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The Dawn of Golden Age Prosperity

The Dawn of Golden Age Prosperity -- an update []

[] by Taansen []

We are on the threshold of the greatest Golden Age this Earth has ever known. In my 1997 bookSovereignty Consciousness, I included a chapter called "The Dawn of Golden Age Prosperity". Much has happened in these last thirteen years, so it only seemed gracious to give you an update and a synopsis.

Global prosperity is in fact coming soon, but it will be very different from anything that has happened in recent millennia.

I had my own time travel experience back in 1976 when I was on a six month long advanced course with Maharishi in Switzerland. I was projected into the future of this Earth, AFTER the Golden Age had fully materialized and become established worldwide. For two hours I traveled around America viewing and experiencing this Age of Enlightenment first hand. It was stunning, awesome, and mind-blowing.

That experience showed me a Reality from the plane of Knowingness. It was not wishful thinking. In fact, the details revealed to me went far beyond my existing knowledge bank at that time, so it was impossible to have originated in my mind. I actually experienced the inner state of enlightenment -- looking out through the eyes of a body-mind organism which had been lifted to the 24/7 established state of nirvikalpa samadhi -- Self Realization -- Cosmic Consciousness. That was the most awesome part of it. But the outer things I saw were pretty amazing too.

Since then, I have never had a single doubt that this will materialize in 3D on this planet in the near future. I didn't get any exact dates in the experience, but it feels like the period after about 2018 to 2020 would be fairly likely, if not a lot sooner. Some of the most powerful and significant aspects will have happened by 2012-2013, as all enlightened seers know.

I have been fascinated with the statements of various Avatars, Enlightened Masters, and other seers who have predicted the same thing that I saw in my own time travel experience. But even if they didn't corroborate and confirm what I saw, it would not diminish my certainty one bit. That's what a Knowingness is. It is invincible, absolute, and irreversible.

One of the most explicit descriptions of my own vision by someone else is by Dr. Steven Greer, in his bookHidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge. Most of the book is about his encounters with benevolent ETs from the time he was a child. But several chapters later in the book go into incredible detail about the coming Golden Age . . . the very same details that I myself foresaw. I was blown away with the synchronicity and similarity, as well as the eloquence and beauty with which he expressed it.

I am utterly convinced of whatever prosperity anyone who is predicting it is affirming, for the Lightworkers and eventually everyone who isn't sabotaging society.

However it comes -- it is coming.

Certain experiences I have had throughout my life have introduced me to planes of Knowing. I have already had dozens of premonitions come true -- some of them spectacular in their specific detail and accuracy. One of them was fulfilled ten years after the initial vision, and it was the event surrounding the giving of my name -- Taansen.

From these premonitions, I have come to recognize the characteristics of the ones that will come true. The Knowing about the future Golden Age of this Earth has ALL THE SIGNS required for fulfillment . . . and then some.

Therefore, no one can tell me it won't happen. Unless, perhaps, someone is creating their own wish fulfillment . . . on the negative side . . . in which case certain individuals will, indeed, get what they are creating with their beliefs . . . by bifurcating into a parallel timeline in which they get Jurassic Park, or they get a police state, or whatever they have been projecting. We all get what we have created from within.

However, those are just little minds. There is also a Big Mind which has Other Ideas -- ideas which will overwhelm the little ideas. The good news for the doomsdayers is, many of their little self-created hells will get overwhelmed and dissolved by the preference to elect a greater New Option which has just arisen -- a New Option so awesome, so mind-blowing, so utterly unexpected and transcendent -- beyond anything they could have ever dreamed or imagined -- that the abandonment of the former plans will be immediate, spontaneous, and total.

It reminds me of the funny joke, "Do you know how to make God laugh?"

("Tell Him your plans.")

Wealth and prosperity are going to be totally different in the future. It won't be about merely lots of money in a dark unenlightened world with a slow atomic spin.

The high atomic spin rate -- the higher frequencies of atomic structure -- will be changing the entire environment -- due to what Robert Cox calls the infusion of "celestial subtle matter" in his book The Pillar of Celestial Fire. (Have you read that?) From the Great Central Sun, the Heart of God, the Center of the Universe, down through the Pleiades and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the rhythmic pulsing of Cosmic Waves brings periodic washes of celestial subtle matter which changes everything in its path.

Therefore, the prosperity of the future won't be anything like it was in the dark ages. It won't be just separate miserable egos encapsulated in their little private secret domains, scheming and plotting to conquer other egos, and to take their wealth. It won't be people using their money to extract privileges and luxuries from the services of others without contributing good karma in like kind. It won't be the ability to use money to dominate and exploit, to enslave and to get spoiled by selfishness.

The LIGHT will be too bright in the entire atmosphere for that. The LOVE will be too powerful -- all-pervasive -- permeating the very fabric of existence, tangible down to the smallest insect (many of which will have disappeared). AWARENESS will be COLLECTIVELY EXALTED to unsurpassed levels . . . to where former tyrants will be as babies in their little playpens, realizing their utter smallness in the Presence of True Masters.

Putting it this way is not an ego thing . . . but a simple realization of the truth of spiritual evolution. In fact, the very definition of genuine spiritual growth is the gradual disappearance of the illusion of the ego. No True Master has any ego. If someone appears to be advanced in some ways but still has ego, then he is still but an infant among the Knowers of Ultimate Reality.

As for mass prosperity, merely distributing more money in this world condition would only have mixed results.

Sure, giving money to the Lightworkers would help accelerate global enlightenment, thus serving as a cause; but on the other hand, the mass distribution of prosperity is ALSO an EFFECT of the enlightenment that HAS ALREADY BEEN OCCURRING. So they are coming simultaneously. By the time the whole world is prosperous, a whole new consciousness will have come with it.

This is one of my favorite topics, so I will stop here. Otherwise I could go on forever, and you and I both have other things to do. But the topic is SO important . . . and if you haven't already, read those two books (click on them for the Amazon link) -- The Pillar of Celestial Fire, by Robert Cox, and Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge, by Dr. Steven Greer.

Of equal interest and parallel significance, and as a follow-up to Robert Cox's The Pillar of Celestial Fire, is his 2009 book The Elixir of Immortality: A Modern-Day Alchemists Discovery of the Philosophers Stone, also by Robert Cox. The Elixir of Immortality is about the superconducting substance which has been fabled throughout history and has been at the foundation of all religions and essence of all paths of ascension. Parts of the bookThe Pillar of Celestial Fire are also about this elixir, so both are necessary to get the complete story. These are the best texts I have seen on the topic.

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Love to Infinity, Taansen



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