Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soldiers Go Home
Ashtar addressing the January 13, 2008 teleconference:
Well good evening and welcome to the year of 11. Now we have discussed this in some detail – if there are any among you who are not starting to see the effects of these energies, all these wondrous loving rays coming and all of the empowerment to create whatever it is you choose to create … we can only assure you that it is available. It is here, it is grounded on Planet Earth. And know that Planet earth really isn’t dwelling in the bottom section of 3D any more. All we know your news media continue to paint pictures that cause depression. Don’t be taken in by it. And we are going to repeat something …. listen up everybody … if there is a message that comes to you whether as news broadcast, or a message from a psychic capability, even that of a chaneler bringing forth a message from an entity, and if you don’t jump for joy and say this is so wonderful and a golden age kind of message, then we suggest you might want to turn it off. Up to you – you make the choices.
Never has there been so much scurry and flurry in the dark halls … you know what happens when you go to the tide pools at the seashore and you lift up the rock and if there are little crabs under rocks, they panic and they scurry to get out of the way of the sudden inflow of light into their world. Think about that. If you are having trouble understanding and knowing in your heart that these beings are truly getting off the stage, then we want to remind you that the Bush man himself said he can finally leave the stage now. We have been talking about that for a long time and he got it. Now he’s out of there. Disinformation is flying through the airwaves in every way possible. You have to admire their tenacity – they are hanging off the cliff by the tips of their fingernails. Below them lies the unknown – they have a lot of ideas that might be going to be taking up the next moments in their lives as humans. They are not jumping for joy. They are doing everything they can to try to cling to their positions and they are dropping off one by one, so you might want to give them a special send off …… cheers and kudos for what they have taught you – you can send telepathic messages if you want – thank you for all that I have learnt from you. So you can give them a send off if you wish – just remember to do it from the Office of the Christ – you have access – the door is always open – call it forth – you can say I, …. Fill in your name …. Want to greet all of you, and thank you with a round of applause for a great job in stirring everything up. We put the light on you and saw what you were really trying to do. We just want you to know that you are appreciated for what you did as here we are in the Golden Age and we might not have got here without your help. Somewhere along the way the consciousness rose …. And so a way back in years you had this event - it was heard around the world – the Harmonic Convergence – we opened the doors to the Golden Age and said we don’t need to be blown up. The consciousness of the planet spoke loud and clear throughout the universe and here we are.
We just wanted to tell you that it is you who are responsible for allowing the ones with the dark programs to proceed, and it is you who are responsible for calling a halt to it and asking them to leave the stage. Now there will be a day very soon to come when you will have this very historical event – you call it an Inauguration - and you will bring in a whole new group of people. We understand some of you have concerns about some of the new people who have been appointed but not confirmed to various positions of power, which is fine if they represent the people of the planet and all of the kingdoms of mother nature which have been assaulted quite heavily by the ones in the dark hats, so there might be some last minute changes. What this is, is a grand opportunity for the truth to out the truth .. because these ones who have been named or their holographic representations ….. not all in human body … and that might be a bit of interest in a positive kind of way .. this is giving these ones an opportunity to show who they really are. Cameras are on them, computers these days nevertheless they are getting a real good look – the energy that these ones on the stage at the moment are being spotlighted. The energy they are projecting is quite different from where the consciousness of the world has voted to go. And what’s important is that more are recognizing this.

We don’t want to cause any confusion – we celebrate the end of duality and yet here we say this …. Who is wearing a dark hat …. Here is something you might want to share with your friends who don’t know …. Well, let me tell you something all is in Divine Order, why don’t we have some fun today and do something fun and uplifting … because you are letting this drag you into the box of low vibration and we are here to raise the vibrations. So let these characters get on stage and play them to the hilt and give them a round of applause, and if you know people who are starting to be concerned assure them that whatever needs to be known is known. Their time on stage is brief – there will be changes made, it will be good for the benefit and upliftment for all of Planet Earth below and above. How about the emergence of our beloved brethren from that part of the earth as below the surface of Planet Earth. The connections between the cities are being lit up. The tunnel connections, the portal connections are being activated. Now this is big. Because what this means is that you cannot only go to one city – you know there are more than one - or group under the earth, and these portals are there to facilitate . Now some of them had a high level of security. Now you know there is a labyrinth of tunnels under the planet that was recently staffed by progamees of the dark agenda. Runaways, some rather fierce, there are accounts by sane, rational, well, mentally-organized humans of encounters with creatures not friendly and loving at all – dragons and sorts who were part of the guard staff of underground tunnels which were under the control of those wearing the dark hats and most particularly their military forces – even some portals called escape hatches. Not only have these underground places been taken over by the light, they are in charge. So all of these places and spaces are being lit up too - this is most joyful and delightful. You see all those who were staffing were very sensitive to the light – blinded – the inventors or those kinds of things those lights only turned on if they had visitors of VIP dark hat variety as they needed to be able to see.
So we have a new kind of security underground everywhere which is more crystalline in nature – you will feel quite wondrous if you take one of these tours – you can start getting your plans made if you wish because these areas and some of them are the most wondrous cities and groups of beings, entities and they have the welcome mat out for all of you. They are beaming in and some of them have made their presence known in the Middle East.
Lets just share something else. Not necessarily new news.
Human perspective .. the fires of Middle East – fires we associate with long standing rivalries, dreams of domination, seizing of property, cruelty for the fun of it, enslavement, stealing wealth and abundance, and raping mother earth – those kinds of fires what drives someone in a human costume to commit such atrocities – imagine dark fires where you see fire and smoke – the ashes going out and the Christ light is coming in. Pyramids almost complete. Message sent out – we are watching over it and we are just about ready to push that message button – imagine you are on the bridge of the ship now and there is not a red or black button, but a white crystalline button, and when we push it the powering up will be 100% - what has happened on Mother Earth has never happened before. The message is Soldiers Go Home.

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