Monday, April 23, 2007

There is more than one way to skin a cat and none of them are pleasant

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Following the police raids in Europe reported in our last posting, the secret offshore bank account coordinates of approximately 1,500+ operatives ‘inside the Beltway’, including key operatives at the highest levels of the US Government and structures, were exposed. It will be recalled that prior to that development, certain powerful people had visited the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to ask yet again (in vain, obviously), for the assistance of its now notoriously corrupted officials and Justices in procuring that the Wanta Settlement be finally implemented – almost one year after the May 2006 agreement was reached with Ambassador Wanta and signed off in bad faith at the highest conspiratorial levels of the US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the US Government.

It will also be recalled that when, predictably, the ‘visitors’ to The Hague were given the brush-off, they shook the dust off the soles of their feet with the loaded comment that ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’.

Shortly afterwards, the unreported, untaxed secret offshore bank accounts of the 1,500+ or so ‘operatives inside the Beltway’ were frozen. The cat had been well and truly skinned, to cite Lenin, ‘by other means’.

Let there be no mistake here. These accounts have not been frozen as a temporary measure, but ‘permanently’. The fiat untaxed fiat money generated through the illegal exploitation inter alia and primarily of Ambassador Wanta’s funds does not ‘belong’ to the perpetrators, but is the property of Leo Wanta, the sole Principal of the original funds.

As a consequence, it is a fact that some of these people suddenly found that they couldn’t meet utilities bills, and needed to borrow money from staffers to buy groceries. Of course, the problem such people face is that they cannot complain about this state of affairs to anyone at all, not least because their frozen offshore bank accounts should have been reported to the Internal Revenue Service (and to other national tax agencies) for taxation purposes, and weren’t.

The IRS was busily squeezing tax yield out of ordinary Americans who report their tax obligations honestly (as they have been doing these past days), while letting these privileged tax evaders off the hook, even though (according to reliable information) the Federal tax authorities knew a great deal about what was happening.

And, to repeat, what was the source of much of the fiat money created by means of untaxed high-yield investment programmes with corrupt foreign counterparties, stashed away in these secret offshore bank accounts belonging to the 1,500+ ‘operatives’, unreported to the IRS et al?

Answer: The funds originally aggregating $27.5+ trillion belonging to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, their sole Principal and owner, the most senior US paymaster and intelligence taskmaster whose achievements included the successful implementation of the Reagan Administration’s Financial Warfare offensive against the Soviet Union.

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