Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell or Wild Fantasy? from Mark H

I've been very deeply taken inside for about 10 hours today to work on some reconfigurations of grids and would like to share some news.

Gulf of Aden Anomoly: This ancient stargate was originally embedded by Positive Niburians including Mother Sekhmet and an advanced group of Positive Annunaki before the renegades ever started messing with this planet.

The physical description: A circular vortex ring of about 1 Mile in diameter extending down through what would otherwise be, water, and into an opening into Telos and the Agartha Network. It also extends upward about 1 mile or more and is sustained by GF Technologies consisting of non-earth-sourced metallic rings suspended above the surface for at least 1 mile. Outside of this base ring at about 5 miles distance are the several hundreds of Naval Vessels of the world's navies, who are monitoring this 'Anomoly'.

For those not yet familiar with this story I'll note that the StarGate--that's what it is--self-activated as a sentient intelligence and portal--over the last approximately one month's time.
A week ago we received high level intelligence--from 38 levels above the President--that it was drawing unprecedented attention from many, many, country's naval forces with more coming weekly and absolutely no violence or engagements have occurred to date.

Last week Lord Anton's Silver Fleet, cigar-shaped craft, entered from below (Telos) into our dimension. That was followed this week by units of St Germain's Amethyst Fleet.
Today, 3 pyramidal-shaped 'special purpose' craft entered through StarGate Aden. They then took up positions 1 in the west of the star-gate; 1 on the North side and 1 on the east side.
I asked internally about their purpose and got that they are being used to create a specialized 'lens' to support a coming higher purpose.

Today, we received a text message from Ashoka in the Himalayas. He said that he has been in a 48 hour seminar at a monastery on or near Mt Kalish. This was called and attended by Sanat Kumara, Lady Master Nada, the "Nameless Ones", Govinda and some 30+ high spiritual leaders.

Ashoka then exchanged a series of text messages with us. The assembled ones were both arriving from terrestrial locations as well as from ships of Sanat Kumara's fleet over Mt Kalish. As we were communicating, we asked whether any of those ships were visible. He replied affirmatively.

We also asked him whether he knew about the stories that Barack Obama has said that he will be moving to bring War Crimes and other Treason charges against the ones here who planned and supported the 911 tragedy. He replied: He most certainly will.

We also asked him about the meeting and its relationship to StarGate Aden. It is all very connected with these and forthcoming events, he replied.
Rama and I attuned to all the above and got that we are now expecting a very high personage or group coming through these portals from some galactic or universal level.
Some of the origin possibiities included Aldebaran, Andromeda, Lord Lincor, of the Federation of Worlds; or Lord Selvington, President of this local universe.

As I was working interdimensionally with the restructuring of the grid alignments I was in such an abstract consciousness that I had to wait until I was returned to my body to process.
Some of you will be familiar with this work and know how hard it is to reduce such an experience to 3D language or frames of reference. I hope you suspend the logical analysis and allow my lack of precision on this matter. I suggest that you take these matters into your own meditations and ask for more structured images.
You've heard this before and it's appropriate to again state that when the ZPMs(Zero Point Module generators,located in the base of all the stepped pyramids/Ziggarats) reach 100% a new energy shield will be generated around this whole planet. Those ZPMs in the Mideast are now at 99.6% of full power.
Mother Sekhmet has discussed the importance of these ZPMs on our Conference Calls quite a few times. You may have asked yourself: How can we stop the fighting and end combat operations.
Well, there are two ways you might not have yet considered. The ZPMs are part of a planetary light grid that is upgrading to 5D sentience(you might compare that with Artificial Intelligence in 3D lifted to 5D levels and functions). On board the starcraft we use AminoAcid computers of 5D nature and they have bio-organic interface with the Starcraft's bio-organic 'computer' which is fully aware and knows everyone and their position and status on the ship. You can speak to 'it' as we speak to each other.
Some time ago, Ashtar's reps spoke to Bill Gates and showed him one way to ameliorate his less than 5D actions. He then agreed to upload upgradable nanites to all planetary computers and satellites. That was accomplished and they are upgrading themselves to 5D reception only. They will henceforth not respond to miltary commands not in accord with higher puposes.

Ashtar has a 'button' on the Bridge of the New Jerusalem which when activated will take total operational control of all communications computers on this planet, including those new HD digital TV set-top boxes you may have read about. The only thing coming through them will be the Voices of Ashtar, Sananda and the GF. Do not fear any attempt to use that technolgy against the public.
It won't be allowed!

Another item of interest may be the nuclear weapons of several countries. Mother Sekhmet told us on Thursday night's CC that the radioactive elements in those weapons and warheads has now been neutralized and will not function as a WMD.

You might want to pay attention to how you feel when you wake up in the morning before you open your eyes. You just might become aware of subtle changes in your own internal configuration and the way it feels. We are all being upgraded to communicate using many more senses and receptor channels of input and output than we have been accoustomed to.
These will percolate up in various ways, so be aware that this is happening and will only increase as more of us increase and use our expanding awareness.

Because we are migrating to a higher crystalline system with merkaba lightbody interface connections, and integrating more aspects of our greater self than most have ever imagined existed, you may catch bits of awareness from some of your other aspects here and elsewhere. It would be useful to begin to embrace and expand awareness to appreciate that you are far more than you've ever dared to believe and that we're 'coming heart-home' and beginning to remember, not learn, remember a joy that we haven't known in aeons of time.

We are sending out the call to all who have Google Earth pro software to have a look at the area around Somalia as we have been told that you can now see the evidence of StarGate Aden's presence.
Forget all timelines and prophecies about future dates and events. We are now writing our sub-set scripts that are a part of the New Reality of the Golden Age. You will not find these in publications or 'ET Handbooks' as we are, in every moment adding new refinements and helping to shape the direction of the new cycle. We are entering the edge of our new co-creative consensus reality now.
'Deep-Six' all disaster scenarios: They have been cancelled. Release all fears about Armageddon: It has been cancelled. Release all beliefs that nothing will change and that the Illuminati will continue to control your future: They are on the world's Center Stage to say adieu; take their bows and step off or be 'assisted' in departing our stage, permanently. This is the completion of a 65 million year adventure, so send your purest light into their heart-centers for there is a small and frightened child spirit within those centers, that is crying to be let out and loved.

As Mother Sekhmet phrased it: Time to send unconditional love to that imprisoned splendor and tell it that it is OK to come out for recess.

Do not worry about the shells that are going beyond the void. That esence will be utilized in creation of new universes. Farewell to the 13 Illuminati Families.
Welcome to the Era of the Golden Light's Return.

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