Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moving toward first contact

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic

9 Cauac, 12 Moan, 3 Manik

Special thanks to those of you who were able to help Sheldan and the
PAO last week.
If you missed it, I am re-posting my letter with this update.
Dear Friends of PAO:

My friend, Sheldan Nidle, is one of those rare individuals blessed
with the ability to activate people. He is an unassuming man who is
possessed of a unique and ennobling mission - to inform those able to hear
about changes in our world and our universe. He is a man whom the Galactic
Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen to act as their spokesman
on Earth and, in so doing, to tell us that we are on the brink of first

Every week for the past eleven years, over the Internet, Sheldan has
been transmitting messages from the Galactic Federation. These updates give
us knowledge and encouragement: they energize us and reinforce the
connection between our lives now and the glory that we know is about to
come. Conveying this information through updates, books, DVDs and e-mails,
and anchoring in the energy for the Earth's heart chakra are all facets of
Sheldan's job. It is his total focus. He has devoted his life to this
mission, to passing on the communiqu├ęs of the Galactic Federation and to
working toward the ascension of Mother Earth and her peoples.

In a recent conversation with Sheldan, I asked him why the updates
repeatedly mention that contact is imminent, yet nothing obvious seems to
have happened. He told me that the Galactic Federation is now fully ready
for first contact.

Miles: But why are they taking so long to appear?

Sheldan: Many layers are in now place, but Heaven is still waiting for
the right divine moment.

As I understand it, first contact is not simply a physical arrival. It
also includes our shift to full consciousness and is connected to Earth's
changes and a shift in Creation. The process is extremely complicated. Added
to the mix are the stubborn cabals, who are determined not to give up their

Which brings me to my purpose in writing this letter to you.

Since my last message to you, Sheldan and Colleen have moved to yet
another house, even less expensive than their previous one. Despite revenues
from books, occasional lectures and their educational DVD series, their
financial situation has not improved. Their standard of living is
subsistence, at best. The extras most of us take for granted are beyond
them. Although positive for the galactic future, in the earthly present,
they are just 'getting by'.

Contrary to what you may think, Sheldan does not have hidden sources
of income. Revenue from his activation materials are not great enough to
cover much more than basic living expenses. Since the founding of PAO in
1997, Sheldan has been surrounded by a close circle of friends who have
freely volunteered their time and efforts to help him spread his message.
Now, we are turning to you.

How Can You Help?

Several years ago, PAO introduced a voluntary subscription program to
support Sheldan's FREE weekly updates. It works like this: If you enjoy
reading them, we ask that you send PAO a contribution, perhaps the price of
a good book or your favorite magazine subscription. Renew your subscription
now! Your contribution will enable PAO to continue providing our free

The other way you can help PAO is by ordering our books, videos, DVDs,
etc. These activation materials are based upon subjects you have requested,
or are important communications given Sheldan by the Galactic Federation and
the Spiritual Hierarchy. They are powerful consciousness-raising tools that
help to explain what is actually going on, here on planet Earth, and the
current status of first contact.

We at PAO are deeply grateful to you for giving immediate attention to
our request for financial help.

Webmaster for the PAO
Miles Simons

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Sheldan Nidle, c/o Planetary Activation Organization
P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA

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Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our conversations with you. As
we noted in our last message, much progress is being made since we took on
our expanded responsibilities. Everywhere, we see our Earth allies moving
forward with added vigor and renewed passion for the tasks at hand, the most
pressing being the legal due process removal of the illegal US regime. Those
who run this travesty are using every means possible to remain financially
afloat. This includes unilaterally seizing any sizeable financial
transaction that they can lay their hands on. This scurrilous behavior has
heightened the resolve of our allies to be rid of them. The cabal's answer
has been to further squeeze the monetary stability of the dollar and this is
having a big effect. The dollar and its creator, the US Federal Reserve, are
near bankruptcy, and the old monetary system set in place by the Bretton
Woods Agreements is rapidly crumbling. This disintegration fuels the global
mortgage crisis and indirectly feeds the massive speculator's market in all
commodities, but chiefly oil.
This mess is leading to stressed economies and food shortages
all over the world. The resolution to all this begins with ridding the world
of the US regime; its supercilious and unreal positions on many matters are
quickly pushing your world toward ruin. To accomplish this removal we have
cleared the way for a number of long-delayed, legal preliminaries to be
achieved. With this done many groups within the government and their
civilian friends can create the means for the necessary forced resignations
from high office. In the same vein action is being taken which prepares the
way to replace this government with a true de jure one. This caretaker
regime will be in power for no more than nine months, during which time the
true constitution will be revealed and the judicial system changed from
Admiralty to Common Law. Many beneficial programs agreed to among the Earth
allies will then be put into effect. These include global debt forgiveness,
the resolution of the energy crisis, and the means to cleanse Mother Earth
of the massive pollution dumped upon her by humanity.

These programs revolve around the delivery of what you know as
the prosperity programs. Difficulties in this regard are still extant.
Peeling away the onion-layers of dark conspirators continues, and we are
determined to finish up this job quickly and assist our Earth allies in
dismantling this dark infestation within the current US regime. It has
literally spread itself throughout the government like scummy,
disease-ridden floodwater. Our job is to mop up and disinfect the mess. Then
we can rebuild, and do away with all that is beyond redemption. The
resulting infrastructure can then be turned over to a fairly elected, new
administration. Our role is to use our abilities to assist, advise, and
nurture the policies of the temporary caretaker regime and, thereafter, the
newly elected administration. We shall do this in a way that empowers our
Earth allies while still reserving the right to be more assertive when
necessary. In this we are presented with a very short window of time. This
window is stipulated by Heaven and decreed by the divine plan.

This time crunch requires an agenda of determined action and
this we have put into play. Each one of these thrusts is to propel you out
of the many dilemmas you now face. We fully understand the nature of the
endgame now playing out across the world: Two major groups are striving to
see where the new reality puts them. Our role is to sort this out according
to the decrees of Heaven; in other words, to ensure that the Light and her
allies on your world triumph. This duty gives us a special license, which we
fully intend to honor. What we have described is only the barest outline of
what is really going on. This is unavoidable at this time. As you know this
operation exists on many levels. First contact, as it pertains to the Earth
plane, involves a spiritual as well as a physical cleansing. This means that
a lot of what is going on is largely invisible to you. Nevertheless, the
transformation of your reality requires that a wholly new foundation be set
up to support what will rapidly become the new norm.

Creating the proper environment for massive change within the
given timeframe is our priority, which is why we have refocused our energies
into a more direct degree of involvement, as mentioned in our last message.
Several liaison groups with vast experience in the diplomatic, cultural, and
social nuances of your planet are now in place on the surface and embedded
in many critical locations. Their function is to move your world in the
direction it badly needs to go. Our responsibility is to get results, which
solve the disagreements presently slowing up progress. This new policy is
intended to give you the edge needed to break through the logjams thrown up
by the dark cabal. These developments and their positive knock-on effects in
other areas can only hasten the advent of first contact. Completing this
mission successfully is why we are here in the first place. Remember that
Together, We are indeed Victorious!

While we move toward first contact Heaven is continuing to
prepare you for being fully conscious. The major activity during the
immediate period is the activation process along your spine and back. This
can make your upper-back muscles and shoulders feel a bit sore. This
reaction might linger for days or, in rare cases, up to a month. The changes
in your chakra system include the relocation of many of the older, more
complex functions to different chakras. When the new ones begin to manifest,
this soreness can occur near the location of the new chakras. A good way to
quicken this process is to see a healer and/or body worker. Their expertise
can help to ease your discomfort and allow you to go through this
transformation with a minimum of pain.

Mother Earth is going through much the same changes as you.
The difference is that she is reorganizing the majority of the major nodes
that exist on her surface. Currently these are largely inactive and are
re-energizing now for the first time in many millennia. As you are aware,
this process of reactivation has led to a rash of volcanism and quakes on
land and seabed. These formerly inactive nodes are beginning to recharge the
interconnected regions around them, and this surge of energy destabilizes
the neighboring fault lines and the normal magma circuits just below the
Earth's surface. This new electromagnetic flow can increase the pressure in
old magma pathways and begin to forge new ones. It can also cause more
movement in the fault zones nearest to the newly activated node.

In the solar system the electrogravitic field of the Sun,
which holds the solar system together, is also changing and is a portent of
the vast transformation that your new reality is to undergo. It is the
reason why all sorts of oddities are increasingly to be seen throughout the
solar system: The strange behavior of the great colored spots on Jupiter and
the puzzling data collected by your scientists concerning Saturn's rings
point to the fact that the solar system is preparing for something. This
"something" is the addition to the system of former planets long destroyed
and the relocation of various moons to their original sister worlds. Our
scientists are quite involved in these preparations. We are watching your
new reality being birthed and are seeing how it is affected by what is
happening within you. Something wonderful and divine is getting ready to be

Today, we talked about our desire to make full use of the
permission granted to us by Heaven to move you to the next stage on your
path to full consciousness. This also moves us closer to the event of first
contact and all that that implies! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart
of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are
indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be
Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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