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Ker-on 29-June-2007

Remain calm and focused whatever may be happening around you, with the assurance that all will ultimately work out for the betterment of Mankind. The Spiritual Brotherhood has not accompanied you on your journey so far, to be denied the victory that is yours. You have been watched over and guided for millennia of time, often without any indication that we have been with you. Whether on an individual basis or as the Human Race, we have walked with you and marked out your path. Help and guidance is always there, and will continue more so as you move into the higher realms.

Imagine what you may have experienced in your many travels upon Earth, yet here you are now seemingly none the worse for them. Indeed, you have absorbed the lessons of life, and now you stand ready for another upliftment of great importance. Whatever has happened in the past, you have carried forward an understanding of its spiritual meaning, and lessons once learnt do not need to be repeated.

There is always an understanding that as you rise up you hold out a helping hand to others. Service is the key word for those who understand the path of evolution. As we have informed you, it is impossible to stand still as everything around you is in a state of flux. The Mass Consciousness of Humanity affects you, and it is continually changing your concepts and ideas. There are subtle energies at play the whole time, that are creating or re-creating your future. However, this all happens within the Creator�s greater plan for Man.

With the ending of the cycle in sight, great importance has been attached to ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to understand what is taking place. Certainly it will become more apparent that the end times have arrived, as more people sense the changes that occurring. As you see them these are chaotic times, but you will come to realize that much of the activity is the falling away of that which is no longer required. It will become apparent that there is a purpose in all that is happening, and it will be highlighted by major events that are about to occur. The pieces will fall into place, and the hopelessness that many feel will change to one of great expectations.

Our role as the Galactic Federation is very much concerned with your enlightenment. For a long time now we have contacted you and informed you of our mission. From warning you of your path to destruction, we have moved forwards and in latter days have informed you of our impending arrival. There are those who have relentlessly pursued a policy of cover-ups to keep our presence secret, but that has been to no avail. Now we have increased our sightings as deliberate acts to allow more people to become aware of us.

Within your Mass Consciousness now lies a mental picture that allows for our presence. There are very few people that have not seen our craft firsthand, or know someone who has. This has created a general feeling of acceptance of us, and we can say that the Galactic Federation has never been involved in what you know as abductions. These actions are almost entirely carried out by the Greys, and are not necessarily in the category of kidnappings. Most people involved have agreed to allow such experiences; in the interests of helping the Greys secure their threatened future and survival of their species.

Many revelations will be brought out following our arrival upon Earth, and will shock you but the truth of your history must be told. You have been living under false beliefs that have caused you to become lesser Beings. You have lived repeated periods of oppression that go on until this day, and held back from the realization of your true selves. Your power has been usurped many times by those who have used you to fulfill their own agenda. It has gone on for so long, you have come to believe you are subservient to those who rule. You are sovereign Beings who should be creating your own future.

Dear Ones, you are great Beings of Light and to your credit have continued to follow your higher understanding of the purpose of life. Now we see many who are taking back their rights, and making a stand against those who have taken them away. These brave souls are deserving of your support, and you will find more of them coming out into the open. You have said loud and clear many times that you desire an end to conflict, and that it is the time for people to come together in a common cause for peace. Your cries do not go unheeded even if your leaders turn their backs upon you. Your pleas have reached the realms of Light, and it is decreed that you shall have your peace.

What may seem an impossible task for you is one that could easily be enforced by us. However, that is not our way, and our help is offered in many ways that bring you enlightenment and encouragement to take matters into your own hands. We advocate peaceful action, and have vowed not to interfere with the natural progression of other souls. We will by all means offer love and guidance, and that has been behind our direct approach to your leaders on many occasions. Our help has been refused because it would have meant their loss of power over you, and a completely new path for Mankind.

By example we have shown that we come with peaceful intentions, although even now your leaders plot ways of showing otherwise. That will not succeed, and we shall turn any such attempts to our advantage and reveal those behind them. With our superior technology you may wonder why your dark forces are allowed to proceed with their plans, but that is because of the very reasons of non-interference that we follow. We cannot, or would not impose ourselves upon a sovereign state, as you have created your reality for your own experiences.

However, there is now a time decreed for the conclusion of this cycle, and in this we have been granted authority to ensure that it is brought about peacefully. There is no conflict involved and very soon you shall see great steps forward that bring about the first changes, that shall act as a trigger to all else. Our motivation is your release from the dark, and even so you shall see it will be carried out in loving consideration to all who are involved.

Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CARET “Commercial Applications Research for Extra-terrestrial Technology”,

Zeitgeist the Movie

This is amazing! A must see.

"I just watched all 3. I think this is one of best films to come out.
This is not the final release yet. The first one just blew me away.
Just watch the first 6-7 mins and see for yourself. "

ZEITGEIST Part I "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
True Foundation of Christianity

ZEITGEIST Part II "All The World's a stage"
September 11th 2001 was the production of the century.

ZEITGEIST Part III "Don't mind the men behind the curtain"
The Revolution is Now.

How Dick Cheney Broke My Mind

I have a very serious question I would like to ask the American people. "Just how much longer must the American public and the world put up with the moronic, egotistical, dimwit that is called the Vice President of the United States? Please read this letter by William Rivers Pitt below. Dick Cheney is a true example of everything that describes the meaning of the Wisdom that "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". Not only are Cheney's remarks against the Constitution of the United States, they are "Treason" - a violation of His allegiance to the United States of America and the office that he holds.

Wake up America! The very foundations of your Constitution and the principles on which it was founded are at stake here. I cannot imagine that you are willing to sit idly by while everything that your freedom stands for is disintegrating before your very eyes.


How Dick Cheney Broke My Mind

By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Columnist

Tuesday 26 June 2007

I was absolutely savaged by an unexpected emotional detonation on Thursday. Every rough emotion I am capable of experiencing - anger, fear, sorrow, rage, bitterness, despair, loathing, astonishment, woe, regret, horror, fury - erupted within me at the same time that day. I spent hours in the aftermath trying to type an accurate description of what had happened to me and why, but I failed. For the first time in a long, long while, I was completely unable to write.

What could have been powerful enough to huff and puff and blow my house down? What manner of mind bomb could hurl me so far off kilter that I was incapable of explaining it on paper?

It was, of course, Dick Cheney.

The news story that started it all was just another report on Dick being Dick, doing his Dick thing the way Dick always does. If they ever hold a contest to decide which politician has the most appropriate first name, you should bet the farm, the barn, the house, the cow, every crop, every truck, and throw in all your shoes besides, on Dick winning in a walk. Dick would win in such a dominant fashion that the NBA Finals would appear competitive by comparison.

It was Dick, and he got me on Thursday but good. You've probably heard the news story by now, and maybe you reacted to it like I did.

The National Archives is basically the federal filing cabinet where all governmental paper records are stored and organized. The Archives is an invaluable repository of our governmental history. These documents are publicly available, and are a giant treasure trove for historians, biographers or anyone who loves to feel a bit of history between their fingers.

So the Archives people had asked Cheney's office for his papers, because it was time to do so, because doing so is the law, because those papers are the property of the people. We pay for their printing and we pay for their storage, and the return on our investment can be found in the History/Biography/Politics section of any bookstore in America.

Dick turned the National Archives down flat, and this is what destroyed me on Thursday. Not only did he turn them down, his office wrote - actually wrote on paper in a letter to the Archives - their amazing explanation for refusing to hand over the papers. If you've not heard this, brace yourself.

Dick had the fire-breathing gall, the awe-inspiring temerity, the light-bending arrogance to put forth the argument - which was actually written down - that the office of The vice president of the United States is not actually part of the executive branch of the federal government, and is therefore not required to give any papers to anyone, ever.

Breathe. Breathe. It'll pass.

I could use a thousand words to describe what this thing did as it ripped through me. I tried all Thursday to do it, and failed time and again. I have finally fixed upon the one word that truly explains how I felt once the shock had passed.

I was offended.

These people offend me on a daily basis, but for some reason, this was too much. The vice president of the United States actually defended his insane lust for secrecy by claiming, with his bare face hanging out, that the OVP is not a part of the executive branch. Cheney is covered by executive privilege, and he is a member of the presidential cabinet, yet somehow his office is not part of the executive branch.

It offended me. It offended my patriotism, it was a rank insult to anyone who took grade-school civics, and it was pure horrid hubris-flecked power run amok, power so deranged that it is dangerous to every American. I have no context to place this in, but maybe context isn't required. Lawyers use a Latin phrase, "Res ipsa loquitor," which means "The thing speaks for itself." That's pretty much exactly correct, as far as this mayhem is concerned.

Cheney's argument, by the way, is prima facie cause for his removal from office. Simply, his office exists in the first place because all presidents are mortal, and so require a waiting replacement should the need arise. It sounded on Thursday like Dick pretty much quit his constitutionally-mandated next-in-line post. If he's not doing that job anymore, he should go home.

This is a personal matter now.

Somehow, another news story about Cheney just being Cheney while doing his Cheney thing caused a tectonic shift. Encompassing the awesome, towering, astonishing, awful, brutal, sick, deadly thing that is alive within the man; a thing that once was mistaken for mere arrogance, was enough to get me thinking in Biblical terms. There are stories in the Book describing people confronted by the very face of God. They tend to have a common theme: The moment they actually see I Am Who I Am, they wind up getting clobbered for their trouble.

I saw the true face of Dick Cheney on Thursday, undistilled Cheney: The core essence and clearest example of what imperils us all. The monstrous things perfectly revealed by Cheney's actions left me writhing like Saul in the dust of that Damascus road. It was holy, in a weird way, because it brought about a profound experience that hurt even as it cleansed. I now know that a glimpse of evil can also be a holy and spiritual moment, if you make it through the aftermath. The difference, perhaps, is that anyone who sees God is blinded by the sight. I got a look at evil walking like a man, and I see so much now that I didn't see before.

I actually owe Cheney a bit of gratitude. I was worried that his actions, and the actions of his crew, had abused the fabric of my capacity for surprise beyond the limit, had worn down one of the better human emotions by just being Cheney. I was wrong. He proved I am still capable of awe.

William Rivers Pitt is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of two books: "War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know" and "The Greatest Sedition Is Silence." His newest book, "House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America's Ravaged Reputation," is now available from PoliPointPress.

'Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot


One of the largest UFOs ever seen has been observed by the crew and passengers of an airliner over the Channel Islands.

An official air-miss report on the incident several weeks ago appears in Pilot magazine.

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, flying close to Alderney first spotted the object, described as "a cigar-shaped brilliant white light".

Scroll down for more

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, described what he thought to be a UFO as 'a cigar-shaped brilliant white light', similar to the image supplied by Dennis Plunket of the British Flying Saucer bureau

As the plane got closer the captain viewed it through binoculars and said: "It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area.

"It was 2,000ft up and stationary. I thought it was about 10 miles away, although I later realised it was approximately 40 miles from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a [Boeing] 737.

"But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide."

Continuing his approach to Guernsey, Bowyer then spied a "second identical object further to the west".

He said: "It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. It was closer to Guernsey. I can't explain it. This was clearly visual for about nine minutes.

"I'm certainly not saying that it was something of another world. All I'm saying is that I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying."

The sightings were confirmed by passengers Kate and John Russell. John, 74, said: "I saw an orange light. It was like an elongated oval."

The sightings were also confirmed by an unnamed pilot with the Blue Islands airline.

The Civil Aviation Authority safety notice states that a Tri-Lander aircraft flying close to Alderney spotted the object.

"Certain parts of the report have not been published. I cannot say why," said a senior CAA source.

Earlier this year, however, the MOD declared its intentions to open its UFO files to the public.

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What Do We Do? (Updated from June, 2004)

BY: By John Kaminski

Written by John Kaminski Dec. 27, 2003

These are impossible questions, ones which I cannot answer. Perhaps one of you can.

What do we do when the very people supposed to be protecting us are actually harming us? Robbing us, poisoning us, deliberately asphyxiating us, putting things in our water that make us docile, giving us foods and medicines that make us sick, and in general preventing us from living our lives in what we believe is a normal manner.

What do we do when the society in which we live prevents us from being moral? Or from telling the truth as we see it? What do we do when our society encourages us not to question statements that we know in our hearts to be lies?

What do we do when our TV and newspapers tell us lies but insist we should regard this information as truth? What do we do when the vast majority of people in our society accepts these lies as truths and ridicules us when we call these statements lies?

What do we do when we have a legitimate grievance and can't get it redressed without bribing somone? What do we do when we can't trust our courts? How are we to respond when we learn that a private company controls all of our money? Or that the government has the right to poison your baby before you take her home from the hospital?

What do we do when the leader of our country, the occupant of the most prestigious office in the world, is a pill-popping psychopath with no discernible personality whose favorite hobby is killing large numbers of people, either by signing death warrants to execute mentally defective miscreants or ordering airstrikes against innocent women and children tens of thousands of miles away?

What do we do when all those around him, including the so-called political opposition, seem to agree with everything he says and does, and otherwise act as if this demented demagogue pathologically predisposed to obliterating the whole world is actually a normal human being?

It used to be the American way dictated if you didn't like the way the government worked, you could go to the polls and vote for an opposition candidate who promised to change things. What do we do when all the candidates who are running for every office are all basically saying the same thing and endorsing all the harmful things that are being done?

What do we do when the concept of one person, one vote has been completely destroyed by computerized voting machines that no one can verify, except the companies that own them, which are themselves owned by rich white men who support the man who got the votes that no independent agency is able to authenticate?

What do we do we when can't trust the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the medicines we take to make us well? How are we to regard these efforts to criminalize vitamins and other health foods when the doctors we go to prescribe medicines that are less effective than those beneficial substances they have worked so hard to ban?

What do we do when our nation decides to go into a state of permanent war, choosing hapless countries to attack and then obliterating them, then fleeces its own citizens with devious legislation that funnels billions of dollars to companies to reconstruct what we've just destroyed for reasons we later learn were transparent lies? How are we to regard such a country, such a group of men who would do such a thing to their fellow human beings?

And how are we to regard ourselves for believing and supporting such insane and inhuman policies?

What do we do when the vast majority of American citizens refuses to even recognize that anything is out of whack?

What do we do when government employees tinker with diseases in a laboratory, and then suddenly the whole country is stricken with a new kind of flu, one that kills children in Colorado and keeps everyone coughing indefinitely all across the nation? Why is it when you look up epidemics in history, you find that most of the recent ones occurred after vaccination campaigns? Why do you feel so uneasy when they tell you to get a flu shot? Or if you're in the military, when they tell you to get an anthrax shot?

Why does the American government seem so intent on destroying the lives of its own soldiers? Why do American soldiers seem so willing to shoot innocent women and children? Iraq or Afghanistan were never threats to America. Why do our children so eagerly shoot those people down like dogs? Is that what we really taught them to do in our humble homes? Is it? Are you absolutely sure we didn't? If we didn't, why do they?

What do we do when you can't get any public officials to comment on why there are all these strange cloud markings in the sky " some call them chemtrails " and so many people are sick with respiratory problems? Or perhaps it's the soot in the air, in increased amounts these days because air quality rules have been rolled back by the President who was elected on the basis of votes we were not allowed to recount.

What do we do when they tell us we have to rearrange our lives because of the threat of "terror"? These rearrangements, at least these days, are primarily based on the precedents set by the "terror" attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in which many thousands lost their lives in New York City and Washington, D.C. These "terrorists" have "terrorized" the world ever since, causing us to go to war in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Who are these "terrorists?" Why has no evidence ever been presented linking them to 9/11? Why was the Afghanistan war planned before 9/11 if it was blamed on 9/11? Why was the war in Iraq blamed on weapons of mass destruction and connection to 9/11 when it was planned long before 9/11? Why didn't the government ever catch those responsible for the anthrax attacks, especially after the trail of suspicion led right back to government employees? Why didn't anybody in Congress read the legislation before voting for the initial Patriot Act?

Why has nobody protested the nullification of our Constitutional rights? Especially when the so-called "terror" threatening our security is clearly a behind-the-scenes construction of our own intelligence agencies.

What do we do when the Vice President brings all the top oilmen in the country to his office to create a new energy policy, then they all fleece the citizens of California of billions of dollars in energy overcharges, the principal energy broker presides over the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history and is not prosecuted, a well-connected actor is elected governor of California to stop efforts to recover this stolen energy money, and the Vice President continues to draw a salary from the same company that receives billions of dollars in lucrative reconstruction contracts for rebuilding Iraq, which is the country we bombed on the basis of lies that were based on the "terror" that caused 9/11, for which they refuse to provide the evidence?

When you wave your American flag today, do you realize it means you are endorsing mass murder and exploitation all over the world? Do you realize the reasons for this demonic behavior are all lies? Do you realize America creates wars to stimulate profits, and has done this consistently for more than a hundred years?

How come so many of our own military servicepeople are returning from Iraq to America with really strange diseases? How come we use radioactive ammunition when we know it has made thousands sick? How come we give soldiers shots to prevent diseases but we won't tell them what is in those shots? How come the military doesn't desert when they learn all these things, and how come parents can be proud when they bury their children who died in a war that fought for reasons we now know to have been lies? What's up with that?

What do we do when America moves all its best jobs overseas because of the cheaper labor? What are Americans supposed to do about that? Start their own businesses and keep their products here at home? Hmmm.

What do we do when we can't trust the cops? Whom do we call for help then? When we see our president committing obvious moral and legal crimes and then lying about them, whom do we call to have him arrested? What do we do when we mention this to opposition candidates and they don't answer us?

We can no longer afford to support a government that does not support its people! But what do we do?

We need to begin meeting with small groups of like-minded people who are as aghast as we are to find out how to begin processes of how to arrest and prosecute our criminal leaders. This will be very difficult.

It's not just a matter of canvassing social clubs and political parties. Both categories are largely brain dead and irrelevant, mindless flag wavers interested more in eating and drinking than in actual freedom. Nor is it productive to stage mass rallies with fractured focuses, where the main message of fading freedom is lost amid a confusing welter of conflicting passions.

No, this requires the creation of new groups, ones devoted to real education and not coopted. Pay particularly attention to the word "coopted," and maybe extend it to "infiltrated." This is a situation that applies to militias and politically oriented environmental groups. Both are now under extreme scrutiny by the feds, who are armed with draconian new laws that permit them to throw you in jail for the most trivial reasons.

But the need to be very careful should not stop you from trying to discern and organize people who are genuinely interested in the principles of freedom, in maintaining the attitudes that could make America what we always hoped it would be, and ending this criminal caricature that it has become.

At some point very soon, we all need to address our public officials, and determine if they are going to side with the people who are being oppressed or with the oppressors who are being bribed to fleece and shackle the people.

These are the questions we need to ask them:

Why are there two sets of laws in this country, one for the poor that guarantees they will continue to live in poverty, and one for the rich, which assures they can get away anything as long as they pay the right person? Why is it that our Attorney General approves of the indefinite incarceration of innocent foreigners without having to present any evidence, yet refuses to investigate charges of treason, obstruction of justice, mega grand theft and mass murder against the rich and powerful men who have seized control of what was once a free country? Who will investigate law enforcement when the law enforcers have turned criminal? Why was Dick Cheney allowed to keep secret the master plan for robbing Californians of $11 billion?

Why have all laws protecting the environment been repealed when we know the infusion of poisons into products is needlessly killing large numbers of people? Why are we deliberately fouling our air with poisonous chemtrails, and why is it no government official will say a thing about this?

Why is there a deliberate obstruction created by Ashcroft to prevent ordinary people from finding out what their government is doing to them? Why are ingredients like flouride and aspartame permitted in what we consume when everyone knows they are poisoning us?

Why are our schools turning out children who can't spell or think for themselves? And why does our government seek to take away money for those schools and give it to self-serving, thought-limiting religious schools, especially when the Constitution that used to be in force expressly prohibits such transparent favoritism?

The police state is here. Your rights have been taken away, one by one. It is now illegal to think for yourself. Just try to examine evidence showing the Germans never willingly gassed anyone during World War II. You can be thrown in jail just for trying. And knowing that, what does that tell you about the original question? Do you see anything wrong with outlawing certain thoughts? If you don't, then you probably don't have any questions about where you went to school, or what church you go to, and you also probably don't see any purpose in any of this I've just written.

Our reliance on mass media has dulled our minds, our reliance on prepackaged foods has anesthetized our senses and atrophied our bodies, and our reliance on establishment religion has shackled our spirits, and made us cogs in a mindless machine rather than the sensitive seeds in the soil we need to be to fulfill our human birthright.

We need to grow our own food, make our own clothes, live in our own houses. We need to break the backs of the bankers who control us with things we don't really need. What do we do with all this time our modern conveniences give us? We seek out more distractions to keep us separate from those we love. All these consumables we covet just make us hate ourselves more, because, deep down, we all know we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing.

What we're supposed to be doing is making a better world, making sure people are not suffering, making sure that we're not destroying the very things that keep us alive. We are not supposed to be increasingly alienating ourselves with false styles and transitory titillations that prevent us from nourishing the very things that nourish us. We are not supposed to be taking pills to make us feel better, we are supposed to be living lives that make us feel better.

The existing political structure in America is rotten to the core, fatally polluted by a private money supply that enables perverted patricians to retain their aristocratic power across the generations. Until this injustice is eliminated, and the power over money is returned to the people, nothing will be fixed, and the unjust wars will proliferate.

Instead of leading a more humane world into a new era of enlightenment, understanding and technological diversity, America is dragging the world backwards into a new Dark Ages where force of plunder is annihilating legitimate efforts toward reciprocal respect and cooperation.

Under present circumstances, there is no alternative to the mass dismissal and prosecution of the entire American government " the administration, the congress, the judiciary all must be indicted for criminal corruption. To do this, a massive campaign of recalibration needs to be undertaken. Starting at the local level, delegates to form a new government need to be chosen, preferably without political campaigns (and certainly without funded campaigns). These local delegates need to congeal at the state level, and begin the arduous task of reconstituting the federal government without political campaigns.

Once a temporary U.S. Senate is chosen by the states, new elections can be held for the House of Representatives, which then would choose a new Senate as a precondition for being able to hold a nationwide election for higher leadership positions. In the interim, a temporary administrative transition team would coordinate the operations of the federal government, once all the Cabinet-level leaders had been jailed. Who would be named to this team, and how it would be named, remain to be seen. Certainly political parties, military and religious leaders, unions, newspapers, bankers, lawyers and doctors should not be involved in this selection process. Or perhaps they all should. The one thing to be avoided is the dominance of any one segment of society over the entire government, as it is now by lawyers masquerading as professional politicians.

The only way to get a truly representative and functional government is to severely regulate the use of mass media in campaigning, enforce strict term limits for all offices, and to radically revise all laws governing banks. Usury must be abolished, and upper limits on income established, now that we are all certain unregulated capitalism is the cause of most of the world's problems.

All the budgets of the world can be balanced by the simple confiscations of most of the fortunes of the world's wealthiest people, like the Rothschild, Bush and Windsor families. Relax, patricians, you'll still be able to buy your way out of trouble. We won't take it all, just most of it. Besides, many members of these families won't need their money if they're all living at Guantanamo, which should probably be renamed Camp Bush.

No more is it a question of trying to get ahead in this society. This society is broken. It is time to forge a new world, not based on domination, exploitation and war. We must stop regarding the idea of revolution as merely an abstract concept, and realize that a functioning, purposeful revolution is the only way most of us are going to survive. Otherwise, the certainty of slavery for 90 percent of the world's population is unavoidable, and that will only perpetuate the same problems that continue to afflict us.

How we can effect these necessary changes absolutely vital to our collective survival are questions that you, dear reader, must now answer. It is essential that your share your conclusions with others, and not just keep them to yourselves.

If you don't see the need for any of these questions I've just posed, let me ask you this:

What will you do when they come for you?

John Kaminski

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Wow! An American who makes sense!

It's Time to Recognize America's Huge Progressive Majority

By Eric Lotke, Posted June 18, 2007.

The façade of conservative political dominance is crumbling. The disintegration runs deeper than public disaffection with the Bush administration’s catastrophic failures and is more fundamental than the political realignment of the 2006 election. The notion of America as a "conservative nation" was always more fiction than fact, but the nation’s rejection of President Bush’s brand of "you’re-on-your-own" conservatism and wedge-issue divisiveness is so broad that today the façade is simply unsustainable.

An exhaustive review released on June 13 of decades of public opinion research by the Campaign for America’s Future and Media Matters for America, using the most reputable, nonpartisan sources, leads to a simple conclusion: America is more progressive Common Sense Conversation than people think -- or, more precisely, than the conventional wisdom would lead them to believe. From the economy to social issues, terrorism to trade, Americans want politicians who recognize that we’re all in it together.

Start with the economy. Polling by the Pew Research Center shows 84 percent support to increase the minimum wage. Gallup shows that more Americans sympathize with unions than with companies in labor disputes (52 to 34 percent). NBC News and the Wall Street Journal polls indicate that nearly twice as many people think the U.S. is more hurt than helped by the global economy (48 to 25 percent). Other polls open the door to increased labor and environmental standards as part of the solution.

For people caught on the wrong side of the economy, research by the University of Michigan National Election Studies reveals that 69 percent of Americans believe government should care for those who can’t care for themselves. Twice as many people want "government to provide many more services even if it means an increase in spending" (43 percent) as want government to provide fewer services "in order to reduce spending" (20 percent). Majorities say we need a bigger government "because the country’s problems are bigger" (59 percent) and a "strong government to handle complex problems" (67 percent).

These Americans are challenging a central plank of modern conservatism. They don’t always want government to leave them alone. They want government to help hold us together.

On social issues too, Americans are more progressive than they are typically credited.

First, they are progressive in their priorities. The percentage of Americans who consider abortion the "most important" issue ranks in the single digits in poll after poll. When an election forces them to pay attention to it, Pew research shows a 56 percent majority oppose making it more difficult for a woman to get an abortion, a proportion that has hardly changed in the past 20 years. Only 29 percent want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. And 67 percent, according to polls by Kaiser and Harvard, want sex education in schools to include information about contraception, not just abstinence. Yet conservatives continually push these subjects to the fore and stand on the wrong side of them. It’s time for mainstream media to question whether movement conservatives, not coastal liberals, are out of the mainstream.

On new and emerging issues, progressive opinion is even stronger. Americans understand that energy policy, for example, has implications on topics that range from national security to new growth industries. Gallup polls in March 2007 reveal that twice as many Americans want to solve energy problems with more conservation instead of more production (64 percent compared to 26 percent). Polls by CBS and the New York Times in April 2007 show 64 percent are willing to pay higher fuel taxes if the money were used for research into renewable energy sources, and 75 percent would be willing to pay more for electricity if it were generated by renewable sources like wind or energy. Only oil companies, conservative politicians and a minority of Americans (41 percent) want to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to drilling.

On health care, Gallup’s latest poll reveals that 69 percent of Americans think it’s the government responsibility to make sure all Americans have health coverage. Only 28 percent disagreed. Polls by CBS/New York Times in February 2007 reveal that 76 percent of Americans would give up the Bush tax cuts to make sure all Americans have access to health care.

So why this disconnect between progressive public opinion and conservative political domination? The answers are manifold. Skillful use of wedge issues by conservative politicians. Advantages in fundraising. Political gerrymandering. An establishment media that rarely asks hard questions. A war on terror that trumps pedestrian domestic concerns.

The 2006 election showed people breaking out of this box. The brassy blogosphere is challenging traditional media. The Internet is reducing the traditional conservative advantage in fundraising, allowing millions of small donors to participate in a process previously reserved for the wealthy few. Netroots organizations are mobilizing groups who previously sat disgruntled on the sidelines.

Even terrorism is losing its bite. September 11 is less raw a wound. The war in Iraq is a disaster. 63 percent of Americans want to set deadlines for withdrawal. Four times as many Americans (48 percent to 12 percent) think the war in Iraq has made the threat of terrorism against the United States worse rather than better.

With terrorism turning against them, the conservatives have little left. Concerns about energy rise with the price of gas (doubled since 2000). Concerns about health care rise with the cost of premiums (up 87 percent since 2000). Concerns about jobs rise as more move overseas (3 million in manufacturing since 2000).

The country is heading in the wrong direction. Policy wonks with spreadsheets on living costs and income inequality can prove it; 73 percent of Americans feel it in their gut.

They also know which way they want to go. The question is whether their leaders will take them there.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Explosions in the World Trade Centre

There were multiple explosions
inside the Twin Towers on 9/11
before they collapsed.

Police reported them. Firemen
reported them. People on the
street reported them.

Even network news anchors
reported them.

Later that day, the reports stopped.

And they were never repeated
by the mainstream news again.

Thanks to the magic of VCRs
that were recording live news
feeds all day, here are the
explosions that the news media
made go away:

Friday, June 15, 2007

US Has Brought World To ‘Brink Of Disaster’ Warns Putin

Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscr

June 14, 2007

In a far reaching press conference given to the Western media, prior to his leaving the G-8 Summit and ordering Russia’s Military to ‘Full Alert’, Russian President Putin warned that the United States has brought the World to the ‘Brink of Disaster’.

Putin’s warning came in response to questions relating to the present threat the United States is posing to Russia, and wherein he stated:

"We did not initiate the withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. But what response did we give when we discussed this issue with our American partners? We said that we do not have the resources and desire to establish such a system.

But as professionals we both understand that a missile defense system for one side and no such a system for the other creates an illusion of security and increases the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

The [US] defense system WILL DESTROY THE STRATEGIC EQUILIBRIUM IN THE WORLD. In order to restore that balance without setting up a missile defense system we will have to create a system to overcome missile defense, which is what we are doing now.

AN ARMS RACE IS UNFOLDING. Was it we who withdrew from the ABM Treaty? We must react to what our partners do. We already told them two years ago, "don’t do this, you don’t need to do this.


You must understand that you are forcing us to take retaliatory steps." …we warned them. No, they did not listen to us. Then we heard about them developing low-yield nuclear weapons and they are continuing to develop these weapons." We told them that "it would be better to look for other ways to fight terrorism than create low-yield nuclear weapons and lower the threshold for using nuclear weapons, and thereby put humankind on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. But they don’t listen to us. They are not looking for compromise. Their entire point of view can be summed-up in one sentence: 'Whoever is not with us is against us.’"

So what should we do? The present predicament has brought us "the brink of disaster".

Not being fully understood by the peoples in the Untied States is the great danger their Nuclear Missile System proposed for Europe poses for the peoples of Russia, and as articulated by Putin:

"Once the missile defense system is put in place IT WILL WORK AUTOMATICALLY WITH THE ENTIRE NUCLEAR CAPABILITY OF THE UNITED STATES. It will be an integral part of the US nuclear capability.

For the first time in history---and I want to emphasize this---there are elements of the US nuclear capability on the European continent. It simply changes the whole configuration of international security…..Of course, we have to respond to that."

Sadly, for the American people, President Putin’s entire words of warning to the World have been censored from them by their propaganda media organs under orders from their War Leaders in Washington.

But, to the small, but apparently growing, chorus of American writers protesting their War Leaders actions we can see daily, such as the past Republican Presidential Candidate in the United States, Patrick J. Buchanan, who has written:

"We say the missile defense system is directed at Iran. Russians see it as of a piece with the move eastward of NATO and targeted at them. Can we blame them for so thinking, when we responded to their pullout of troops from Central and Eastern Europe by bringing Central and Eastern Europe into a U.S.-led alliance?

If the Russia-baiters in this capital have their way, Ukraine and Georgia will also be brought into NATO. That would commit us to go to war with Russia over control of the Crimean peninsula and the Russian-speaking Donbass of eastern Ukraine, and over the birthplace of Stalin and who should control South Ossetia and Abkhazia."

To the truest issue, however, of the growing wrath of the United States War Leaders against Russia it lies not in any danger Russia poses to them militarily, but lies, instead, with the growing insecurity in the corridors of power in Washington as to their Nations staggering debt [$59 Trillion], both government and personal, and which, according to Russian economists, will collapse their entire economy before this year sees its end.

In response to the coming collapse of the United States economy, Putin declared this past week that World must now seek a ‘New Economic Order’, and as we can read as reported by the Scotsman News Service:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Sunday for the creation of a new world economic order that gives greater clout to fast-growing emerging nations.

Days after attending a Group of Eight summit in Germany, Putin suggested that club was outdated and failed to reflect a shift in economic power away from the industrialised West to countries like his own.

"If 50 years ago, 60 pct of the world's gross domestic product came from the G7, now it's the other way round, and 60 percent of the world's GDP is produced outside," Putin said in a speech to a major economic conference.

He also took aim at financial organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, saying they were created in "a completely different reality" and had lost relevance in the fast-changing global economy."

As the American people continue their headlong rush towards the abyss, in blindingly following the horrific whims of their War Leaders, and as more of the World begins to burn around them, they should, perhaps, take the full measure of Putin’s words when he said of them:

"Am I a 'pure democrat’? Of course I am, absolutely. The problem is that I’m all alone---the only one of my kind in the whole wide world. Just look at what’s happening in North America, it’s simply awful---torture, homeless people, Guantanamo, people detained without trial and investigation.

Just look at what’s happening in Europe---harsh treatment of demonstrators, rubber bullets and tear gas used first in one capital then in another, demonstrators killed on the streets….. I have no one to talk to since Mahatma Gandhi died."

But, to the truest measure of a Nation, which is those Nations it chooses as allies, we can see how far the American people have allowed themselves to be destroyed as a ‘moral’ country; for to claim as ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ such allies as: Egypt, whose ruler is a ‘President for Life’ brutally suppressing his people; Pakistan, ruled by a Military Dictator who overthrew the elected government to gain his power; Saudi Arabia, ruled by a sadistic royal family kept in power only by the fear they are able to instill in their citizens; and more despotic totalitarian regimes than any other Nation in the entire World recognizes.

As the brutal flames of Total World War edge closer to the United States, by the hour, one can only look on in amazement at how truly far these people have fallen.

From their once vaunted position as the ‘leader’ of the ‘free’ World, these people have become the most feared, and hated, the World over, and they have no shame about this being so.

© June 12, 2007 EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

UFO Over Brooklyn

UFO Appears During Live TV Broadcast

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Canadian Action Party

The Face of America

Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D

Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is RealMonsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italian national television five times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology. Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters "are NOT demonic, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully." Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert and consultant to the Vatican , and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, his stating that the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

Balducci revealed to a visiting American professional that the Vatican is closely following this phenomenon quietly. My informant originally surmised that the Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nunciatures (embassies) in various countries. But subsequent information indicated that the Monsignor has gotten his cases from other sources. Monsignor Balducci is a member of a group which acts as consultants to the Vatican on various matters concerning humans in possible contact with supernatural beings. As such, the matter of extraterrestrial encounters would fall within their purview, and possibly as well the spiritual significance of the emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact.

Parallel information from National Security Council scientist Dr. Michael Wolf , a member of the NSC's SSG subcommittee for managing the UFO phenomenon, as well as from noted author and Vatican expert Father Malachi Martin, suggests that the Vatican is concerned that it will have a major doctrinal updating situation on its hands when extraterrestrial contact becomes authoritatively announced by world governments over the next several years.

Story source:

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Grove of giant trees attracts growing attention

Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist
Monday, May 28, 2007

old growth grove on the Koksilah River
Darren Stone, Times Colonist

Environmentalist Jessi Junkin in an old growth grove on the Koksilah River surrounded by areas where selected logging is slated to occur

Dwarfed by two giants, Austrian tourist Markus Czizek looked skyward in awe.

"Not at all do we have trees like this in Austria. Maybe one third the size," he said, his arms stretched between two 80 metre old-growth Douglas firs.

The grove of massive Douglas firs and cedars, beside the Koksilah River, is attracting increasing attention, despite its remote location and the fact that it is on private land owned by TimberWest.

"You should preserve the whole area. That's my position. It's just awesome," said Czizek, who hiked into the area with a group organized by Midnight Sun Adventure Travel.

International demand to see big trees, big mountains and nature in the raw is growing and Vancouver Island needs to protect such areas, said Scott Bonner, Midnight Sun managing director.

"People want to get away from noise pollution and sight pollution," Bonner said. "What do we hear in the woods? We hear nature."

Czizek's view of Vancouver Island was coloured by his trip to the big trees.

"There's so much nature here and no one knows about Vancouver Island. I came here almost by accident and now I have found out what kind of nature you have here," he said, perched on a huge fallen tree.

The stand of old-growth trees, almost two decades ago, inspired a group of Fletcher Challenge loggers to put down their chainsaws, risking their jobs in an effort to persuade the company to preserve the area.

The grove was eventually put into a land reserve by the company.

But work is likely to start within two or three weeks on rebuilding the logging road in the area and, once that work starts, TimberWest does not want tree tourists in the area.

"It's a public safety issue," said spokesman Steve Lorimer, from the company which is now owner of the area.

The idea of companies taking tourists onto private land also rankles him. "If they are conducting a commercial operation on our private land, without consulting the landowner, I think that's very disrespectful," Lorimer said.

TimberWest is planning to save four hectares of the biggest trees, but selectively helicopter log around the outside of the area and conventionally harvest areas beyond the protective fringe.

That is not good enough, said Don Hughes, the retired logger who led the 1989 revolt.

Hughes, looking at pink ribbons, marking where the deer trail, with soft shale and scree, will be turned into a logging road, said landslides are inevitable. "Before, the road slid down and then they opened it up and it slid again. The ground is unstable," he said.

Lorimer said specialists are dealing with the road building. "The road will be constructed accordingly."

But, it is the logging marks on the old-growth trees which incense Hughes and he does not believe reserving four hectares will be any use, once wind and storms sweep through the grove.

"I just keep praying that it will be saved. If these people are willing to walk this far on a goat trail, it has public interest," he said.

Jessi Junkin, Western Canada Wilderness Committee campaign assistant, who made the trek Monday, said government should legislate protection for the remaining one per cent of coastal Douglas fir on Vancouver Island, whether it is on Crown or private land.

Forests Minister Rich Coleman, who announced last week that the province will be shifting away from harvesting coastal old growth forests, was planning to ask TimberWest executives about the area at a meeting last night.

However, the province has no jurisdiction over private land, and new forest policies, coming shortly, apply to Crown land, Coleman said.

Lorimer said there have been inquiries about the area from a provincial ministry, but no offer to buy it as park. "Right now, it seems to be fair to let government agencies take a look at it," he said.

Times Colonist
giant Douglas Firs

Monday, June 04, 2007

St. Germain 04-June-2007

Dear Ones I am St. Germain with you on this final stage to Ascension. Along with many members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, your steps have been guided so as to keep to the path of enlightenment. Your path has been revealed to you over eons of time, and now it is time to fully recognize the wonderful opportunity that is presented to you. This is the lifetime that will exceed all expectations, and finally lift you up out of the lower vibrations into the Light.

We come not to impose ourselves upon you, but to show the way to those who have expressed a desire to complete their journey with the closing of this cycle. We have directed Man’s evolution, and been the inspiration that has carried you through the darkest periods in your history. Now there is a grand awakening that gathers an unstoppable momentum. You are being released from the patterns of thinking that have held you back. Step into the Light and leave behind that which has no place within it.

It is noted that there is an awakening of Humanity not just to the truth, but how you have been trapped into thinking that your present reality is the limit of your experiences. Now many find that they are able to release themselves from the old Matrix, which has kept you in acceptance of conditions imposed upon you by the dark forces. You step back from world events and see the futility in continuing with wars of aggression, and even when so-called peace is declared see how cold wars are contrived to keep the war machine alive.

Rarely does the common Man instigate war or agree with its objectives. However, whereas it is necessary to defend yourselves against an aggressor, Man is not just cajoled but also forced into believing that it is his patriotic duty to support unprovoked attacks against his neighbors. There is no just cause for starting wars, as even the most vitriolic exchanges can be overcome with goodwill. The problem has been the cunning of the perpetrators of war, that has led to the creation of circumstances to justify it in the eyes of the public.

As the truth comes tumbling out so the trust in your leaders is evaporating very quickly. Now you read between the lines and anticipate their actions, and their response is to grant themselves sweeping powers that override any existing laws. They seek to silence your criticism and take away the right to free speech. Lies are resorted to as a means of deflecting your questions, and the more you probe the more they hide the truth. Fortunately, although the forces of Light and dark are standing face to face, it is a fight to the end and is one that can only result in a complete and utter defeat of the dark.

The truth can be tested and will be found not wanting, and despite threats against those who champion such a cause, brave souls find strength within and trust in those Higher Beings that monitor the affairs of Man. Be aware that if you have come to Earth to be a leader of the movements for truth and peace, you will have an unseen force of Light Beings working with you.

You will know if you have found the true Light within, as it will resonate with you in such a way that you will be in no doubt at all. The Light is your strength and your protection, and you will be able to hold onto it no matter what is thrown at you. Your greatest leaders have all had a belief in God, and that he smiled graciously upon those who went about their work in Love and Peace. There is a charisma and almost magnetic appeal about those who are thus inspired. They will stand out amongst lesser mortals because their Light will attract many souls of a like kind.

We sadly note that some groups who demonstrate against the activities of the dark, cannot restrain themselves and keep to peaceful action. By acting in a violent way you simply play into the hands of those who support the dark. They paint you as subversive and left wing regardless, and this gives them cause to create even greater powers for themselves. These are both delicate and critical times, and we encourage you to conduct yourselves in a manner that upholds and amplifies your intentions. Peaceful actions are essential, otherwise the public are mislead as to the true reasons for them, and violence begets violence and has never provided any lasting answer to your protests.

There are wonderful individuals and groups that quietly work away at changing things upon Earth. Collectively they are an Army of Light that gently and positively works toward their objectives. They will succeed because they are helping create the necessary changes. Whereas the dark forces only hold sway and power whilst they can keep you in fear, and their weapons and methods are always destructive. Light creates, and there has never been a time when so much is being generated upon Earth. Accordingly, it is also a special time because it is attracting even more Light to Earth.

It is a beautiful sight to see so many of you awakening to your true selves, and understanding that you already have the power to effect changes upon Earth. The Divine Plan has taken into account your drive and intent to bring them about, and assistance is being given where appropriate. You are fulfilling your own life plan to be part of the Light forces, and many are just realizing their own responsibilities. In spite of all the drawbacks and attempts of the dark to prevent your aspirations being manifested, it is a great time to be present upon Earth. Nothing will compare to the great joy you will feel in eventually knowing that you have contributed to the lifting up of mankind.

You are becoming so much more aware of your potential that many are exercising their power of creation to contribute to the changes. Visualization with a firm intent is bringing about a speeding up of the promised manifestation of the new Earth. Out of the seeming chaos the phoenix rises in an aura of brilliant gold, and truly the Golden Age has commenced.

Feel the new energies as they seek you out, and embrace them so as to allow them to become part of the new you. All is in a state of change and it is you who will decide how far you go, as the path to a glorious future opens out wide before you.

Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey.

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