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From The Council of 12…

From The Council of 12…
March 14, 2011, http://www.spiritualunfoldment.net/Channeled-Messages.html

There is much that Your eyes need to see. You are being deceived. This is a time of the curtains being drawn and the Light being let into Your dark houses. So much of what the media tells You is false. It is propaganda driven by the agenda to keep You all asleep and obedient. You must wake up to what is happening around You. Too many of You don’t want to believe this is the Truth, too many of You want to turn a blind eye because the thought of change, and the thought that the world You know is a lie, scares You to death. This is a time of transition, but You cannot transcend that which You do not first look at. Know thy enemy, and Love It. You may say, but in Reality, there is no enemy. This is true, when in terms of Spirit. If You think that every man on this planet has Your best interest in mind, then You are being naive. The only way to come out of ignorance is with Knowledge.

Now, this is not to say Your focus should be directed upon that which is not in alignment with Love and Truth. Quite the contrary, but, if You are sitting in a dark room, too afraid to turn on the Light, because You may see things in this room that scare You, make You question Your beliefs, or require that You change … then You will never come out of the ignorance, which is darkness, and emerge into The Light.

And sadly, this is where many of You are now… You know there is something there in the shadows, but You also know that if You turn on the Light within and without, You will be faced with things You have been intentionally avoiding. So You sit, pretending day in and day out that everything that is happening around You is out of Your control. You are being controlled, but that is only possible as long as You sit in the dark–too afraid to turn on the Light.

Part of the Ascension process is exposure. This is an exposure of limiting beliefs and of dark forces that have been working to enslave the planet for a long, long time. The time of this reign of power is over. The veils are being lifted and the lies and deception are being exposed. Now, in many of You this, in and of itself, will cause fear. This need not be. You need to trust that the very Powers of Light working to expose this reign of fear are the Powers that are assisting You in the transition and transcendence. What You see and hear may shock You. Much of what You see and hear will seem like it comes from a science fiction novel. We assure You, it is not.

There is a grand scheme that has been masterminded by dark forces for a long time, but We must come to You, with illumined Heart and say, there is an even GRANDER SCHEME and it is of The Divine. Never has it been written that the dark would overtake the Light. It is impossible. It is in Your doubt and Your questioning of its power, that the darkness even has power. If You believed in the True power of the Light, to 1/10th of the degree that You believed in the power of the Dark, there would BE NO DARK. This is what You must understand. You are empowering it. We are urging You to stop.

We call upon Your Leaders to resign from the reign of terror. To these Leaders We say, “There is no hope for You.” Those who are worshipping the dark forces shall be turned over to the very energy their minds have empowered. This is not punishment; this is the choice that has been made. This is the real descent into hell. For let it be known now, that when Your body ceases to exist, and the time to transition is upon You, if You have spent Your life worshiping darkness and negativity, it is to this place in Your mind You shall go. Heaven and hell are not decided by God, they are decided by YOU. Where You go when You leave this physical plane is entirely up to YOU. If You want to call hell a place, that is up to You, truly it is a state of mind, and for many of You, this already IS Your hell… but it doesn’t have to continue.

We understand how heavy this conversation is, and wish not to scare You, but rather enlighten You to what is really happening around Your world. When You ‘die’ the thoughts that You think are what determine where You will need to go next. Please think about this. Many of You are going to church and following a religious path that does not teach You how to think. They tell You what to think and scare You with fearful thoughts should You fail to obey. This is not the way of the Universe.

The Universe is Love. The Universe gives to You what You have given to it… in terms of thoughts and feelings. This being said, if You spend Your life, doing what the church tells You to do, but all the while are thinking negative and judgmental thoughts… You are not going to ascend to a place beyond Your own level of thinking and feeling. This must be understood. You cannot skip levels. You must learn to control Your mind. This is step one.

When You can transcend the mental chatter, and move into a space of Heart-centered feeling… then You shall transcend the mental plane. If You leave Your physical body, through the process of earthy death, You are not going to go to a place in spirit that is beyond Your current level of understanding just because You are in Spirit. This is a misunderstanding. You are in the physical to learn how to become feeling Beings. You are here to learn to choose Love above all things. If You pass from the physical into the spirit, and You have not learned this, You are not going to ascend to a space that is of Pure Love. That is not in alignment with the consciousness You held when You left the physical body.

This may frighten many of You, but truly it is all about Your consciousness and Your vibration. You must learn Your lessons before evolving into the Higher Realms of Consciousness. This is why We say, if You focus Your thoughts on killing and judgment, then how are You going to be a vibrational match for the Higher Planes? For Heaven? It is impossible. Your thoughts are Your power. When You transcend Your thoughts and You become a FEELING BEING, then Your feelings are Your power. Do you See?

This is a time for all of You to make a choice. We cannot make this choice for You, for on the level of soul, each of You are individuals on a Path to Higher Learning and Ascension. You have a choice in what happens to and around You, in fact, it is all up to You. When the time of Judgment comes to pass, and the Gates of Heaven open up before all of You, only Your thoughts and Your consciousness can save You. The judgment is not about any of You being ‘judged.’ For God is not a judging and condemning God. The day of Judgment will be nothing more than Your own thoughts being reflected back to You.

If these thoughts are hateful, envious, prideful, fearful, and in any other way out of alignment with Your Higher Self, then You shall proceed to the next place within a time and a dimension where You can further learn how to Love. It is that simple. There is no burning hell fire that shall swallow You up…unless that is what You spend Your time thinking about and fear experiencing. For let Us say now, as We have said to You before, You WILL BE FACED WITH YOUR FEARS. This is how they will be transcended. If You fear a biblical hell filled with fire, demons, and torture… then the reflection of the Universe will show You what You currently hold as a reality. It will be up to You to work through those illusory fears and overcome the limiting beliefs You hold about Who and What God is.

If however, You are focused on Love, Light, and Being of service… then You shall see that reflected back to You as a Heaven. What You believe is what You create for Yourselves. Over and over We have told You this. Many of You still do not believe this. You wish desperately for something or someone ‘outside’ of Yourself to save You. This is not going to happen, because the Universe exists within You. Yes, the entire whole of All That Is lives and breathes within You. How can that be You ask? Because You are NOT a body. You only think You are. You are spirit, inhabiting a body, and when You are not in that body… You are celestial Light, inhabiting every star and every corner of All That Is, with and AS ALL THAT IS. You are not separate… You are indeed Divine.

We come to You today with this Message because it is time for the Truth and it is time that You awaken to the world of darkness You have created. There are dark forces of energy at work, playing in the realms of Your mind, and because You have allowed this to be so for so long, You have forgotten that You are only dreaming. There was a time, long ago, when most of You knew You were only dreaming this dream so that God could experience Itself as Love… but over time, corruption has happened, and so many of You have fallen into a deep, deep slumber.

The dark energies of this earth are being called into the Truth of The Light. They are being held accountable for what they have created. And now this can be seen as many of You are waking up to what has really been allowed to go on in Your world. You are all being held accountable. This is what karma is. You are not being punished, no, that is never a word a Being of Love would use. You are simply being held accountable, on every level, for every unloving thought You CHOOSE TO HOLD. This is the reality of what is happening on Your earth, in truth. There is nothing more or less going on here. You can sugar-coat this all You like, but the truth of the matter is this: what You are experiencing is as a direct result of the thoughts and feelings each and every one of You has individually and collectively chosen to hold in place of love. Plain and simple.

When You talk about Gaia and “Her” transition and “Her” shedding You take the heat and accountability off of Yourselves. You displace all of that and act once again as though You have no part in this. You seem to either look at this as being detached from Mother earth and what ‘She’ is going through… or You seem to feel You are being violently punished because ‘She’ is angry for what You have done to the earth. The truth is, neither of these are actually what is happening. You have created this all by Yourselves, and now when everything is coming back in reflection for You – in such a way You cannot run and hide—You all want to blame someone else. ‘It’s the Gov’t. It’s the greedy corporate people, it’s the people who don’t care about the environment.’

Let Us say now, there is not one of You who is completely innocent from what has now become of Mother earth. Why? Because all of You have feelings of negativity to overcome. That is why You came to the earth. You have created martyrs of Yourselves in many ways, rather than stopping to look at how You played a role in creating the current state of affairs.

Do not mistake Our speaking to You about dark energies as [if] We are blaming or judging. This is not true. We are pointing the finger at each and every person on the planet who has not taken a personal account of what he or she may have put out in terms of thoughts, words, and actions to create this state of destruction and chaos. And this finger isn’t an angry and condemning finger, it is simply to say, before You spend one more moment looking around Yourself for someone to cast blame and throw stones at, perhaps You should look at how You think and speak every day.

Because this is truly it, Dear Ones. This is where You are powerful and have given up Your power to the dark energies of which We speak. Every word You utter out of anger is an energy that strengthens the forces that seek to destroy this planet. You have the choice right here and now to make a change. You do not need to change the world, in fact, You shouldn’t even be focused on changing ANYTHING other than Your own thoughts. We mean this most seriously. The life of this planet and every living thing upon it is in a state of peril, let Us help You by illuminating, without question, where the real problem lies…within You-YOUR mind. The world You see is a world You have co-created. God, the Loving Being of Graciousness and Free Will has given all of You the ability to use the very gift of thought to create. It is with this thought You paint upon the canvas of Your individual and collective lives what You truly want to see.

Your thoughts, not aligned with God, produce hell on earth. Your thoughts, aligned with God and Love, create Heaven on earth. And all of this starts WITHIN. No one should be focused on any other living soul’s change until they have fully and completely mastered their own mind. If You are focused on Your brother’s negativity, and have not yet mastered Your own, then You are a hypocrite and nothing more. We want to release You all to Love, knowing that You ARE powerful enough to make this happen for the world, as a Whole. But, You must understand that You are sitting with the keys and do not know what to use them for. You have the power, but are just giving it away out of ignorance.

There doesn’t need to be any violence or protest, that again, re-inforces the power of the dark. So many of You do not get this. You think if You go out, highly charged with emotion You will create change. You are creating NOTHING more than more of the same. Do You hear Us? You are empowering what You do not want and giving Your energy over to the darkness You want so much to vanquish. That which You resist persists. If You say “NO!” the Universe doesn’t hear this. It just hears I want more of this please because I haven’t learned how to control my mind.

The greatest power You all have is stillness and turning within. If You were to stop the mental chatter for just one hour a day, Your world would change dramatically, if not over night. But instead, You chatter, chatter, chatter, feeding the ‘beast’ more of Your energy by sharing negative dreams all around the internet. This is not true for all of You, for We cannot make a blanket statement, but, for the most part, in an act to wake people from the dream, You are only empowering it. This is what We wish to illuminate here to day.

So many of You are passionate about saving the earth, and this is a wonderful thought, but the earth doesn’t need to be saved BY You, she needs to be saved FROM You. This is not to sound as harsh as it may to Your unconscious ears, but it is You, Dear Children, who have killed the planet…and while it seems a good thought that You rush in and save Her… She is safely in the Hands of God now, as what is happening is the reckoning. You are simply living out now what You have set into motion long ago. This is Your dream being shown to You, on a world screen. You don’t like what You see? You don’t change the images on the screen. You change what is being shown through the projector. That is what You think and how You feel.

If You truly want to change the world, then You need to stop DOING and start learning how to BE STILL and QUIET. For many of You the excuses will begin to flood in now. As this message in its entirety will have pushed Your egos into a tight corner under an intense Light. The truth is this: Your world has been created by thoughts… if You TRULY want to help, then You must CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. It is that simple. That is the lesson You are here to learn.

You are being shown, with great intensity what You collectively believe. This is what You are seeing in Your world.. You believe in war, You believe in an eye for an eye, You believe in greed and taking, You believe in killing, You believe in punishment and guilt, You believe in hell but not heaven, You believe money is power, You believe You are powerless, You believe it is all hopeless. You believe in inequality … How do We know this? Because this is what We observe You creating and engaging in, on every level of Your mind. This need not be. Do You believe that if You dare change Your mind that You may actually SEE that change before You? If You do not, then You will need more time to learn this lesson, and there is no judgment in that.

We are speaking to those of You today who are TRULY hungry for change. Those of You Who want to BE Who You came here to BE. There are powerful negative forces who do not want You to know this information. They do not want You to be empowered for any reason. You have empowered them this long, and now, with this information, You CAN dis-empower them. Many of You will refute this information, saying there is no darkness, and again, We say to You, upon Your earth, in the realm of YOUR mind, there IS a dark energy at work and whether or not is succeeds is entirely up to YOU. Each and every one of You is now going to be held increasingly more accountable for what You are putting into the collective.

AGAIN, this is not punishment, this is just The Universe showing You in a more direct way what it is You think, feel, and believe. If it seems overwhelming in Your personal life, if Your private world seems to collapse, then You are not living in alignment with the Truth of Your Being, and right now the earth is moving back into alignment with God/dess…You will be forced to do the same. Anything that is a lie, or is not done out of integrity, will be exposed for You to face. You may feel defensive and angry when Your ego worlds fall apart, but You must understand the Nature and purpose of being on this earth. It is to LEARN TO BE LOVE. If You are not learning the lesson, You will be forced into a situation that requires You to ‘do it over.’ If You resist this, You will find even greater suffering and pain as Your experience. If You are completely honest and transparent with Yourself and God, You will find it is much easier to let go of what Your little self created. The Reward is a life of Heaven on earth.

This is all for now, for We know there will be many feathers that are ruffled, but remember Dear Ones, We come in Love, and if You are not in alignment with the Truth, the Truth will hurt. We only wish to empower You.

With Love from Above, so It can BE anchored below,

We Are The Council of 12″

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