Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We live in interesting times...

This email came in late yesterday.. September 28, 2010 2:47 PM
Perhaps you have noticed that there has not been any reporting done this month on the budget for the Federal Government to continue operating. Also, when the Federal Reserve just met the first part of this month, they didn't do anything and their stance on the economy was to see if it would work it's self out. I
thought that was odd right before an election. So my conclusion was that the
Federal government really IS bankrupt / broke, which is what I have been hearing for some time now.
Please take what I am going to say here as a heads up ONLY. As we know, the only thing for certain in this world is death and taxes. I would not send this to you if I did not care about the well being of others but please just keep in mind, it is up to you what you believe or don't believe.
I have been a member of a private forum for a couple of years or more. One of
the Moderators on the forum is VERY heavily involved with the Restore America
movement which is now the "Republic of the United States" thus this person knows what is happening first hand.
For quite some time there has been a great deal going on for the good of the
American people and "restoring" our freedom. The Republic of the United States is based on Constitutional laws and is a people's government. In my humble opinion it is our only hope to stop those who's plan is new world order (NWO)
and the removal of ALL our freedom plus MUCH more.
Presently, we have been told on the private forum that The Republic of the United States is now fully funded and have everything in place ready to step in and take over in the event of the collapse of the corporation (Federal Government) on the 29th.
The 29th is the end of the corporation's (Federal Government) fiscal year and
congress has no budget and can't get a budget unless they get lucky. There are forces at work to prevent that. So that means by Thursday morning the U.S. Federal government may very well be "out of business".
We have been told the only way the fed has any hope of refunding itself by Wednesday is the RV of the Iraqi Dinar and there are forces at work blocking
that from happening in time for them to save themselves.
In the event that this does happen, we are told our currency will return to the gold standard. We are told the conversion will likely be 8 to 1. Thus if you
have cash now stock up on necessities and non-perishables. BUT please do not get upset about the devalued dollar (it is worthless) and remember that you will
also be paying LESS for everything when it all gets ironed out. You really won't loose money and it is likely that you will gain. But the shock will cause many people to riot and create havoc. Just remember how much better off we will become after the shock. The U.S. WILL be restored.
I am told there will be at least a 3-day Banking Holiday to accommodate the currency switch. Businesses will likely be closed also. And it is likely to result in riots by those unaware of the good that is coming.
This Moderator has told us to spread the word as much as we can QUIETLY so that people can prepare for this by stocking up on food and fuel, etc. Above all we are told not to panic and stay close to home. In the event that the corporation "get's lucky" and finds the funds to operate a while longer, it will only be
prolonging the inevitable and perhaps even place us in a hyperinflation economy like Germany was before they ultimately do crash. Personally, I would rather see the crash now as in the dead of winter.
A collapse MUST happen and it is better now than later. We certainly dont want them to complete their NWO agenda. So IMHO, if freedom means preparing for CHAOS for a while then I for one will brace my self for this as there WILL be light at the end of the tunnel. We will have prosperity and our freedom given back to us. We are advised to stay close to home and DO NOT raise a hand in violence. We are told that the military is on "our side", and they will support the people and
the Republic of the United States. But they will KEEP THE PEACE AND NOT TOLERATE RIOTING AND FIGHTING, ETC.
We are told the corporation (Federal Government) will disintegrate either this week or in the very near future. Who knows what can happen between now and Thursday but to be forewarned is to be forearmed. It is totally your decision as to what you want to believe or if you even want to prepare for what "might happen". There is a Blog at and visit the Republic site Another site that I highly recommend during these times is NIA (National Inflation Association) and you might want to check out U.S. Silver Corporation
(USA) stock. There is a link on their site.

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