Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Canadian Action Party strongly condemns Israeli's aggression

The Canadian Action Party strongly condemns Israeli's aggression against the Palestinians and urges Israel to restrain their forces from a ground invasion of Palestinian territories which threatens the lives of many defenceless and helpless citizens.

Although we also condemn the launching of rockets by Hamas against the citizens of Israel, we understand that the Palestinian are essentially powerless against the war machine of the Israelis and are a people on the verge of starvation and extermination.

We do not consider that the actions of the Israeli government serve the citizens of Israel, nor do they represent the viewpoint of Jewish communities around the world.

These assaults are out of all proportion to the threats posed to Israel by Hamas, a legally elected government of a sovereign yet imprisoned peoples. A ground military operation into Gaza will neither deny nor deter the ability of Hamas to fire rockets.

We condemn also the Canadian and American political parties and leaders who express their undying loyalty to Israel, no matter what atrocities they commit while masquerading these aggressions as necessary for the security of Israel.

The air was tense as pro-Palestinian protestors of all ages gathered at Yonge and Dundas square in Toronto yesterday. Across the street stood about 200 pro-Israel demonstrators. Demonstrators brought Younge street traffic to a standstill. Similar protests are happening across the globe.

The Canadian Action Party condemns the Israeli attacks on Gaza and Hamas as disporoportionate, incendiary, and requiring a strong message from our government to take a firm stand against aggressor nations that continue this global siege of inciting terrorism in the name of fighting terrorism.

Terrorism, or the threat thereof, will never be defeated by the machinations of war, security and prosperity partnerships, or exorbitant military budgets.

It is time that Canada, and our leadership, takes a stand on world affairs, that expresses the peaceful nature the Canadian people have towards each other, and humanity. Condemnation of Israeli invasion of Gaza is warranted. Extrication of our own military forces from Afgahanistan is overdue. Refusal of our nation to partake in, support, and/or condone militarized actions against sovreign states is overdue.

Canada is a peacekeeping nation not a war mongering nation. We seem to have lost our courage, voice, stance, and independence to speak up and out as a Nation and peoples, sperate form the global community which now dictates our international voice, or lack thereof.

"War, the most malignant scourge, mans greatest sin, can no longer be tolerated and only abolished. We have reached a new era. if we cannot find some new more equitable means of settling disputes amongst nations, armageddon will be at our doorsteps...we have had our last chance."
-General Douglas MacArthur- 1945

Andrew Moulden MD, PhD
CAP Leader - 2008

Andrew J. Moulden M.D., Ph.D.

The core essence of "Greater Things" is that there is always a better way to do things -- anything -- whether it be religion, politics, science, academia -- anything. To the extent that we get institutionalized and codified in a set belief system, is the extent that we inhibit the ability to grow and learn new and better ways.

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