Friday, April 13, 2007

A Sirius Warning to Errant World Leaders from the High Council

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  1. Hey, thanks for swooping over the blog and leaving your signature droppings! ;-)

    I've added RavenWoods to my blogroll.

    You'll always be an enigma to me, Mr Woods... but better THAT than an enemy or enema, eh?

    BTW, I'd junk the hotmail account - MSN is no better than AOL. Controversial posts tend to get censored by these pro-Status Quo players (their excuse is "spamfighting" - just like the Neocons' excuse for hassling decent folks is ragheadfighting!)

    Gmail seems to be the best deal so far... 2.8G mailbox too!

    I emailed you via hotmail and it bounced. Then I forwarded to whiterose13... and THAT bounced too? Fuck Microsoft.