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Matthew - 2008Oct22

October 22, 2008

1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this
station. Although the economy globally and the presidential election
in the United States are of greater interest worldwide, I begin by
addressing an issue that has aroused feelings that include
disappointment, disillusionment and anger among those who expected
to see a large lightship October 14 and "I knew it was a hoax" from
other quarters. The announcement was not a hoax, and we honor the
radiant soul who received the message about the ship's appearance
and courageously disseminated it.

2. The crew and passengers who intended to be evident in your skies
on that day were much more disappointed than you—they have long been
in a state of eagerness and readiness. You awaited their scheduled
appearance for only a few weeks; they have awaited for several years
the abatement of belligerence and violence on the planet so safety
could be assured to all who would hail the unveiling of their
presence. However, they feel no anger toward the ones in government
who pooh-pooh their very existence and at the same time are
developing weaponry to annihilate the spacecrafts. Nor do the ship's
occupants feel disillusioned because some who were longing to see
the ship now regard its occupants as promise-breakers or too weak to
deal with all potentials in the air and on the ground or exceedingly
foolish for having announced the date when they would show

3. It is so that lighted sources of telepathic information refrain
from giving specific times for any event because of the many
variables that can and often do alter a situation—only if you had
the benefit of our vantage point could you understand as we can the
effects of constant energetic fluctuations. If you were given
precise dates, your hopes and optimism would rise, and if those
times could not be met for a cogent reason, it is natural that you
could feel They let us down. But it also is true that you are weary
of hearing "soon" and want concrete evidence that it is not a
fantasy that your space brotherhood are helping you end third
density's violence and corruption. Absolutely they are, but since
their help isn't in a form you can see, like an electrician
replacing bad wiring, doubts about any extraterrestrial help were
setting in along with fear that the planet's many precarious
situations are beyond salvaging. Those kinds of feelings add more
negativity to disperse, so it was agreed by all involved in the
appearance plan that in this rare exception to generalities insofar
as a timeline, the date when the ship would uncloak itself would be
given. Regarding the opinions that announcing that date was foolish
because it gave the dark ones time to prepare something sinister, I
shall tell you that for quite some time they have been well prepared
in every minute, or so they think, to prevent the world from knowing
the truth that our space family is ever-present.

4. I believe it is called "Monday morning quarterbacking" when
criticism is leveled at the players because their game plan went
splendidly until the last moments, when it went awry—but why it did
can be explained only after the fact. In this case, the appearance
of a large ship for a period of days to show everyone "We come in
peace, not conquest" was the game plan, and it went awry shortly
before the uncloaking was scheduled, when ground intelligence
notified the ship commander that the safety net on the planet
appeared to have been compromised. The conclusion was that a delay
with all its repercussions was far better than risking the
possibility of jeopardy to those who would joyously rally to see
undeniable proof, They ARE here! Your space brotherhood understood
that their decision would incur strong reactions, even their loss of
credibility with some souls, but safety for all on the planet was
and will continue to be the decisive factor determining their
activities. While the dark ones' efforts to destroy the ship would
be futile—large ships have more powerful protective mechanisms than
small reconnaissance craft—the attempts could have injurious fallout
for the populace. If you are among those who publicized the event to
family and friends who now are laughing, don't be dismayed—very
likely they will join in the rejoicing when the ship does appear.

5. Please do not think there was only negative response to the
delay! Mother, please copy the email I asked you to save because it
is a lovely example of the grace with which many people reacted.

"Boy, judging by the reaction of some folks to the no-show,
I wouldn't come either if I was an ET. Actually, judging from my
own reaction to the entire event, and listening to my inner guides,
I'd have to say that the event, such as it was, was actually a
success, as it got a whole bunch of people thinking about what WOULD
happen if they DID show up. It's sort of like a dry run to get
everybody thinking and juiced up. Otherwise they probably WOULD
have BLOWN people's MINDS (literally!). What's a few more weeks or
months after all these years anyway. They'll show up at the right

6. Thank you, Mother. Many others also accepted the non-appearance
with equanimity, patience and no loss of conviction that the ship
will come, and this is most gratifying to lighted souls in body or
spirit everywhere. Let me correct myself— "come" is not the right
word because it signifies that the ship has left your vicinity, and
it has not. It is so close to you that a few especially attuned
souls sense its presence "under wraps," which can be removed in an
instant—their cloaking/uncloaking technology is quite astonishing.
That said, I shall stick out my neck and add that you will see this
ship "soon"!

7. This is a good time to mention something I have been thinking
about. Readers who are familiar with my messages and the books know
that I don't ever use the term "First Contact," and since it is in
popular usage, you may have wondered why I don't. It's because it
implies that there has been no contact between Earth humankind and
other civilizations, and the truth is, only when no life at all
existed on the planet have souls from other civilizations not been
there. When the planet was populated in ancient times, the peoples
recognized those in their midst who were from other worlds, just as
all who were knew their origins and heritage. In more recent times,
most of Earth's peoples had lost the awareness that always some
souls from higher civilizations were in the planetary population,
and today only a comparative few know that a number of highly
evolved souls have come from outer space to live and work alongside

8. For eons spaceships have traveled to your homeland planet, and
for well over sixty years, thousands have been nearby, including
mother ships whose occupants have been assisting Earth— without
their help, her planetary body would have died and none of you would
be there today. Although not reported in US media, elsewhere
reported sightings of small craft have become almost ho-hum; and
those kinds of crafts have long been landing in isolated areas where
safety is certain, most often in the Far East and Latin America.
Frequently the crews mingle with the residents, who intuitively know
they are from distant homelands and welcome them. However, the
visitors who met with your government leaders fifty or so years ago
were not received in the peaceful spirit in which they came. Those
who weren't killed were soundly rebuffed when they offered to share
their technology in exchange for those heads of state halting all
warfare and destroying instead of increasing their arsenals.

9. There are civilizations living within the hollow Earth and
occasional meetings of one or more of them and surface folks—Admiral
Byrd's diary describes his group's friendly reception and the beauty
of the people and their environment. And telepathic communication
between some souls on Earth and those in other civilizations has
been going on "close to forever."

10. So I don't know how the term "First Contact" was coined, and I
must confess that I don't know exactly what it means to those who
use it. However, I surmise that it refers to the day when greetings
with handshakes and hugs can occur around the world and the
long "cover-up" ends with thunderous shouts of Hooray! And that will
indeed be momentous contact—it will be the first in most Earth
humans' conscious memory.

11. Now then, the economy. None of the measures being taken to shore
up the stability of banks and other financial institutions will work
as intended, which is to keep control of the titanic wealth in the
hands of the powerful few. That is the good news. The bad news is
well known: More jobs and businesses and homes are being lost even
as the ones responsible for those losses are being "rescued" to
continue their malicious manipulation of the global economy. While
the Illuminati diehards are refusing to accept that their long reign
of massive corruption is over, some among the ranks are seeing the
utter futility of those measures and jumping ship, so to say; and
any ideas about replacing the dollar with AMERO currency are as
unworkable as any concerns about that change are needless.

12. However, please do not expect an abrupt change for the better
when the new US presidential administration takes over—they will
inherit a horrendous mess that will take time to correct. Correction
must start in that country, where the Federal Reserve vulture holds
sway, and correct it the new leaders will, but there is such
commotion in Earth's energy field of potential at this moment that
it's not possible to discern how long global reformation will take.

13. We have been asked how people around the world will weather the
effects of what finally is called what it is, an international
economic crisis, and we can only say that this is like in any other
situation on the planet: The universal law of attraction, or "like
attracts like," which is totally neutral and constantly in
operation, will serve each individual in accordance with his or her
perception of and reaction to personal situations. The energy sent
forth by those who see themselves as tragic victims will zoom out
and draw to itself the energy of thought forms in the "universal
soup" that match the individual's thoughts and feelings, and the
energy combination will manifest "tragic victim" circumstances for
the person to deal with. Those who feel genuine gratitude for what
they have will be provided with more to be grateful for, and the
energy of sharing with an open heart has the same positive result.

14. But always the foundation of weathering any distressing
situation is staying out of fear about it! The magnified energy of
fear assures that the law of attraction will bring fear-filled
circumstances to the fearful person. Knowing that out of the current
turmoil will come abundance for all will keep your spirits high and
your resolve strong if your outlook remains positive and you don't
allow the negativity of fear to intrude. Not only does fear beget
more of itself, but it is contagious—we urge you not to let that
negativity enter your energy stream and radiate out to afflict those
who are nearest and dearest to you!

15. Every one of Earth's humankind has had a lifetime, more likely
many lifetimes, of struggling to get food enough to keep from
starving to death. Within that cellular memory is the instinct that
gives strength of spirit and determination to survive; in this case,
it is making it through the temporary economic tumult and thriving
in the abundance at the end of the tunnel. It is true, though, that
millions in impoverished countries will not survive until tyranny
and greed end and abundance arrives. As sensitive, caring and
compassionate beings, you abhor the conditions that cause suffering
and so many deaths, and your efforts to end that kind of tragic
existence is godliness in action.

16. It is sad for us to see that kind of suffering too, even though
we understand what most peoples do not: Those souls in abject misery
did not embody to have a long, happy and healthy life—they came to
complete the karma they need to move out of third density, and by so
doing, they are successfully accomplishing their life's purpose. We
understand as well that this is known to them only at soul level,
and that is why we weep with them about their living and dying
circumstances. Even for ones who know about multiple lifetimes, who
know that those lived in health and splendor are balanced by others
in terror, disease and dire deprivation, it is difficult to
comprehend that such a cruel "fate" must befall anyone. At soul
level it is known that lifetimes are experienced simultaneously in
the continuum, where there is no linear time; but only in higher
states of consciousness is it possible to comprehend that in the
very same moment the soul who is suffering in one lifetime is
exalting in the beauty and joyousness of another.

17. Let me return to the law of attraction for a moment to mention
another of its dimensions. If a spiritually evolved individual feels
uncomfortable or even repulsed when meeting a stranger, it is
because their energy fields are so incompatible—there is no "like"
to attract "like." When that same individual feels strongly
attracted to a stranger, it is "like attracting like"; without
consciously knowing that the stranger has qualities of compassion,
honor, helpfulness, honesty and a sense of justness, the individual
experiences soul-to-soul recognition of those components in that
person's energy make-up.

18. It may seem to be a giant leap from that statement to the
presidential election in the United States, but it is not such an
illogical transition when you think of the lighted soul who left his
homeland planet to be the next leader of that country. Because
nothing has changed in that respect since our last report, there is
little else to say except that almost everyone is feeling relieved
that the day of voting is imminent. Ah yes, let me reply here to
readers' questions. Regarding the suspicions raised about Barack
Obama's citizenship, when God authorizes a willing soul to accept a
position of critical importance, nothing so minor as a technical
interpretation—or a "smear campaign"—can interfere. As for Obama's
supporting the "economic bailout," it is incumbent upon him to
maintain the appearance of being in agreement with the Illuminati
faction members who thrust him from relative obscurity into the
presidential candidacy; once in office, his actions will show where
his heart and soul truly are, and that is not with perpetuating the
corruption and deception that some feel he is aligned with. To those
who cannot see the light in Obama, we say, "Be patient; you will."

19. Have no worries about another stolen election. Quite aside from
what can be thought of as a "universal choice," the unstoppable
momentum we reported a few months ago is becoming so evident that
rigging votes to favor McCain would cause such national outrage that
the Illuminati group backing him would not risk a demand for
a "transparent" investigation. There is another consideration here,
too. I am not saying that the election is not still of interest to
the pro-McCain group, but if ever anything could be a "common cause"
for the Illuminati's two factions and the groups within each, it is
preservation of their vast fortunes, and their increasingly feeble
hold on the global economy has become an overwhelming concern to all
of them.

20. I believe all the other questions can be answered thusly: The
combination of Obama's innate wisdom and leadership experience from
lifetimes in spiritually and intellectually evolved civilizations
and the light that increasingly is raising consciousness of Earth
humankind will heal the divisiveness evident in the current ferocity
of political haranguing; the new administration will welcome the
assistance of your space brothers and sisters when they can offer it
overtly, and it will be in whatever form is needed, from new
technologies to educational aids for students and mass media to new
construction methods and materials. I hasten to add that the same
extraterrestrial assistance will be offered worldwide.

21. It is a joy for us that Ecuadorian citizens will be voting on a
new constitution that includes national recognition of the rights of
Nature. This noteworthy inclusion is an example of how the light is
literally illuminating individuals' pathways around your world, and
how we wish you could see this from our vantage point—bleak outlooks
as to what Earth will be like for future generations would vanish in
an instant!

22. Along this line, while it is definitely so that the current use
of fossil fuels is not healthy for your environment and their
extraction is not healthy for Earth's planetary body, the scientific
controversy about global warming is a waste of energy. Melting
glaciers and icebergs and weather anomalies are paving the way to a
favorable climate globally, to the restoration of barren lands so
they can become arable again and the end of both the hottest and the
polar regions. Yes, this means that some animal species will become
extinct, those that cannot adapt to the serious changes in their
habitats; but others will be able to adjust to the changes and
flourish. Gradually all animals will become herbivores and the
outcry to kill numbers of "predators" will cease. In the meantime,
please continue your efforts to protect all animal life, to stop the
terrible abuse and end the slaughtering on land and in the seas.
Humans' inhumane treatment of animals has caused a staggering amount
of negativity for Earth to deal with.

23. Now I shall lump together the assortment of questions about what
can be anticipated on the "first day of the Golden Age," to quote
one writer. But first I say, your world could be transformed into
the Golden Age in the twinkling of an eye IF that belief and vision
were in the collective consciousness, but it is not and so all the
changes will be a process. Also please remember that the glories of
the Golden Age will be available only to the souls who absorb the
light that will enable physical survival along Earth's ascension
journey into the high frequencies of fifth density. When the bodies
of those who refuse the light no longer can sustain viability, the
souls will go to worlds where the energy matches their lifetime
energy and where they will have other opportunities to raise their
consciousness and evolve spiritually.

24. So then, there will be no clear demarcation between third
density ending and the Golden Age beginning, and there cannot be
a "coordinated end" of all activities based in darkness. Ridding
Earth of toxicity will be given high priority as advancement in
other ways will require a healthy environment, so all pollutants,
including radiation from depleting uranium, will be dematerialized
or neutralized quite rapidly with your space family's technology.
Other situations that have been a plague on the planet—wars,
murders, rape and other violence; man-made diseases and weather;
governments' surveillance of citizens; police brutality, unjust
laws, false accusations and imprisonment; sales of weaponry and
other war equipment; sex slavery, child molestation, pornography—ALL
issues derived from the influence of the darkness—will diminish
until they cease entirely because of peoples' heightened
consciousness and spiritual clarity.

25. Likewise there will be no abrupt shift from one extreme to the
other in what I shall call "daily living." Diseases and debilitating
conditions will be treated increasingly with natural remedies and
energy movement until all people are healthy in body, mind and
emotions; this includes those whom you call "special needs" persons
and ones missing limbs or vision or hearing. Adaptations will be
phased into electrical, electronic and mechanical areas as photons
become as numerous as electrons and then dominate Earth's energy
field. Your customary modes of transportation and the energy that
powers them will gradually give way to new vehicle designs, and
energy sources that even now are being developed will come into
common usage; with continued advancement in intellect and
spirituality, eventually you will be able to teleport around the
planet and astrally travel to other worlds. Wireless communication
instruments that are damaging to health will be modified to
eliminate their hazardous features; utility poles and wires will go
underground or be eliminated; there will be no need for surveillance
mechanisms, including in your televisions, so they will disappear;
and yes, everyone will have the ability to communicate

26. I believe that covers all the questions, but there is much more
to look forward to during the period of transition from now through
2012 and henceforth, as I described in a previous message [December
31, 2007 in "Matthew's Messages" on].

27. Souls at this station learned that in lower densities we kept
introducing complexities into our lives and as we progressed in our
evolvement, life became simpler and its purpose clearer. Creator and
God intended souls' lives to be loving, joyous and fulfilling in the
ONENESS of ALL. Relating that and other universal truths always has
been the primary objective of the four books and seventy-some
messages since their publication. If I were tasked with summarizing
all that information into a few succinct guidelines to help you
along your spiritual journey, they would be these: Know that you are
a part of God, inseparable from Him and all other souls in this
universe. Love and forgive self and others. Be fearless,
compassionate, kind and honorable. See blessings and feel gratitude
for them. Be discerning as you keep your mind open to learning.
Trust and follow your intuition. If I had to be even briefer: Love
is the key to everything.

28. And now, on behalf of all souls at this station, I bid you
loving farewell in word only as we are with you every step along
your pathway.


Suzanne Ward

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