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SaLuSa 16-December-2011 - Mission starts next month!?

SaLuSa 16-December-2011 Faith can really move mountains if sufficient of you get together, and as you progress through the final year to Ascension, it will become more powerful and way beyond you present ability. Yes, Dear Ones you are in for quite a ride, but one that is very desirable and will fulfil your wishes to ascend. There will be a total mix of surprises, so be prepared to reconsider any long held beliefs. Some experiences will involve the Earth changes and depending upon where you reside, will determine how much you become involved. Most likely the known earthquake areas will be at the centre of such activities, but as you know the repercussions are usually felt some way from it. Whatever happens precautions will be taken to protect you, but it is your responsibility to look ahead and also be prepared. At a conscious level there is a separation taking place as those of the Light are continually increasing their vibrations, while those held in the lower vibrations are often oblivious to the opportunity that is presenting itself. It would be true to say that if they are subconsciously trying to achieve a greater understanding of the purpose of life, they will be helped. There will certainly be many announcements that will make it clear as to what is taking place, and our involvement in it. Our intervention is needed, and will give the answers to your immediate problems that are to be solved. We are speeding up the final moves that our allies are taking, to present us with the ideal opportunity to press ahead with our plan to reveal the truth about us. Use your coming celebrations to give yourself a deserved break from the everyday problems that occupy your minds. Think positive and live in the Light that you have created around yourself. Be of cheer and feel the joy that comes with the realisation that after what seems a long arduous experience, you are looking past the door that is opening to the year 2012. There you see scintillating Light that shows the path to completion in all its glory, and you will be riding on the crest of that wave. All is prepared and the Galactic Federation has taken up its positions, so as to carry out the final stage of what has been a remarkable mission so far. For us with our extended life cycle, we have followed your progress for thousands of years, and share your excitement at what is soon to be revealed to you. You are to get to know us in a true relationship as your Brothers and Sisters of Light. To that end we will commence showing ourselves to you, and meeting with those who have a main role to play with us in the near future. The dark Ones continue to be a nuisance but their power is very much reduced, and without their many underground bases have little to fall back on. We shall continue to take out those that pose a threat to the Earth and its people. Before long they will have to admit to supporting a lost cause, as the structure and command has been severely impaired. Be assured we are well aware who is behind the attempts to cause us problems, and they will not delay our plan that will soon manifest into your lives. Now time is so short we will be looking to fully start our mission within the next month, as we are being urged to commence as soon as possible. Be assured that it will be underway once the bits and pieces are in place. Nothing that you have experienced so far is going to measure up to the coming period. You are entering a new era where many of the labours of life will no longer be handled by Man. Those that can be carried out by automation will be given to robotic or computer programs. Only special needs will be carried out by Man, and even then they will be assisted by Automatons. Your place is to oversee the functions, ensuring that the goals are met within the time frame involved. The larger projects will be monitored from our ships, and some of you will come aboard for that purpose. Your time will eventually be taken up by creative work rather than the old ways of occupying yourself, and will be more productive. Working for the good of all people will become commonplace, as they realise the Oneness that brings them together is dependant of the sharing of Love and Light. That feeling of desiring to come together will get stronger as time goes by, and there is already evidence of it as you act as one voice to overcome the denial of your rights. The impetus will continue to grow and there is no way anyone can stop it from achieving its aims. It is all part of the natural changes that result from the intense energies that encircle your Earth. None of you can avoid some reaction to them, and the Lightworkers will normally take them into their Being without any problems. However, those who have yet to awaken are becoming uncomfortable because of them, and confusion is likely to result. Everything is about energy, because that it is ultimately what it is about, and it helps to understand what is happening now if you view it that way. The higher your vibrations the more you become a Being of energy, and lose that heavy feeling that exists with the lower vibrations. It also allows a greater freedom of movement through your creative powers of thought. You can for example change the appearance of your body at will, and appear to anyone exactly as you wish. It can be useful when you want to show yourself in such a way that you can be recognised. You have to bear in mind that you have been known in various guises through hundreds of lives. As we have recently mentioned, you will eventually have no need for form as you understand it for you will be a Being of Light. The more you understand about existence in the higher realms, the more you will realise that your experience on Mother Gaia is far removed from whence you came. However, it has proved a most beneficial experience, and you knew that it would give you a most wonderful opportunity to advance your spiritual evolution, more quickly than you could otherwise have achieved. You have all faced the challenge of duality, and now so to say it is time to put your feet up and take a rest. Your experiences are now to be more in line with your expressed desires, and you choose what they are to be. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that we are so near to Disclosure, as it will allow so much information about us to be released. God Bless you All. Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey.

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Massive Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough

Dec. 11 and 22 Massive Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough 2011 DECEMBER 9 tags: Awakening Posted by BZ Riger Dec. 11th & 22nd Massive Worldwide Visualization For A Breakthrough We live on a beautiful planet. There is so much love and beauty. But the powers that rule it, the governments and the elite, just don’t seem to want to do what’s right. Mother Earth produces enough to let at least 10 billion people live in peace and abundance, but all our rulers can think of is how to keep their power, create conflics and war, and make us pay more and more. Through dark brotherhoods and secret operations they ignore the will of the people. They try to keep us in a state of dependence and fear through the media that they control. Isn’t it time to change that? Isn’t it time that WE decide how our planet is run? It’s easier than you think. Yes, really. There’s a law of physics that maybe you’ve already heard about, which is perfect for breaking this old paradigm, this old and worn out system where the rich few control the rest of us. This law is called the “Law of Attraction”. It says that whatever you focus on that you want, and truly feel in your heart, you attract to yourself. Just look it up on the web or in the library (read “The Secret” for instance), there are many, many stories of people who changed their lives successfully this way. The way to use it, is through visualization. When you visualize something that you want, and you feel the joy AS IF IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED, it will manifest itself. You can apply this to your personal life, but also for the greater benefit of our planet and mankind. The more people that focus on it, the stronger the energy gets. The energy that is sent out by a group of people, multiplies itself, it becomes stronger than the sum of those people. Don’t just take our word for is, it has been proven scientifically. Just watch a video that we made about it, you can find it here: Now, there have been many group visualizations and meditations already. For World Peace, for instance. Still, there’s no peace. Didn’t these actions work? They sure did! You could see it in our video. The problem is, that once the peaceful energy has done its job, if meanwhile the ruling powers keep working in the opposite direction, everything reverts back to the old situation again. Soldiers are ordered to pick up the weapons again that they laid down, crime rises again due to the difficult situation that people are still in, etc. That’s why we need to focus on something that cannot be reversed. Never. And that is: a BREAKTHROUGH. Don’t worry about exactly what you focus on, energy is an intelligent thing, it will find it’s way. As you could see in our video, when people visualize peace, also crimes against people decline, traffic accidents decline, emergency hospital room visits decline, and stock market soar. Peace is peace, a breakthrough is a breakthrough. Energy knows where to go. If we focus on a breakthrough, it will find the weakest link in the chain that still holds this worn out paradigm together. And it will BREAK it. When enough people visualize it, and truly feel it in their hearts, it will happen. It might be the 6,578th participant who gives the old paradigm its final little push, or it might be the 10,234th, but break it shall. Just wait and see. Focus on something that will make you really, really happy. And feel the feeling as if it had already happened. Whether it is Obama announcing UFO disclosure, free energy becoming available for the public, a major tv station or newspaper revealing that 9/11 was an inside job, or something else major. It all comes down to the same thing: the end of the dark establishment. Just take your pick What’s most important, is the joy that you would feel if this breakthrough had just happened. Visualize, for instance, war and hunger making way for peace and abundance, all around our planet. Desperate children getting new hope. Stress and fear making way for happiness and time with your loved ones. Corrupt politicians and ineffective medical care making way for inspirational leaders and true healing. Toxic food and oil based industry making way for healthy food and free energy. All these things ALREADY EXIST on our planet, but are still being oppressed by the dark system. That’s why we need a breakthrough. And we’re gonna make it happen! We have this date 12.11.11 & 12.22.11 to massively join our energies. It’s not important how long you do it, 5 seconds is enough. The important thing is that you truly feel the joy of this breakthrough, as it if had already happened. That’s enough to add your own little (but BIG!) contribution to the quantum ways through which the Law of Attraction works. Together we make it a HUGE power that will change this world forever, for the good of the people. Now comes the second important part. This project works through the ‘everybody knows everybody’ principle. It is said that within six times of forwarding, you can reach every single person on the planet. So, we ask you to forward this email to EVERYBODY in your address book that you think would like to join this action. By doing this, we can create an enormous army of light, even in one day! Thank you so much for joining this action. Mother Earth and all of us who are longing for peace and harmony just like you, will be thankful to you. And to everybody else who joined, because we are doing this TOGETHER! Please forward this e-mail now. Don’t postpone it, NOW is the moment. Thank You!!! Adriano, Boogy, Guillermo, Jimena, Ale, Teddy, Eduardo, Cristian, Kiki, Stephan, Martin, Ute, Alain, Luísa, Kees, Alexandre, André, Winny, Milna, Puk, Per, Cagga, Diana, Dana, Gertie, Mara, U2awaking, Camelia, Gloria, Steve, Krystal, Elizabeth, Livia, Siniša, Leif, Sorin, Danusa, Yonghun, Takuya, Toni, Gloria, Charlotte, Guillermo, Maja, Zeljka, Haim, Claudio, Bénédicte, Stella, Darko, Slava, Javier, Michelle, Louise, Anneliese, Casandra, Eniko, Tauno, Pierre, Paco, Light River, Edward, Marijana, Petra, Alessandro,Hugh (feel free to add your name) PS After the paradigm has shifted, we can use or collective power for other causes. Like cleaning our planet, helping people in need, etc. if you would like to join these actions too, please leave your name at the bottom of our site

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SaLuSa 7-Dec-2011 We shall guide you all the way to Ascension

SaLuSa 7-December-2011. Let it be said that there has never been such pressure placed upon the dark Ones as there is now. It will remain relentless until they resign, or we have removed them to where they can no longer interfere with your progress. There are signs that there organization has become fragmented, and that will make for a quicker end to their activities. They are also being denied access to their ill-gotten wealth, that will eventually be re-claimed and fairly re-distributed. Eventually there will no longer be the poorest of the world that are kept in poverty, and all shall have whatever they need to live a peaceful and happy life. Greed and selfishness will have been eradicated, and with that will come a lasting peace for all people. Following that the technological benefits that we have brought you, will raise peoples living standards a lot higher. It will continue until you have no further material needs, and you will eventually live on the Light that completely surrounds you. There are many inventions by your scientists that have been prevented from being manufactured. Ones that would immediately lift up the quality of your lives. Many are connected with supplying free energy, and we shall remove all restrictions and help market them as quickly as possible. Each step forward will free you from the thraldom and controls placed upon you by the dark Ones. We also see a great coming together of all people and any remaining barriers will be removed, and particularly so where religious interests are concerned. In reality on a higher level there are no differences at all, and you will understand the true meaning of being your brothers keeper. It comes down to having a deep love for all life, and seeing it as One. The idea of "Them and Us" will no longer have any basis in truth, as all will be treated fairly and seen to enjoy the benefits and fruits of the Earth. You are entering a period of instability but it will not last too long, and if where possible people help others there will be no lasting impact. The idea of every person working only for their own salvation, is egotistic and only a survival tool. You will not need to go to such extremes, as we shall also be on hand to assist you. That is why disclosure is very important as once our presence is known along with our true purpose, we know that we can join forces with you. We shall guide you all the way to Ascension, and still be with you after the key upliftment at the end of the year 2012. We are as much of you as you are us, and your true history will show how much we are connected together. There is really no difference between us, and it is only the higher vibrations that separate us. We are at the level you are heading for, and once you reach it you will be quite different to what you are now. Your greatest asset will be your high level of consciousness, that will be Cosmic in nature. The changes that will come during the next twelve months, will be nothing compared with what will follow. Your evolutionary levels will take a quantum leap, and you will take your place along side us. We are your family, and before long you will learn a lot more about your background and relationship to the Galactic Federation members. All manner of different civilisations are represented upon Earth, and through your experiences you will take back to them knowledge that will prove to be very valuable in their services to up and coming civilisations. You are just completing your time in duality, but there are other civilisations in Universes outside of yours that have not yet completed theirs. Just like Humanity they will evolve quicker if they are helped, and that will appeal to some of you and represent a mission that you would volunteer to undertake. Service to others is the natural way of things once you ascend, and no soul would hold back the help it could give others. You who have travelled far along the path of Light, are already feeling the pull to give of yourselves for the betterment of other souls. Have confidence in your own ability, because you can do much more than you imagine. You are in any event going to be co-creators where your new Earth is concerned. Your love is all-powerful and as you share it with your fellow Man so you uplift that soul. It is a healing energy that is only bound by the level of your own vibrations, and as you go through the coming year it will substantially increase. There will be healing facilities placed on Earth in due course, but in time even these will no longer be required. You have so much to gain by sticking to your intent to ascend, and will be totally lifted out of the lower vibrations. Already many of you feel uneasy when you are in areas of a low vibration, so you can imagine how we at an even higher level feel the heaviness that exists. It is to us a really uncomfortable feeling. Many time lines are converging at present and it suggests that once we are able to commence manifesting our plan, there will be a whole series of events over a relatively short period of time. All we can ask of you is that you keep holding onto your vision for the future. That way you will be helping to maintain its energy and all will take place to everyone's satisfaction. Timing is as ever extremely important, but we will not reveal dates until it is completely safe to do so. Once we are in charge we can then confide in you as to what we are doing, and indeed you will gradually be working more with us and will have a need to know. We do have people from Earth visit our craft, but in most cases they have little or no waking memory of it. They are usually ones who are already working with us, and visits that are purely for pleasure will have to wait until more secure times. Of necessity, our allies are our most frequent visitors including some who are your top Statesman. We have many people who are in positions of authority that fully support our mission. However, until the dark Ones are no longer a danger to them, they keep a low profile. You can sometimes get the mistaken impression that we have little support, but that is far from the truth and it is from all parts of the world. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy the wave of cheerfulness and anticipation that is generated this time of the year, as many prepare for the festivities that will soon be upon you. Humans seem very resilient, and although many of you are living on little income you seem to be able to rise above it. It is greatly heart warming to see the goodness and caring, that comes from so many of you who are determined to bring some joy and happiness into the world. Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey.