Saturday, October 18, 2008

St Germaine contradicting Candace

Violinio Germain
Through Anne Bellringer
Oct. 18, 2008
I am Violinio Germain of the 100th Dimension of the Lighted Hosts of Heaven. I am One with Creation/ Creator Source.

Chela, I have requested a communication at this time to clarify several issues that have arisen to confuse not only Lightworkers, but those innocent people, who have been fed disinformation and Truth mixed with lies. The result is an overwhelming fear among people, and they know not what to believe.

I am come to set the record straight concerning the Lighted Hosts of Heaven. Our ships have surrounded your planet since the 1940’s. We have come to help, as the Lightworkers have requested such, and to evacuate those, who wish to board our ships to safety, when Mother Earth’s cleansing starts in earnest, and it is not safe to stay upon her surface. However, we of the Lighted Hosts operate under the strict Cosmic Law of Non-Intervention. If this Law is broken, there would be immediate annihilation of the interfering species.

Only when the Laws of the Universe are broken can we intervene. One such law is a nuclear powered war. Such has been planned by your Darkside for many years, and the implementation of such is now ready to occur. We have been granted permission by Creator Source to stop all such nuclear devices. Nuclear detonations destroy the soul essence, and that is not permitted by Cosmic Law.

Earth Shan is dying. As stated many times in the Phoenix Journals, we are here to help, but only with your permission. Shall we clean up your mess for you that you have made on your beautiful planet? How bad is the mess? Sananda says that America is faded and beyond rebirthing. Is it our responsibility to clean up the mess that you have created in your nation?

It would be like a school lunch room, where the children threw their food deliberately at one another, and as a result the floor and walls were littered with smashed food. The lunchroom supervisor then lets the children go to their classes without cleaning up the mess they created. Who is responsible to clean up the mess?

Is it the responsibility of the lunch room supervisor to pick up all the trash? Would not the students laugh and chide and throw more food on the floor, just to see the supervisor pick it up?

The people upon Earth have trashed her to the point where Mother Earth is dying. They have polluted her air, water and land. Who is responsible for the clean-up? Are we of the Lighted Hosts, like the lunchroom supervisor, to clean up Mother Earth, leaving the people, who trashed Earth, to get off “scott free?”

We are not here to clean up Mother Earth for you while you “sleep”. We are not here to make everything beautiful again, while those, who have created this mess, have no responsibility. We are here to help when asked, but more so to evacuate those from Shan, when the birthing of Mother Earth into 5th dimension starts in earnest. This would be the physical pole shift of Shan that has occurred many times in the past. This time, however, Mother Earth has been granted permission to move into 5th dimension. That time, chela, is very soon, for we are on Red, Red Alert.

Many of your readers have asked about the funding of the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims. I have been actively working with those responsible to get the packets to the people and to help with the NESARA announcement. It is not my job to do it for you, but to help those, who have asked for my help. The job shall be done in spite of the opposition of the Darkside, for they shall never win against goodness. This move to goodness is to happen very soon. I have no exact date, but the timing and sequence are in order, and despite the present Darkside opposition, that shall be overcome, and the move to implement NESARA shall happen quickly.

Will there be time after the funding for years of clean-up and restoring of Mother Earth? I do not know, for it depends upon Mother Earth. She is the one to decide, when her birthing into 5th dimension occurs. From all signs of the times, that moment is quite near.

I again refer you to Chapters 4 and 5 of Phoenix Journal #5 “From Here to Armageddon” for the facts of these “End Times”. ( )

May you walk in harmony and in total peace, and if you but ask for our help, you have it. We of the Lighted Hosts walk among you and work with you.


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