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Efforts That ALTER ALL

26Jun11 Efforts That ALTER ALL
June 26, 2011
You were told that the next eight weeks will bring such revelations that even those active on the Testing Mediums site will have nowhere to hide. Their agenda is set in stone. They like to give the impression that they are open; when in fact, it would be hard to find such closed minds.

To get down to the real issues affecting your world just now: the collapse of the monetary system is in its final stages as we write. There is no hiding place for those who have controlled so mercilessly, the lives of so many helpless souls who are just struggling for their existence. We in Spirit, who are expert in this field, have instructed those who can be trusted to complete the transfer on the Earth plane. This one project alone will alter everything. They will find that their off-planet masters will be helpless to change what we have put in place. No longer will you see third-world countries fighting for their very survival. The people of these countries have equal rights. You are all Beings of Light who chose particular paths to follow when you decided to return to Earth. No race is superior to another. How ridiculous it is to suggest that "God loved me more than you." This came about when two groups came together to take - by force - the control of your world. Remember, I called it horse-trading.

This is why Pope Adrian IV set out to destroy Ireland. He wanted the Vatican to be the centre of the religious world. He told King Henry of England to conquer Ireland and keep the Irish down. At that time, Ireland was the centre of teaching and learning. The Irish knew and understood who they were and their true connection to the Earth and the Universe. This did not fit in with the plans of the Vatican. So it destroyed all that was pure and divine in origin.

Ireland represented the centre of the Universe; its four cardinal directions. They changed its original name, Eire, to Ireland: IR, which means finished land. They really thought they had finished off the race and the religion of the Ari.

The Council of Nicea is when your world was completely altered and the Dark Ones took control. They used FEAR successfully to keep the masses down and under control. But worry not - for their reign of terror is about to close. As you emerge from the darkness you will step into a light so magnificent that you will feel a wave of love and peace that will replace the darkness. We have not left anything to chance. There is a great awakening happening. It has been orchestrated by those who have a direct link with Spirit. Some are important on both levels of existence: they chose to help your planet evolve. Their love of mankind, their openness and sincerity, sets them apart. The sacrifice they chose to make to ensure that you have a smooth transition is what drives them on.
You were happy, my dear, to get confirmation from other sources, regarding the 13th sign of the Zodiac - OPHIUCHUS. The Vatican has kept it from you. So much is hidden there. The lives of many would have been so different if they had not taken and hidden so much from humanity.

You ask, who can you trust. Just look into the eyes - if there is no spark, then there is no soul, no love, no compassion. As you used to say, my dear, "they are empty"; just empty vessels, put there to cause disruption and confusion.

The Evil Ones who refuse to face the truth and relinquish control will dematerialise into nothingness. We will prevent them from escaping to an off-planet hideaway. The planets near to you are on stand-by, ready to assist. You are not alone. Many of us will materialise and we will be there for you. We are already showing ourselves - you are not imagining things - we often do it in preparation for the big disclosures. We come with love in our hearts to bring peace to your troubled planet which is so in need of rescue. Only those who are OF Your Planet will remain; the others will be banished, their take-over thwarted.

Centres are being set up all over the world where you will learn to connect with your spiritual side. This will be the priority. These places will exude love. You know of one in Italy: it is especially needed there to dissipate the energy of the control centre in Rome. Very special people are chosen to carry out this work. They remove the stress and fear that people have had to live with. People will learn to share; to reach out to others as in ancient times.

Absolutely everything will change completely. I say to each and every one of you - rest and prepare for action. Look forward to the new life that is being prepared for you, and all who come after you. Every country will learn to reach out with confidence. Fear and mistrust will vanish. So much is in place already. We see the full picture and so we decide when to move.

Please take pity on those who are still locked into the control system. They are frightened to look outside it. They will most certainly need your help when the time comes. Everything is 'on track', my dear.

Enjoy the sunshine, my love. Know that you are truly loved and cherished. Your adoring, Monty.
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UFO Responds to Questions With Light Flashes June 4th


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SaLuSa: You Came to Earth to Offer Your Love and Services to Your Fellow Travelers at This Time

SaLuSa: You Came to Earth to Offer Your Love and Services to Your Fellow Travelers at This Time
2011 JUNE 8
by Steve Beckow

A second time SaLuSa encourages us to begin our work to bring Light to Earth. Again he says that the distractions from Ascension which may still exist will be short-lived and so we should begin to focus on Ascension itself.

He tells us to approach Ascension “in the right way.” He addresses us as Starseeds and Lightworkers and reminds us that we came to Earth at this time to mentor our brothers and sisters and be at the hub of Ascension-oriented activities. He tells us waiters at the banquet that we came to Earth to offer our love and service to others (in other words, as what I have called karma yogis). (1)

He reminds us that the changes and revelations we’ll see will take our breath away and clear the way for the final changes. He goes over ways we can prepare ourselves for our work and test our fitness. He also gives us a picture of life in the Fifth Dimension that shows us how different it will be and on what different bases it will proceed.

He again puts forward the image of having one foot in 3D and one foot in 5D, suggesting that our rise will be incremental and analog rather than sudden and digital, so to speak. He discusses how the approach of his civilization differs from ours. He tells us that our consciousnesses have been expanding at a gratifying rate in the last 50 years. He reminds us that together we are the forces of Light whose weapon is love and thanks us for our contribution to the overall success of the mission of raising Planet Earth. Definitely a keeper for me.

SaLuSa 8-June-2011

It is time to throw yourself fully into your efforts to bring Light to the Earth. There is clearly not far to go now, and you face the most exciting times as duality closes down. It will depend on how you see the end-times taking place, as they bring you to the point of Ascension. There has never been a better opportunity to really rise up into the higher vibrations, and move with the beneficial changes that are occurring.

The distractions will still be there that could take your focus away from your goal, but know that they will be short lived. Whatever is placed in front of you for the purpose of creating fear and confusion, will have no affect on you unless you empower them. It is no longer possible for anything that Man can do, to prevent the envisaged end of this cycle and Ascension.

Your immediate concern should be about Self by ensuring that you are approaching Ascension in the right way. That does not mean ignoring help to those around you, as indeed it is expected that those who are awakened help to spread the Light. It can be done in many different ways, and the more evolved you are the better equipped you are to be a mentor to your Brothers and Sisters. You are at the hub of all activity and who but you can appreciate what others are experiencing.

You are the ones who in all likelihood came to Earth at this special time to offer your love and services to your fellow travelers. Outside of your family links are friends and acquaintances that may well have been closer to you in previous lives. They too may come to you for advice sensing that you are at One with all else around you. There is not only safety in numbers, but coming together exponentially increases the Light between you.

The final months before the end time will add so much more to your consciousness levels, and it is certainly a period in which an open mind is essential. Many beliefs will be exposed so that the truth can be understood, and many revelations will take people’s breath away. Some will be shocking and others absolutely uplifting, but all in all they will clear the way for the final changes. Almost every soul carries some baggage that has accumulated over many, many lives. It will be thrown up at you for cleansing, and you will know exactly what needs your attention. What was normal or acceptable hundreds of years ago may be seen entirely different today.

The basis for change centers on your thoughts and actions that are harmful to others. Control of your emotions is a major player in such circumstances, and being non-judgmental is also extremely important. Test yourself and see if you remain calm and peaceful, when you are in the centre of fear and aggression. If you can you will know you are winning the battle to lift yourself up. At the same time as setting a good example to others, you will find that where you lead they will follow.

The confidence that you will gain in lifting yourself up will give you even greater power that will put you firmly on the path to Ascension. You will find that possessions will become less important and transient, as you realize that materialism is largely a symptom of greed rather than necessity. Of course you are all entitled to live comfortably, but that line is often crossed by those who see the acquisition of wealth as a sign of success.

With Ascension comes a completely different mindset, which focuses on everything that is for the good of all. There is no lack experienced in the higher dimensions, and there is much more sharing than ownership. You can have whatever you want, and change it whenever you want, so possessions are not seen as necessary. Nothing is valued in monetary terms as you do now, and in fact money does not change hands at all. Doors do not have locks and land is not owned but shared. Dear Ones you will have a number of new concepts to get used to in due course. Bear in mind that in your new bodies you will not experience the frailties you do on Earth, and if ever in need of healing will receive sound, light and color. Therefore, medicines and drugs that are used now will have no place or indeed be necessary.

When you can start to project your thoughts and live in the future as understood from the various messages you read, you will be cutting your links with the past and creating your new paradigm. Of course it will not only just be you but also include all those souls who have started to stand with one foot in the higher dimensions.

There is nothing like the present time to firmly establish where you are going, and be co-creators in manifesting the New Age. It will not stop there, as you will acquire greater powers of creation and eventually become a Galactic Being. With that also comes an even higher degree of responsibility, but you will be pleased to learn that it presents no problems at that level of evolution.

Unlike Man we do not have the impetus to rush into things, as you will have noticed. This is why we are quite prepared to wait for the right time before we implement the first stage of First Contact. Our goal is perfection in whatever we do on behalf of other civilizations, and our plans are accordingly carried out with it in mind. We allow for delays but even so have our deadlines to meet.

So you can be sure that you will experience what we have promised you, and you could say that it will be all the better for having waited. Consciousness levels are speeding ahead and that will make our arrival much easier. There is truly a phenomenal difference to what existed a mere 50 years ago. Minds have been opening and the awakening has accelerated, particularly since the Millennium.

Together we are the forces Light that use nothing more than the weapon of love to defeat our adversaries. They have no answer to it which is why they try to confuse you and instill fear. Of course the dark energies cannot be eliminated overnight, but your positive energies weaken their power to continue and transmute the lower vibrations.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and speaking for the Galactic Federation must tell you that your response to our mission has been wonderful, and we thank you for your co-operation. You do so in many different ways, and we wish to assure you that every contribution is highly valued. We love you and your tenacious approach to the tasks ahead.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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UFOTV: Holes in Heaven: HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology

911 "remarkable indifference to being deceived"

9/11 Mysteries demolishes the 'official' 9/11
conspiracy theory more graphically than any movie
previously released. See for yourself what really
happened in the 3 demolished buildings in the weeks
before 9/11.

Since 9/11, the American public has shown a
"remarkable indifference to being deceived"
(George Soros). But this is changing...Millions
around the world are realizing that they are being
lied to - not in a small, lazy way, but in a big way.
It's time to ask hard questions, many of which
'9/11 Mysteries' helps to answer.

90 minutes of evidence and analysis, filled with
eyewitness testimonials. Point-by-point review of
the official story set alongside clear science. The
question is not one of politics or nationalism or
loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics.
Does steel melt in open air fires? What caused
the core to vanish in seconds?

No agenda. No finger-pointing. Just the facts and
the questions.



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Trust that all will be well and according to the Divine Plan

SaLuSa 1-June-2011

As you know already, there are changes in the process of happening in the Middle East and the people’s willpower and intent to achieve their aims will carry them forward to success. In the West the same energies are active, and beginning to move the people towards insisting on changes that will remove the blight on their lives caused by the banking crisis. Such energies begin to snowball and once a certain momentum is reached, there is no stopping the outcome. You shall see the beginning of a new era that will propel you onto the path that can only lead to Ascension. It has been building up for a long time, and very little is required to really get it under way. We shall have a hand in that as you have called upon us for help. We cannot always do as you wish, but in this instance it can be considered as part of our plan. Much work is being carried out to bring matters to a conclusion, and as usual our focus is on disclosure.

Although some dark forces are stubbornly resisting our call for a cessation of their activities, others are beginning to the sense the defeat they are facing and as you might say, are going quietly. Our main concern is to get them out of the way, so that our allies can push ahead with re-organization and the introduction of new policies. Now each week that goes by is so important, as outside help is on the increase where the incoming energies are concerned. June is to be a particularly good month and gradually more of you will notice the upliftment in your levels of consciousness. Consequently more energy becomes grounded and is of general benefit to all of the population. There is no doubt that many more souls are now stirring and awakening to the Light that is permeating the planet. These changes will also benefit you inasmuch that they are softening the need for more dramatic physical changes. In this respect, much that could have taken place with chaotic results is now reduced in its potency.

Never forget Dear Ones, that you hold the key to much that is yet to occur as you are still projecting your vision of how the future will work out. Continue to see events as being more moderate than originally anticipated, and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how much influence and power you have. Pour your Light out upon the Earth where hotspots exist, and surround with Light those individuals who still promote covert operations against the people. It will have an affect however small, that could change the direction the Earth has been going into. Whilst all of this is taking place, we will be doing our bit to bring about situations that will bring us more into the public eye. We continue to work hard to bring peace in all areas of the world, by protecting our allies and influencing those who are supporting such a cause. In fact there are considerably more groups now working towards that goal. However, we need the backing of your leaders, and many now agree in principle with our aims. They know that your civilization cannot move forward unless total peace is established. To that end we play our part by preventing any escalation of the present skirmishes that are occurring.

If you could only feel what it is like to experience real peace along with the energy that accompanies it, you would be demanding an end to hostilities everywhere and the removal of anything that aided the war effort. In rare moments you might experience it, but we are talking about a permanent state of being. People would come together in the Light and Love, and fear which moves along the corridors of power would disappear. Trust and honesty would be taken for granted, as there would be no point in being otherwise. We can tell you that this idyllic state will be yours to enjoy in the immediate future, but help it manifest now by being one who practices such a way of life.

Your media promotes many negative attitudes through its concentration on conflicts and confrontation between people. The military killing machine is also sold in games formats for entertainment, and aimed at young people whose psyche has yet to be established. It is anaesthetizing their senses and feelings to accept such conditions as normal, that are diminishing their feelings of love and compassion for others. War is far from fun, and the reality of it can be seen in those serving who have become mentally damaged and destabilized. Can you see how you are being changed into unfeeling and uncompassionate Beings? We can only ask that you look again at what you do for entertainment, and turn to pleasure and enjoyment that is self-uplifting. Otherwise your minds will become so distorted and unbalanced you will not know your true selves any longer.

These are times to be introspective and make up your mind as to what you really want to be. The opportunity to ascend will lift you up into those peaceful realms that are utter beauty and of a peace that knows no equal. If that is what you want, break out of the mindset that has resulted from being indoctrinated by the dark Ones. Do not accept their fear-laden pronouncements and acts to frighten you into submission. In reality you have nothing to fear except fear itself, so tread the path of Light with your head held high and see nothing but the goodness around you. By focusing on it you will lift your own vibrations and that of Mother Earth’s, thus helping bring about Ascension. Make it your aim to maintain such a level of consciousness, and you will be doing so much good although you will have little knowledge of it. Trust that all will be well and according to the Divine Plan, as it will ensure that you reach the end time fully prepared for your own Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when we say you are our brothers and sisters there is more truth in that than many of you may believe. We have been close to you for eons of time, helping your transition from the lowly form you had in the past to Homo Sapiens. Some extraterrestrials have tried to keep you down but we have intervened to help you evolve, and many of you now stand ready to take the final steps to become fully conscious Beings. We have not done it alone as other civilizations of the Galactic Federation have also played their part. You now have a suitable body ready to accept physical changes, that will see you fully uplifted into the higher vibrations. If we may say, you are indeed fine specimens of human form and have proved their worth through many lives.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.