Friday, July 20, 2007

Keith Olbermann

Dear Family and Friends,

I invite you to look at this video by Keith Olbermann. I also hope
you will pass it on to your e-mail list because Olbermann says so well,
for all of us, that which we just cannot find the words to express
ourselves. Keith Olbermann is quite a remarkable person. I am sure
he is the subject of many threats because he is so outspoken. I feel
we all must voice our support for what he has the guts to do.

Thank you Keith Olbermann.


Copy and paste the Website below into your browser

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann | Go to Iraq and Fight, Mr. President

Keith Olbermann lambastes President Bush for choosing Hilary Clinton
as a scapegoat for the quagmire in Iraq on his nightly MSNBC Countdown.

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