deeper into what was known as Operation Mockingbird. He revealed that over 400 US journalists were actually carrying out clandestine CIA PsyOps services. Bernstein identified operations involving almost every major US news outlet, most notably The New York Times, CBS and Time magazine. The CIA responded to all of this with a “limited hangout.” A “limited hangout” is CIA speak for when classified information gets out and you have to make it seem as if you are “coming clean” with all the information on the operation, but in reality you are really just admitting part of the operation so you can cover up other deeper parts and continue the program. This worked very effectively for them, as the US public quickly moved on and this operation has largely been forgotten. Currently, I would estimate, with cable news and the Internet now, that there are well over a thousand covert operatives spread throughout the news media. They have a firm grip on television, newspapers, wire services, radio and magazines. However, with the Internet - that’s their weak spot - it’s too decentralized and difficult to control.

The Pentagon’s Information Operations Roadmap now describes the Internet as an enemy “weapons system.” The Pentagon doesn’t hide the fact that they want total control over information, or as they call it “information dominance.” They very plainly state that they seek to “control land, sea, space and information.” This is what they refer to as “full spectrum dominance.” If you don’t think they see this as a top priority, look at Iraq. The plan to “embed” journalists with the military in Iraq was a strategic operation that considered “journalism as part of psychological operations.” The journalists that weren’t “embedded” were considered “enemy combatants.” More journalists have been killed in Iraq than in any other war, and it is the US doing a large portion of the killing.

Before I go too far here, the point I want to make to the US public, the bottom line is that the most power crazed and greed addicted people are above the law and get away with everything. In the covert world rules do not apply. Democracy is a fairy tale. Nothing is what it seems, reality isn’t real. Through the looking glass Alice goes.

I’ve fought against it and got nowhere. I’ve informed people that I naively thought could do something, but nothing could be done. I took all the blood money I’ve made and donated it to humanitarian causes. Will it make a difference? No. Not in the grand scheme of things, but in the short run it may save a few people… maybe. And that’s all I can hope for at this point.

I’ve become so cynical! I live with guilt and cynicism weighing on my every move, my every thought.

When you’ve seen the things I have seen, been involved with the things I’ve been involved with, when you’ve spent the majority of your life living like I have, what do you do when you decide to give it up and get out? Can you ever get out?

I was able to get out, thus far, when no one I knew thought I could get out. But once you lived in the covert world, “normal” civilian life feels like a prison sentence. Then again, the covert world was a prison sentence.

I’ve been strongly advised to keep a very low profile and forget about things for a while. But I find it hard to just fade into the night when we are reaching an event horizon, a breaking point. Despite my cynicism, there is a part of me that knows I have to keep fighting. The stakes are just too high, higher then they’ve ever been. The human species is in serious trouble, facing a set of crises unlike anything we’ve ever faced before. Unless these covert forces are exposed, and ultimately eliminated, I don’t see how we can even begin to make the bold actions that we need to start making now - and I mean right fucking now! These covert forces are a root cause and driver, a cancer spreading through the system and planet.

As far as I can tell, you can’t change the system from within the intelligence community itself. This includes the Senate Intel Committee. If the urgently needed changes are ever to happen, it has to come from the US public. Now I know first hand how the American public has been conditioned to be apathetic and not get involved in politics and has been fed a steady diet of misinformation. But propaganda only works to the point where the population being propagandized is not feeling the direct impact and negative consequences on a personal level in their daily lives. That’s why the draft played a large role in bringing an end to Vietnam. We need another draft to push the mainstream over the edge and into action, but the fa├žade is beginning to crack - 9/11 had some effect, the war in Iraq certainly, Katrina, massive job loses and an economic downturn that has really just begun have all factored into creating a critical mass. Even the most propagandized population in the history of civilization will have to act when their very survival and well-being is directly threatened and impacted. I just hope enough people will understand the need for bold decisive action now, before it’s too late.

So, to the people who have awareness of the problems facing us, if I could give advice, it would be this:

  1. Try the Bush Administration for war crimes. If the case could ever be brought to court, the evidence to convict is definitely there. This is why the administration has been strongly against the International Criminal Court. If we are to begin repairing this country, and the world, we must begin by showing these power crazed and covert forces that they are accountable. If we can convict someone like Cheney, we will send a powerful message to the covert world. If we let them walk, we will keep having these problems. New people will follow them and take their place.
  2. Investigate where all the military spending has been vanishing off to. There are literally trillions of taxpayer dollars unaccounted for. This money is fueling the covert world and terrorism in general. As part of this, I would include an investigation into war profiteering as well.
  3. Make it mandatory that all electronic voting machines must have a 100% verifiable paper trail.
  4. Get people into the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who will smash the current media ownership rules. The concentration of media ownership is the foundation of the covert power structure. Without that, the whole thing is a house of cards. That’s why the FCC is currently trying to ram through rules that will further consolidate media ownership before the Bush administration leaves office. As part of this, it is pivotal that we protect the open architecture of the Internet. The media belongs to the people, as does the government, in theory anyway, but we need an information system that actually serves the public interest.
  5. Declare a national and global emergency on the environmental front. We have already reached the breaking point. We need organized, governmental, policy driven, bold action now.
  6. We need to address entities that now have power over the Constitution, such as the undemocratic and unelected corporate global governing structure - institutions like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and “agreements” like NAFTA and DR-CAFTA, to name a few. Most Americans don’t even know what these power structures are, let alone that they have power that supersedes the Constitution. We must also address the National Security Act, that’s where the ultimate power of our country lies. The National Security Act has effectively made the Constitution meaningless and is the primary driver of the covert world. The PATRIOT Act and various other newly granted powers must also be drastically revised or eliminated completely in order to protect our civil liberties.
  7. Lastly, we need to have publicly financed elections. As long as we have a system that requires candidates to raise tens of millions of dollars to even be considered for office, we will have politicians who bend over backwards for the richest one percent and the most powerful elements of society at the citizens’ expense. An important aspect of this has to be a requirement for large media companies to provide candidates with free airtime. Candidates have to spend the majority of their money on advertising in the mainstream media. That’s why the major news media spend so much time focusing on who is raising the most money, because they are the ones who end up with all that money. Once we have publicly financed elections and free airtime for candidates, we will get people in office who will work in the interests of the public because they are not beholden to the large and powerful entities. When you have politicians depending on the public instead of the private sector for survival, all the issues mentioned above could be addressed because they won’t have to fear the withdrawal of support from large corporations and the wealthy and powerful who do not want these things to happen. This will also enable us to eliminate tax breaks for the richest one percent, put an end to corporate welfare practices, and stop funding for obscene military and prison industrial companies that are profiting off of disasters and no longer serve security interests. Then we can redirect that money into environmental, education, health care and social security programs, to mention a few.

In the current political environment this may all sound like an unrealistic pipe dream, but these are the seven pivotal things that MUST happen. If all seven don’t happen within the next few years, we will have set the world on a disastrously irreversible course. This is “the unfortunate reality of our current situation.” It is not going to be easy, but you better start fighting for it now, while we still can.

It really does come down to us. You have to personally, in your daily life, do everything you can. With enough public pressure all of these things are achievable. Once we get a small portion of the population acting in this direction, it will quickly catch on and spread. Even though the overwhelming majority of the US population is incredibly propagandized on the surface, just underneath is the realization of the need for mass action. They just need leaders to point this out. The mainstream just needs a spark. Do what you can to set it off. It is a matter of unprecedented significance.

** This article is excerpted from the upcoming edition of the book The Art of Mental Warfare. **

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