Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Demise of PetroDollars


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MWM: Bears now rule everywhere. Imperial expansion is over, the planet will not finance it anymore, increasingly the Wehrmacht will be forced to downsize. This past 60 days have begun the liquidation phase of the petro dollar. Here is some perspective. Behind all of this is what is clearly the general opinion in Eurasia that the U.S. is more of a problem than an asset. What do you do with problems? You liquidate them. The U.S. is now going on a long ride of will be about two years to bottom out. Cayce was right on the money, I was about one year early in the 2006 Collapse title but the logic of the book was pretty good. The recession, bubble-breaking, and massive loss of confidence in the U.S. clearly began in 2006. Now the massive loss of the planet's confidence in the mind-numbing dolts who control the U.S. government and corporations is generating a huge wave of reactionary moves which will essentially swamp the U.S. economy. Keep in mind that It will be a while yet, the Cabal has firm control of Japan Inc. and they have a lot of play left in the use of the Yen/Dollar conversions as a phony shell game of phony currencies. There will be ups and downs to confuse the gullible and fleece the sheep, but the trend is definitely down.

Wait two years, then buy property. You may get it for half on the dollar or less, but there is a major calculation issue which is difficult to predict. There will also be a massive increase in inflation. Already is. The people who see no inflation are total bullshiters. Real values will shrink but inflation may keep the dollar "prices" near today's. What this means is that real estate may decline only 20% (this is an arbitrary example) but China Inc. goods and all American food may be twice as expensive in two years or so. This means the real estate will become cheaper compared to basic commodities, but not in comparison to historial values and wages. The impossibility of predicting any of this keeps me out of the analyst game, the only thing we can really see and understand are the general directions of movement. I believe chaos will become the operative economic word in America by 2008. The rest of the world will fare much better. Eurasia really does not need us and this stragetic fact will be played in a big way during the next several years.
The Condition Of The Dollar
By Lindsey Williams

There is so much to touch on regarding the dollar this month, I hardly know where to start. Regardless of where I begin, the news is not good and affects all of us. First on our list is China. They have now announced that they are refusing to accept American Corporations purchasing into their stock market any longer as they did in the past. China also said that they are no longer going to be purchasing our securities as they have in the past, including bonds and T-bills. China's decisions and subsequent announcements at the beginning of the week has sent a panic across the World's markets. Additionally, OPEC met recently and they have also stated they will be diversifying into other currencies instead of just the American dollar. They will now begin accepting other currencies and limit the trade of oil via the American dollar. March 21st 2007 will be one of the most significant dates this month. Iran has outlawed the American dollar and will put anyone in jail that uses it in their country after that date. They have the ominous notoriety of being the first nation in the world to do such a thing. The real issue in Iran is NOT nuclear, but rather the decision to not use the American dollar for trade and the sale of oil. On the heels of Iran's decision, North Korea has followed suit and also outlawed the use of the American dollar in their country. Finally, Malaysia the next day did the same thing. Central banks around the world are increasingly diversifying their reserves, including cutting holdings of American dollars, according to a survey sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, the U.K.'s second-largest bank. Italy, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland have made "major adjustments" in foreign-exchange holdings favoring the Euro and the British pound, according to the poll conducted by Central Banking Publications Ltd. between September and December. "Central banks are open to saying they've been diversifying to improve returns and reduce exposure to any single currency," said Sean Callow, senior currency strategist at Westpac Banking Corp. in Singapore. There's no doubt that when they say 'diversification' they mean selling dollars. Last week a friend of mine told me they called their bank president in Vancouver, BC and he agreed with everything I have been saying about the dollar. What amazed me the most was her comment that he told her his bank is currently making preparations for the crash of the American dollar! My dear friends, I urge you to structure yourself and get out of the liquid dollar immediately. I suggest that you get out of stock markets and into international hard assets such as real estate, gold and other assets. Structure your family by setting up proper International Business Corporations and Foundations that will preserve your finances.

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