Sol Luckman
With 2012 behind us and 2013 well underway, just as I predicted at various points over the past several years, we are rapidly accelerating into a window of “disclosure” in virtually every aspect of our society: economic, religious, governmental, historical, anthropological, exopolitical, and scientific.
While various financial scandals—from LIBOR to Fraudclosuregate to precious metals market manipulation—continue to make the news, lightning literally struck the Vatican upon Pope Benedict XVI’s virtually unprecedented resignation under accusations of money laundering and even pedophilia leveled at the Catholic Church.
Meanwhile, the exploding OPPT movement, regardless of whether it is legitimate or succeeds in its goal of liberating the planetary population from debt slavery and social control by the elites, is shedding light on the fact that nearly all governments purporting to represent the people are actually corporations seeking to profit at the people’s expense.
Even as OPPT is letting one major cat out of the bag on a mass scale, others are exposing orthodox dogma’s misinformation and disinformation in equally important areas.
The whistleblower known as “Daniel,” two of whose fascinating articles on Reciprocal System of physical theory have been published in my popular free ezine, DNA Monthly, just released a groundbreaking new essay on geochronology, “Hiding History in the Past,” that seriously challenges virtually everything we think we know about the historical timeline of our planet.
There has also been an enormous groundswell of revolutionary information surfacing of late regarding humankind’s real origins and relatives—from Lloyd Pye’s pioneering new book on Intervention Theory to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s laboratory analysis, discussed by Linda Moulton Howe here, of biological specimens possibly revealing the genome of Bigfoot.
Speaking of officially denied biological entities, in the near future we can expect Dr. Stephen Greer’spowerful disclosure film, SIRIUS, to be released—with reportedly loads of game-changing information on so-called free energy technology that has been suppressed, until now, by our planetary controllers in an effort to remain in power.
On the subject of free energy, the potentially life-altering technology based on a novel conception of plasma developed by Iranian physicist Mehran Keshe is finally starting to gain traction in the scientific community. Be on the lookout for major breakthroughs in this area over the coming months.
Finally, in slightly more mainstream scientific arenas, two articles from 2013, whose basic conclusions I reached years ago in Book One on the Regenetics Method, CONSCIOUS HEALING, speak volumes about where genetic and evolutionary science is headed as our society rapidly transforms from the inside out.
The first of these articles, both of which were published on, is entitled “Quadruple Helix Discovered in Human Cells” and begins:
“In 1953, Cambridge researchers Watson and Crick published a paper describing the interweaving ‘double helix’ DNA structure—the chemical code for all life. Now, in the year of that scientific landmark’s 60th Anniversary, Cambridge researchers have published a paper proving that four-stranded ‘quadruple helix’ DNA structures—known as G-quadruplexes—also exist within the human genome. They form in regions of DNA that are rich in the building block guanine, usually abbreviated to ‘G.’”
The second article, “New Species Appear to Arise from Sudden Changes,” shows Darwinian evolutionary theory for what it really is: a load of bunk.
“Folmer Bokma, researcher at Umeå University, explains that living species have a limited ability to adapt to the environment,” we read. “His results suggest that species do not change gradually, as the modern evolutionary theory assumes, but suddenly when a new species arises.”
Here’s to more truths surfacing in 2013!
Sol Luckman
Crow Rising Transformational Media