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A Basic Overview Which May Require Some Spiritual Stretching

A Basic Overview Which May Require Some Spiritual Stretching

May 27, 2008 Mark H.

This was written as a brief overview of some of the most important subjects
we discuss. It was meant to provide some introductory descriptions of terms
we use every day in our updates. The magnitude of events, NOW unfolding, is
requiring us all to stretch: multidimensionally/interdimensionally to our
own divine core-connections which will very quickly be blessing us with more
of who and what we are being and becoming. MarkH

If you're up for some eclectic delvings into 'mostly invisible' stories
behind Matrix holodeck illusory 'reality', then you may find some of this
information, opinion and experience stimulating.

Much is breaking through the surface veneer as folks that have direct
experiences are coming forth to share. It has always been so--in very
esoteric circles--but not usually in a public venue. That is all changing.

In 3D no one and nothing is as it appears to be. Everyone and everything is
cloaked behind facades, and doublespeak is used in public interactions with
programs to obscure and control economics, behaviors and resources, and
especially any facts dealing with the galactic presence and our hybrid
population that comes from the stars.

About 87% of our kids from new babies through teen years are
galactic-humans. All of us come from elsewheres/whens. This is the means by
which an incredible new golden future is being birthed.

And, the really neat part is that--like the "100th Monkey effect"--there is
a '100th Cosmically Conscious person' effect by which all the rest of us are
upshifted to a new higher functionality level...since it was already
embedded into our DNA before we entered into this focus. We are far along in
our migration/upshift from a carbon-based matrix to a silica-based matrix of
13 crystalline chakras/vibratory nexus levels.

You will see references to NESARA {National Economic Security and
Reformation Act} which was signed into Law by Bill Clinton in Oct 2000, but
sealed from any attempt to prove its existence until it is announced, at
which time it becomes fully effective.

The Announcement was scheduled for 10:15 AM on Sept 11, 2001...but that was
'prevented' by the Twin Towers attacks, which were planned and executed by
our own gov't's black ops agents. Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson,
David Ray Griffen and many others are speaking out on this subject.

The illuminati controllers will do anything to prevent its implementation as
it immediately spells their removals from political and economic control
over the people and resources of this planet.

It requires full return to Constitutional and Common Law principles by 190
countries starting with the US. Involves--due to present fraudulent
practices -- mortgage debt forgiveness; cancellation of all credit card
debt; student loan forgiveness; ends IRS collection of Income Tax and
substitutes a National Sales Tax on non-essential items only with no tax on
food, medicines or used goods. Requires all existing
congressional/administrative heads to resign; all lawyers would have to take
a 30 day Constitutional Law course as statute laws will be dissolved.

The world economic system will shift to transparent operations -- Basel II
was implemented in the month of April -- precious metals backed currency and
the federal reserve and its collection agent {IRS}, and most corrupt
alphabet agencies will be dissolved. Current FR notes will be exchanged for
US Treasury bills backed by Gold, Silver or precious metals on a $1 for $1

Special Trusts and 78 programs which were originally created by St Germaine
over 200 years ago for this time, will provide the means to offer free
education to all and assist all in upgrading quality of life. Suppressed
technologies, secretly being used by the controllers, will be made available
to the public. These provide clean and unlimited power for home, industry,
travel, etc.

Replicators will be made available with First Contact landings to provide
most items. There will be a worldwide re-indexing of currencies, 30 days
after announcement, so that while you now receive $100 income and pay sales
taxes and income taxes on that amount, you will only pay sales taxes on $10
when spent for non-essential items after re-indexing. This is to remove much
of the false inflation from the prices of goods caused by use of fiat money
instead of precious metals backed currency.

Peace is a requirement and no more wars or nuclear weapons will be allowed.
The methods and means to achieve this are already in place and can be
implemented upon single command.

A single molecular change in the nuclear process will make all existing
nuclear processes benign. Galactic/human teams will clean up air, water,
soil and toxic contamination in the first two months following Announcement.
Polluting industries will no longer be necessary as their replacements will
be non-polluting and the old plants will be removed by processes that
re-cycle the energies.

Benefactor programs will become available and gifting programs are extensive
and worldwide to ensure that all will experience unprecedented opportunity
to make new choices for their future occupations and enhanced learning
programs will be available to quickly upgrade or learn new skills.
Diagnostic/healing methods and technologies will become available to reverse
all medical conditions and restore optimal health. All these technologies
and methods presently exist. Many others have been suppressed but will be
brought forth for all to benefit from.

Nonetheless, earth's role as a school house is ending, and all the
'students/teachers' have the opportunity to 'wakeup' and remember who they
really are and from where they came: star-travelers from all over the
universe, who agreed to participate in a grand experiment to see if they
could set aside their higher dimensional origins and come into polarity and
gradually wake up to their true nature and then reunite with their galactic
families as part of the Family of the One/Law of the One.

In addition, to smooth out the differences in expression which resulted in
conflicts over long periods of interaction, a plan was crafted to carefully
incorporate 12 different templates into one coordinated, balanced and
Source-connected Soul matrix.

This required projecting fragments into many different times, places,
formats so that at this time the soul could reintegrate all those
fragments/aspects into its fully integrated Self and then go forth into a
higher level of expression with all the individual wisdoms being available
to the ascended One.

The only balanced way to do this was for a holographic design in which each
contained all. A spherical image of 12 pairs joined at the center so that
all feedback loops have the same radius, and simultaneous, synchronistic,
access to all dynamic flows of thought, feelings, database information,
allows participation as a singular identity at all times.

The Adam Kadmon template was the vehicle designed for this experiment to
allow embodiment in matter after our antimatter universe--Aurora, a 23-sun
system--was destroyed.

Adam Kadmon is bilaterally symmetrical and fully balanced, coordinated and
sentient; a nested container with components extending interdimensionally
and multidimensionally, incorporating male/female and matter/spirit
seamlessly, and therefore quite suitable to be a temple of living
god/goddess expressions. As this progresses it will result in 12D
realization as a bio-plasmic Unity capable of matter or spirit expression in
any manner/mode desired with full consciousness. {see Holographic Universe}

Zeropoint is a construct {see Gregg Braden and others' writings on this.} to
deal with a moment in space-time in which it is possible to reorient all
space-time events so that they can--like spokes being placed around a hub
and then joined to form a spherical nexus, all past, present, alternative
and future foci -- meet in a single instant of No Time.

That instant becomes coherently resonant with a Divine intent to
reorganize/restructure into a whole new template to adventure forth into a
never before imprinted, Golden Universe, as co-creators...or so intuitively
derived information strongly suggests. All life is headed towards that event
horizon in the coming years.

There are many choice-points where progression spin-offs can occur so that,
in effect, we will all rise to our correct higher levels of spiritual
stabilization and clarity from which we descended to participate in this

Earth's transformation into a star is already well is true of
Jupiter also.

We have been moving from the 9th ring out from galactic center towards the
3rd ring adjacent to Alcyone--our central sun in the Pleiades
constellation...which is permanently in the Photon Belt, perpendicularly
'wrapped' around its orbital position and 2000 years wide. That has very
important implications for our futures.

Another reference you will encounter dealing with political/economic matters
are the three factions or power alignment interests. F1 is primarily focused
in Europe {Rothschilds, etc}; F2 is primarily focused in the US
{Rockefellers, Bush, Clinton, Mellon, Chase, etc} and F3 involves elements
of all these plus the galactic hierarchy {Sananda, St Germaine, Ascended
masters, Ashtar command, and is coordinated on the earth by an insider who
we refer to as the KOS {King of Swords} who, with St Germaine, was appointed
by the ICJ {Int'l Ct of Justice in the Hague} in 1999 as head of the 4
million man, world-wide militia, and pro-forma president of the US. KOS is
an enhanced galactic-human with a 3d job, wife and history who speaks 23
languages. He and those who work with him and the galactics are at 38 levels
above the President of the US.

That level involves the ACIO {Alien Contact Intel Org/Labyrinth Group is the
innermost director level researching and working directly with the positive
galactic members of the InterGalacticConfederation of Worlds {IGC/GF} and
coordinating earth-galactic interfaces dealing with planetary ascension,
time travel and many technologies too important and powerful to discuss here
at this time. The four interviews with Dr Neruda {see website
index for important background information on ACIO/Labyrinth group matters
which} i highly commend for your consideration. Some perspectives have since
been upgraded through direct contact with higher dimensional sources not
contacted at the time {around 1997} those interviews were conducted. The
balance of the material on that website is of mixed content and may not be
absent of manipulation/spin.

The most important issues at this moment are the revealing of the 70-year
coverup of galactic presence in our skies, prior to their decloakings. Some
baby steps have been taken with frequent small decloakings occurring
worldwide and many more to follow. The secret governmental delousing
operations are well advanced and 10,000+ indictments are being held by
Patrick Fitzgerald under court seal awaiting the signal to arrest, remove
the criminals, heading and infiltrated throughout our political and banking
and corporate systems.

We are at this moment actually under the joint jurisdiction of the
International Court of Justice/World Court and the President of the Solar
Tribunal {Lady Master Nada} who has been appointed by the ICJ as Special
Prosecutor with power to arrest the indicted ones; dissolve our corrupt
judiciary and Announce NESARA. Agents from Interpol and ICJ are present in
D.C. along with the 82nd Airborne and others. We have been well advised that
galactic ships are over every major city and will decloak when the signal is

These are higher dimensional bio-organic craft which can alter their density
to appear solid in our dimension. Large Mother ships of 3000-5000 mile
diameters are outside our solar system and these ships are deployed from
those Mother craft as well as from deep underground basis all over this
planet. 50,000 beings enter through Lake Volstok in Antarctica every day, we
are told.

All planets and all suns are hollow structures with more space dimensions
inside than outside. This I have seen/experienced. The sun is cool, not hot
as we have been fooled into believing. The warmth of the sun is from the
effects of Far Infrared wavelengths. All suns have a full population of
inhabitants. Most have 12-14 planets orbiting them. So does ours. Our sun is
well along in its shift from hydrogen to helium. When you add xenon gas you
have the basis for reactivation of our higher abilities.

All the planets in our solar system have been changing since the 1987
harmonic convergence/1999 Harmonic concordance accelerated our advancement
and that acceleration is continuing to increase at rates too amazing to

We are now in the photon belt which is ionizing and accelerating/increasing
the vibratory frequency and rate of every particle of spirit/matter here and
throughout our solar system and beyond, as this planet--at the pivot point
of the end-of-ages Grand Shift--is being prepared for a rapid restoration to
the spiritual planes.

These are a few of the major subjects we discuss and share updates on. Some
information is historical and is for background purposes only, as current
events and developments require more and more connecting of the dots to see
and comprehend the magnitude of the wondrous events we are privileged to
participate in. Some historical items are a bit shocky at first, if you
haven't been exposed to them, but will fall into their right place as the
story unfolds and climaxes in the coming days.

That's right, days not years. The main events are removing impediments to
free access. Once that is done, we can all begin to level the economic
playing field and become a part of the restoration of our planet to a
conscious pristine living being with whom we will all be consciously sharing
wisdoms and abilities.

Telempathic resonance is returning and will inform all our communications in
the coming years. Our hearts/DNA are pre-coded to open as the frequency
rises. Love and Wisdom are the foundation legs which allow all to share
without limitation; but with respect for the divine god particle at the
heart of our individual soul matrix. We are all equal or equivalent beings
of divine potential, and this will soon be visible and known by all who
choose to continue as galactic citizens on Terra Nova.

Many will be returning to their home worlds as ambassadors in the coming

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