Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update from Mark H

Today, Mother Sekhmet responded to additional questions I posed on this subject. MarkH

Today there were further changes affecting the Gulf of Aden Star Gate. As you know, on 1/11/09, we were told by Ashoka in Tibet that three pyramidal special purpose craft came in through StarGate Aden and took up stationary positions in the North, East and West of the StarGate. I intuited that they were to be used as a focusing lens.

Then the question was: What would they be focusing? Today Mother Sekhmet answered that and added more.

She said that I was correct as to the purpose of the pyramidal craft. Today, those pyramidal craft generated crystalline mirror images of themselves that are a 5D focus to receive activation commands and codes from the Great Central Sun. Those codes and commands will then send that information through the denser lens' craft and down into the base of the StarGate. As that occurs the portal to the Agartha Network of Inner Earth cities will be opened and the Agarthians will come up and into our dimension.

So, they will be coming to us instead of our going to them. That will completely blow the coverup of their presence within the earth and also of coverup of the Ashtar Command's presence here.

Of course,after NESARA's Announcement, appropriate ones of us that want to visit Agartha (i.e. Telos, Mikos, etc) can ask and get on the invitation lists to do that as they will be rolling out the red-carpet for us. That was also confirmed by Ashtar tonight during the Ashtar-on-the-Road CC.

Mother Sekhmet also told me that Sanat Kumara did conduct a 48-hour briefing in Tibet on the 11th as I reported and that there were decloakings over Mt Kailash in Tibet. She also reported that part of the purpose of the meetings was to introduce the King of Sword's Contingency Forces as part of Sanat Kumara's forces, which will be very involved in the coming actions. Those forces consist of Human-Galactics with highly advanced abilities and complete telepathic connectivity to each other and to KOS. No radios will be necessary for them to operate worldwide in complete real-time synchrony and harmony.

In my earlier post today, I mentioned the strange craft that Mother was in when Rama beamed up for the trip to Gaza City. That was indeed an unusual craft of Sirian origin and will be seen again in the coming activities. Other Sirian and Paschat craft are over the 164-square mile Gaza Strip monitoring.

Ashtar again assured everyone that NESARA is very real and several aspects are operative, which means being implemented, with Announcement process moving forward nicely to its conclusion.

The events we reported in Tibet, Gulf of Aden were also referred to tonight.

All of these are confirmations of each other and of the step-up in significant and openly-viewable actions, albeit still not being reported by the mainstream media.

Another point of importance is to absolutely state that War Crimes trials are coming to the Hague and that numbers of ones committing Treason have already been removed and Lady Master Nada is in complete charge of those events and has override authority to see that none escape their accountability. It was also mentioned that "bailout funds" are not going anywhere at this time and probably not until after 1/20 inauguration. Congress is not in the mood to approve any such disbursements. There is talk that Obama may be waiting until he is sworn in to cancel the bailout and use those funds for his Stimulus Package.

Any careful observer will now see that external actions and events are quickly escalating and surfacing.

In Gaza, the evidence now shows that Israel planned this attack 6 months ago and they broke the ceasefire first and are using prohibited white phosphorus on the civilian population. We will see whether the Israeli media or gov't mentions the 'loss' of 4 of their generals today.


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