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Update by Sheldan Nidle 2007-Jan-30

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Oc, 8 Yax, 2 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We welcome you, dear Hearts, to another message about the shifting reality that surrounds you. At present, our Earth allies are finishing the necessary final security checks before their long-awaited fiscal, governmental, and political changes can be formally unveiled. These programs will transform the myriad regulations that daily affect your quality of life. The foremost of these are the monetary and fiscal alterations to the American dollar. Currently, as you know, the value of the dollar is falling rapidly. The actions of the present US regime are adversely affecting the concept and creation of a new global monetary system, and this makes it imperative to put this administration out of its misery as soon as possible. For example, the present policies of both the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are swiftly eroding what little confidence is left in the dollar as a leading global currency. The quickly dwindling respect for the dollar is likely to entail a variety of possible events that could precipitate a disastrous free-fall situation.

The decline of the dollar in the past few years reflects the US regime's foreign policies which are responsible for making America one of the most hated governments on the planet. This massive loss of respect for America and what she stands for is something the next US regime needs to address. But first, this next regime will need to recognize the amount of damage done and adopt policies that focus on repairing America's tarnished image. Our Earth allies see America as a shining beacon of freedom and democracy that was sold down the river by the foreign policy goals of this administration. Reversing this imperialism and restoring America to her more traditional role is paramount. Then America and her global partners can bring into being the new world envisioned by our Earth allies, a world with a flourishing and abundant economy that swiftly puts into effect multiple programs to transform the poverty, hatred, and ignorance that held your global populace in the thrall of this limited reality for the past 13 millennia. In a setting of freedom and prosperity, first contact can take place quite smoothly and quickly.

The programs to go into immediate effect not only end global privation by means of comprehensive national and personal debt annulment, but also set the stage for an unprecedented degree of support for all formally indebted nations in the areas of education, pollution abatement, and job creation. All the peoples of the world must feel prosperous, supported, and validated as nations and individuals. The increasingly competitive and divisive social engineering of the last decades has wreaked havoc on communities in general, and this is just now being seriously challenged by a conscious need for connectedness, a by-product of the electronic communication age you live in. Everybody needs to feel appreciated and to know that they contribute meaningfully to their world. A sense of belonging also lies at the root of healthy local community, and this in turn provides the cornerstone of a healthy global community. It is your society's all-pervasive alienation that our Earth allies next intend to address once the regime changes and prosperity programs are accomplished.

The first gains from this reversal of direction in human affairs are to be a burgeoning of mutual acceptance and appreciation for one another. Social alienation and its attendant fear and distrust of "enemies" or "oppressors" will be put to flight. Local communities are to become self-sufficient and self-regulating, and able to solve any internal problems. Only then can these capabilities truly function at national and global levels. The result will be a cohesive foundation upon which the distance-bridging effects of the World Wide Web can really go to work. This escalation of coming together globally is to receive a further boost with the technology we will bring which is to take things to the next level; namely, telepathic communication. This enables you to commune with each other without verbal barriers and feel his or her emotional, mental, and spiritual essence. Think of how this redefines your knowing of your self, your fellows, and your world! This explosion of connectedness is merely a foretaste of the joys of full consciousness.

Your present "un-civilization" is to be morphed into one that radiates harmony and joy, and sees a mushrooming of opportunity and exploration in all areas. Human civilization is being returned to the heights seen in Lemuria, and this is where first contact comes in, as this is to be our first goal. At present, only the peoples of inner Earth enjoy this state of Being. The preparatory steps are well underway (albeit covertly) by the spiritual forces of Mother Earth. She is being assisted in this by the heartfelt desires of the inner-Earth peoples and the magnificent projects of our Earth allies. Your contribution is to be aware of these divine momentums and to use your own energies to promote this growing awareness in your lives. Once again, we would like to express our appreciation for what you are doing. It is quite a challenge to act on faith for such a duration as this has turned out to be. Your only confirmation of this process has been these messages and the things you glean from the confusion of the Internet and a few trusted sources. But be assured that wonderful events are ready to happen and that this night is about to end.

In this lifetime, you are to reap the rewards of your labors in the fields of consciousness. However, your world has reached a point where it can no longer stave off the vast systemic collapse that has been brewing for the past 250 years. Your social and economic systems and the environment have arrived at a breaking point. Either widespread populous uprisings or a massive intervention by your spiritual and space family is now unavoidable in order to avert disaster. The divine plan for this branch of humanity is to fully reopen your connection to your True Self (your I Am Presence), not to be obliterated in a cataclysm. This is the goal behind Heaven's and our present undertakings on this planet, and this operation is in its last stages. You are to be restored to your true status and to learn conclusively that you are not alone!

A by-the-book first contact mission was never an option in your case. Your circumstances are unique and continue to set precedents each day. This means that how first contact finally goes down remains fluid. Meanwhile, the amount of energy expended by the last cabal to keep our presence under wraps astounds us! It is clear to anyone beginning to delve into the subject of contact that we are real, and that visitations to your lower atmosphere are a common occurrence. And yet, no subject is treated with such derision and ambiguity by your officialdom as our obviously benign presence. Silly explanations are put forth for sightings that are too widespread to be ignored and the result is that our presence is shrouded in mystery and improbability.

The transformation of your reality is unstoppable and is proclaimed by the Divine to manifest overtly in your very near future. Remember that all is connected: In this instance, the mounting chaos being stoked around your planet is a direct response on the part of the dark cabal to the many covert operations that are to set you free, once and for all, and return you to your former selves. The moment of full public disclosure of many things approaches swiftly, and among them is reunion with your spiritual and space families, an indispensable step toward your return to full consciousness. In short, your lives are about to take flight!

Today, we expanded further upon the events and objectives behind what our Earth allies and we are involved in. A new reality and first contact are fast approaching. We are very happy that this long earthly nightmare is at last coming to an abrupt end. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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Sananda: A Nation On The Brink of Destruction

Sananda: A Nation On The Brink of Destruction

through Lauren

30th January, 2007

"I have come to inform you of some pending affairs in your nation and world. The affairs of which I speak are related to a political and bi-partisan nature. The effect of this affair is far reaching and in actuality will have greater implications than the human mind can conceive.

What is in store for a nation on the brink of destruction? We will say to you that the worries of many are nearly over and the concerns of many more are only just beginning.

The majority of your world’s people sleep in sound slumber. For the awakened ones, there is a tide turning that is taking you all the way to victory. This tide is unstoppable and the force with which it is coming is profound.

What we would like to offer in this time is the feeling of great peace to lead you into the forefront of humanity. We would like peacekeepers and warriors of Light to be fully wrapped in the cloak of creator’s love for the exciting journey ahead.

For those of you who delight in dramatic endings, this is a show you will not want to miss. This is the final act and the curtain will soon rise to expose the hidden agenda of all the actors and actresses who so successfully played their parts.

You who have the Light of knowing will see the truth behind all the chaos and will welcome it with delight knowing that the force of heaven has finally erupted onto Earth.
For those who understand the laws of energy it will be no surprise that to rebuild your world you must first dismantle the outdated structures built upon the weak foundations of clay.

Now in the rising of the people there is a massive Light that has prevailed and taken the reigns of power from those who hold it over you.

Of the people, for the people, by the people will be the new way and those who govern will be chosen to serve humanity based on integrity, compassion, will and heart-based power.

These people will rise for candidacy and you will be able to pick them out from a crowd with ease. Now that you are all in the midst of this great transition, know that you are all being led to your destiny by the inner urgings of your heart.

You who listen to the calls will be unmistakably prompted to activate your true roles. We are delighted to see that so many of you are already taking steps in the direction of your calling and we wish to inform you that soon there will be a great thrust of support at your back and you will find the ease with which spirit operates without hindrances, blocks or boundaries.

Spirit is all-present and cannot be contained and when the force of heaven is guiding your every move you are destined for true and everlasting peace. This is what is happening to each of you as you fully embrace the Light of God.

Take with you the power of your journey, but leave the struggle behind.

You have completed this aspect of your training and now you are free to realize your full potential as co-creators of heaven.

No more will you be bound by the laws of man for you are sovereign and self governing souls with the ability to right the wrongs of this world. Take to your journey with remembrance of all that has brought you here and allow for others to gain inspiration through your path.

Those who follow will know the Light that you transmit for they too will be of the same cloth. Ever present is the ability to transform yourselves and that ability must be shared.

Those who have undergone the steps to initiation are now in the position to show others the way. These way showers will be unmistakable and their presence will be remarkable. These mighty souls of Light will walk forward and present the new ways.

Listen to ways of the dark no longer, for they have lost their grip.

Now is the time of great change in the public domain of hierarchical government structure.

Now is the time when the truth shall be told and now is the time for true reverence.

Free yourselves from the minions of imposed slavery by joining the Light of millions who now see the truth ever pervading your atmosphere.

This Light is coming to be shared with all as the prophecies have claimed.

Now is the time to unbridle your masks of compliance and set free the powerful beings that inhabit your disguise.

Full truth equals full freedom, accept nothing less and you shall be free.

I AM Sananda Emmanuel and I bring forth the Light of ascendancy. This Light will carry each of you through the days ahead and keep you from harm’s way. Allow no other to claim your truth for it is alone yours to see.

Be One with the glory bestowed upon those who walk the path in faith and may no fear be gotten ever more.

The Light of heaven shines brightly on Earth for those who can see. It is up to you now to give others eyes, so they too can join in the reverie. Victory is claimed! Blessings abound.

Thank You Sananda.

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The Real "Terrorists" are Close to Home

The Terrorists of Our Imagination Aren't Muslims ... They're Us

By Anneli Rufus, AlterNet. Posted January 27, 2007.

Terrorism is now the stuff of fiction, as a glance at the best-seller lists will attest. But while Islamic plotters make the headlines, the terrorists we find on the bookshelves live in our own backyard.


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Every era has its own built-in drama -- its plague or despot by which it will be remembered, whose looming menace inflects every conversation, kindles every sermon, tints every work of art. Ours is terrorism. A time of collapsing towers and exploding public-transit vehicles with charred guts ribboning the wrack is how this epoch will be pictured, centuries hence. But then to truly inhabit this era, to speak its language, I must add: if there even are centuries, hence.

Striving to picture our reality, future generations -- if there are future generations -- will sniff their anodyne air for phantom whiffs of ash or poison gas as they pore over novels published right now -- because terrorists have become stock characters in post-9/11 fiction just as spies were during the Cold War or pointy-horned demons in Dante's Florence. Maybe our descendants will read John Updike's "Terrorist" (Knopf, 2006). Its titular New Jersey teen -- Ahmad Mulloy, son of an Irish-American mother and long-gone Egyptian-student dad -- joins a jihadist cell plotting to blow up the Lincoln Tunnel and reveres an imam who intones, "The American way is the way of infidels. It is headed for a terrible doom." Perhaps they'll read Patrick Neate's City of Tiny Lights (Viking, 2005), whose hilarious private-eye narrator is an ex-mujahadeen who learned in Afghanistan how to slash a man from "his navel to his chops," and persuades an adoring young "thug lite" to infiltrate a jihadist cell plotting to blow up the London tube. (This book was published in the United Kingdom a week before the real London tube bombings of July 7, 2005.) Or they could read Xavier Waterkeyn and Daniel Lalic's "Where's Bin Laden?" (New Holland, 2006), a wacky cartoon romp in which readers are urged to locate the bearded Saudi in colorfully drawn city and circus scenes. They could pick up a copy of Robert Wilson's "The Hidden Assassins" (Harcourt, 2006), in which a bomb destroys a Seville apartment block amid clues resembling those found around the 2004 Madrid train bombings. Or maybe they'll tackle Vikram Chandra's "Sacred Games" (Harper Collins, 2007), whose brooding cops race around Mumbai seeking a nuclear bomb they know that fanatics have built and which is poised to explode.

Novelists love built-in dramas. Think of all that time and effort saved which would otherwise be spent having to invent plots, characters, motivations, denouements. Terrorists plug handily into any genre. Thrillers. Sci-fi. Romance: Belinda ached for his touch. But why was he so reluctant to talk about his flying lessons?

And the trend factor sells. Publishers dream of reviewers trilling: "A real-life drama ripped from the headlines!" and "A tale for our times!" Surely that helped Chandra score a million-dollar advance from Harper Collins, which then budgeted another $300,000 for marketing "Sacred Games." Granted, Chandra crafts characters so authentic that you can practically hear their knuckles crack. But for a 900-page hardcover novel that's one big bet.

We didn't ask to live in an era when subways blow up. Or, to put a finer point on it, when people blow them up. But that's the way it is. So terrorists are stock characters not merely in mass-market drugstore-rack airport-shop blockbuster potboilers but in intellectual epics whose authors are professors praised by the Guardian and who win prestigious prizes. Neate won the Whitbread, one of the United Kingdom's top awards. Chandra won another -- the Commonwealth Writers Prize -- and teaches at UC Berkeley. Updike has won two Pulitzers, though the last one was 16 years ago.

OK, so what insights do all these novels offer into who terrorists really are and how they feel and what they want? Well, here's a spoiler warning. Beaucoup spoilers follow. Chandra and Wilson -- a Brit who has won the Gumshoe and Gold Dagger Awards and lives in Portugal -- are among those who engage in a bit of psy-ops. Knowing that today's typical Western reader is inclined to imagine terrorists as Muslims, the authors set things up so as to appear that Muslims are indeed perpetrating mayhem on an apocalyptic scale. In "The Hidden Assassins," a van containing a Koran, explosive residue, a black hood-mask and a green sash emblazoned with Arabic script stands parked alongside the bombed apartment block. The van's registration is traced to a man named Mohammed who is on a government watch list. A victim mutters: "We all know who it is, don't we? ... the Moroccans." Another character observes that ever since the Madrid train bombings, locals have "been watching them go into that mosque and wondering." When a cop muses that the evidence is puzzling, his colleague retorts: "Explosives, the Koran and a green sash and black hood don't sound confusing to me." Yobs in a bar go ape when a TV pundit suggests it might be anyone but Muslims.

Arabic missives sent to police headquarters the press insist: "We will not rest until AndalucĂ­a is back in the bosom of Islam." Pondering the "connections made by Islamic cell members in Spain with the perpetrators of the Twin Towers and Washington, D.C. attacks," a national security agent sighs that "there seems to be an unending stream of young operatives." Arabic blueprints are discovered outlining a Beslan-type hostage operation, specifying that children should be shot "until the Spanish government recognized AndalucĂ­a as an Islamic state under Sharia law."

And then -- zing! Turns out the evidence was crafted and planted by Catholics, although by the time this happens only a Bratz doll couldn't see it coming. A cabal of capitalists, nationalists, anti-immigrationists and political aspirants hired a down-and-out apostate Muslim to help them make fake evidence. To cover their tracks, they then butchered the apostate. Yes, an actual Islamist network is afoot in Seville at the same time, striving to "liberate" Spain. At the last minute they're caught with cars full of plastic explosives, but they're not the ones who blew up the apartment block. Their presence, their reality, is the rebar with which the Catholic cabal wrought its plan.

Oh snap! This works for the novelist in so many ways. He gets to expound on the nature of evil, which is always fun. And then -- well, the joke's on you! Who doesn't love a surprise? A favorite gambit among thriller-writers is to parade prime suspects back and forth across the scenery, then at a crucial momemt reveal the perp as someone you'd least likely expect. The butler did it. The gardener did it. The Catholics did it.

In Sacred Games, Chandra displays an India torn and tenderized by age-old theo-wars. In flashbacks, we watch Muslims and Hindus slaughtering each other during the Partition. Houses blaze. One character's beloved Sikh sister is abducted by Muslims and forced to marry one. A Delhi investigator specializes in Islamic fundamentalism, tracking student groups and mullahs, but "to live always between threat and counter-threat was exhausting." Everyone remembers the 1993 Mumbai bombings: "On television the torn buildings stood eviscerated. ... Of course, of course ... Muslim boys from Bombay had been flown to Dubai and then to Pakistan ... they had been trained by Pakistanis." A narrator confirms that Islamic cells are importing "huge shipments of automatic rifles ... grenades ... anti-tank weapons, and Stinger missiles." Sure enough, a nuclear device is scheduled to wreak havoc. If and when it does, all evidence will lead back to an Islamist group called Hizbuddeen, the Army of the Final Day. The brooding Sikh cop rushing to find and neutralize the bomb is haunted by images of all that he loves in flames. And then -- zing! The religious extremists behind the bomb plot turn out to be Hindu. Their kingpin is a half-paralyzed old guru in a wheelchair boasting thousands of acolytes worldwide. He dreams of "a final, glorious battle" because "every golden age must be preceded by an apocalypse." He created the bogus Hizbuddeen, even enlisting unwitting actual Muslim radicals, so that this battle would be blamed on you-know-who.

Rather deftly -- remember, Chandra is worth seven figures to Harper Collins -- both of these thrillers do what thrillers do best: stack up precarious possibilities, raising tension, suspicions, expectations as readers chew their lips and scratch their heads. But by making the villains appear to be Muslims, then unveiling them as not, these books pull yet another trick: shaming readers for having suspected Muslims all along. What -- you went along with the crowd? You bigot, the reader chides himself. You're no better than that wife-beater in "The Hidden Assassins" who rants that terrorism is a disease and that the "only cure" is "to get rid of the lot of them. ... Muslims, Africans, Arabs." In which case these postmodern intellectual epics do what postmodern intellectual epics do best: thrust readers into self-examination, self-recrimination, self-loathing. The built-in dramas of earlier eras were easier to parse in real life and in art. Consider the "Iliad": us versus them. We are living in more complicated times. Now it's us versus them-who-might-actually-be-anyone, plus it's us versus us.

But these books spawn yet another side effect, this one arguably unintentional. While building up their big surprise, the authors invest much effort in foregrounding fully fledged flesh-and-blood non-Muslim characters. These characters eventually turn out to be terrorists, but by that time we have spent hundreds of pages as yet unaware, getting to know their hearts and minds, watching them eat, meeting their lovers and wives. A fully fledged character is always, just by virtue of being fully fledged, sympathetic at least a little bit. Meanwhile, in both of these books Muslim extremists really do exist. They are not the main attraction, yet they visit mosques and assemble explosives and conceptualize a Caliphate. But never do we meet any of these men or women face to face, learn the shapes of their trousers or their children's names. They remain faceless, elusive, furtive. The authors might imagine themselves as bold rebels unshackling readers from prejudice: See? Anyone could be a terrorist, at any time! Yet a faceless furtive phantom, afoot in the shadows and deliberately unmet, seems in his facelessness all the more potent a threat.


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Anneli Rufus is the author of several books, including "Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto."

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Political 'Untouchables' on Trial in Washington

Political 'Untouchables' on Trial in Washington

'Scooter' Libby Case Offers Inside Look at the Way the D.C. Game is Played, Analyst Says


Jan. 20, 2007 — - One of the biggest trials Washington has ever seen kicks off this week: Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is accused of lying and obstructing justice.

But Washington observers say the trial is about much more than that.

"This is about power, politics and the media," said Howard Jaffe, a national editor for "Washingtonian" magazine. "It's about who says what to whom, under what circumstances and for what purpose."

The Libby trial is quickly becoming Washington's favorite parlor game, with a juicy plot and a who's who of characters.

"This is the World Series," said George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, who's also a criminal defense attorney. "This is the closest the city comes to a real organized sport. And everyone is going to be watching. These are the untouchables."

At the top of the witness list is Cheney, Libby's former boss.

"The idea that Dick Cheney would come out of an undisclosed location and sit on a witness stand and answer questions. It's amazing," Turley said.

In addition to Cheney, a whole host of journalists will be paraded through the U.S. district courtroom, including NBC's Tim Russert and the Washington Post's Bob Woodward, as well as an array of politicians.

The plot reads like a whodunnit novel, with the Bush administration at its center.

At the heart of the mystery is the leaking to the media of the name of undercover CIA spy Valerie Plame. The apparent motive was to get back at her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, for challenging the president's claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

The man in the middle, Scooter Libby, is charged with lying to FBI investigators and a Grand Jury about how and when he learned Plame's true identity.

Jaffe said the trial gives people outside Washington's beltway a front-row seat to how the game is played in the nation's capital.

"I don't think anyone knows how to play nice. I think this is the way we play," he said. "Negative character assassination is what we do."

In what can only be called bad timing, opening statements in the Libby trial are scheduled to begin Tuesday -- the same day as the president's State of the Union address.

Sixteen words in Bush's State of the Union address four years ago started this whole mess. Back then, Bush said, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

Plame's husband, Wilson, disputed those claims in a New York Times op-ed piece, which is apparently what lead to the outing of his wife as a spy.

"This case is going to remind people how the war was sold to them, and how the original justifications proved to be false," Turley said. "None of that can be very good for the White House."

The trial also may remind the American public just how dirty politics can get.

Turley added that it's important for people to watch the case, but, "They should leave the children outside the room, because they will wonder why all these adults are doing really bad things."


Political Promises

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Letter from a U.S. citizen "addressed to the world"

Letter from a U.S. citizen "addressed to the world"
1/15/2007 3:30:00 PM GMT

First let me speak to the people in Iran.

There is a large majority of Americans who are terrified by our governments inability to hear our voices. We do not want war. Not with you, not with anyone. We admire your ancient culture and respect your religious beliefs. While our government takes steps toward instigating another illegal war, this time on your great nation, we, the majority of United States citizens, are trying everything that is in our power to prevent this.

We have recently elected new officials in Congress, which we believe and hope will stand up with us in our desires to put an end to our current administration's designs of global occupation. However, we seem to have very little say in these matters anymore. While we may scream at the top of our lungs about how we feel, write letters to our officials, protest in the streets, demand accountability for our leaders' actions, our president ignores us and continues his one-man circus act.

I wish to apologize to the people of Iran now, and assure you that we will do everything in our power to prevent our government leaders from another grave mistake in foreign policy.

Now, the people of Iraq hear me out.

Please understand our sorrow in what our leaders have done to your nation. While most of us believe that Saddam Hussein was a terrible dictator, we also understand that for many years, our country supported him and only deposed him as the president of Iraq when it was beneficial to our government. Our leaders lied to us about the threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Most of our citizens at the time were quite fearful over what was happening in the world due to the attacks on September 11, 2001, and our president used that fear to further his personal agenda. It was WRONG. It was not our place to overthrow a dictator; it was yours if you so choose.

However, now your country is in ruins and many people die every day. Our president has just said that this is "unacceptable" to him. As usual, it seems that his words are woefully inadequate. Unacceptable is not a word to use when tens of thousands of people have died, and many more will in the time to come.

We cannot fix this mess. We can only make it worse. The majority of American people want our troops to be drawn down in your country to allow the Iraqi people a chance to help themselves. Please understand that we do not want to just abandon you. We wish to support you with our finances, our expertise in technology, our moral support, anything except more lives.

I know that you have suffered beyond anything that the US has ever suffered. But now is the time to send a message to the world that you do not need the United States to continue to occupy your sovereign nation. On behalf of most American citizens, we are eternally sorry for what we have allowed to be done to you.

To the people of Israel...

I'd like to say we understand.

We recognize your struggles in the world. We understand that for many years you were persecuted. However, that does not give you the right to do to others what has been done to you. I'm not suggesting that you bare all of the responsibility for the struggles in the West Asia, but you're not helping to solve it either.

Your fight is for property. Your fight is for recognition. Your fight is for peace. May I suggest to you that if after 60 years nothing has changed, maybe you're going about it the wrong way? I know that you will illicit images of bombings and terror to reinforce your actions. But please consider, violence in response to violence, only leads to more violence.

There must be a better solution. There is plenty of space to allow two separate and sovereign nations to exist. Israel and Palestine. I understand that there are more issues to discuss here, however, we have to start somewhere.

Do we really want to blame all the ills of life on "the other guys"? This sort of thinking is shortsighted and full of its own bigotry. And please, before dismissing me as just another anti-Semite, look at my name and understand that we share the same heritage.

To the people of the United States...

Are you afraid?

I am. Not of Al-Qaeda, not of Sunni or Shia militias, not of insurgents, not of so-called "Islamofascist", not of dirty bombs, not of having to "fight them here", not of a nuclear Iran, not of planes blowing up, not of anthrax in the mail, not of Hamas, not of Hezbollah, not of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), or of terrorist cells in my backyard.

I am not afraid of any of the things that our government has worked so hard to scare me into believing is at my doorstep. Instead, I am afraid of our government. Can we forget about the lies that we were told over and over again by our leaders? Can we forget about the atrocities committed in our name? Can we forget the way the rest of the world sees this great nation now?

Can we stand by while legislation such as the Military Commissions Act dissolves our basic civil rights? Can we stand back and let our leaders listen to our phone calls, read our mail, investigate our library cards, or read our e-mails? I sincerely hope not.

Our president has given himself the authority to deem anyone at any place an enemy combatant. With this label, one can be arrested, detained indefinitely in Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) or some other military prison without charges being levied against them, and tortured.

Or, if they are lucky, they will be brought to trial.

Just not allowed to see or confront the evidence against them under the guise of national security.

It could be me for just writing this letter. It could be you for just reading it. Is this our country? Is this what the United States of America has turned into?

No more freedom of speech, lest we anger the president.

No more freedom of assembly, lest we anger the President.

No more right to a trial by a jury of our peers, no more protection against self-incrimination, unless you can withstand the torture.

We are at his mercy. We did the right thing during the November elections by taking steps to put an end to this lunacy. However, it can't stop there. We need to take a step back, Democrat and Republican alike, to examine the horrendous damage that has been done and continues to be done, to us, and in our name.

The Revolutionary War was fought by brave people for a noble cause. This country was founded by people who refused tyranny and oppression. The majority has spoken and now action is necessary.

Stand up for what is right by putting an end to the war in Iraq, the war on the American people, and the instigation of more wars on innocent people. Are we Americans or not?

To the American troops

Please understand that you have our unwavering support. We know that you have your duty and take it very seriously. Rest assured, we will get you home. The majority of your fellow Americans are trying everything they can to end this war. Please know that our hearts break each day when we hear the news of another fallen soldier. Most of us do not support this war, BUT WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.

Mr President, are you listening?

I know that you do not care about my feelings, or that of any other American. Sir, I voted for you the first time. I am deeply ashamed of it and will forever have the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on my hands because of it. Almost every person in the world knows you are wrong.

Almost every American citizen knows that you are wrong.

You surround yourself with only people who agree with you, until they agree no more. Don't you dare think that you stand for me or the vast majority of American people. You never have. We are not nearly as ignorant as you would like to believe we are.

So bide your time in office, Mr President. We are not going to allow you to destroy us anymore. Only a coward allows people to die instead of standing up like a man and admitting they were wrong. Know this sir, that legacy that you care for so much will forever be tainted with deception and death.

Brian Bloom

Uncle Sam Wants Your Oil - Or Else

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United Nations Participates in the Decade of Contact

by Institute for Cooperation in Space
from GaiaGuys Website
U.N. General Assembly Now Has Resolution To Establish United Nations Decade Of Contact & Diplomatic Relations With E.T.s

For the first time in almost 27 years, the United Nations General Assembly will be debating the issue of establishing diplomatic relations with advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

On December 16, 2005, a Resolution to establish a United Nations Decade of Contact was formally transmitted to the incoming President of the General Assembly, H.E. Jan Eliasson of Sweden by the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), a Non-Governmental Organization. President Eliasson was Sweden�s Ambassador to the United Nations from 2000 to 2005.

Almost to the day twenty-seven years ago, on December 18, 1978, the United Nations General Assembly voted to approve decision 33/426, inviting U.N. Member States,
"to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities."
Then U.S. President Jimmy Carter then supported the U.N. General Assembly�s decision. Carter himself had a close Encounter of the First Kind with a UFO (Night Light) in October 1969, in the company of 10 members of the Leary, Georgia Lion�s Club while he was running for Governor of Georgia. Four years later, while Governor of Georgia, Carter filed a public UFO sighting report, dated September 18, 1973.


Former Canadian Minister of Defence, Hon. Paul Hellyer has requested that the Canadian Parliament hold hearings on the issue of relations with Extraterrestrial civilizations. On September 25, 2005, at the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium held at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, former Minister of National Defence Hellyer stated:
"UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."
He stated,
"The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning. The time has come to lift the veil of secrecy, and let the truth emerge, so there can be a real and informed debate, about one of the most important problems facing our planet today."
Over 630,000 registered journalists and 283,000 registered media outlets world-wide have downloaded a November 24, 2005 Thanksgiving Day (USA) Yahoo News story of Mr. Hellyer�s request to the Canadian Parliament.

Mr. Hellyer, Canada�s former Minister of Defense, supports a United Nations Decade of Contact. In the introduction to a recent book, EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE, by ICIS International Director Alfred Lambremont Webre, Mr. Hellyer writes,
"To turn us in the direction of re-unification with the rest of creation Alfred Lambremont Webre is proposing a �Decade of Contact� - an �era of openness, public hearings, public funded research, and education about extraterrestrial reality.� That could just be the antidote the world needs to end its greed-driven, power-centered madness."
A United Nations Decade of Contact has four Objectives:
(1) DISCLOSURE - Governmental disclosure related to Extraterrestrial Presence
(2) DECADE OF CONTACT - Public funding of a 10 year process of public education and research about the Extraterrestrial Presence
(3) DISARMAMENT - A permanent ban on all space-based weapons and warfare in space through a Space Preservation Treaty Conference
(4) DIPLOMACY - Public Interest UNITED NATIONS Diplomacy with ethical Off-Planet Cultures now visiting Earth
The Disclosure Project, a U.S.-based non-profit organization, on May 9, 2001, held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in which numerous high-level military-intelligence, governmental and private sector witnesses publicly described experiences and evidence establishing that advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations are interacting with our terrestrial civilization at this time.

A military-intelligence spying technology known as "remote viewing" originally developed at Stanford Research Institute in the mid-1970s by Dr. Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ has yielded replicable data regarding the existence of Off-Planet cultures now visiting Earth.

On May 20, 2005, Brazil, a major U.N. Member Nation took official measures in support of a United Nations Decade of Contact. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) openly allowed examination of classified UFO documents in several military facilities in Brasilia, the Federal Capital.

The United Nations General Assembly has voted in favor of a treaty banning weapons and warfare in space. The last time a United Nations vote was held on this issue was on December 8, 2003, when the General Assembly voted 174 - 0, with four lone abstentions (Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, United States of America).

Reached for comment, one Non-Governmental spokesperson stated,
"We are certain 2006 will be a banner year for official disclosure of an advanced Extraterrestrial presence, and for the beginnings of a United Nations Decade of Contact."

"The long wait is almost over."

Christ Michael Speaks ~ Jess
Journal 1-13-06
Christ Michael, I ask for words from you this evening, if you can speak with me. I ask for strength and insight into the events that seem to be happening. I ask for comments I can pass on, if you have things you want to tell us at this point. I wait with anticipation and excitement and curiosity as to what will be the direction. Speak with me today, if the time is right.
Jess, I will speak with you this evening. This is a time unlike no others in the history of your planet. This is the beginning of the changes we have been working to set in place these last twenty years. We have constructed a global scenario that will encumber all the millions of inhabitants that will decide to be involved with it. This is the scenario for change and for the revitalization of Mother Earth.
This has not come without a major price for you to pay in terms of your comfort and your necessities of existence. I wish there were some other way this could have taken place, but it was necessary in the stream of energy that you as a civilization have allowed to manifest. This is to your way of thinking a disgrace and an unnecessary waste of resources and time. This has taken much longer than we initially anticipated. We didn't foresee the intensity of the resistance, nor did we imagine the depth of intrigue the resistors would undertake to prevent our peaceful transition.
You may find that an unexpected statement. How can God to your way of thinking not know everything that is happening and be able to prevent anything he chooses? I am your Creator, but I gave you the free will to make your own decisions and your own choices as to which path you will take to pursue your vision. I am pleased to enjoy your exploration and your discoveries. You are living your own unique set of circumstances, and I am learning from your adventures. I say that because I am part of you. I am part of all, and the experiences you have are also my experiences. The process of life is an ongoing adventure, and each individual has his or her own set of parameters that define them as an individual. The experiences you each have are uniquely yours. No one else has had them in such a way as you are experiencing them. This is why I say you are learning with me and for me. You are experiencing a most unique set of living conditions on Earth, and I am thrilled beyond measure at your ability to deal with the circumstances that present themselves to you.
What is happening, you ask again. There will be an announcement soon. This next week is the tentative time we are considering. I will not say anything more definitely to you. The parameters are almost all in place. The money is being controlled finally. The administration has decided to give in to our nonnegotiable demands. You ask why this has taken so long. For a variety of reasons. The entities that have inhabited the bodies of the public personae are resistant to our entreaties because they have no way of connecting with our intent. They do not feel the reluctance or the compassion you do. They are operating in an artificial mode that is difficult to stop or countermand. It is difficult for us to anticipate what they will do beyond a determination of what they have done previously. There is no guarantee they will act in a recurring pattern, although they have a fixed notion they are acting upon They adapt to the daily and hourly changing circumstances and present a constantly changing scenario of possible action. This is difficult to anticipate and prevent.
The entities' makers have now abdicated their control, and they are winding down even as we speak. There will be little time they have left to continue to operate in the fashion they have been. There is now no way for them to be renewed or recharged. This is much like the Energizer bunny with the battery running down.
Now is the time for you all to begin your desires for immediate action. The power of your intent is what will cause the shift in vacillators who have still not determined which way to go. Look at the new that has been revealed. Look at the detail you now see concerning the banking fiasco. Look at the stupidity that the blind administration has worked with the lead the military to the brink of a disaster even more heinous than experienced previously. You have the evidence. Make your determinations and your decision to support what we are now undertaking. The time is here. You must be willing to step forward with us. This is easy to envision in a projected scenario. It is harder to actualize once the actions begin to be public. Stay balanced and compassionate. Do not criticize or find fault. Everything has led to this point. Everything you have done has played your role in this drama that is unfolding. You each have fulfilled your game plan up to this point. You can, of course, continue to examine your actions and see if you can do more to achieve your own goals and purpose. That is your task here. You have come to actualize your purpose, and you have made the choices that have led you to the place you are now. This is not something to criticize or judge of any other. You don't know what their path has been, nor do you know what their seemingly offensive actions have led you to do for yourself that you would not have been motivated previously to do.
Wait for the call and the announcement. It is soon. The action has begun. The long wait is almost over.