Saturday, April 07, 2007

Searl Free-Energy Generator

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
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The Legend

ENGLAND -- In the 1960's Professor John Searl was building free-energy electricity generators that doubled as flying saucers, but was thrown in jail on the charge that he was stealing electricity from the grid. He was running his home on his energy generator, not from the grid.

Along with being arrested, his plans and devices were all rounded up and sequestered. They still have not surfaced these many years later -- unless some of the UFO and other odd sightings incorporate the government-stolen technology.

The device is a magnet motor of sorts, except that the product of the rotation is not torque but electricity that is liberated as the rollers make their rotation. It is essentially a magnet motor and alternator in one. Furthermore, if current is drawn off the device above a certain level, the device takes on on superconductor attributes which distort the gravitational fields, causing the device to levitate.

Emerging from jail penniless, John has had a difficult time rallying the necessary funds and talent to reproduce what he had developed in the '60s. Back then, he was employed with a British utility board and had access to a laboratory with all the equipment and tools necessary. Sourcing the materials and tools without that resource has been very difficult. He has come close several times, but all previous attempts have ended in frustration.

Demo Video Posted

Last weekend, Searl's close friend and business associate Dr. Terry Moore posted two videos at YouTube that demonstrate two mock-up variations that will enable Searl to file for a British patent. (The British will not award a patent without proof.)

The test device is not the full-fledged Searl Effect Generator (SEG). That is still in process of being built, and at this point will be purposely shunted to prevent the anti-gravity effect.

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