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The Cosmic Paradigm Newsletter

The Cosmic Paradigm Newsletter
by Mark Kimmel
February 27, 2008

A warm welcome to the many of you joining us for the first time, and a special recognition to those who have related their story of contact with our brothers and sisters from the star civilizations, know that you are among friends.

Saturday is March 1st; remember to meditate as early in the day as possible. Our brothers and sisters from the star civilizations, and the spirits and celestials who are assisting us, have asked us to convey what we wish for the new Earth. Be as specific as you like. Earth is already a unique sphere in the galaxy; to a great extent, we who choose to go forward will determine her future uniqueness. You see, by our intention, or our lack of intention, we are already designing our future.

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Now for the message of this newsletter: My journey into the unconventional (I was not yet ready for the paranormal) began in the 1960's when I was introduced to John Boyle of the Institute for Executive Research. John taught me was to relax into a less than fully conscious state, and to see that I could become whomever I wished. In the 1970's, I joined Creative Initiative and discovered the power of a dedicated, enlightened community. In 1987 I was awakened (although I did not see it that way at the time) to the path upon which I find myself today. In the 1996 I found a new way of seeing the world through psychology. All of these opened me up from my conservative upbringing, my equally stuffy and conservative business career, and my belief that Earth was the lone outpost of human civilization.

As a tangent to my study of psychology, I started writing "Trillion" in 1997, thinking it was science fiction. In 2000, I visited Roswell and "knew" something had happened there. In 2001, I watched in amazement as the Disclosure Project unfolded on the stage of the National Press Club. In June of that year, I spent a week with Steven Greer and was delighted and amazed by all manner of UFOs. My eyes, mind and soul were opened to the larger reality. In 2002, I published Trillion with my new appreciation of the larger picture, but almost no corrections from the manuscript I had used as my master's thesis of the prior year (where I got the ideas for that manuscript I am just now coming to understand).

The reason I have gone through this progression is a) to show how my own awareness developed, and b) because I have met lots of other people who are just now becoming aware of the larger picture. I hope by seeing my struggle to move beyond my stuffy, conservative background others may be encouraged to take the leap into the new reality. How have you progressed? What were the events that shaped your path?

Now, I look back on several years of experiences with out-of-body travel, remote viewing, a whole raft of books and internet information, conversations with incredible people who have shared their stories (many of you), communications with non-humans, and most recently the ability to transcribe words as they are given to me (automatic writing). This gift was present as I wrote my books, I simply did not appreciate it.

All of this is leading to my perception of Earth's transition. When I first came to understand the universe through awakened eyes, I saw cycles measured in millions of years, and I saw contact between humans and peoples of other star systems as something remote, not likely to happen to me. Then the Disclosure project came along and not long thereafter September 11th, and I dove into seeking the truth behind the headlines. The enslavement of humanity took a couple of years to become totally real. I began to see the many ways in which our lives were corrupted for the benefit of the elite. I looked back at my earlier career as a venture capitalist and saw that there were larger forces at work, and that not all of them were to my benefit. With these realizations, I came to see the world changing very swiftly, and I made preparations to plunge into the unknown.

Today, February 27th, I have come to see a bit different scenario. Very little of the new Earth will come from that which we now know. We will experience tremendous difficulties as the institution created by humans are replaced with a different way of being. The debt-based, worldwide fiat currency system will collapse. The governments of elitists and the power hungry will be reorganized. Religions of victimization and dogma will collapse under the weight of truth. Institutions like healthcare, science, education, and legal will be changed by truth and love. The media and entertainment will be replaced with something of real value. Violence will be replaced with peace, both personal and between nations.

Yes, there will be earth changes, but not as great as once imagined. Yes, the planet is warming, but it is not due to man's polluting the atmosphere, rather we are returning to a temperate worldwide climate. Yes, we will return to a time of harmony with the planet and everything and everyone on her. Yes, we will require the help of our brothers and sisters from the star civilizations to accomplish all of this. And yes, there will be a bifurcation of mankind; many will decide not to go along with Earth to her transformed state.

Rather than happening as a single catastrophic event, the transition will happen over the next few years. Rather than being some future event, the transition is already happening all around us. Rather then waiting to participate, we are already participating by contributing our energy, and with our intentions. Intentionally, or not, we are designing the transformed Earth.

2012? Any way you measure it, 2012 is not far off, considering the magnitude of the changes I foresee. Time is accelerating, so 2012 may be approaching more quickly than our calendars indicate. Many indigenous people are preparing for the change.

In the very near future, Earth will be rejuvenated, returning to the balance she enjoyed before the light dimmed in the souls of her human residents, before she became sick due to a lack of harmony. We humans, along with everything else on this planet, are a slow form of energy, physical energy. Even in our slowed state, we are constantly broadcasting who we are, what are our intentions, and what we wish for everyone and everything else.

Interested in becoming more active? Interested in exploring why you are here at this time and place? Find out how to use your energy. Join the Cosmic Paradigm Network. In the coming months, we will be hosting a number of Gatherings to allow those with experiences to interact with each other, and to support those who are proactive.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel


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