Friday, October 10, 2008

CIA - The worlds' largest terrorist organization

Tuesday we reported that individual Congressmen
were intimidated into voting "Yes" on the
$700 billion Wall Street rip off.

(There are a lot of *other* things in that bill
that are much worse than the money being stolen...
more on that later.)

Yesterday, Wednesday, we heard from a man whose
career was based on arranging for massive loans
to governments and institutions that couldn't
possibly pay them back in order to gain control
over them.

He described his role as government-sponsored
and corporate-employed economic "hitman."

Today we hear from the former governor of
Minnesota about how the CIA has its own
permanent office in the governor's office.

The CIA and the other alpabet intelligence agencies
exist and we spend a lot of tax payer money on them.

But what exactly are they for?

The law says they are to provide intelligence
about foreign countries.

The reality is different.

Here's what the CIA et. al. have actually done
over the years:

1. Helped Nazi scientists and political operatives
find safe haven and government employment in the
United States after World War II (Operation Paper Clip)

2. Subverted - often violently - the governments of
countries with large oil holdings (Ira, Iraq) or
alternative economic policies (Chile, Guatemala)
and give support to the new dictators they put in

Ex-SEAL and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura
reveals a third role the CIA plays in American life:
surveilling and attempting to intimidate independent
political figures in the US.


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