Monday, October 13, 2008

Aramond of Andromeda tells it like it is about Oct. 14, 2008

Aramond of Andromeda tells it like it is about Oct. 14, 2008

Greetings my friends,

You as dear lightworkers do have a responsibility to be channels of
light, light that does not originate with you, light that is of source
of which you are vessals. Open yourselves to source light, love and
energy and be that of the image of God. Do not run ahead of yourselves
in fear, do not lower yourselves to this vibration, you have come so
far to allow that to happen. Stay on course and finish what you start.
You have two choices, to embrace the changes coming the the celectial
light bathing you planet or to choose to remain wrapped up in the old,
in the duality. This will, yes it most certainly will, be a test for
everyone, and for lightworkers as well, you are not immuned to
changed, were your heart lies.

It has been given to to understand the power you have as creators, as
co-creators to manifest your reality into 3D. You know of the
secret... so why choose to manifest fear at this time? Is it your last
ditch effort to squest what is divinely planned? Here I stand next to
St. Germain, here I stand next to Queen Isis, here I stand with a
great throng of Ascended beings, beings of light and love, all of us
understanding universal sycronicity, all of us understanding the
spiritual heiarchy of this universe and together, all of us, ready to
crack the door wide open on the love and light and truth of these
higher realms of understand down upon your planet at this most
momentous time and yet you still insist on.... negative???!

If you really would enjoy negative than please, we ask you, to go
ahead and focus exclusively upon the state of your power structures of
your beautiful, abused planet. Focus on your leaders and to were they
have lead you, to were they would like to lead you. Do you see a
positive there? Do you see salvation there? Do you see the big picture
at all? Are you confined to only a planetary existance forever? Or do
you feel that one day you can also be galactic? Take your negative
energies and turn to your crumbling power structures and your world
leaders and your governements and put your attention into these
things, you negative vibes are not welcome here on the light side of
things and do the work you aspire to do no good.

Yes your planet is in a struggle and NO, we tell you this NOOO, we do
not come to save! Were did you become informed that we would intervene
with your asking, without your permission!? We have stated that at
this time we shall only appear in your skies. We shall not land, we
shall not communicate other than the interpretation of us you would
choose to give us. Some will feel immense love, other immense fear and
eveything in between. This is your choose, but know that at this time
the light of your world allows for this appearance and it has been
arranged and worked toward and will occur. It was destined to occur
one day, on this do you not agree? So what is so wrong about our Oct.
14, 2008 date that would be disagreeable to you? Do you feel the
timing is off for your liking? I say to you this... if this timing
feels off to you, then you need to go do some more work on letting go
of this old, broken down system of yours that is not working. Look out
your window! What part of this old system of yours do you feel is
worth keeping? Your 401K? We much appologize for your 401k's but know
that the end game of your monetary system is designed to funnel all
weath, yours and your neighbours back from wenst it came, to the few
families who print the paper to begin with. They LITERALLY buy your
true value, your labour, your creativity and ingenuity with PAPER! In
todays day and age as you know it, it isnt even paper anymore, it is
electronic numbers on a screen!

So we ask you dear ones to rejoice at the sycronicity of our visit
that has been planned for longer than you know. Rejoice that at this
most sycronistic time we come to appear to you, to help... help raise
your vibration of understanding and love even higher than what you
have done on your own. Do not consider this a reliquishment of your
'power', consider it a validation! Hold on tightly to your center of
gravity as it were for change is coming now to you from all corners
and consider, with all in mind wether or not our appearance is not
sycronistic. You know that the dark forces move ahead with their plans
do you not? So do you not consider that we of the light, of the
Galactic Federation do not move ahead as well. Really how much more so
must we move ahead!! We factuality and acctuality are always steps,
leaps and bounds ahead of the dark, lest you did not already know!

I come to you now in all earnesty to hold your love and to continue to
add your power of manifestation the date we have announced. If you
should like however, we will recall all of our ships at this time and
take our leave.....

I insist that this is not possible at this point for your choice has
already been made loud and clear to us and we will uncloak two days
from today.

We give you love and attention, we do not come to create caos, your
love of the duality has done enough of that for you. We come to raise
you up to a higher awareness and with this you will be further
empowered, not stripped thereof, to beam light into the grid of your
planet so that positive change will move steadily forward toward your
release from these last vestages of darkness.

We come in love, we come in peace, we come to reclaim a long awaited
brotherhood with you, you beautiful human beings, human beings ready
to become the Golden Race for which you are destined.

Thank you and I am always honored to be able to communicate with and
through all of you.

I am Aramond of Andromeda of the Galactic Federation.

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