Friday, January 09, 2009

Ork Stew or Wild Fantasy? From Mark H

Has to do with the final squeeze that we are in this single moment of time. And it is speeding up like we have not witnessed before.

Your planet itself is adding the frequencies in the mist and that has to do with the fact that the ZPMs--Zero Power Modules/Generators in the base of all the Ziggarats(stepped pyramids)-- all over the planet are powered up to 99.5 or 99.6%. They are almost at full power. When they are at full power, an energy shield will come up around your planet and it will be in a sense a shield of energy that your technologies of death are going to have an interesting time flying through it.

It has to do with the photon energies along with many other factors. Frequencies are being raised at an exponential rate so you can handle it. Ascensionitis is viral. It is unprecedented that symptoms are taking all manner of form and doctors can not find any disease although the symptoms are quite real.

It has to do with how fast everyone is waking up.

We can say, to dispel the rumors going around concerning the early demise of this 'new sheriff' in town{Obama}. They are unfounded. Not going to be able to take the new sheriff out of commission because he is backed up by so many that in a sense I would not want to describe the scenarios that would ensue for anyone trying to 'off him'.

What is occurring is the shift from power to love.

Alchemical magic is afoot. Now it has to do with how we shift these realities in this moment when "believing the impossible dream" is the order of the day.

We heard ... speaking yesterday speaking of this ... walking on water, walking on air. Any one of you could do this ....and will.

It is already coming about that the Indigo and Crystal children are already showing their abilities. ...

It is already occurring in many sections of this planet, in this sphere of influence that 3D to 5D. There are quite a few scenarios happening where they do not wish to say - meaning the powers that be - do not want you to focus on the Gulf of Aden and what is occurring there.

There is no Negative Anunnaki invasion fleet! We would dispel these rumours. What is occurring is that there are all kinds of fleets coming in through various portals throughout the planet and through various stargates at this time.

It is no mistake that this stargate{in the Gulf of Aden} has decloaked at this time.

What is at the base of the seabed floor? =An Interesting entrance to the Agartha Network in the inner earth.

Cities of Agartha opening up to allow different contingency forces of this fleet, comprised of Lord Anton of Telos and other cities of Agartha. ...

There are many, over a hundred, subterranean cities that are connected with Agartha and Shamballa. It would be wise to get to know them. ...

What is occurring is that all of your navies are observing this sudden activation and decloaking of this ancient ring, which is fully visible with metallic rings suspended in the air with no visible support ..

If anyone tried to exert violence, they will be instantly neutralized. They are just quietly observing and more ships are joining the existing hundreds of naval vessels already present.

This issue concerning the so-called thick mantle of power that your families, the in-fighting go on, in the sense of who wants to control the world's wealth, the spoils, the so-called resources of the planet. It is not for any light form or for any group of light forms to hold. ...

Already retaliating against those controllers. Has to do with your ...

It is how it is. And we have to say, the 13 Illuminati families are shadows of their past that are fading quickly from this nightmare, that you are awaking from.

You heard the 'sheriff'{Obama} say that we are not going to tolerate these mistakes of the past, how you create your wealth out of nothing{Federal Reserve fiat currency backed by nothing}.

Your banksters are killing each other off.

They cannot hide the money that has been squirreled away across the planet in what are called tax havens. They are NOT tax havens any more!!!

Based on the living light, living love ...Gotta work with the sacred structures and the sacred medicines.
Does not work with the financial structures, {which are designed to exploit and control}..

What we understand is that the flora and the fauna-- all the way up to the archangel level-- have shifted ....
They are trying to play with the so-called technologies to punch holes in the atmosphere{HAARP}. They burn a hole in their pockets with the cash that keeps disappearing. It goes quicker than it comes in...Because...

It is not coming from a place of balance, based on love and wisdom.

We will just say that as you are just stepping into a place limited by capitalistic structures ... like what you saw at the end of Zeitgeist Addendum, the Venus Project, ....

Work with the circles, cones, the codes and the spheres and the geometrical shapes that work with the Merkaba vehicle.

It is all there right now. You have the ability right now, at this various moment.

If you were to hook up with the energy from Alycone{Great Central Sun} you could take it in...
But it would burn you out too fast like a light bulb suddenly power boosted from 110Volts to 440 Volts....

We are moving you faster than the energy that you can't keep up with....

Why are you in here?{Doctor's Office presenting with symptoms} You said you had a heart attack. {Doctors can find} No heart attack here. {You are} Healthy as a horse.

At the same time there are many, like Ashtar has said, after that particular day{End of Nov 08}, it was said, no more leaving. It's going to be very difficult to leave here. If you want to crawl out of here, that is your prerogative. It is quite difficult to leave at this time because we are in the midst of it{Ascension}.

This is why everyone is being asked to be all they can be, right now.

Gonna see some magic. Wanna walk on water, on air? So be it! You got it.

It has to do with the different beings that are here in your world. They walk and talk amongst you{galactic higher dimensional beings}. They have the ability to shift your realities. And they look just like you and me. Welcome to the real world.

Tara: Solara says everything you are saying. This week, put out on Wednesday, everything has noticeably sped up. We have definitely entered the fast track. Each and every day we constantly cross a few things off our "to do" list. It becomes a constant mess. ... Where random alignments are taking place, these have a very narrow window of opportunity.

[Read Solara's update of 1/7/09]

Mother Sekhmet: We have no words. It is quite wild that she is talking about the same thing in the sense that it is that moment where we are taking our power back.

Charles: I just wanted to clarify that what I saw was really for sure. Ships that were flying around San Antonio. So brilliant, so beautiful. It was like a star beam of light with pretty colours all around it.

MS: Yes, they are there for you to see. It is that time for wake-up calls. Everybody knows that these are not random acts; But conscious efforts that we are making first contact
everywhere. Not just in isolated locations...

Cindy: I've been seeing 111s, 222s, 333s. I see them a lot normally but MarkH says it is going into overdrive. I went to fill up with gas and the customer in front of me, their gas was $11.11. Can you tell us what this means?

MS: This has to do with what Richard Hoagland talks about. The random numbers are indicators. Barack Obama, 11th hour, stepped up to the plate and he was brought to the place where, on Nov. 4th, all the random number generators weren't random, they changed to 55, 33, 22 - has to do with the .... Miracles. They are not miracles, but the everyday reality of who you are as god-men, god-women.

Shirley: Mother, last week you said ... that Hillary Clinton might be confirmed as US Secretary of State. If that is true, that must mean that something different is happening?

MS: According to what we see of the timelines, that could be affirmative. At the same time what that has to say about this whole thing of criminality has to come full front and centre.

At the same time, she does owe quite a bit of{stolen} money to planet Earth.
Tara: ...What has happened to her fake assets?

MS: Whatever has accrued has been cyber-evaporated{lifted out of their secret accounts} by the Hong Kong{Indigo Blonde Hackers working for the King of Swords}...

Quickly those are evaporating as well as those accounts ... let's just say, all the numbers drying up. ... that movie "Jumper."{Teleporters jumping into bank vaults to take money}

It is that easy.

It's about teleportation. You put your mind where you want to go and you are there. But the temporal time police{Mother's paschats} know how to do that too and they get nabbed.

Tara: Hitler and Pope John Paul knew how to do that too{jumping into the past and future}.

MS: Still wanting to play with the thing called the jump game. Trying to use homeless children ... It is at the point where the atrocities of the genocide going on .... How could this come to be.

Dragon ladies{Hillary} being given the mantle of secretary of state. At the same time we have to say that some of the souls who have taken on quite a bit of the dark roles.... So that, as Ashtar says it, they have to be on the current stage and play a role that is quite complete and the curtain is falling. ...

It is at the point where all the different skeletons in the closet are clamouring to fall out. ... How do we describe it? It is like the wall of garbage that we have witnessed in that movie "Wall EE" ...

It is at the point where it is all hitting the fan now and they cannot continue the shenanigans, yet they seem to continue to go on. ...

They cannot continue! They have nothing else! This is why we are saying that, at the moment, even some of the messages out there, someone wants to push the nuclear button? Don't think so. Not gonna be allowed! The radioactive materials inside are now inert and nuthin' gonna happen when they push the button...

This energy similar to what Kuthumi has spoken of on this day, has to do with a major portal opening.

Tara: The numbers today add up to 9/11.

MS: Mr. Ron Kuby gave a little talk about how he works ... Wendy Randy ...

He said today on the air that it goes all the way to the Club of Rome...

Tara: Oh, good, you're going where we want to go to the Vatican.

MS: Watch the story. Watch Zeitgeist Addendum. It has to do with our taking our ascension now. It is already occurring now for some as we speak. The light of ...

Mark: Can there be other portals opening in addition to the one in the Himalayas?

MS: Yes! .... If you have noticed, the stories of the Somali pirates are increasing and at the same time the stories of the Stargates are also increasing. ... They are not saying that the oligarchies that created the lawlessness in Somalia. ...

Raping the resources of Mother Earth and whatever is living, breathing, crawling, flying. This is why we are here observing and taking into account the stargates that were ... long ago ... placed there by the good forces among the Anunnaki, the original ones of the bird people, lion people, reptilian people.

The Stargates were simply a shortcut method of conveyance across time and space.

Tara:World Gov'ts have alerted the G20 nations with all their ships and their nukes. What are they expecting to do?

MS: What they are expecting is to see a giant fleet of craft coming out of the stargate to engage the forces in a final battle called Armageddon.

They want the ultimate knockdown on the plains of Medego.

That program has been cancelled by Ashtar, Sananda and the Galactic Federation....

Participant: A few weeks ago, Mark talked about all the ships that were sitting out there not being loaded.

Mark: The Baltic Dry Shipping Index. It is worsening. That means the fall{93%} is increasing its decline. It means that the money in circulation is phoney money. They want to be paid in precious metal.

MS: What we can say about it that the increase ... alien invasion fleet, things get a little more chaotic so that people are buying up these dry index shipping positions yet there are no ships that are brave enough to sail around these "Somali pirates." There are NO pirates!!! The only pirates that are out there are those who are created by your fascistic governments. This is why it has to end now.

Participant: When Mark was talking about them wanting real money, I had more than one person call me today and ask you about buying or selling gold and silver at this time.

MS: As you would consider that, you buy up a few gold coins, a few silver coins, something undetectable, like buying a few coins.{Doesn't rock the boat}

Big Will: When it is time for the ascensions to happen, will there be a mentor for every human being on Earth? When we are close to the ascension, will there be a mentor that will appear to us and tell us that it is time?

MS: There is something that will go off in your hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal gland. You will feel the hypersensitivity in your awareness that something has shifted. It is not the way it used to be. ... Different kind of day because there is nothing to fear any more. Like meeting your best lover, so to speak.

What is going on, this situation of mass genocide, ethnic cleansing, that has to do with the cover-up that there are many factors playing into this issue. They are testing the ... Sirian councilor of the Council of Nine{Obama}, to see what he is made of. At the same time, they are trying to make a statement, a bold statement, ... trying to say that, as time goes on and no attack on Iran, well, we might just do that anyway.

We would just say, if Israel tries to start a fierce fight with Iran, they will not get one. They will meet us{GALACTICS}.

Mark: What about the newly commissioned Israeli underwater nuclear missle facilities?...

MS: They may have completed them. But the nuclear materials in the missile, the radioactivity, is already inert.

Tara: So, Mother, how long are the worlds' navies going to hang out in that Gulf of Aden?

MS: We will give no dates, but we will just say might want to consider 72 hours from now as a potential change opportunity.

Tara: Well, Mother, the position that we are in, there was supposed to be a large starship showing up over Gaza, ... how long are we patiently waiting for ... they have already been saying in many places that the United States ....

MS: ... other newspapers in the Middle East will show these craft that are over these places. It will not be in the American newspapers

MS: Al Jazeera. Uruk. Iran. Don't know. Don't have the screen in front of us.

Mark: That mothership may have made its appearance and it is just not being reported?

MS: Correct.

Tara: I just so want this to end...

MS: Maybe 72 hours could be ceasefire that will hold. We are not saying, but that could be the case. Do not know.

We would also just say that they know better.


MS: They are all in such deep waters concerning the genocide they have committed.

Big Will: What position does Queen Noor have in Jordan?

MS: ... She is also walking a fine line in the sense that Israel is not that close to Jordan. Jordan is also in violation of human rights like torture and waterboarding. When her husband comes{from the ship where he went}back out and confronts those who have taken him out{killed his clone, thinking it was him}. Has to do with the Empire USA.

MS: Warren Cole, on Air America, ...

Tara: Hurry, because the world is behind us now, Mother. Can you do something where the galactics...

MS: The motherships of the Wingmakers, which are deployed over the four directions of the planet have moved in even closer to your magnetosphere.


MS: What is increasing is the frequency of the love quotient. That is what is on the table. Like Cynthia Rose Schlosser said Wednesday night, you can feel where the energies are coming from. ... All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Big Will: Is it possible that, once this{upshift in consciousness} takes place, that every person on this planet who has an illness will not have an illness?

MS: What you are saying is that you want the man with the plan to show up and heal the world? We are saying, that is not the case. We will show you how to heal yourself.

MS: As you are stepping up to be all the things you are, in the sense of your light body .... That which is known as dis-ease disappears and you do not have the dysfunction any longer.

Tara: We would be changing our energy uses. ... He didn't go all the way and say "universal" .... As NESARA hits it will be a little bit easier....

MS: Yes.

Charles: My question is whether or not Mother thinks that any brain control or mind control isabout to happen? referring to the shooting of young black men by certain 'police'.

Tara: Those are {MIBs:genetically Altered} Blackwater {mecenaries}. They are programmed to do just what you say, right, Mother?

MS: Yes.


MS: Today on INN World Report news they were telling about the people from the fifties talking about the MK Ultra mind controlled ones from the 50s waking up and having severe symptoms ...

All the other pieces about the cover-up and who we are ... will shed some light upon the very fact that we came here in peace. We have always come in peace. Perhaps there are many other negative ET races that have come here and they are not here in peace. That has to do with the healing of the timeline ...

The small band of the renegade Anunnaki the form of your 13 Illuminati families, ... to put it in a nice way, if they cannot get along and share the planet, they don't get to be here.


MS: We could talk about fairy dust or we could talk about Ork Stew...

Arian (?): Websites:,, or Youtube, may have some pictures of the Gulf of Aden 'anomoly'{active stargate}.

Participant: Confirmation that only those at a 5D level of love can come in?

MS: We would just say that the portals for the dark have been closed and at the same time those that are of the frequency of living light, living love{5D+} are welcome. ... If they feel fair, but fare foul, they won't be allowed in ...


Participant: Is there still going to be a {NESARA} distribution?

Tara: Yes, and the date was known before Oct. 1979. Nobody has said the exact date.

MS: The whole world is looking at the fact that Israel is using USA-made technology to kill people whose land they originally stole. They would like to wipe the word "Palestine" off the map. ... This is why we have stepped in, even though you cannot see it. ... They are afraid because they fear they will be taken out, and they will, by their own actions.

Bill: Down the road, when you are finally able to land your craft and meet us in person, what are the qualifications for those to come aboard your ships?

MS: As events unfold on your planet, there will be areas across your planet that will be centrally located and we will come and take you aboard your craft. And you can see that you are not cattle that we have not come to eat you, like some weird purple people eaters.{smile}

Lady from Oregon: When will members of the military be coming home and what will they do once they come back?

MS: What we can say is that, as this new sheriff is in town and NESARA is declared, all the forces will come home from around the world. No missiles will fire, ... no tanks will fire.

Gotta learn how to create different ways of being in the form of positive employment...

Tara:The New infrastructure will require much help to put in place...

MS: Would the military be used for that?

MS: We would say that the military would be used in the sense that they would be taught to let go of the post-traumatic stress disorder that has ruled much of their life whether they are living in the inner cities or you are sitting on the battlefields of Baghdad and Faloujah.

What we have witnessed in the last sixty years, we have witnessed post-traumatic stress disorder on all levels. ...

It starts here first. Let me be all I can be. By doing the Ho 'opno pono ....

Whatever I have created on any life-time level, let it be healed now, at this moment.

Big Will: Since we have an anniversary of Elvis Presley jan 8th{Age 74}

MS: Elvis is alive. We faked his death{clone}.

Tara: That was his way of exiting.

MS: He will show his face once the Illuminati are gone. That had to do with the issues concerning the financial improprieties that occurred.

Gadi: Priscilla was on Larry King Live. Celebrating his birthday. By golly, he is still alive.

Participant: If the dates were known since 1979, could the events of 9/11 change the date?

Tara:No, We have to remember that the date for the 9/11 tragedy had been set since 1946.
{It was seen that it was needed to wake up the world and released a wave of compassion that united the planet and upshifted consciousness, so that we could come together in a more cooperative way}
They even put the bombs in the building{twin towers} when they built them.
< Mother Sekhmet left> *************************
Rama returned from his OOB travel to the North Pole: Rama noted that the Wingmaker ships were stacked up over each other. The top one was transmitting a Violet Beam down through each of the other two WM ships and from there down into the core of the earth through the North Pole Entrance and out to the planet.
As he traveled around he noted that the 3 WingMaker ships over the Equator had been pulled closer in and were ensuring that there would be NO Pole shift and to help distribute planetary disturbances so that they are being moderated to prevent any major destructive earth changes. Forget the prophecies running across the internet. Not needed; superceded, in favor of Ascension NOW by order of Ashtar and the GF. Watch what the New Sheriff does in the coming days. He's been briefed and he knows what to do. And NOBODY gonna take him out!

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