Sunday, March 04, 2007

The End is Finally in Sight

By Sananda Thru Lauren

Saturday, March 03, 2007
The End is finally in sight...Sananda

"It is a time of intense clashing, is it not? One moment you are aware of your new reality, the one you are courageously stepping into. The next you are unsure and bewildered, at a loss and feeling derailed. This is the energy of the end times. This is the signal of the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

Many times we have afforded you the ability to see what is really going on in your affairs to eliminate the unnecessary stress that one feels during a time of intense cosmic and stellar activity. Many times we have given you hope in light of a new day that is dawning, yet there still is a feeling that this path must be walked alone. Yes. And in knowing the truth, it is not enough at all times, as you tend to waver in and out of your chosen realities. This is a very normal part of the process, one that takes tremendous clarity, stamina and firm resolve. Do you see now why these global events could not have happened more swiftly? The intensity of energy that each of you feel, even the enlightened ones, is a mere fraction of what could ensue had this process not been properly gauged, delegated and guided by teams of extraordinary beings of light.

We commend each of you for your endurance and acknowledge that the ability to maintain your focus is not an easy one. However, if you search deeply, you will realize that is really your only option, as to turn around now would be pointless and futile. That being said, there is just a short period of chaos left before you begin to see the changes with your own physical eyes. There is an enormous amount of divine radiance beckoning at the heart of humanity. This call is one that is shifting the unstable foundation below the footing of a corrupt society. The amount of restructuring necessary is highly contingent upon the ability to see clearly the opportunity for a better way and to trust in the process. There are many souls available to assist each of you who call, find the space in your center that will allow for this very assistance to enter.

Before each of you are the rewards of a long-held vision of a better way for man and earth. This vision encompassed so much of the greater reality that only the ready ones could maintain a vision of such grand proportion. The amount of courage to stand up for what you believe in, coupled with rejection and the lonely lifestyle that most of you endure, you can begin to see and understand why this reality could only be made manifest by the most noble, the most courageous, and the most experienced light weavers.

Now the end is finally in sight and most of you still grapple with the unknown and the uncertainty of how events will unfold. We say to you, hold your personal vision and allow the pieces to fall where they may. The end result may be the same or better than you had imagined, but the process rarely goes as expected. So expect not and revel in the miraculous ways of universal law and begin to play with your powers.

If you come across a creation that is not in alignment with your intended outcome, simply restructure your command. As you begin to place your new commands, start small, experience the magic, time the outcome, see the procured results and then move upward. As you begin to play with this new ability to gather magnetic forces, you will see that the creations grow exponentially as you experience the results. This feeling of trust and example propels you forward into knowing that creation is at your bestowal. Now more than ever you are being urged to look deeply into what you are creating and make the necessary changes.

Allow not for any creation to cause you misconduct, for this creation is a reflection of an inner thought and feeling. Go back to the drawing board and re-create, calling up the thought that propelled your manifestation. Purify it in the violet fire and send it out again. Monitor your results and compare the purified with the unpurified creation. You will be pleased at the outcome. Make this a daily practice and watch your life shift very rapidly. Constant purification will refine your results to perfection.

Each day note the changes you attract. Pay attention to the subtle bodies of energy that are surrounding you. Are they full of hope and light? Are they imaginative and fanciful? Only you can create what you desire, this is the point of mastership. Mastering the laws of the physical universe is the benchmark of the upward spiral of spiritual evolution. In this mastership you attain the balance of discipline, detachment and joy to create a well-balanced life of ease. This type of living is soon to become prevalent on earth and you, the way showers, are the magicians who will enact the blueprints of this very new reality. You have no direction but your own inner guidance, and trust this you must. For this inner calling is what will bring you and the world into oneness and harmony. This inner calling is what will unify and purify existence, as you know it.

My brothers and sisters be one with all that surrounds you now. Face each obstacle with joy in your heart, knowing it is the final time you shall frequent the lower realms. You are headed onward and upward finishing an old cycle and embarking upon a new and fulfilling era of peace and love. As you shed your old and outworn thoughts and systems you will finally feel the lightness of being that is your birthright. Transcendence will be your new reality and though you will witness and assist others in need, you will no longer be the harbingers of fear. Your way of being will alter humanity and show the light that many will be searching for. Hold tightly to your beliefs and long held visions, for this is the time of great faith and stamina.

As you come into contact with the peak intensity of your base fears, so too do you welcome the wave of new life. Allow the fears to circumvent you and resist nothing. The swells of rising tide wash away all that is no longer needed and with great thrust you are left with only the remaining truth, that love is all there is. Each misalignment you capably see with clear eyes leaves the seed of rebirth in its wake. Planting season is upon you and the crops you sow, so too shall you reap. Plant wisely, for soon these gardens will produce the fruits of your labors for the world to feast upon.

Blessings on your arrival to the beginning of a very new existence. Soon you will be unleashed from the self-imposed limitations of duality. "

The time is near you are ready dear
To face the new and lofty ways
Of transferring joy to every girl and boy
Who waddles through your day
Blessings be of celebration and glee
Your final days are here
Diligently you rise to herald the ties
That beckon you so near
As a nation you gather imperial matter
For the coming of truth be told
And together you manage your greatest advantage
Of love and light behold.

Thank you Sananda.

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