Friday, April 27, 2007

The Terrorists ( are close to home )

The Terrorists
By Virato
If terrorists themselves had infiltrated our government and taken control of our country, they could not have done a better job than George W. Bush and his regime. Bush is just the latest incarnation of self-serving, darker forces that have progressively insinuated themselves into our government.
Like his predecessors, Bush is a puppet of the underlying financial-military-industrial crime syndicate that has animated and controlled our government for many years.
In their most incredible fantasy, no external terrorist with suicide bombs or box cutters could have ever imagined being able to devastate this country as Bush and his thugs have done. The forces that control our government have fanned the flames of global terrorism, deliberately creating a clash of civilizations between the Christian West and the world of Islam so as to further their philosophical, political, and economic agendas.
They have shredded the constitution, are in the process of taking away our freedoms, and are turning the US into a fascist, police state.
They have started illegal, pre-emptive wars – the number one war crime according to international law--that were, from the beginning based on lies, greed and imperialism. These criminals have broken domestic and international law, ruined our international reputation and standing in the world, alienated us from our long-time allies, and have turned the overwhelming majority of the world against us.
Most nations now consider us to be the biggest threat to world peace.
They have just about broken our military, corrupted our voting system, incapacitated our legal system, are on the way to bankrupting our social services, health-care, arts and education, “redistributed” (i.e., stole) wealth from the poor to the rich, emptied our treasury and are destroying our economy (which is now on life-support, fully dependent on foreign countries for its survival).
The Executive branch of our present government has plunged us into unimaginable debt, a form of slavery that will take generations to pay off, and they have shortsightedly raped and pillaged our environment for their financial gain.
These madmen and women have not only ignored, but forcefully obstructed actions that would have helped deal with global warming. Incredible as it may seem, they themselves are actively participating in creating global warming, destroying the life-support system of the planet, like some sort of apocalyptic cult. Instead of doing what it alone is in a position to do: bring the era of nuclear weaponry to an end, our government has instead taken actions to “heat up” the nuclear arms race.
To quote retired Air Force colonel Guy S. Razer, “The attack on 9/11 was planned, organized and committed by treasonous perpetrators that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government.”
Who else do we possibly think has both the motive, as well as the capability to simultaneously perpetrate and cover-up what happened on 9/11?
One of the reasons this is hard to see is that these global terrorists are committing such unspeakable acts that we have trouble even imagining that any human would do such horrible things.
Our lack of imagination works to the terrorist’s advantage.
What they are doing is so off normal human behavior it is incomprehensible to us, which is the very blind spot that allows them to get away with it.
We hadn’t seen the depth of the evil being acted out before because it was so overwhelmingly transparent that we didn’t see it.
When seen clearly, it could not be more obvious that 9/11, one of the worst war-crimes in all of history, was an ‘opportunity’ which was only able to be successfully pulled off, covered up and capitalized on by the same financial-military-industrial crime syndicate which has taken over our government and is trying to extend its tentacles to the furthest reaches of the planet.
If you think that this is exaggeration or paranoia, you are invited to open your eyes, explore the evidence – right in front of your eyes – and look at what is actually being done in your name (see
U.S. political and military documents openly proclaim that the establishment of an empire that includes the whole world--a fascist global Pax Americana-- is their goal.
Virulent parasites have invaded the body politic of our nation and are consuming it from within. Speaking from a spiritual point of view, eminent theologian David Ray Griffin says, “…demonic power is now firmly lodged in the United States, especially in its government, its corporate heads, the ‘defense’ industries, its plutocratic wealthy class more generally, and its ideologues.”
If you believe you are disempowered, and you remain silent, you have allowed this evil to be done both in your name and to you, which is to say you are complicit in your own enslavement.
It is far more than allowing our pockets to be picked. It is like enabling someone who is stealing our national soul. Just like in a dysfunctional home suffering from abuse, the violence in a family system (our nation) is only possible if the rest of the family members (us) agree to keep silent and stay passive, which is to say we are all thereby complicit in allowing the abuse to happen.
The forces that have taken over our country are actually global terrorists who rule by creating terror, intimidating and subjugating people through fear, all under the guise of their mafia “protection” being for our own good.
To believe that this is a crazy conspiracy theory is like being sound asleep while your house is being ransacked. We mustn’t be complacent; we can’t just naively depend upon some off-planet deity, as we ourselves are responsible for how things turn out. If you saw The Secret, you have a good idea of what I am saying. We must use the Divine power within ourselves to effectively and creatively respond to our predicament.
The terrorists we fear should not be external terrorists, but rather domestic terrorists that have taken over our government, the very institution which is supposedly protecting us from terrorists. The military-industrial-financial crime syndicate that controls our government is a true terrorist organization which rules through the creation of terror. The ‘global war on terrorism’ is not a war ‘on’ terrorism; it is a war ‘of’ terrorism.
To realize those who are supposedly protecting us are the very ones from whom we need protection is inducing a form of post-traumatic-stress disorder.
What’s happening in our country, and our world, is revealing to us a process that is going on deep inside each of us. Playing on the world stage is a drama that exists deep within the collective psyche of humanity.
Dark forces trying to “take over” and possess someone (be it an individual, home, nation, or planet) is an eternal recurring drama that exists deep inside the collective unconscious and has played itself out in this world in many variations.
However, at this moment in time, these dark forces have it within their grasp to accomplish their evil intentions on a grand scale, previously unimagined. The only thing that can get in their way is enough of us who are awake and see what they are doing. Just like a vampire that can’t stand the light; these dark forces cannot stand the light of consciousness.
‘The global war on terror’ is a war on consciousness.
Because it can potentially expand our consciousness, the war on consciousness is itself the very catalyst and instrument for consciousness to awaken to itself. When enough of us recognize what is being revealed, we can connect with each other through the open heart of lucid awareness and literally change the world for the better.
But looking away from the darkness, and thus keeping it unconscious, is what the darkness itself depends upon for its existence, for as we unconsciously react (as compared to consciously respond) to the darkness by looking away, we are investing the darkness with power over us.
On the other hand, we create genuine peace, not by turning away from the darkness out of fear, but by becoming instruments through which the radiant light of consciousness shines on the darkness, so as to dispel its apparent power over us. This is the new revolution, and you can become a part of it..right now!
Virato is editor and publisher of Asheville Magazine http://ashevillemagazine./com and host of VIRATO LIVE! broadcast Saturdays, 10 AM to 1 PM on 880 The Revolution in Asheville, and world-wide.
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