Friday, December 19, 2008

The Pulse of 21:12

Michele Denman New Earth News
The Pulse of 21:12

~Stargates are opening and the Galactic is beaming!

The pulse is beating very strongly into 21:12. The energies
are quickening. Hold on! Things are about to get moving.

Some of you have experienced very strong persecutions or
reactions from others. Know that this has been one of the
final tests, so to speak, before the unraveling of the new

Things are going to speed up wildly and although you
may feel alone, you most definitely are not.

Grounding is really important right now. Whether you
are a vegetarian or not, your body will give you clues.
You will most likely find yourselves eating based on
what you feel called to. You may usually stick to very
stringent diets, but listening to the body's clues is really
helpful in the now.

Grounding will help ease the shift and complete it through
the body. This is why we are focusing on the body form.
We must complete all activations through the heart and
integrate them into the body form, the matter. It does

Some of you have been feeling heavy. Detox is in order.
A lot of letting go is happening for you to open to this
fluid light. The new energy is very fluid, like a fluid,
liquid Universe.

Michael shows that on December 21st, things will pick up. He shows The hours of 12:12 pm eastern time, and 12:12 am eastern time. Wherever you are at the hour of 12:12, you will feel it. Things are picking up!

This shift is Universal, this Solstice, so this will affect many beings,
in many regions. There is a rapid pulse right now to get things moving! The 2nd Ascension Wave!

Hang on! Drink water! Empty, allow! The new is being born.

This is high, high energy from the Galactic and Kuthumi has
shared many words. The resurrection is upon us; this being
linked to the eternal Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene.

What joy in becoming! Enjoy!

Kuthumi shared a message which is posted @:

Thank you again,

In Love,
Michele Denman

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