Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stealing our Money

From: Mark Huber

According to Heneghan, Carlos Lehder, A convicted Columbian Drug-Dealer,
accompanied by his Attorney,who is Hillary's brother Hugh Rodham, and Bush
Family-Fixer, James Baker III, arrived at Miami Intl, yesterday afternoon,
with $17M to bribe Congress to pass the Bailout Bill. Carlos was previously
involved with Jeb Bush and the bribery involved in 2000 election frauds.

Heneghan also alleges that the Naval Flag Officers STOPPED Bush from

Martial Law last Thursday.

Today is Basel II Comliance what will BushGang do to duck this
bullet? Will the G7 give him another extension of time?

The Senate will try to force a vote on Paulson's Pet Project to enrich
Billionaire Buddies of Bush and Goldman Sachs at the expense of all the citizens of the US.

The House will return from holiday tomorrow to review the busted bailout bill and take actions to rewrite; Vote NO again, or pass it and be hung in effigy.

Let us pray that NEITHER Senate or House will act against the public's interest.

Taxpayers will revolt if the corrupt criminals succeed with bribes or blackmail to shove this FRAUD down our throats. It should NEVER have been introduced
to Bailout these Bush and Bankster Billionaires and their criminal corporate buddies.


EXPLOSIVE NEWS: Emergency Treason-Gate Update

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly
credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and
INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the
controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive
deceptions and illusions.


Emergency Treason-Gate Update as of 6:53 p.m. Pacific

by Tom Heneghan

International Intelligence Expert

Tuesday September 30, 2008

United States of America - It can now be reported that a private aircraft
from the South American nation of Colombia arrived this afternoon at Miami
International Airport containing roughly $17 MILLION dollars of U.S.
currency, which is currency from noted convicted drug dealer Carlos Lehder.

The $17 MILLION will be used to BRIBE members of the U.S. Congress House of
Representatives to vote in favor of the TREASONOUS Bush-Clinton Crime Family
Syndicate corporate bailout.

Reference: Convicted drug dealer Carlos Lehder was ILLEGALLY pardoned by
Bushfraud's brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Lehder's drug
Carlos Lehder (L), and Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham (R). Carlos' Attorney.

Lehder, along with Bush-Crime Family fixer and offshore account
administrator, James Baker III, and Lehder's attorney Hugh Rodham, brother of Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton,
participated directly in the BRIBING of Florida state election officials in
the overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election aka stopping the
recount and allowing the coup d'├ętat against then Vice President, now duly
elected President Albert Gore Jr. to be successful.

At this hour we ask the U.S. Military to do their sworn duty to put a stop
to this TREASON, which is being orchestrated by White House George W. Bushfraud, along with
Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and
TREASONOUS Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

TRAITORS Pelosi and Bushfraud on September 25, 2008

pushing for American Taxpayers 'bailout' of the

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate

money laundry corporations (Reuters)

Note: Pelosi and Bushfraud were stopped by U.S. Naval Flag Officers from
declaring martial law last Thursday night during the original bailout

Call your Congressman at (202) 224-3121 and tell them that if they vote for
this TREASON they will be making the biggest mistake of their lives and that
the American People WILL administer justice.

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