Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama is a highly evolved spiritual being...

Dear Ones,
There are rumblings going on that several of my psychic friends have made regarding Obama and I have attached an email a friend sent me and have followed it with the other email I received that includes the speech that Obama made today. Please read and then listen to the speech. These are the things that just could make the changes we need and want. I am basically a supporter of Ron Paul but I cannot ignore the message Obama is sending either and I am providing you with the same opportunity if you choose to listen and discern for yourself.
Love, blessings & peace,
Suzy Star
For whatever it may be worth to you, I would like to share a message I received regarding Obama. You will not see this in the mainstream media, and I am not aware of any place it appears on the internet. Please let me say up front that this information is simply being offered for your discernment.
It is important to remember that the consciousness of this planet and its inhabitants is continuing to ascend at an increasingly rapid rate. Things are no longer going to be like they have always been. Therefore, it might be a mistake to assume the wealthy elite will be in control of whomever wins the next presidential election. Now, on to the message.
Independently of each other, several of my closest friends who are also spiritual psychics have gotten the same message I've been receiving. Here is that message:
Obama is a highly evolved spiritual being whose destiny it is to help bring about positive change in America. He has a good heart and sincerely cares about the people. He has cleverly played the wealthy elite's game, so far, because that was the fastest and most efficient way to gain power. In other words, Obama has been using the wealthy elite to get into a position where he can truly make a difference.
If he gets into the White House, he will turn his back on the "controllers" and take America in a new direction toward the Light. As dangerous as this might sound, Obama is protected by the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic Kingdom and members of the Galactic Federation, both on and off the planet.
Obama's strategy is very sound. It is based on the old principle that one can more easily and effectively bring about change from the INSIDE.
End of message.
Aaron Russo, the creator of the excellent documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism, tried unsuccessfully to change America from the outside. In a channeled message shortly after his death, Aaron said this was the biggest mistake he had made. He said he now realizes one can bring about change much more powerfully and effectively from the INSIDE of any organization.
If we choose to focus on the activities of the dark and stay in FEAR (a state of False Evidence Appearing Real) we strengthen the very things we don't want. The more we visualize and feel the positive changes we want, the sooner they will manifest. This is not some unrealistic, Pollyanna attitude, rather it is an absolute truth throughout the Universe.
It is important for us to remain calm and detached about what we read and hear, especially when it increases fear and darkness. If we are in fear, we are not in our Heart, which is our connection to the Creator of All That Is. It is my belief that it is now more important than it ever has been to choose to trust our OWN Heart and stay in the NOW!
Watch for many positive changes in the coming months. You will be surprised and pleased.

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