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If you see something, say something (to Big Brother)

If you see something, say something
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Jul 25, 2007, 00:54

Catchy, isn’t it? It’s the theme line of the New York City, Metropolitan Transit Authority’s advertising campaign that has run from 2002 through 2007. It’s a call to keep our eyes open for “terrorists” and to be the eyes of the law wherever we are, as if there weren’t enough eyes and cameras already.

The slogan runs on bus panels and posters in subway cars. It often shows an abandoned black bag looking ominously at you with the theme line above it. Sometimes there’s a robot on wheels about to snatch the case for detonation. Ah well, fellas, I do see something here, and I’d like to say something.

I see that black bag of Fear as the Pandora’s Box of the Bush administration. If you open it, you’ll see everything from the dinosauric Office of Homeland Security chewing up $46 billion this year to find purported terrorists in every corner, under every bench, newsstand, subway car and bus. In fact, Fear has come to be color-coded daily in yellow, orange, and red, so the frightened know just how bad to feel and how to color-coordinate. It’s called mind-and-body-and-soul (MBS) control.

In contrast, whenever you get a surge of courage to be, do, act, say what you want to say, which isn’t what the administration wants you to say, I see you can get towed away indefinitely under the USAPATRIOT Act. You could end up at Gitmo marching around in chains behind barbed wire fences, accused of being an enemy combatant, deprived of your rights as a prisoner of war according to the Geneva Conventions. Or you could be rendered to some foreign country where torture is okay, a national pastime. And what with the loss of Habeas Corpus, I see you or I could rot there forever.

I see our country gone to war in Iraq unilaterally, against the wishes of allies and the UN, on false premises, false intelligence, nonexistent WMD. Five years later, after a bogus election and the setup of a puppet government, I see us still slopping through the mud of the New Vietnam. I see hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens dead, countless numbers wounded, 3,600 Americans dead along with thousands of casualties, and hundreds of billions spent to bring you this epic disaster. I see poor urban blacks and Hispanics, poor rural white guys fighting, dying, with very few sons of the rich, and only a few sons of the Congress. And I see the poor struggling in ghettos to survive the bullets of power.

I see America’s game plan to build a circle of bases around Afghanistan, so they can attack Iran, the Caspian Sea Region, and even Pakistan if it becomes necessary. I see Afghanistan’s puppet President Karzai pathetically encouraging us as the Taliban creeps back in. I see his country’s production of opium at an all-time “high,” ready to turn into heroine and make its way to American streets, into the arms of American kids, hardened junkies, and dysfunctional victims everywhere.

I see the CIA aiding and abetting its transport as per usual. I see us using the dope loot to prop up our shadow government and help pay for black ops around the world, i.e., assassinations like the president of Lebanon, and for the subversion of other governments, the propping up of more “friendly puppets” everywhere. I see us blaming Syria for Lebanon’s loss, though Syria’s army has pulled its last units out of Lebanon, and either country possibly next on our hit list, that is, before or after Iran.

I see Israel continuing to swallow Palestine, dividing and conquering Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah. And yet I see Jewish communities protected and thriving in Iran. I see Russia forced into a new cold war by George W. Bush, who insists he's going to deploy missile "defense" systems near Russia's borders, and who thinks it's okay to use nuclear weapons. I see us forcing Putin into nuclear confrontation as we continue to mess with countries surrounding Russia.

I see a fascist corporatism pumping money into every bad plan George W. Bush & Company have for America, the drum continuing to roll for privatization of Social Security and elimination of Medicare and Medicaid. I see the pounding away of unions, pensions, health benefits, leaving a Wal-Mart society for workers and consumers. I see the introduction of junk religion into every aspect of our intellectual, scientific, political and artistic life, the corruption of rational thought for faith-based retrogressive, generally racist organizations of the right, televangelists of the night. Pat Robertson & Company, you know who you are.

I see the entire New Deal and Franklin Roosevelt’s vision of serving the “common good” coming under attack by the nefarious neocon “Constitution in Exile Group,” who would like to overturn the 1937 Supreme Court’s backing of New Deal legislation and the powers Roosevelt necessarily assumed to save his country from disaster -- one created in large part by Republicans and free market speculators -- who are now as then looting America mercilessly, destroying its infrastructure, castrating its industry, sending millions to the streets unemployed.

I see our so-called terror protectors as the real terrorists. I see the CIA forcing NORAD to stand down on 9/11 because there were some dozen anti-terror hijacking drills that day. I see the World Trade Center hit by airliners that didn’t have the power to bring them down, burning in a half-hour to an hour-and-a-half with the fire of jet fuel not hot enough to melt steel. I see the Towers come down in a matter of 10 seconds, the speed of gravity, in each case, and falling, being exploded in neat heaps of rubble. I see the exploded clouds of concrete and asbestos, detonations from the bottom to the tops of the Towers.

I see Tower 7, pulled on Larry Silverstein’s orders, eight hours after the initial hits. I see that internal demolition is impossible unless a building is prepared months in advance, as were the Towers, including 7. I see Marvin Bush walking away from the board of directors of Securacom, the company in charge of World Trade Center security from 1993 to 9/11. I see it relieved of its duties then, changing its name to Stratosec.

I see fellow Americans, friends, neighbors, even family, often afraid to broach any of these subjects, often totally asleep to them, especially as media moguls and the administration claim every shred of truth to be “conspiracy theory,” the great black curtain they sweep down before the daily drama to keep all but a few in the dark.

I see all the forensic evidence, the molten steel, a hundred thousand tons of it, spirited away like booty by Giuliani in a matter of eight months to bury the truth, like the bodies of the victims buried originally in ash, trash and steel. And nearly six years later, I see no building to replace the gone WTC. And I see Larry Silverstein, its lessee, with about a $4.5 billion insurance award in all. I see the tapes of the crashes of that day over and over again, and they make me angry and amazed the government got away with murder . . .

What I don’t see are Muslim terrorists, who supposedly perished in the attack. I do see one of the so-called hijacker’s passport miraculously popped up in the massive mess of the World Trade Center, in tact, like a poppy planted in a graveyard. I see none of the terrorists names on any of the flight manifests.

Yet I see Zacharias Moussaoui plead guilty to knowing about the 9/11 terror plot, although he was in jail at the time of the attack for an immigration violation. I see him convicted for 9/11 in lieu of our being unable to produce bin Laden or anything but photos of the so-called perps. I see a kangaroo court masquerading as justice for the 3,000 victims of 9/11. I see the whitewashed 9/11 Commission Report as a huge waste of paper. I see a supposedly dead Khalid Sheik Mohammed also railroaded into a confession of pre, post and all 9/11 terror.

I see the former neocon Congress trying to frantically ram the privatization of Social Security down our throats, even though they knew it could have bankrupted Social Security. But I see that they knew that. After all, George Schultz, eminent founding neocon, helped privatization happen in Chile, with the help of murderous Dictator Augusto Pinochet. The worker’s funds were thoroughly looted, and thus the neocons in the administration assumed that they could pull off the same trick here.

I see them propping up Wall Street with hedge fund profits and low-interest money borrowed from Japan and China. I see the US’s anemic dollar and its financial bubble expanding until one day it pops and we’re totally drowning in debt, screwed into poverty as a people. By then, I see the elites ruling like feudal kings with their billions in sequestered gold. I see the politicians lolling in their payoffs from large corporations and tax cuts to the rich. They will have profited from the SS bankruptcy, the relaxation of most all FDA food and drug standards, the EPA burying all environmental standards. I see this while the military industrial complex and corporatism, in general, turn democracy into total fascism.

I see a Democratic Congress today without the power or conviction to bring about an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

I see the Pentagon and its war machine in war crimes of the most heinous variety, murder, rape, torture, electro-shock, would-be drowning, intimidation by dogs and sexual humiliation. And I see it blessed by Alberto Gonzalez, head of our Department of Injustice. I see us seen by the world as a War Criminal Nation, not unlike Germany under the reign of the Nazis or Italy under Mussolini. I see our actions blessed by any number of Conservative Christian groups who claim we are living in the End Times, so what does it matter anyway. The good (them) will be swept in the Rapture any minute.

I see the executive branch as well as the legislative branch having pushed all these same religious-oriented Conservative Christians into judgeships, at all levels all the way to the Supreme Court, in order to control and corrupt the judicial branch of our government, aligning it with the earlier Conservative Christian Congress and remaining Conservative Christian executive branch, fulfilling the deepest fears of our forefathers, which is to eliminate our entire system of checks and balances, the foundation of our democratic system. I see them in league with an Israeli-American Mafia, created to dominate the Mid-East for its oil.

Beyond these misguided souls, I see the cruel calculating oligarchic families and cadres of the past, the Bush family among them, hoping to reinstate their fascist power, just as Prescott Bush financed Hitler and the Third Reich, as Henry Ford built cars and a plant on the Rhine for the Nazis, and even Watson of IBM gave the Nazis the early computing technology for the internment camps. I see standing next to them, the British monarchy, with all its billions stowed away in private banks, being part and parcel of the worldwide oligarchy that would repress the working class, the middle class and the poor, and reverse the democratic and economic gains of history, from the Renaissance on.

I see that the British Royals played patsy with Hitler until the near point-of-no-return, until they were bombed into near submission. I see Churchill replacing Chamberlain and Winston allying himself with Franklin Roosevelt, and becoming the allies that we thought once and for all had permanently crushed the vermin Nazis. But I see the vermin have crawled back from the primordial slime, the Nazis who escaped to South America, to America as our rocket scientists, to Russia as same. And those who simply remained in the woodwork of Europe and then NATO -- aided and abetted by conservative mentors like Allan and John Foster Dulles, our staunch protectors against Communism, which system was finally bankrupted by the West.

I see the rise of these dark forces in the Western world once again rattling sabers at the Mid and Far East, in the hope of reinforcing their own perverse need to exist, perpetuating hostilities, fear and the terror created in their own greed, misogyny, and brutality. I see in their progress the establishment of worldwide money laundries, such as the late BCCI, patronized by the Bush and Saudi families among other criminal forces; by Mafias of the world, using their ill-gotten gains to control economies for their own profit, and to subvert legitimate governments and reform movements around the world, through murder, death squads, counter-revolution, the offering of arms and other resources to these forces, as in the Iran-contra scheme, to the toppling of the duly elected governments around the world.

I see these forces actively resisting any call to preserve our natural resources. Instead I see an oil-drunk addicted, corrupting and corrupted oligarchy pressing on to despoil every inch of the earth in quest of profit at the expense of life-systems. In fact, I see the dread HAARP program, the instrument of dark angels, with the potential to manipulate weather systems as well as destroy human and animal life in vast tsunami-like incidents. I see New Orleans going under again due to its once again under-built levees.

I see the rise of Satanic worship, Bohemian Groves of the soul, the darkest side of the human psyche, Skull and Boners at play and in tandem with these forces, often masking themselves as Christian, whose only religion is human sacrifice for their unholy ends. That is what I see. Yet rather than report it as the ads suggest to the police, whom I believe to be the instruments of these same forces, I am reporting them to you, America, and the world, and asking you to be aware. These are the real terrorists. Prepare yourself to combat them, because they are coming for us, one and all, whether we like it or not.

I see that they are the venial corrupt politicians like George Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, pulling the strings of their Libby-like flunkies. And they are the Luciferian Bush Sr. & Company redux. I see them and their effects not just in New York City, at the still hole-in-the-ground of Ground Zero, but in the interconnected cabals of world finance, international money laundries, contracted terrorists, and their Saudi connections.

Be aware. This is the real red alert. If you see something, say something -- however you can -- while you still can. Because I see a “Veil of Surveillance” already descending on lower Manhattan with more than 100 cameras, creating a ring of so-called visual steel, in which sooner or later we will all be trapped. Just as the families of the 9/11 victims, the last of them, take the payoff money (not justice) from the Compensation Fund for the loss of their loved ones without a whimper.

And beyond this horizon of despair, the scorched earth and ruined cities, I see a human renaissance. I see a triumph of spirit, heart, and mind beyond these seven dark years of apocalypse. I see a cleansing light breaking beyond the poisoned seas, even the torch of Lady Liberty lit one more time, as humanity circles its steps to the top and waves its soiled hat to the sky.

Jerry Mazza is a free-lance writer living NYC. Reach him at

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