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Ashtar-on-the-Road, Summary

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Ashtar-on-the-Road, Summary, Susan Leland 12/16/08
We are at about the mid-point in a 9 day corridor transit that will end at midnight on 12/21.

On the 3D level disinformation sources in Faction two have been working overtime to create distorted ideas about what is occurring. Hal Turner has been posting extensively on the idea of a NAU(North American Union) of Canada, the US and Mexico utilizing a new currency called the Amero. What his sources don't want you to know is that the G-20 discussed this issue with Bush at their recent final meeting. Bush was pushing hard for their agreement to allow that to occur. They
ABSOLUTELY informed him that it was "DEAD" and would never be allowed. He left that meeting devastated by their united stand. None of the Nations representatives gave him anything but NO! Not Now; Not Ever! No Amero and NO NAU! That killed the issue permanently. It is important to understand this fact. Faction two Intelligence knows it's dead but seems to not know how to shift their plans which already have failed.

Today, 3 of us joined our energies to bring through a healing
opportunity centered on Rama and a "Power tooth" issue. That led to a full 2.5Hr session that escalated and immediately connected us with a Council of 20. We were both here anchoring the energy and also on the Council. Celeste brought through her exquisite Sisterhood of the Rose essence and connected us with the Ashtar Command medical teams.

Many do not know that, at the time of 911, Rama was the next scheduled recipient of NESARA blessings. All the other "wealthy visionaries" received in that timeframe or shortly after. Therefore he will be first to receive when NESARA is Announced.

In the cosmic way of things, there is usually a 'point person' on the ground to hold/anchor a given energy for the collective lightworker network. When an activation occurs it transmits first through the point person who combines both galactic and human aspects and thence to the Lightworker network and then outward to all humanity.

The problem tooth had affected Rama's right energy flow and when that was opened and started flowing he went through a sort of 'Rebirthing or Rebreathing' process that got quite extensive and multi-dimensional. We three realized what was occurring and continued to keep our triad link intact on many levels. As a result he went through a healing that expanded to all lightworkers so that we could be instrumental in the spread of this outward to all of humanity. It was quite a rush and at one point I noticed that an etheric craft was actually inside the room, helping to funnel and weave the energies
into a very refined and coherent channeled stream outward through still higher levels of participation.

That set us up nicely for the Ashtar CC. We drew on and experienced some of what most lightworkers are integrating as part of the 12/12--12/21 Gateway corridor reintegrations with our cosmic aspects.

As mentioned, we are now at the half-way point in this unique process. Every night as the real work is being accomplished, I have become more and more aware and able to see events from new perspectives that focus on everything as inside my own greater self. That is like turning a single crystal around slowly and seeing the new facets reflect what seems to be other actors or aspect's points of view while also seeing from my own usual point of view. In this manner I can take
responsibility for all 'my' reflections and let go of dualistic
perceptions which have contained judgments or separation. Keep this in mind as you awaken each morning. Notice when you start to respond in usual ways and then become aware and take a new look and choose to see it from a higher more inclusive perspective. You might be surprised at the changes.

Ashtar alluded to what is happening during this amazing process during the period of 12/12--through 12/21/08. He told us that this was tried 5 years ago but we were unable to receive, hold and stabilize these high frequencies now being experienced and successfully shared with the planet and all life in a fully stabilized manner. That is an incredible accomplishment for which he and Sananda, St Germain, Mother Mary, Lady Master Nesara, Lady Master Liberty and Sandanda's Twin Flame, Lady Master Nada, who all joined us tonight in celebration of our achievement that is benefitting all of the earth's expressions.

Creation is now moving in a different direction towards planetary ascension in 2012. What is so amazing about this moment we are in is that it is hard to talk about anything beyond 12/21 at this moment. We are reintegrating our connections to our galactic/multi-dimensional aspects as well as drawing closer into conscious union with the inter-dimensional truth of I AM.

Even Kuthumi has stated that as this current 9 days progresses we will begin to access more of who we are in other expression templates and dimensions. That knowledge, wisdom and expanded perception will alter our views of all that we 'see' so that it will be like we have entered a new richer reality where access to knowledge is simpler and yet more refined and complete. Compared to now, it will connect more consciously to our higher selves knowledge, love and abilities.

KOS told us that at this end point we will be going along seeing what appears to be chaos and then in an eyeblink so much will happen so quickly, when we least expect it, that it will be difficult to absorb. This will truly be a positive "Shock & Awe" energetic experience. Everything will be happening at once. While they will not exactly name a date, the clues strongly suggest that it is ready to pop out at any moment, and especially after we complete this re-connection process on 12/21 at Midnight. Compared to this moment, the 22nd will be like a whole new beginning.

The pressure cooker has been increasing temperature and pressure and is so hot that it's starting to bubble over and down the sides and is ready to explode. A unique aspect of this current stage is not the so-called battle between Old Paradigm Resistance and New Paradigm Flowing. In the great middle of this agitation are all of the "luke-warmers" who express the apathetic response of "whatever" and have no interest in changing anything. There is only one thing that can awaken them and motivate them to get in the swim of change and that is the Announcement of NESARA!

These "lukewarmers" are not polarized to the dark; just not in touch with the intention of their souls' to awaken and join the wave of awakening and awakened lightworkers in creating the Golden Age. That is why a new thrust is needed to reach these ones so that the Announcement will stimulate the 'seeds of NESARA's gift' to bloom quickly. Time is short.

Ashtar said that "Everybody is ready". He is asking us all to
suggest to everyone we know to write a short note to the 3 who can precipitate our Announcement: House Speaker,Nancy Pelosi;SenateMajority Leader, Reid and President-Elect Barack Obama. These ones have a gag order, at present, but we don't.

Ashtar asks us to pass this request on to all on our own lists or send them to WE THE PEOPLE FOR PEACE website or WWW.NESARA.US or as Ashtar-on-the-Road suggests.

Susan Leland indicated that the Ashtar-on-the-Road website will be putting out something on what, where and how to write and the correct addresses of the collection points for transmission to to these 3 decision makers cited, ASAP.

The wording should be respectful. A sample might say: We support you. We know that you have restrictions on what you can say publicly. We don't. We strongly encourage you to Announce NESARA NOW. We will support you at the grass roots level by passing out flyers and posting them on forums and many other places and with groups that are expressing a wide spectrum of conservative and progressive viewpoints
all seeking positive changes for the good of all Americans.

Ashtar gave an example of two politicians very involved in the
construction of NESARA, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. These two are at opposite ends of the political spectrum yet they are united in the heart. Anyone who reads the benefits of NESARA, whether Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Progressive,will immediately see principles they can embrace. It honors all faiths, all nationalities; all races
and benefits every country and every individual as well. There is nothing else that can do this and do it quickly, efficiently and effectively.

St Germain spoke as one in charge of building freedom and sovereignty through his role in the drafting and adoption of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, though his creation of the St Germain World Master Trust to fund NESARA for the Lightworkers of this moment, and for their distribution of these funds to all men, women and children on this planet, in a fair and equitable manner, as quickly as possible. He planned this 200 years ago and has remained its shepherd throughoutthis period and is actively guiding it's Announcement at this moment. Lady Master Nada will Announce NESARA as she is our "postal lady in charge of payments". Lady Master NESARA and Lady Master Liberty are equally involved in their respective areas of oversight to restore Constitutional and Common Law to the planet.

Sananda and Mother Mary joined us to call us all to stand with them as they step up on the stage to announce NESARA. JFK Sr will also be the physical. St Germain will overlight/merge with Bill Clinton and Sananda will overlight/merge with the King Of Swords at that time.

Tonight, Mother Mary brought forth a New Variety of Roses
to share with each of us. She asked us to take as many of the New NESARA Roses as we wanted. This is the First time these roses have ever been presented to anyone.

Mother Mary said that NESARA brings closure in so many ways and truly joins us together as ONE Family of Love and Light. During this next 5 days we will experience so much that it will be as if our reality has shifted us to a new level of perception. From then on we will continue to expand, integrate and progress until planetary Ascension in 2012. A very short time to accomplish all the changes on the planet to manifest the Golden Age without, and within our selves.
I trust that we are ready!

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