Monday, January 05, 2009



NOTE: How about watching C-SPAN in case it is there. They cover Congress. - iam

You might want to pay attention to CNN TV News tomorrow. Today, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton stated that they will be holding a Presss Conference on CNN TOMORROW, and what they have to say will "enrich every american". That is most likely the overview of their 'Economic Stimulus Package' which they will be presenting to the NEW 111th Congress tomorrow.
The NEW Congress will be seated at that time. There are stories that suggest that Hillary will resign her Senatorial position, today, and that Caroline Kennedy will definitely take her place. There is no evidence that she has done that as yet.

Al Franken will be declared the winner of the Minnesota election for Senator, Paul Wellstone's old position-- before he was given a blast off this plane. That announcement by the Minnesota State officials will take place in about 90 minutes.

Barack Obama has moved his family into the White House. He flew from Chicago to D.C. on a slightly 'repainted' Air Force One. The lettering on the side simply says: United States of America. So they just aren't calling it Air Force One...yet.

Of course, we would love for it to be NESARA's Announcement,tomorrow, but that will probably require some more whistleblowers talking about 911 as an inside job, and several thousand arrests.
The 300 Naval vessels from many different countries, US, China, Japan, Iran, UK, etc deployed in a circle around an "anomoly" described as coming out of the seabed and creating a vortex with suspended 'metallic rings' which we know to be part of an ancient stargate technology that has been dormant for aeons of time and has now self-activated and punched a hole in the atmosphere that has not diminished for several weeks.

Yesterday, the King of Egypt(KOE) called and told us that long, cigar-shaped silver starcraft are momentarily decloaking as they come through that interdimensional stargate. I believe they are part of Lord Anton's Silver Fleet coming from the higher dimensions of the Agartha Network from within the Inner Earth.

There is nothing the navies can do to stop this, but they have imposed a near total worldwide media blackout, which is not sustainable. That story will completely blow the galactic coverup of the last 60+ years.

Chris Story has a new message. He states that the payment of the Wanta funds is the only way to solve the economic crisis. We beg to disagree.
He works for the Queen of England and so is saying what she wants to hear. We all know the solution--the only solution--is the Announcement of NESARA! Bankrupcy of the Corporation USA and International Illuminati 13 Families may have to occur first as there are NO real assets left in the old international system of fiat money except IOUs which exceed world income by a factor of at least 3 times=300% debt=bankrupt. Lady Master Nada said:"Nothing from nothing is still nothing!" - Mark Huber

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