Thursday, April 12, 2007

"..the human race would last only about four more years."

Are Bee Deaths Due to Pesticide?

Bees are now dying worldwide, and if they were to go extinct, according to Albert Einstein, the human race would last only about four more years.

As matters stand, massive dieoffs in both Europe and the US will affect crop yields this year, and lack of reporting from Asia means that nobody really knows what is happening there.

Now a French reporter, Michel Dogna, explores the possibility that the Bayer pesticide GAUCHO might be responsible for the catastrophe.

GAUCHO was banned for use on sunflowers in France because of its effect on bees, but it has not been banned on other crops, and there is little chance that anything will be done about it in the US.

Research into the possibility that ever-increasing pesticide loads are destroying the immune systems of bees is essential if mankind is going to survive this building catastrophe.

There comes a point where even the profits of important corporations must come second to the survival of the human species.

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