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Mother Mary Message Dec 25/08

Mother Mary Message Dec 25/08

The following Ascension Lesson was given on March 7, 2008 by Ascended Master Lady Mary:

Good morning, I am Mary and today I would like to speak to you about the false stories told about me and my loved ones for the past 2,000 years.

First of all, I was and am the mother of Esu Immanuel, incorrectly called Jesus by some, and now named Sananda Kumara.

I WAS visited by Archangel Gabriel and given the seed which was combined with my DNA, Gabriel's and my husband, Joseph's. This Trinity created the very special human being known as Esu Immanuel.

Esu's physical body carried a much higher functioning DNA and vibration than any others on the planet at that time and was therefore able to house the Soul known as Esu Immanuel AND occasionally Christ Michael, Descending Son and Creator God of this universe.

Yes, there were sometimes two Souls inhabiting Esu's body at the same time. This has lead to much confusion in people's mind as to whether or not he was the Son of God or God ITself. I hope this clears this confusion.

The dominant Soul was always Christ Michael, but He/IT was unwilling and unable to reside completely and comfortably in a human body for more than short periods of time, so it was Esu's Soul that lived and expressed Itself within that body most of the time.

Also, to my knowledge there was never a savior during Esu's time who was named Jesus. This is not a Jewish name. Esu did hope and plan to be recognized eventually as the Messiah though, so that his teachings might reach more ears and have a greater impact upon the people.

There have been many lies perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church in the past 2.000 years and perpetuated by priestcraft too ignorant or lazy to research for themselves the truth of my son's teachings.

I do admit though, that the Church of Rome did a wonderful job of destroying any records that they had access to which would invalidate their teachings, thereby making it difficult to find truth. Even most of Esu's Disciples had little understanding of what he was teaching though he spoke in parables so that even the least educated listener might understand.

Truth is also hidden from those church leaders who have refused to look within to find God's truth for themselves and instead given their power and responsibility of free thought away to their church leaders.

Esu taught that there is One God that lives within all Souls at all times and that God is LOVE. He also taught that everyone should strive to live manifesting love, peace, benevolence and harmony at ALL times, while doing unto others as you would have them do to you.

That's it. Simple and to the point. All of the other words he used were to describe these few to the peoples who gathered to hear him, in such a way as they might better understand.

In those days, in that part of the world, there was always fighting and power plays between the great egos of men. It was the prevailing thought then as now, that "might was right" and that if one should ever gain power, they must do everything they could to retain that power. The people be damned if they did not go along with it.

As you know, it was also becoming a very patriarchal society. Society previously had honored women more, especially Gnostic societies, and considered them equals to all men. The Church of Rome and Peter, who was always jealous of Mary Magdalene, made sure that in their fear of women that almost all traces of female contributions to the welfare of the peoples, were destroyed.

Many, many, many strong and courageous women lost their lives during the hundreds of years of the Inquisition because they spoke out for love and kindness and against the cut-throat tactics of the Catholic Church.

The Church of Rome was determined to kill everyone who opposed their rule... and they did! Wiping out entire villages, men, women and children alike, and declared that they did it all "in Christ's name"!

You may ask why I have decided to speak so forcibly at this time.

It is because IT IS TIME.

It is time for great changes on this planet.

It is time that the females return to walk side by side with the males, recognized as equals.

It is time for people to wake up and take their power back from those who have misused it for their own gains.


It is time for people to know that Mary Magdalene was and is my beloved daughter-in- law and that she is not nor ever has been the whore or a demon filled psychotic woman that the Catholic Church made her out to be for 2,000 years. They knew it was not true when they said it and implied it in many other ways, but they said it anyway because it did not fit into their plans for total control for ANY woman, even me, to have any recognition for our contributions. Slight recognition for Mary's work and mine only came after hundreds of years of people demanding it or recognizing our work in spite of the church.

Mary Magdalene was from a royal family bloodline, as were Joseph and I and therefore, Esu. Because of family circumstances, Mary was given, at an early age, to Joseph and me to raise as our own. Esu told her when she was a child that when she grew up they would be married. He knew of their destiny together and made sure that she knew it too. Joseph and I knew also. They not only loved each other deeply and still do, but they were and are the greatest of friends.

Another great lie told by the Roman Church is that Esu "Christ" died on the cross for the sins of the world.

It is true that he was crucified, at least symbolically, but he was rescued before his actual physical death and secreted away by Joseph of Arimathaea, two of Esu's brothers and a few trusted others.

Pontius Pilate was bribed and in on the plot and instructed his soldiers not to injure Esu in such a way that might endanger his life. The Jewish Sanhedrin really didn't care if he died or not, they just wanted him out of their way and no longer a threat to their power structure. We knew this and realizing we had already accomplished much of what we came into this life to accomplish, we were happy to leave Israel with our lives.

As for Esu dying for the sins of others, he did not. He could not because there is no such thing as sin in Creator God's eyes. There is only love and the understanding that All That Is is ITs creation and ALL are greatly loved. All are here at ITs beckoning, at ITs invitation and helping Creator God and the All That Is to learn about duality.

After the failed crucifixion, we traveled to Turkey, Italy and eventually Esu and Mary Magdalene went on to Srinagar, India. Mary was pregnant when they made that trip. Sarah, their first child, was born in India. She was one of four of their children who lived. Three others were miscarried.

When Esu, Mary and Sarah returned to Turkey to meet up with our party, who had scattered for three years to accomplish different goals and make finding Esu more difficult in case anyone was looking for him, we went to Alexandria in Egypt before settling in the Langedoc Region in the South of France near Rennes-le-Chateau. It was there that all of us continued sharing Esu's teachings.

Esu adopted the name David Albengentun and spent most of his time teaching local children. Mary and I taught the adults and Mary spent much of her free time writing down Esu's teachings so that they would not be lost. We all knew that he was going to be used by the Roman Church and that many or most of the truth of his teachings would be lost either by misinterpretation or out and out lies.

I died what seemed only a few years after we got to France. Esu died about 15 years later and Mary Magdalene lived and taught another 20 years before she died. All together she and Esu were married close to 60 years even though they were together for their entire lives, except for his 15 year journey from ages 15 to 30.

Only their first born, Sarah, carried on their teachings. Their other three children moved away as young adults and created lives of their own choosing.

I hope this clears up some of the lies and misunderstandings about Esu, Mary Magdalene and myself and helps you to awaken to the fact that you have been living under the thumbs and lies of the power hungry dark ones for the past thousands of years.

It is time to take back your power!

I am Mary and I am grateful that you shared your time with me this day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety and proper credit is given. Thank you. Dhyana Markley To subscribe contact: whitebuffaloenterpr ises@yahoo. com

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