Thursday, November 13, 2008

FBI Building Attacked Over Obama Attempt To Find Bush-Clinton Billions

Normally we caution everyone NOT to read this intel source. However, every once in a while some accurate content is slipped in...for some Intel purpose. This is one of those rare situations. We hear that the info about the 'incident' at FBI HQ did actually happen. This appears to be an internal Rothschild-Rockefeller battle with Obama being a Rothschild asset, who has the ability to transmute some of this polarization into light. There will be more evidence soon that he will not wait until the formal Inauguration to take other necessary actions in coordination with others.
We got a text message this AM from Rana Mu, our 12D Galactic WingMaker, that indeed all the portals to Orion, other possible support or refuges, were closed and sealed at Midnight last night. The darkones must now find their end here, as there is no escape to the moon, Mars or Orion. All earth-based sanctuaries are also going to be off-limits with "UnWelcome" signs out in Paraguay, in Dubai, and in underground locations. It is a distinct possibility that both W & VP holograms will be retired, shortly. MarkH

November 12, 2008

FBI Building Attacked Over Obama Attempt To Find Bush-Clinton Billions

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

Russian Intelligence reports on President-Elect Obama are stating that he was indeed aptly codenamed by the US Secret Service as ‘renegade’ after his swift moves against the powerful Bush-Clinton-CIA drug cartel by ‘unleashing’ fellow Chicago ally, and Bush-Clinton nemesis, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, against the vast billions in illegal drug profits believed still hidden in offshore banks by the Bush Family.

US Attorney Fitzgerald, these reports say, was one of the ‘key’ figures tapped by America's Top Generals to assist Obama in gaining the US Presidency and toppling the Bush-Clinton-CIA Empire which during their nearly 30 year reign has brought the United States to the brink of bankruptcy and total ruin.

So catastrophic has the situation in the United States become that when Obama ‘demanded’ that the Bush-Clinton backed US Federal Reserve Bank disclose the whereabouts of $2 Trillion belonging to the US Government they refused to answer him and which caused experts to declare that the United States was about to lose its ‘AAA’ credit rating.

[Note: The US Federal Reserve does not belong to the United States and is a private banking system allowing the US government to only appoint its leader from a list of ‘approved’ applicants they submit to the President.]

Ominously however these reports say that when FBI and Military Forces loyal to Obama and under the direction of US Attorney Fitzgerald attempted to gain access to the main FBI Headquarters building in Washington during their Veterans Day Holiday, where the most secretive files on the Bush-Clinton-CIA drug cartel are kept, they were met by ‘strong resistance’ which left 2 FBI agents dead.

US propaganda media sources are reporting this battle as being caused by an ‘electrical fire’ and which caused the FBI Headquarters to be evacuated, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service:

“Authorities say the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., was briefly evacuated because of a small electrical fire in the basement. D.C. fire department spokesman Alan Etter says there appeared to have been an electrical fire in a utility room underneath the building. Etter said officials received a call from inside the building around 4:15 p.m. about a loud, explosion-like noise and smoke coming from the ventilation system. The few people working on the holiday had to leave the building but were later allowed to return.”

[It should be further noted that the American people are among the most censored in the World as it pertains to their propaganda media allowing them to know the truth and are ranked as 36th on the Press Freedom Index in a spot shared by Bosnia and Herzegovina. As an example of this it is only now that these people are being told the truth that Georgia’s US backed military had invaded Russian territory and began the indiscriminate killing of civilians causing their August war with Russia.]

To the deeper background lying behind Obama’s battle in destroying the Worldwide Bush-Clinton-CIA drug empire we have reported on many times previously, including our November 6th report “Obama Forces Launch ‘Furious’ Assault Against Bush-Clinton-CIA Nazi Coup Plotters”.

These reports also state that forces loyal to Obama have further targeted the World’s largest bank UBS, located in Switzerland, for hiding in their coffers billions of dollars owned by the Bush-Clinton-CIA cartel, and to which Obama himself has ‘singled out’ this banking giant as being the protector of American ‘tax cheats’.

These reports further mention that former Texas US Senator, and top McCain advisor, Phil Gramm is one of UBS’s top American executives and was ‘put in charge’ of protecting these billions by Bush himself.

To the likelihood that any of these International criminals will ever be brought to justice in the United States there is, perhaps, no more poignant example of it, not happening, than the death this week of one of Americans top war criminals, Vietnam War Veteran William Doyle and of whom we can read:

“William Doyle, a tough-talking Vietnam War veteran who helped lead a decorated platoon that killed hundreds of unarmed civilians in a case concealed by the Pentagon for decades, died Nov. 6 in Springfield, Mo. He was 75. Doyle bragged that he shot so many civilians that he lost count. “We killed anything that moved,” he told reporters from The Toledo Blade for a series that won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize. “My only regret is that I didn't kill more.”

Our ‘only regret’ though is that the American people remain asleep while the World around them continues its plunge into the abyss and continue to deny the rights of their existence.

© November 12, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

Translation to Spanish by: Sister Maru Barraza, Mazatlán, Mexico

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Atmos 12-November-2008

Atmos 12-November-2008

Wonderful uplifting energies from space continue to bathe the Earth, and your progress towards Ascension moves ever onwards. Already the result can be seen as more people find their consciousness is opening to the truth. The resultant upliftment and increase in vibrations is isolating the dark forces even further, and their efforts to overcome the Light is proving impossible. Some are vulnerable to their fear laden tactics are still struggling to find the truth. However, the Light will continue to increase in its power, and may even yet open the eyes of those who are still held in the dark.

The coming weeks are going to be so important, as you assess how you are to rise up out of the calamities that have befallen you. It would seem that the challenges are too formidable, but be assured there are plans that will take shape very soon that will come to your rescue. There is much that needs to happen to clear out the old systems that have no place in them. A new Earth and a new way of life are to manifest, and they presently rest in the visions that you hold that will sweep the old away. You are the creators of your reality and we shall assist you in bringing the changes about. There is already talk of how your problems must be approached from a different angle, and the opportunity to bring in new ideas will be taken.

The suddenness with which you have collapsed is not surprising to us, and it was predictable as you could not sustain the old ways of financial dealings. That you must approach the problem differently is quite obvious, and you have those amongst you those who have sufficient foresight to see the answers. The changes will inevitably cause hardships but that is the price you must pay to move into a new way of living. Once established, you will then find abundance and freedom from the old ways of lack and restricted freedom. The answers lie in working towards the benefits of the NESARA act that will provide the answers to your needs. The World Trust that will launch the benefits is well protected, and will be released at the appropriate time.

There is a period now approaching when many important decisions will be made, and they will lay down the basis for everything else that needs to follow. Given time and your support the direction you are going into will become apparent. It will not be backwards and re-establish the old paradigm, it is the time for bold decisions and the confidence to do exactly what is required to go forward. You have many souls of the Light now coming up who have answered the call, and will provide the expertise necessary. There are even many amongst those of the old regime, who given the chance have the inner knowing of what is required. It will be prudent and sensible to give them your support, as others will decry their appointment.

At last you have the prospect of Lightworkers finding their way into positions of authority, with the power to guide you towards fulfillment. We have to ask you, do you really believe that the powers of those that oversee your evolution, would be less than the dark forces? The plans for your release from them have been in place for eons of time, and it was known that you would enter a period of intense Light and you are in that time now. See beyond what is happening now as the emergence of the plan for your freedom, and the opening of the pathway to Ascension. As you must know by now the cycle must end within a few years, and at the same time allow you to move onto a new path. There cannot be any other conclusion to your time in duality, it has been decreed as such and it will be so.

We of the Galactic Federation are of necessity fully aware of our role in the end times. We await our orders to proceed with the final open contact with you, and that will be the start of an extremely interesting and active time for you all. We work with you, Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Beings, and together we represent your release from the last gasps of the dark forces. They must be removed before global control is co-ordinated and directed in a way that benefits you as planned. We will contact all governments as part of our protocol, and it will be made clear that total co-operation is expected. We come to work with you on a plan that is to lift up your world and your people. It is worldwide in its scope, and will address problems that have brought about your present conditions.

Eons of time ago your Earth was prepared for your coming, and was a veritable Garden of Eden. Civilizations grew and Man reached peaks of development only to repeatedly fall from grace. The higher vibrations were gradually lowered until you lost sight of your spiritual heritage. From thereon you have groveled in the darkness and lost your way, as successive civilizations were guilty of their own demise. Your final cycle is now playing itself out, and unlike previous ones is destined to signal your success. Instead of falling to the dark influences, you are now on course to move fully into the Light. It has taken our presence and that of many Light Beings from the higher realms, to guide you safely to this important time in your evolution. You will safely reach the end-times as intended, and much credit must go to those Lightworkers who came to Earth for that purpose.

Life is ever ongoing, and every experience holds good for your future. You chose to enter this cycle of duality, as a great challenge to survive the temptation to be pulled into the lower vibrations. You knew that you would likely forget your true being, but also that you would never be deserted or denied by God. There is no shame or disgrace attached to your experiences throughout your time on Earth. They are just experiences however negatively you may view them, but what is important are the lessons you have learned from them. It is often referred to as a game and if you can see it that way, you may accept that you have all taken dark and Light roles. Perhaps you may also accept that the experiences have benefited you as far as your evolution is concerned. They have provided you with a greater understanding of the lower vibrations and power of the Light, and you have still risen up unharmed.

I am Atmos a Sirian, and we greatly appreciate the sacrifices you have all made in the interests of furthering your spiritual understanding. You are wonderful souls and we love you immensely.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Diane 10-November-2008

Diane 10-November-2008

You can say with some confidence, that it is all happening now because the first real changes that you can see taking place are in the public domain. The next 3 months are going to be very revealing, although much that has been planned is still occurring behind the scenes. If you ever wanted proof that people power was the energy that brought about a major political change in the U.S., you will not for the time being have a better example. It has allowed those who support the plan for open and honest politics, to add their energy to what already exists. There will be no going back to the old ways, and the outgoing establishment will have little influence on the plan to move forward.

We talk of the importance of our allies and you ask who are they, but we are not at liberty to give names. We do however have so many obvious supporters in the political arena, and these are names that have become prominent and well known to you. They do not know necessarily that their efforts are aligned to ours, but can be considered as Lightworkers. Anyone working in this capacity in whatever walks of life, are contributing to bringing more Light to Earth. Some of our contacts are fully aware of their link to us and although we rarely meet them openly, there are many occasions when we do so in the period of your sleep time.

We take you on board our ships, and if you had a waking memory of such visits you would recall seeing many other humans. It is not open to you all as it is necessary to be of the higher vibrations to meet at our level. You will for example discuss your plans with us, and we do work together to manifest them upon Earth. Sometimes you get strong feelings of what these visits were about, and you most certainly feel a natural bond with us. One obvious reason is that you are in fact us, and have taken a human incarnation for the very purpose of serving directly from Earth. You are far from alone in your work, and there are absolutely thousands of you involved in bringing the first open contact about. You are found in all sectors of industry and public institutions, but many of you are simply carrying the Light and uplifting Humanity.

Those of you linked with us feel no apprehension or fear about our presence, as you are already in harmony with our vibrations. The more you lift them up in your personal journey towards Ascension, the more you align yourself with us. Some souls have little interest in our presence and lack the understanding of our purpose for being here at this time. We represent an intrusion into their lives when they would rather continue as they are at present. That is fine and we do nothing to directly convince them otherwise. Our presence will eventually move people to reconsider their position where we are concerned, and their needs will not be ignored. We are here for everyone and it is up to you whether you accept us as your brothers and sisters from Space.

Once we are able to come within your midst, it will not be long before our intentions and actions are seen to be honorable and with your well being in mind. Announcements made about us and supported by your leaders, will be sufficient to put you at ease and demonstrate that we come to you in total love and peace. We cannot work with people who are against us, and that is why it is imperative that changes take place in the Halls of Power. We come with answers to your problems, and in many cases it is the sheer magnitude of them that needs our help. You are rapidly going into decline and need a boost to re-establish the workings of the market place. An important part of our plan is to kick start your economy and align it with a system that works in everyone’s interests. We see new ideas already emerging and some of that is influenced by us. It is a hard fight to introduce new ideas, and your Illuminati and their minions still cling to their own agenda. However, their attempts to derail progress towards a new age of cooperation and sharing of wealth will fail.

To say these are interesting times is an understatement, as they are the most important ones you will have experienced for many thousands of years. Everyone stands at the crossroads of evolution, and either you choose to go forward and move to a new timeline or remain in your present dimension. You cannot fail to be touched by the higher energies, but if you cannot assimilate them into your being you will eventually leave the new Earth that is emerging. With First Contact there will be clear and open discussions with you, using your conventional systems of communication. You will be left in no doubt as to our reason for being with you, and the plan for the remaining years of this cycle.

In us you will see your own future, as before long you will have elevated yourselves to our levels and your consciousness will have expanded accordingly. It is so essential that you let go of the old ways of thinking, as they are so rigid and holding you back. Allow for the fact that you are sovereign Beings and entitled to your freedom from the control of the dark forces. You have been used and enslaved for so long you have accepted it as normal, and it is now the time to take back what is yours. You are great Beings rediscovering your true reality, and with it comes a release from the conditioning that has held you back. Consequently you are also allowing your consciousness to awaken to your Godself. Believe in yourself and use your powers to attract the higher energies to Earth. In this way you will be doing as much as can be asked of you.

I am Diane from Sirius, and can tell you that we of the Galactic Federation love your resolve and determination to overcome adversity. It is a human quality born of many lives upon Earth that have made you strong and resilient There is no doubt that your consciousness levels are rapidly growing, and with it comes the opportunity to express the latent Love and Light that is you. You are healers and messengers for the higher forces, and each one of you can play their part in bringing Light to Earth. Take time to go within and follow your intuitive promptings, you will find the answers to your problems. Gradually you will acquire the strength and willpower to stand firm in your own Light. We can then say that you have joined us on the path to your Ascension. You are becoming the Lighted Ones of Love, and your energies are creating the way for others to follow you.

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Is this real? Is this what we have been waiting for? Raven

On Nov 4, Election Day, Ashtar made a clear statement: "NESARA IS NOW THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!"

When George W failed to comply with Basel II by the deadline on 9/30/08, he forfeited his power. The next day, Oct 1, 2008, Basel II went in to effect and the King of Swords exercised his Martial Law Authority to advance program funds to comply. KOS sent in teams to the major banks to replace the ousted ones and to prepare the infrastructure for NESARA. All Gold and Precious Metals backed currency are now in the banks and await the signal to commence operations INSIDE NESARA Law.

On Oct 2, we officially were placed within NESARA Law, not under, Inside. W and VP were placed under House arrest and Nancy Pelosi exercised some of her emergency powers as Acting President. NONE of this was officially Announced.

Faction two has for years been talking about "Packages and Deliveries". That is all Faction Two Fiction and was connected with their own Faction One/Two Banker Plans and Country Settlement funds, which will NOT be paid to criminals at any level, as it is also stolen money. The President of Germany has also been a double agent because she knew where the Gold was kept after it was removed from the Philippines in 1994. Faction Three has had the Sole responsibility for economic blessings since the '70s. All such are safe and complete instructions will be contained in the documents all recipients of the programs will receive by men working for the King of Swords and not any private delivery services as has been suggested by others.

Faction Two Fictitious packages have nothing to do with the 78 Programs which are part of NESARA's funding.

As we have been advising for some time: Only Lady Master Nada can Announce NESARA and NO Deliveries will commence until after she so states on TV, at the time of our Announcement of NESARA.

Not one dime of settlements money has or will be paid to any Cabalistas. Congress was allowed to seal their own fate by the votes of the Senate and House of Representatives. The corrupt ones took the bribes and voted with the Cabal. The White Knights were told by St Germain to go along and to take the bribes and then those funds were sequestered as evidence. Not one dime was spent by any White Knights in Congress. This and several other recent events have taken place so that the corrupt ones would reveal themselves and write their own futures.

St Germain told them: "You have some difficult votes ahead of you. Be very mindful of the implications of those choices. Otherwise I'll see you on the other side of the veil."

So, as many of you have read, much publicity about what Paulson and company thought they had achieved. However, Mother Sekhmet told us that NOT ONE DIME OF THAT MONEY HAS BEEN RECEIVED. You might say that the bait was too irresistible for them to pass, so they went for it, and thereby sealed their fates.

INSIDE NESARA Law means that ACCOUNTABILITY has moved to the top of the priority list. Everyone is NOW accountable for every thing we do.

On Oct 30th, 10,000 ex-bankers, CEOs and associates caught red-handed stealing and fraudulently committing treason. The evidence was considered by Patrick Fitzgerald's 56 Grand Juries which met for more than 3 years. 10,000 guilty verdicts were rendered. Those ones were secretly arrested and temporarily taken to various US holding facilities. The KOE{King of Egypt} was in charge of that operation and ordered them brought to a location in Asheville, NC during the wee hours of 10/30 where all were placed on large transports and flown with FBI, CIA and Military escorts to the Hague. Many clones or holograms were put into place in many of these cases of high profile executives until this final series of actions.

Their crimes mandated the death penalty and they will never return. Many thousands of others have preceded them over the last 1 1/2 years to various confinement facilities in Europe, where average sentences of 25 years were applied by the World Court. This is all happening INSIDE NESARA Law.

On Nov 4th, Barack Obama and many others were elected and their oaths are not old paradigm oaths. All these ones and all appointees since 10/2 and continuing will be held totally accountable INSIDE NESARA Law and will be swiftly removed if they do not fulfill their oaths. Many selections for Cabinet level positions have begun to be made. Most of these ones are old dragon aligned/Rothschild subservient.

During our conference call tonight, Mother Sekhmet said: All of these ones are NOW in after-hours meetings at which they are being told: You are on the edge of your destiny, if you do not act appropriately you will be taking yourselves out. The old Trilateral/ CFR/ Rothschild or Rockefeller/Mossad contracts are ended and you are free to determine your future NOW.

The Ancient of Days is the Decider, not the Cabal, and they are being so advised now.

Nancy Pelosi, was called into after hours meetings tonight as well, and was told that 911 Accountability is NOW ON THE TABLE. That will require Congress to convene...and even she did not know that, at 5pm tonight, when she stated that unless Obama calls for an economic stimulus package tomorrow, no Lame Duck Session would be called. Dennis Kucinich and Barbara Boxer have stated on Air America Radio this week that 911 and Impeachment would be the means of full accountability for all these ones. That will now be called into action, in the House and Senate to meet their responsibilities and accountabilities. As many of you know, most of the congressional members will be criminally held responsible for their complicity. About 62 of the present ones are White Knights. The newly elected ones will have to meet integrity, honesty and accountability standards quite new to most politicians or they will be quickly removed and replaced. We have entered the New Golden Era of NESARA.

Barack Obama is scheduled to hold an Economic Press Conference Friday morning. We will see what he has to tell us about his plans. He is also aware that his alignment with the Rothschilds/Old Dragons is up for abrogation or cancellation. He is also on probation. If he makes the right decisions he will have the power transferred to him by Nancy Pelosi, because P and VP will be declared dead. That will come as a complete surprise to the Cabal, which thought that they had 100 days to make mischief, because Obama wasn't expected to have any authority until his Jan 20th Inauguration.

Three exceptions to the general requirements of NESARA Law involve Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama...all have been and still are, double agents, who 'stepped down' and were put back in place until the Announcement can be made. Thus they are White Knights who are still playing out the last steps of their important roles.

IRS is dissolved, except for refunds. There will be simple statements that can be written on any such statements received so that no payments will be necessary, except for requesting your refund check.

Federal Reserve has been absorbed into the US Treasury. Constitutional and Common Laws, Inside NESARA Law are restored and Statue Laws and Admiralty laws will no longer be the legal standard, even though no reversals will take place until after the Announcements are publicly proclaimed.

We are in the Announcement process since October 2nd.

Every action now must comply with those provisions. Mother Sekhmet said tonight that the meetings underway, as I write this, will change the marching orders of all congressional and other leaders effective tomorrow. Again, 911 is the key revelation that ties the treasonous deeds of all these ones together.

All arrests and removals will be accomplished prior to the official announcement. We are now going to see miraculous happenings. Everything you will see was set and is being implemented on an exact schedule determined in 1980, but which could not be revealed until now. We are going to be astounded by what happens and how fast it happens. Suspend your disbelief and just observe. We began Fiscal Year 2009 on Oct 1st. It all happens now.