Sunday, March 06, 2011

World Freedom Day

by Steve Beckow

The natural condition of life is freedom. When freedom is lost, life’s natural condition is lost. Thereafter comes disease, dysfunction, pain, and suffering.

Humanity was born in freedom and dies in freedom. White total freedom is curtailed while living in a body, the spirit was meant to enjoy the greatest possible freedom nonetheless.

The enjoyment of this freedom allows the individual to explore its own identity and arrive at self-knowledge, which itself draws humanity from freedom to greater freedom, until it finds at last total freedom and, with it, rest.

Until the individual finds total freedom, there is always hunger, emptiness, which cannot be filled by anything other than the recognition of the truth of life, the peace of knowledge, and the bliss of liberation.

Enslavement imprisons controller and controlled. No peace or joy can come from depriving others of their freedom. Only worry and fear, followed by ultimate reversal of fortune, can come from oppression.

All those who think they benefit from the forced toil of others or batten on the wealth of others are ignorant of what awaits them. The suffering of those they exploit becomes their suffering, eventually if not immediately. As one treats another, so one is treated in turn by life. The return of our deeds upon ourselves is inescapable.

Enslavement and oppression are only temporary. Only freedom endures. God is free and so we are free, since we are parts of God.

To treat another as no part of God is to show one’s foolishness. And education follows until everyone recognizes the divine connection between all life.

To this generation has been granted the gift of freedom. We can see the people of the Middle East rising up to claim it. Soon we will see the people of other countries follow suit. Wherever despotism reigns, wherever criminality holds sway, the fortunes of the perpetrators will be reversed.

Who among us would have suspected even a year ago that these regimes would fall? Who among us suspects what is to come? The people of the world are on the move and will not stop until freedom circles the world. Like two arms that embrace the globe, the East will meet the West in equal freedom.

The New Age is upon us and that Age is free.

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