Saturday, October 11, 2008

Message From Blossom Goodchild:

Message From Blossom Goodchild:

14. (Oct 11th) Well, it’s almost time my friends and the world waits it seems, for this next communication with you. It still seems so unreal … and I, out of everyone should feel the reality should I not? Yet I can’t. Thousands and thousands know now of your coming (whether they believe you or not) and yet , even for those of us that are prepared , we simply do not know what to assume or visualise. Its like waiting to have a baby, except at least with that you know what to expect … a baby!!! … with you guys, we just don’t know what you are going to surprise us with. And I guess too, there are so many people that still don’t know about it and are carrying on talking about next week as if it’s just another week. It’s been a LLLLOOOONNNGGG LLLOOONNNGGG week down here… whats cooking up there?

You would be surprised!

No doubt!

Indeed we are in position and generally taking care of rescourses. May we say that in preparation we have underestimated the LOVE and anticipation that is being sent to us. Your word is ‘phenominal’ is it not? We choose to say that we shall become a phenominal phenonima! It has indeed been a long period of waiting for us also … eons of your time. Yet we are aware of the controversy that is taking place and of the complete sham that is overshadowing your beloved planet. Be of great aprehension regarding what the media shall be asked to disclose in the beginning days. We are secure in the knowledge that there are those in place on your earth that are ready to begin their dreams. They shall know exactly what to do . They have been awaitng their entire lives to be of service in this way. We wish all souls to understand this. We have not suddennly just decided to drop in for a cup of tea unannounced. This is why we asked you Blossom, to release our message to the world as you did. It was of upmost importance that your planet was aware in advance of our coming. Otherwise, the shock may have been too great. Also it has allowed souls to prepare for this historic encounter.

Dear souls of planet earth … let it be known that we have longed for this unity. Do you see how this shall change the darkness within your stratosphere into the Golden Race? This is how you shall become known.

The Golden Race.

This coming into your skies is the beginning of The New Dawn … in to The New World that has been prophesied in your past days.
Allow your hearts and minds … allow your very being to ascend into a vibration that resonates with the TRUTH of your soul.


Until you experience it for yourselves you will not be able to accept that of which we speak. Yet we say to you, when you accept it, you shall never again feel the darker times that have swamped the very air in which you have had to breathe. There shall be freshness within all things. Your days will ‘feel’ different. Your purpose shall be introduced to the self and each shall desire to go about their future days in a very different way from the way you are displaying now.

This is why we say to you ‘BE OF JOY! The minute your eyes look upon the wonderous sight that we offer, the soul shall remember who it is. How can it be anything other than immense joy? Share your knowledge with those in despair. They simply are in a place of deep sleep. Help them to awake with tender words and actions, for indeed they shall be in great need.

I think everyone is expecting the biggest part of the jigsaw … (i.e., rainbows, diamonds etc) after all, aren’t there only two pieces left? Today and tomorrow’s communication...?

In Truth the puzzle is almost complete. It leaves only the one space for it to show the fullness of itself … and we shall fill that space when we appear in your skies on the 14th day of the 10th month in the year 2008. Whereby we shall prove once and for all that we come in PEACE and LOVE.

And there shall be no one more relieved than I and that’s a fact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest soul …

Oh oh! I can feel the tears coming straight away … yes? I can sort of feel what you are about to say and feel a bit reluctant from the ‘ego’ point of view, and yet … how can I refuse you at this juncture ?

On behalf of The Federation Of Light we thank you for your part in this procedure. We smile with your humour for we know we could not have done it without you.

Or I, without you … clearly! You KNOW you are most welcome on one level, but I am sure you know it’s been a ride that I wouldn’t necessarily put my hand up for again!! I look out the window and the world keeps turning. How will it be when I look out this same window next week?

It will be that you see a beauty that you have not seen before as you look through the eyes of one who has experienced and been an integral part of the way forward into the LIGHT OF LOVE … as those from planet earth join us … The Federation Of Light … on our journey home.

Nicely said my friends. We welcome you with open arms. Many, many of us. I think I speak for perhaps millions when I say THANKYOU for the LOVE you have shown us, and …
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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