Monday, March 05, 2007

10 Secrets to Raising Your Vibration

by David Wolfe

1. Plant Seeds. The most fertile soil in the world is found in the
human mind. Seeds are karmic substances: they have a potential and a
destiny. If you wish to reap a different destiny in any area of your
life, you need to plant new different seeds today. As you think so
shall you be.

2. Set Goals. If you are not working to achieve your own goals, you
are working to achieve another's goals. Set goals which challenge your
brain to think in new directions. Write down your goals with
tremendous clarity and intensity. Goals backed by faith will get you

3. Have Faith. Faith is the ability to have trust in powers greater
than yourself, to stride into the unknown with confidence, and to
believe in your own abilities-no matter what. The stronger your faith
and clarity, the quicker you will set yourself into the Divine time
flow where one is always in the perfect place at the perfect time. Get
out on a limb; you will discover that is where all the fruit is!

4. Guard Against the Negative. The opposite of faith is fear and
doubt. Doubt stops the full expression of your life potential. Faith
is the one power against which fear cannot stand. Be strong and fear
not, for strength of deed and sincerity of character will prevail over
all obstacles.

5. Trust Your Intuition. Your intuition is the greatest tool you were
given to help you navigate through this world. Trust it and use it.
Nature will guide you towards growing and achieving the greatest
levels of happiness if you simply tune in, listen to, and act upon
your intuition.

6. Eat Sun Foods. We are what we eat. Eating plant foods transfers the
vital Sun energy directly to you, undiminished. Raw plant food is
truly the most perfect food for human consumption. A purification of
the diet supports self-healing and radical whole-body rejuvenation.

7. Breathe With Intention. For more vibrant and fresh energy, start
breathing with greater awareness. By altering the intensity and
frequency of your breath you can calm, cleanse, awaken and rejuvenate
your mind and body. The more oxygen available to your cells, the more
energy you have to accomplish your goals.

8. Move Your Body. Daily exercise and stretching are essential to
excellent health. Moving your body circulates blood, moves lymph
fluid, distributes nutrients, cleanses cells and strengthens your
body's systems and structures. A physiology of vibrant health leads to
an enhanced mental, emotional and spiritual states. Practice yoga,
martial arts, dance, sports, or anything that keeps you moving!

9. Do What You Love. You are endowed with a unique gift. Turn what you
have in your heart into something others can enjoy and you may use
your rewards to live an abundant life spiritually, emotionally,
mentally, physically, and financially. Remember that wherever your
heart is, there too you will find your treasures.

10. Smile. The most attractive thing you can do is smile. Like the
Sun, a smile brightens the entire day. Smiles are not just seen they
are felt and have a profound and immediate effect. The vibration
emitted by a smile is warm, friendly, inviting and best of all it is
The power of your thoughts, a gentle endearing smile, a confident
stride, and a knowingness of your place in this world are all
vibrations that define who you are. By raising your own vibration, you
alter the vibration of others and the world around you. A great
transformation in a single individual can alter the destiny of the
human race. Now is always the best time to rise above, to make a
difference, to profoundly change the world by starting with a few
shifts within yourself.

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