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Commander Adama’s Update About October 14th And The Financial Crisis

Commander Adama’s Update About October 14th And The Financial Crisis
Written: October 21st 2008

October 14th:

It has now been exactly one week since October 14th and as everybody has noticed, an extra-terrestrial ship of great size did not appear for the world to see. There has been much negativity, disappointment, loss of hope, and skepticism regarding why this event did not happen. I am here to explain what has happened, what October 14th represented, and why.

The original message in which had a date was not something that should have been done. October 14th was strictly a timeline within our future that was possible for being chosen. It is impossible to predict the future with pinpoint accuracy, especially due to the fluidity of the energies that are constantly interacting with the planet and humanity. What was originally intended was solely to inform the planet that within our very near future an event of this magnitude will occur; to plant the seeds within the collective consciousness of humanity. Linear dates are not important and higher dimensional beings understand these facts and truths and would never talk about linear dates such as what was originally written. As to why the date was included, I cannot answer that.

It is important for all to know that YES this event is REAL and will happen within our very near future! When? The only answer that can be given is to say that it will happen at the divine right moment. It will be something unexpected, and not something planned.

What is happening is humanity is being prepared to interact with extra-terrestrials. It is going to be a very rapid yet gradual process. A full step by step plan is the following:

1) Step 1: To plant the seeds of information within humanity by informing all that within our very near future a major extra-terrestrial event will occur worldwide.
2) Step 2: To actually reach the moment where the event in Step 1 manifests within our reality.
3) Step 3 and 4: Two more major worldwide extra-terrestrial events will occur, each being more profound of an experience then the one prior.

This is what is planned to happen within our very near future which will help lead us towards the day of a mass First Contact scenario.

Financial Crisis:

Since my last update, the stock market has been pretty much all over the place. Some days it goes up. Some days it goes down. What is happening are two things:

1) There is major fear and uneasiness within the major "stock market" companies. Trust is starting to dwindle as the "bailout" plan seems to have almost no major impact on the global economy, even with the addition of other countries following suit with what the United States of America has done to save some of their money.
2) The national debt of the United States of America is continuing to increase. It is now well over 10 trillion dollars. More debt = More money. More money = More debt. To use a metaphor, "If you have a credit card and decide to charge an extreme amount of money to it that you know you could never pay off, would you think you would be able to get away with it? Or will things just continue to go as planned and all that debt will just seem to become void?" The answer to those questions is what is happening to the fiat based financial and monetary systems of this planet. They are collapsing.

Stocks will continue to fluctuate from day to day but by the end of this year there will be another major collapse of the DOW which will exceed a new record for collected losses in a day that will spark new concerns respectfully. When this occurs, this is when the Illuminati’s tactics will shift and they will truly know that their game is officially over, though they are clearly getting the hint now.

Please note that this financial crisis is NOT an Illuminati designed plan. Martial law will NOT be enforced.

What is the connection between the two?

The planned extra-terrestrial events and the financial crisis are directly connected. The financial crisis is the tool being used to fully dismantle and eliminate the Illuminati’s organizations and power. The extra-terrestrial events are the tool being used to heighten the energies, vibrations, and consciousness of humanity. When intertwined together, it is creating a path in which mass First Contact and Ascension into the Golden Age can clearly be seen.

A call out for lightworkers:

We currently are at a critical time in Earth’s history. Now is the start for all lightworkers to do their job more than ever. Fifth dimensional energy is starting to integrate into our reality. It is laying down the groundwork for our ascension. For some, this energy may feel joyous. For others, it may bring out some of their third dimensional self that needs to be released even more. Ego is the prime part of us that can make us have the most negative experiences. To live without ego means to live without some of the divisionalistic, separatist, judgmental, and non-unity types of mentality and attitudes. It is time for all of us lightworkers to ban together more than ever. We are the ones that must live in unity, without the ego. We are the way showers. For all lightworkers, I am asking that starting as soon as possible we all take at least a couple of minutes to an hour each and every day to meditate on spreading our light to the entire planet as well as humanity. It is time
to start creating the ground work for higher dimensional galactic society to an even further extent. One based upon the principals of love, peace, and joy. For those lightworkers that are here to educate others, it is time to start making others understand this current financial crisis and what is going to happen and why. What we are witnessing now is going to end the old era and make way for the new one; the Golden Age.


This is a reminder for those who have not yet heard about the major announcement that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati will become fully bankrupt through this current financial crisis, dismantling their organization and eliminating their power completely.

Love and Light,

Commander Adama

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