Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pleiadian Message

Pleiadian Message, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eftl52gDsPs

Tue May 6, 2008 1:24 am (EST)

*Pleiadian Message*

/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eftl52gDsPs /

Hello, I am Alaje.

I come from the Star system of the Pleiades. I am a member of The
Galactic Federation in which thousands of benevolent races of this
Universe are working together. This is not Science Fiction. If you are
intelligent, you will investigate this information before you criticise it.

I give many seminars about developing the consciousness, in Germany,
Switzerland and Austria. Many of us live here as volunteers in order to
eliminate the negativity of Earth. Each one has his own abilities and

Universes are naturally full of living beings on different dimensions,
but this is kept as a secret on your planet. Your dark governments
ridicule topics about ExtraTerrestrials and developing consciousness in
order that you have no interest in this and laugh about it. The people
in power have been lying to you for thousands of years about
ExtraTerrestrials and Cosmic Laws. They don't want you to know because
they are afraid of losing their power over you. If you don't believe that,
try to find out the truth in order to know. The proof exists but you
have to find it by yourself. Only then will you believe and know.

They want you to create negative energies and work for them as slaves by
financing their wars with your taxes and deriding everything that has to
do with spirituality and Extra Terrestrials. They are showing you fake
pictures from space, so you will think there is nothing out there. Find
it out yourself. You will be very angry that they always have been lying
to you. The highly evolved people from other planets want you to (be)
free from this system.

The truth is that all the Universes are inhabited. It is a natural thing
and has nothing to do with Science Fiction. Many Extra Terrestrials who
visited Earth in the past were worshiped by the primitive Earth people
as angels or gods. This is the reason why you still have religions and
belief systems on Earth. You are praying to Extra Terrestrials who lived
here thousands of years ago. Positive and Negative Extra Terrestrials.
It makes no difference for the truth, if you believe it or not, it has
always been our reality. Try to find out.

Thousands of Earth people know this already. But in a few years
everybody will see that you were never alone in the Universe. Don't be
shocked when you see thousands of ships in the sky. Find out which ones
are sending Love. These are the Spiritual ones. Some negative Extra
Terrestrials pretend to be us - the Pleiadians. And some people have
contacted them (the Negative ETs) and spread disinformation. Don't be
blinded with "real" UFO pictures. More important is who is inside the

There is a war between the Light and the darkness going on behind your
backs, to free you from the mind slavery that you have been living for
12,000 years. You are not "Free" on Earth. You have forgotten what
"Freedom" is. The only things you know are hate, violence, terror,
cigarettes, drugs, taxes, fake governments, or to be in fear belief
systems and superstition.

The secret government is creating these things in order to control you.
They are creating the terror themselves, so they can legally give more
power to the military and control technologies. Their goal is to amplify
the negative energy. Do you want to live in such a world? We know that
many of you do not believe that so again, find out yourself. The
evidence is there but you have to make the effort to find it.

Try to erase negativity in your minds. Concentrate on positive energy.
That is you power against the evil. They are powerless against this
energy. That is why they want to distract (you) from this power.
Don't let the dark government manipulate you. They're using television,
radio, newspapers, cigarettes, drugs, religions, TV -politicians,
military, electro-magnetic waves and self made wars in order to keep you
in a negative mode. Everybody who is laughing about this information is
already manipulated and has to learn more than others. An intelligent
human first investigates a topic before he has an opinion about it.

The Universe is inhabited by many beings, humanoid and not humanoid.
Your governments had already contacts and are keeping it a secret. That
is why your technology has been developed so fast in the last 50 years.
You are living on this planet in order to learn how to stay positive
even in such unhappy worlds. The meaning of life is the development of
the consciousness, the development of the heart, of the mind, of the
character, in a more noble level, being spiritual even with negative
energies around you. That is happening over many lives and on many
planets, because the soul wants to learn everything. Every planet is a
school in which you can go a step higher.

Every soul has to go, to evolve higher, back to "The Source", to the
"Cosmic Centre of consciousness". You call it "God" but it is not a
person, it is the "Energy" from which everything exists. You have no
knowledge about the Universe because you have been given misinformation
from your governments and priests. Even your Earth history books, they
have rewritten or deleted in the Middle Ages, discoveries about Extra
Terrestrial colonies (which) were either kept in secret or have been
erased. Instead they are showing you the discovery of some animal bones
and selling it to you as a sensation. They want to keep you dumb and
ignorant so that only they have the knowledge and the power. Is this
fair to you? Evidence is still there but you have to find it yourself.
They will not tell you this on public TV.

If you really want to get knowledge, the "Existence" will show you the
ways to find it. Most people on Earth have forgotten how to listen to
the soul. They are distracted on purpose in the negative society around
them. Friends, it's time to change this. You are living in a nightmare.
Erase every negative emotion. Compared to other civilisations in the
Universe, you are young and in the Kindergarten. Concentrate on positive
emotions. Try it at least. Create the inner wish to get knowledge about
the Universe. Don't let the negative people disturb you. They are
stealing your energy and want to keep you primitive as they are.

Be careful with smokers and alcohol drinkers. They are influenced by
negative S O beings (earthbound souls?) who are living in your auric
field and eating your life energy. Everybody with spiritual power can
see this. If something is vibrating higher than you, it is invisible for
you. This is nothing mystical. There is no mystical thing. It is simply
higher spiritual science that most people don't know. Negative people
are trying to argue with you and make you angry and powerless. Positive
people are giving you love, power and knowledge. You have always a
choice, whom you want to have on your side, the Light or the Darkness,
Love or Hate.

Don't let them deceive you when they say that they are spiritual and at
the same time they are smoking or are following a religion. A spiritual
human is taking care of his health because he knows self-love and he is
worshipping nobody because he is taking responsibility for his life.
Only if you love yourself, you are able to love others. A smoker who is
destroying himself does not love himself and has to learn it first.
Everybody has to make his choice now, if he wants to live for the
positive or the negative.

Don't waste your life with stupid TV shows, with junk food, with drugs,
or religions which killed millions of people in the past. When you came
to Earth, your plan was to evolve to something higher not to something
lower. Think about it!

The negative thoughts from millions of people for thousands of years,
are forcing the Earth to get rid of them. That is why you have chaotic
weather, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions. Earth is not only
suffering from "gas" pollution but also from "thought' pollution.
Thoughts are "energy" and energy has always an effect on the Universe
because everything in the "Existence" is connected. This is higher science.

Try to "charge" your thoughts with positive energy whenever you can.
Concentrate on friendliness not on hate. Are you able to do this? There
are thousands of people like me on Earth who can help you to achieve
this. We are the Lightworkers who are using the Light of the higher
realms to eliminate the negative. In your history you have been calling
us angels. Everybody who is working for the Light is attacked extremely
from the dark side. Therefore it is important that Lightworkers increase
their Light even more. Don't let yourself be discouraged by negative
people or problems that you are facing. Keep your focus on the goal: to
help this Planet thrive from spiritual Light, where nothing negative can

"The Experiment Earth" where we wanted to see if we can hold our Light
in a negative environment, is coming slowly to an end. The dark side
wants to prevent this. Don't let skeptics, arrogant people or fake, paid
psychologists, discourage you, they are afraid of love and of people
with more knowledge than they have. They need many lives before they are
ready for higher wisdom. It is their freewill. Every flower has its own
time to blossom.

The more Light you are sending out of your heart, the weaker the dark
side is becoming. The more the dark side is attacking you for this, the
more it is for you a compliment that you are doing it well. The fight
against the evil is taking place more inside than outside, in your
heart, in your thinking. The energy you are sending is important. If you
are thinking negative inside you will increase the chaos around you
because you are feeding it. If you want to eliminate the chaos on your
Planet, send thoughts of love out. These thoughts will be carried
through the morphogenetic field to the whole Planet. That is how you can
destroy the plan of the dark side. They are planning chaos, not only on
this Planet, but on the whole Galaxy. Are we going to allow this?

The dark side is using the television to lie to you. 90% of TV shows
have the mission to make you dumb. They don't want you to think about
the meaning of life. They want you to believe that everything is OK. The
biggest lie shows are those that have to do with politics. They are
showing you TV-politicians and fake elections to make you think that you
have the right to vote. The real people in power are never on TV and
they are elected from their own family members. As long as you allow
such people to rule you, you will stay their slave, to finance their
wars, with your taxes.

Imagine inside in what kind of world you want to live. Imagine a world
without violence, without military, without politicians, or
sanctimonious priests, without superstition, without belief systems and
without lies. Imagine a world where only Love rules, where everybody has
everything he needs, where knowledge is available for everybody and that
contact with a higher evolved Planet is a natural thing. You have to build
this strong inner wish to live in such a world. The more people can
imagine and send these thoughts, the easier you can steer the evolution
of the Planet in a positive direction.

Begin to listen to the words of your soul, not to the words they are
sending you through television or radio. You can only listen to the
words of your soul when you are in silence without stress and noise.
Most people are concentrating daily on hate, anger, arguments and
arrogance. They are living unconscious not conscious and wasting their
life. Make your decision now. In what kind of world do you want to live?
Send thoughts of love to the whole Planet. This is disturbing the dark
side more than anything else. Imagine how the whole Planet is filled
with the Light of love and this Light is burning all the evil away. Now
is the time to prove yourself, if you are really an adult in your mind,
or not. Somebody who likes hate and violence is less evolved than an
animal or a plant.

The meaning of life is the evolution of your consciousness and your love
in your heart. It is not your car, your mobile phone, your bank account,
your religion, sports, horror movies or violence over others. It is
simply your love in your heart. Only if you think with your heart you
are on the winners' side. This is the key to a high existence. Are you
going to use this key or throw it away? The decision is yours.
I AM Alaje

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